HTR Member Awards

I got this idea from Wowhockey with the best admin and such. Enter and vote for Members!

Best Writer Award

The Nominees are:











Most Popular Member ( I think this one is pretty obvious)




G_Money, lol



Member that deserves a button the most






Overall Best Member on HTR





The “Lady Bying” of HTR ( A keeper of the kind)


DG (though he is an admin)

cwthrash (I dunno, he doesn’t stir anything up)

That is all for now. Please vote!

119 Responses to HTR Member Awards

  1. great_one98 says:

    Could i be any more whiter?

  2. cwthrash says:

    Truthfully, I’ve noticed something else in your posts here (and a few from before).

    It has something to do with mockery, beyond that I really couldn’t say. Which isn’t a good thing really because mocking others is bad enough in itself (even worse when there isn’t a legitimate reason).

    But I digress…

  3. cwthrash says:

    I call ’em as I see ’em.

    The good thing is that anyone else who reads that will know immediately if they fall into that category, so the compliment is implied to them.

    As for the others, well, what else could I really have to say…

  4. cwthrash says:

    I could touch on quite a few of your statements (which are much appreciated by the way), but I’ll only go for one.

    Young man! That has to be the best compliment that I’ve received here. I’m one of those who does his part to drive up the average age here. But I will take the recognition of young man anyday.


  5. DaMick says:

    a popularity contest?

    cmon…stop being a 8th grader for a second…

    this is a hockey rumor site…

    not teen chat..

    then again lately….all ive seen is these type of ” articles” on this site makes me wonder…

    maybe msn chat isnt so far off..


  6. phatrabbit says:

    And I should care how?

  7. Freezer says:

    Best Writer: aaron and Manta Ray

    Most Popular Member: I don’t know. Ask the masses. I alway look forward to Manta’s comments.

    Member that deserves a button the most: No one.

    Get rid of the member buttons.

    Overall Best Member on HTR: Manta Ray

    I noticed some nominees who are consistently condescending and sarcastic, and often confrontational. Hmmm…

  8. TC_4 says:

    Nope, you read it correct, and your not on WOW, your on trade rumors buddy. BUT, your getting my comments wrong. I just don’t think it’s fair that if a guy writes a lot of articles he should get credit as a good writter, and those ones shouldn’t count. I don’t know if you do that, but I know “tharock” does it all the time. Don’t mean to piss you off, I’m pissed about the article, that’s all. There are a lot of guys on here that have contributed for way longer, and contributed just as much as some of the others, but because were not Wings, Flyers, Leafs or Rangers fans, we don’t get mention.

  9. OldNord says:

    You voted on the wrong site!

  10. ShadysBackRJ says:

    WTF you can’t be serious half the people that look at the articles don’t care who wrote it. Most people dont’t remember who wrote what I don’t know a about everyone else but all I care is if there is some truth in it and it’s decently writen

  11. defenestrate says:

    You are young, compared to some of us….

    “Uphill both ways to school – barefoot – in the snow…food wasn’t invented yet – we had to eat dirt..and like it”.

  12. PeterPuck says:

    Here is a hot rumor, HTR trades Leaf-Expert, Sands, and Leafs2003Champs to for 2 months free web hosting……….yippie

  13. Tradedude says:

    oh please, im the most popular writer AND member hands down, its obvious i deserve a button cause im the best, but gimme sum respect here, even notice when i written an article, eevryone has acknowledged it, check my Personal Page. You’ll see.

    i derserve to be the best member to, because i can um score? what do you do to win that award lmao.

    and give sum respect to not only me, but G-Money, yeah right after mentioning his name say lol, what is he sum kind of joke? ……i mean r YOU sum kind of joke?

    btw, who the hell is CaliDevilGirl ?

    go check my personal page, everyone ackowledges my articles. oh yeah.

    but i could care less about awards handed out by who, oh yeah 1 of the most “popular” members.


  14. cwthrash says:

    True, gramps.

    I think that I will change my tune, and graciously accept being a young man; young at heart.

    In the south we rarely get snow, so we walked barefoot through that there creek in a pair of torn overalls.

  15. devfanman4 says:

    Haha…love the rant dude. I was wondering the same thing about CaliDevilGirl. Has she ever posted anything? Maybe that’s why she was nominated for the Lady Byng.

  16. MantaRay says:


    You think you had it rough: we used to live in an old shoe box on the side of the road. Every morning we’d have to wake up, a half hour after we went to bed, and our father would slash us in two with a bread knife.

  17. defenestrate says:

    Silence is golden…….

  18. defenestrate says:

    And you didn’t have curse words like these “f-bombs”. You had to make up words like “Flibbitty Floo”. Because that’s all there was – and you liked it, because you didn’t know any better.

  19. G_Money says:

    ok what the hell is your problem?

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