I should be the GM – Leaf Moves Upcoming

OK…Here goes my little rant on possible moves…

1stly – Kaberle has not been playing like the player of old, many teams covet him…the San Jose connection seems possible. I say look at Washighton!!.. Ovechkin is going to be signed to an offer sheet for crazy money somewhere come the summer…why not beat everyone to the punch! as I’m sure someone will. I mean if you sell off to Washington for OV at least you have a franchise player.

So how about Kaberle and Steen a first rounder in 08 to Washington for Ovechkin and a pick and prospect back. This way Washington gets a bonafide top D man in Kaberle on the cheap and decent player Steen to play with Backstrom for a few years and an extra pick instead of just 3 draft picks as consolation for him taking an offer sheet and risking 3-4 years to see dividends and at that time loose Backstrom as well.

The other deals are much simpler:
Mat Satjan for Jared Stoll straight up…Stoll is in the dog house, Stajan is playing much better these days…but his time in TO is up. Lowe like Matt and Stoll will be great on the PK as a shut down centre and on the draws for TO. Ages are almost the same (Stajan slightly younger).

Now on to Sundin…Sundin will be traded as a rental (like Weight, Tkachuk and Smith last season) this time Mats will return to TO in the off-season to give it another go with the Leafs. He is so in love with TO that he will sacrifice playing elsewhere and coming back as long as it nets nice returns for TO

Suitors will be – Detroit, Vancouver, San Jose and yes, Ottawa…
Detroit return would prob be – Jiri Hudler (RFA in 2 years), D Propect -Jakub Kindl and a 1st rounder in 08.
Vancouver – Matt Cooke (UFA at years end)Prospects- D – Alex Edler and RW – Juraj Simek; 1st rounder and third rounder in 08
San Jose….Marleau and some picks
Ottawa – Vermette (a RFA at years end), Neil and a Prospect maybe Nick Foligno

Of all of these scenerios I think the Ottawa is the best.

In summary here are the changes:
Out – Kaberle, Stajan, Steen (a prospect or 2) and Sundin (just for the remainder of the regular season)

Also trade off Kubina to a contender for a pick and get some youth. Raycroft is off to LA for Tom Preissing (who is underperforming).

In – Ovechkin, Stoll, Vermette, Preissing, Neil and some youth.

The core of the team Tucker, Blake, Toskala and McCabe are all here for a at least 3 more years. Our youth need time, Tulusty, Newbury, Wellwood, Williams, Pohl, Ondrus, Ling, Mitchell all can fight for spots with this line up. Add in the additions and bring back Mats and there is a rebuild without sacrificing the future done in a mere few weeks at the deadline.

Oh , all of you saying the cap will make this a no deal..well we would be moving around $18.5-20 million and taking back approx the same (figuring that we will sign OV to a 10 Million a year deal!)…so that still gives us ROOM!!!

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  1. scottwinkelaar says:

    There is no way in hell that Alex Edler gets traded. He is an outstanding player, with so much potentail. I'm hearing whispers of Lidstrom.

  2. lukeleim says:

    why on earth would washington make such a trade… ovechkin is one of the best players in the league already; id rather let another team put in an offer sheet and receive the four first round picks etc.

  3. snowybuttman says:

    No way in hell will Ovechkin end up in toronto, I think you have put too many foreign substances into your body. Oh and by the way most of your other deals are way out to lunch as well.

