Hull To Start Negotiations

Brett Hull’s agent, Bobby Hull Jr., told The Dallas Morning News his brother could make a decision as soon as this week to begin firm contract negotiations with Dallas or Phoenix to play next season.

Hull Jr. said Stars general manager Doug Armstrong told him the club has only a certain amount of money in the budget it could pay Hull and that the deal would be for one year.

Hull Jr. also said Phoenix made a “generous, two-year offer” in the past few days.

“Basically Brett has to decide which team to start hammering out a deal with,” Hull Jr. told the paper.

“The Stars talked about money they had in the budget. But I think Brett is worth more than they’re talking about.”

St. Louis apparently does not appear to be seriously interested in Hull’s services.

20 Responses to Hull To Start Negotiations

  1. habsoverserver says:

    Hull should take the money and run. Not that it matters, chances are the Yotes trade him to the Flyers at the deadine.

  2. Amcan says:

    not if he has a no-trade clause added.

  3. ALMO-TML says:

    The Montreal Canadiens should sign Hull. Maybe then they would have a hope in hell! Tabernac!

  4. habswinthecup-again says:

    What, like the Leafs? hahaha

  5. Rancid says:

    I say anyone who needs a leader should sign him.

    Toronto…definately not…

    Hey lets sign another 45 yr old lol


    too deep


    too many vets

    Phili- No-

    too deep

    Montreal.. yes

    They could use a guy like him since he is a vocal player, and provides some goal scoring. great in the dressing room.




    Just add leadership if Nedved isn’t signed

    Pheonix- yes

    Pheonix could be a darkhorse if there is hockey next yr. These vet signings + hull would add for a very balanced Hockey Team.


    NY is the deepest on the Right. If Balej can move to LW. It may work. He would be put in to provide secondary scoring, and to replace Messier in leadership. Basically replace the moose.

    It wouldn’t be horrible. But for those who want

    !strict! rebuilding, may not like it.

    1st u’d have the Jagr line and then put

    Balej- Moore- Hull

  6. Rancid says:

    I’m no habs fan but I respect them for going the rebuilding route and having a competitive team with a low salary. Hull could give them some leadership. Maybe make them a top stanley cup contender.

    The leafs on the other hand are the joke of the NHL. There average age is like 35.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    What’s the point of asking for a no trade clause when you are a free agent with only one team interested in your services?

    You only get a no trade when you have multiple teams bidding.

  8. Enigma says:

    In that case the red wings are a joke too. Sure there average age is around 35 but they’ve made the playoffs in recent years….unlike Chicago and New York…(personally I would think that if there are bigger jokes, it’s them)

  9. fiveforfighting says:

    Hulls dillemma is simple. To go to an imediate cup contender (under current roster and NHL salary strcuture) in Dallas, or Go to a building team that is a Darkhorse at best.

    While Phoenix will be the re-uniting of old friends (with Gretz) Hull will be playing a larger Mentoring role than he did in Detroit. His abililty to be a good mentor is obvious with Datsyuk, who is on hte verge of being amazing, and would maybe be a widespread benefit for the young team of the ‘Yotes.

    HE will, almost guarenteed, be a ‘Yote. They can afford him much more. If he goes to Dallas they are tapped out for cash, meaning that if they do make it into the playoffs they do not have money for getting any edge/help. The Yotes will have deeper pockets come playoff time, and will be a more stable environment.

    Yotes have room for improvement, while Dallas is about as good as they are going to get for now, with there season tied to the ability of Turco and thats it.

  10. Havlat_hasit says:

    I’m shocked the Laffs aren’t interested, they love old guys who can barely skate anymore. They could offer him a team’s budget too.

  11. Rancid says:

    but there core players have been with the wings for 7-8 yrs and a fair amount drafted by the team. The Leafs…. there drafted players are Kaberle and Antropov and thats it!

  12. Rancid says:

    lol, maybe they’ll pry Messier out of retirement to play with Leetch… then

    Hull- Messier-Roberts

    That is an amazing line….10 yrs ago!!

  13. Amcan says:

    so the yotes don’t trade him to the rangers

  14. Rico420 says:

    The Habs were on the verge of signing Hull back in 2001 and they lost out on the chance when he signed with the guess.

    Hull signs with the Wings.

  15. rojoke says:

    God knows the Leafs won’t sign him. He’s too young to play for them.

  16. teemu8 says:

    I still think he will wind up with the Blues. No city really loved him more.

  17. teemu8 says:

    I still think he will wind up with the Blues. No city really loved him more.

  18. teemu8 says:

    Hull will go to St. Louis. He would have never left if it were not for Mike Keenan. St. Louis loves Hull and he knows it.

  19. mojo19 says:

    Stajan also was drafted by Toronto. And a solid team for the last 5 years hardly makes them the joke of the league. If you think age is such a downside then I guess that young Patrick Lalime would have lasted longer than old man Belfour and outplay him in a long tiring 7 game series? I’m just saying…

  20. kicksave856 says:

    The Flyers could use him just for the one timer.

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