HTR Playoffs, Game 2

Re-newed Open “Thread”, for everyone.Game 2: So far.

Edmonton is definitely showing where they stand, which is below the Red Wings as far as talent. But, they are playing patient hockey and staying very focused. Oilers need to play as a unit and rely on all their lines to keep the same pace and create chances. Oilers are using their speed well, they are young, they can keep this up throughout the whole series. As I said before Game 1, Oilers need skate hard becaue the Wings are an older team and they can wear down.

Detroit, too many outside shots. A lot of good scoing chances, Roloson is playing above expectations so far…’re not going to beat the Oilers like that. Detroit needs to work harded down low, get the Oilers’ defense to work behind their net. That is what the Oilers have been doing and getting their chances. Get the puck deep!!!

San Jose leading 3-0 and playing completely different hockey. Thornton is still without a point today, but Cheechoo and Mark Smith have been able to find the back of the net. The Sharks need to outshoot the Predators, turn their shifts into shooting galleries, and Chris Mason will be beat.