  4. sanj91 says:

    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAA…stupid leafs fans….you retard, you actually thought that kaberle, an under-performing d-man (u said it not me, but it is true) steen (equivalent to a latendresse (even thats a push, 19 points, what a joke, he's your future??), and a 1st in 08 (i must admit that that has more value than both of the previous mentioned entities seeing that the leafs might even get the first overall lmao…. ALL that for ovechkin PLUS some picks and prosepcts….yo dude, honestly, turn to comedy….other than that tho great article….if anything you could ask for a bit more from Detroit….jiri hudler, d prospect, jakub kindl, and a 1st just isnt enough….add a 2nd….then u get ur money worth….bc honestly, you wouldnt want sundin back after this season…thts why the marleau trade is probably the best….

    go habs…

  5. hunter3333 says:

      f##k typical leafs fan you think kaberle steen and a first round gets you ovechkin and a pick plus a prospect. It is no wonder this team is sinking you guys think your sh it players are worth a fortune.add three more first rounders to your offer the caps might not hang up on you before rolling on the floor laughing at you.Also why would k-lowe trade you stoll for a piece of crap like stajan.Lets face it no one wants your dead weight.Sundin is the only player you might get anything for as a rental player and even there you are way off base you might get about half of what you are thinking.I dont see any team selling there future for a rental player other than t.o. thats why t.o. has very little in the way of prospects

  6. NHLSlayer says:

    this is the kind of article that makes me wish people had to pass IQ tests before buying computers…

    Blah blah blah… I'm full of crap…  blah blah blah…

    About sum it up?

  7. Habsman1991 says:

    i personally like the end of

    "Oh , all of you saying the cap will make this a no deal..well we would be moving around $18.5-20 million and taking back approx the same (figuring that we will sign OV to a 10 Million a year deal!)…so that still gives us ROOM!!!"
    Lets count it up shall we?
    Out is- 5 million in Kaberle, 3 million together i believe in stajan and steen, and 5-7 million in Sundin who is coming in the offseason lol.

    In- 10 Million in Ovechkin, 2 million in Stoll, 2 million n Vermette 3 million in Preissing and 1.5 more in Neil and then the 5 million for Sundin back

    Where did you learn your math in a war veterans hospital where the counted on their fingers and toes and everyone had a different number????

  8. dcz28 says:

    Forget about Detroit for Sundin…no way they even pay that price for a rental. Incase you didn't know the Wings have the best offense in the league and don't need Sundin unless he comes for a decent price… Hudler, Kindl and their 1st round pick is not a decent deal.

    Your Ovechkin deal is completely laughable for Washington…if you were the Leafs GM the other GM's would just laugh and hang up everytime you called.

  9. jpmac says:

    How does something this god awful bad get posted. 

  10. morrissey says:

    This must be the most ridiculous Leafs post to date and that's saying a lot! Seriously admins, if you must post Leaf content can you at least filter out the absolute retarded nonsense like this???? The rest of us already know how dumb their fans are, you've made your point.

  11. turdfergusson says:

     Didn't even finish reading your article. I stopped taking it serious at "Ovechkin" , skimmed my way to "Marleau and some picks" then pressed the post comment  button.

      I'm sorry pal but this isn't the first time a Leaf fan has tried to trade water for wine . There is no way no way the Leafs can trade their way outta this. 

                      … getting ridiculous.

  12. rojoke says:

    This isn't a video game, it's real life.  Just typing it don't make it reality.

    And Habs fans were getting shit for the Ovechkin-to-Montreal rumours (coming from one guy).  No team or fanbase has a monopoly on far-fetched rumours.  Bottom line is Ovechkin will get an offer sheet, and McPhee will match it.

  13. GolfLeafsGolfHa says:

    This site really irritates me when shit like this is posted. IT'S POINTLESS, CRAPPY, SHITTY, ALL COMBINED, WHY POST THIS, IT MAKES NO SENSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. 92-93 says:

    the only thing dumber than some of the suggestions made in this article are those who responded to the article with: "typical leaf fan …"

    if you generalize, you are dumb and lazy.

  15. ginomarco69 says:

    Now…Now….You guys are funny…THINK ABOUT THIS!!!!

