HTR Olympic Fantasy League!

Ever wondered if you could go for the Gold, and bring one back for your country? Now you can, welcome to the new HTR Olympic fantasy league.Basically, you make a team of five members of HTR, these five members have the management jobs. GM, exec director, scout, assistant Exec, and coach. Or what ever job you can think of.

Each team will pick a country, first come first serve, I need your full member team list before you select your country. I call dibs on Canada as soon as my team is done.

So then you talk to each other, you have to pick 13 forwards, 7 defensemen, and 3 goalies. Then I sim the tournament on my video game, I will use a web-came to record the games, and will post the video clips on the internet.

So go, create your Olympic teams, ten teams available, so up to fifty members. When you’re done selecting your team, e-mail it to me at .

The teams selectable are as follows


2. USA

3. Sweden

4. Russia

5. The Czech Republic

6. Finland

7. Slovakia

8. Germany

9. Swizzerland

10. Ukraine

I will be doing similar things at Wow Baseball, and BTR, because this is an all sports thing. Rosters must be in by July the 15th, as this will happen every summer, instead of the actual winter Olympic date.

So go, pick your teams, and see which member can build the best team.

Note: Don’t forget, it would look better upon you if you took Germany to fourth then it would for say Canada at first.

6 Responses to HTR Olympic Fantasy League!

  1. flyer73 says:

    I want Canada but will take the Russians.

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    You gotta make a team with four other HTR members first.

  3. NYRules says:

    what about players not in the game?

    do you create them at what u think they should be?

    or can we just not pick them

  4. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The only major players who aren’t on the game are Crosby and Ovetchkin, you can’t create players, so no you can’t pick them. No Phaneuf either. If anyone wants I can get them a list of the players on the game from their country, and their rankings.

  5. ranger_fan says:

    Leafy, you have hit a new low with your articles. You will be lucky to have one team, and obviously the canucks will win eh, no team has the talent they do, plus you are most likely doing EA sports, which sucks more balls than electro.

  6. hockeywhore says:


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