HTR Playoffs, Game 2

Re-newed Open “Thread”, for everyone.Game 2: So far.

Edmonton is definitely showing where they stand, which is below the Red Wings as far as talent. But, they are playing patient hockey and staying very focused. Oilers need to play as a unit and rely on all their lines to keep the same pace and create chances. Oilers are using their speed well, they are young, they can keep this up throughout the whole series. As I said before Game 1, Oilers need skate hard becaue the Wings are an older team and they can wear down.

Detroit, too many outside shots. A lot of good scoing chances, Roloson is playing above expectations so far…’re not going to beat the Oilers like that. Detroit needs to work harded down low, get the Oilers’ defense to work behind their net. That is what the Oilers have been doing and getting their chances. Get the puck deep!!!

San Jose leading 3-0 and playing completely different hockey. Thornton is still without a point today, but Cheechoo and Mark Smith have been able to find the back of the net. The Sharks need to outshoot the Predators, turn their shifts into shooting galleries, and Chris Mason will be beat.

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  1. JannettyTheRocker says:

    You’re still talking shit, hey??? Nothing ever changes. Why in the BLUE HELL would the Oilers trade their top forward to their provincial rival for a wannabe first line centre and a one-hit wonder winger? Seriously, quit making shit up…………..This isn’t the early 1990’s!!! The Oilers don’t have any reason for trading their top players away anymore to keep a float.

  2. gg_idiot says:

    they are getting simon out of this, you idiot

  3. Freeze says:

    A guy? I don’t think so. Perhaps a transvestite. Do you do Mark Messier in drag?

  4. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Quit getting your hopes up. I’m not interested in guys, so quit asking me to dress up like a hockey player in drag……Maybe you should find yourself a tranny love match website. You may have more luck that way.

  5. JannettyTheRocker says:

    WHO IN THE HELL WOULD WANT CHRIS SIMON???? Seriously, we don’t want him. Especially not for Ryan Smyth…..And Daymond Langkow doesn’t make it an even deal…..Smitty is an Oiler for life, so don’t go getting your hopes up.

  6. Freeze says:

    You give a hole new meaning to the word “Oiler.”

  7. JannettyTheRocker says:

    You give a whole new meaning to the phrase “transvestite with his/her tampon stuck too far up it’s anus”…………Just cure your problem and pull the string.

  8. Radiohead says:

    Oilers are confusing the hell out of the Wings. If they can stick to their game plan for the rest of the series, they’ll have a chance to upsetthe old men from Detroit!

    The Devils will take the series, but the Rangers will take game 2!

    There will be no repeat champs this year. it may take 6 or 7 games but Ottawa will beat the Lightning.

    Buffalo too fast for Philly. This one’s over in 6.

    I called it way back in October but my dark horse pick in the East is Montreal! I’m not even a fan of Montreal I just think that Huet can steal some games ala’ Kipprusoff 2 years ago.

    San Jose will take Nashville in 6.

    Dont get too excited Colorado. Dallas in 6.

    Anaheim fights hard. Makes it interesting. Calgary in 7.

  9. muckies says:

    The Oils relaxed and Detroit is crapping themselves. the one lesson Detroit always knew qas they needed killer goaltending to win, that’s why they got Hasek and Cujo.

    Don’t have it now, and they know it. Edmonton will buckle Leagce after they score their first goal. I’M predicting a Ryan Smyth blast from the bosrd, and thats it, the Oil get the momentum from there and take it all the way.

  10. Freeze says:


    There is absolutely no way that you are a guy. You may want to be a guy, but you ain’t no guy.

  11. mcpeach2 says:

    hahaha, well done!

    You forgot about Kovalchuk to Cleveland for Lebron James and a pick!

  12. gg_idiot says:

    Daymond Langkow? No no no I’m talking about Trevor Langkow, he’s a monday monster. Simon > Smyth anyday, the Flames would be doing this trade to give Edmonton some help cause they feel bad that they’re so crappy you crap head.

  13. gg_idiot says:

    Whoa, thats fresh off the press, kudos to you for hearing that rumor so quickly

  14. NinjasOnly says:

    I’d like to build HTR a home,

    And Furnish it with love,

    Take your Symth’s and your Maltby’s,

    Give them each a banner to raise above.

    I’d like to teach HTR to sing,

    In perfect harmony,

    I’d like to teach you guys about joke posts,

    From guys like GG.

    I’d like to come to this site for once,

    And see everyone united in their cause,

    Leafs and Sens fans holding hands,

    Spreading joy like Santa Clause.

    I’d like to teach HTR to sing in perfect harmony,

    I’d like to teach HTR to sing in perfect harmony.

  15. gg_idiot says:


  16. gg_idiot says:

    That hit on Umberger was a clean hit, much like a clean hit that happened on Naslund two years ago. We all know how Vancouver dealt with that clean hit.

    P.S. Canucks suck

  17. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    All last July people said Pronger was headed to Toronto, Anaheim, or Atlanta, and Pronger said on the Fan590 that if they UFA age was lowered, he’d head over to Toronto, then he went to Edmonton and I was so friggin sad.

    You’ve GOTTA love Peca,

    And the Sens suck, they’re chokers, and they’re proving it… AGAIN!!! Haven’t seen much of Heatley or Spezza so far. The Lightning will win this series EASILY! Especially if Hasek comes out, they’ll make Emery sit, and Hasek will be cold, and still a little hurt, and he’ll choke. The Sens SUCK!

  18. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    dont u mean calgary flames? colorado will not go down. I REPEAT THEY WILL NOT LOSE.

  19. JannettyTheRocker says:

    Calgary will be in the Western Finals against the Oilers….But in the 2nd round, I’d like to see the Dallas Stars vs Edmonton Oilers. It’s time for the Mighty Oilers of Edmonton to lay a licken on the Stars…….Besides, the Avs don’t stand much of a chance against the Stars, and if they do win, the Oilers will crush the Avs.

    GO OILERS GO!!!!

  20. mush124 says:

    Wow 3-0 Montreal over carolina after 2 periods. They are dominating them badly, oh well i guess that what happens when a team is made out of a other teams rejects aka carolina..

    GO HABS GO!!!


    PS: Maplelafs suck!@

  21. The_Leafs_Suck says:

    Now that the Habs are winning when everyone is watching, you realize who are the bandwagon fans, but its alright, the more the merrier (sp?), the bandwagon has plenty of seats to please everyone, heck, maybe we can make some room for Leafs fans? Nah, they can enjoy watching the Annual Maple Leafs Golf Tournament

    WOOOOOOO, Go Habs Go, Habs vs Sens: 2nd round

  22. The_Leafs_Suck says:

    i dont think someone can agree as much as I am right now with every word you have said

  23. SJ_Sharks_Fan_19 says:

    Flyers are getting RAPED

  24. kicksave856 says:

    Well, I’m a Flyers fan. But if they are going to get outplayed like this, just try to win one game so it isn’t a sweep and let’s get golfing. This is embarrassing. They are too slow for this team (and probably half the teams in the league) and they have completely hung Esche out to dry tonight.

    I’m normally not a guy to give up. We’ve all seen teams come back from 2 games down. But this is hopeless. They aren’t fast enough, and they are missing one thing that every Flyers team that I can remember has always had: heart. Even the bad teams that missed the playoffs for 5 years in a row so so long ago had heart. This team is playing with none.

    I’ll watch every game because I’m a fan. And I’ll hope for a miracle for the same reason. But as a realist, this series and season are over for the Flyers.

  25. oilers_rock says:

    The reason y i think the Oilers have the ability is to win the cup this, Detroit is the best team in the league, if the Oilers beat them, can’t they beat everone???

  26. JannettyTheRocker says:

    My thoughts exactly……Anyone can win the Stanley Cup, and the Oilers are playing great. They even converted their playing style (to the trap) to compete, which is not a favored style of mine. All I care is that they win, which they will. GO OILERS!!!

  27. gg_idiot says:

    The Leafs Golf Tournament doesn’t start without the yearly regulars Alfredsson and Chara, you should know that.

  28. dcz28 says:

    Sens would be better off putting Schubert instead of McGrattan since Schubert is better for offense and plays a hard hitting game when he plays as a forward also if one of the dman gets injured during the game they can send him back to the blue line and not be short a dman in the game. I wouldn’t seeing a McGrattan vs Dingman fight though.

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