    The leafs do need to do something drastic to change the fortunes. I mean what they Hell is Washington going to do with 5 first rounders. They could be waiting years before seeing anything from that. This is not Dustin Penner you idiots…this is a franchise player who has been "insulted" by his teams offer (see the sportsnet report at:

    Seems as though he wont sign with WASH next year. SO.. All teams who sign him to an offer sheet will be offering the same you lame brains. If everyone offers $10 million then competiton is just where is the best fit, by offering a trade you are ahead of the game…I did forget in my washington trade to add in Antropov…so the deal I was proposing was Kaberle, Steen, Antropov and a package of picks 1st in 2008 and second rounder in 09 etc. If your going to get 5 picks from an offer sheet signing, then instead you get proven NHL players at low salaries (as Washington would like to keep the team salary low). Also think of Antropov in between Nylander and Semin, or Backstrom and Semin…nice!

    Some team will make an offer, but not sure a playoff team would risk lossing too many impact roster players going into the playoffs….so most of the deals would be prospects and picks…but if they could pick up a proven puck moving defenceman, the Capitals have already drafted Karl Alzner and Josh Godfrey, both of who will probably be some of the best defensemen in the league in a few years and knowing the Caps, they will probably draft Drew Doughty this year as well, so if you give the Caps 2 or 3 years , they will be one of the best teams in the league.

    Listen up , Loosing Ovechkin will impact this team…but Forsberg last year went for a bunch of prospects and picks… a guy like OV comes along once in a lifetime, but not every team can afford to pay the guy $10 million a season, only the big boys can, and of all of the big money teams (NYR, PHI, DET, COL etc)  already have a superstar that they are paying that money to…TO doesn't and they have the most coin. They can even become the leader in the offer sheet by front loading the deal…say a 5 year $50 mil deal…I would give OV $40 in the first year and $2.5 for the next 4. The cap will still only get hit for the $10 mil average, but not many teams can offer $40 Mil cash up front thus moving them up in the offer sheet race. MLSE should open the purse strings, as Toronto deserves and top level franchise player.


  16. ginomarco69 says:

    If according to http://www.hockeybuzz.com, their is a rumour going on that Ovechkin could be traded to Nashville for Marik Zidlicky, J-P Dumont and Ryan Suter with a possibility of shea weber….How is Kaberle, Steen, Antropov and a package of pics that much worse?…

    Remember this off-season will be big $$ as well with Hossa, Sundin, Sakic, Redden, Blake, Naslund, Demitra, Satan, Nagy, Straka, Shanahan all UFA this year.

  17. Habs_pm says:

    Wow, Ok….

    Toronto has around $8 Million to spend this summer and they have to re-sign:


    There are others but I'm guessing those are the only ones they would want to bring back. Point being they don't have the Cap space to fit all of them.

    Ovechkin to Toronto for Kaberle, Steen and a 1rst rounder?….I think you play NHL 08 to much. Toronto doesn't have the cap nor the players to swing a trade with Washington. Once again, Washington is likely to match any offer. Their owner is a Billionaire and he's probably willing to pay A.O. out of his own pocket.

    Marleau gets paid more than Sundin and why would Toronto do that? Unless they don't want to sign Sundin which is impossible and Marleau has a No-trade claus.

    Everything that was posted didnt make sence, but whatever when your team is loosing everygame you tend to dream about ridiculous trades! No affence though.

  18. cam7777 says:

    I think it's kind of redundant to consider all the moves that Toronto could make in order to improve their team for the future, because it seems pretty obvious to me that they're very short sighted, and would rather make changes now.  That said, Sundin likely won't wave the no movement clause.  I would rather see Toronto try and take advantage of a team like Tampa's misfortunes, and try to acquire one of the big three.  I know everyone on these boards immediately shoots down the possibility of Toronto ever acquiring any big name players, but I'd still like to see it happen.  Would Tampa be willing to part with Brad Richards in exchange for something involving Antropov and Kaberle?  Or maybe a trade that involves giving up Pogge?  I agree that Ovechkin is highly unlikely to end up in Toronto, but still, they have to find someone to fill Mats shoes one day, and if I was Brad Richards, I'd get awfully tired of standing in Vincent Lecavalier's shadow…
    Otherwise, I'd love to see the team waive Raycroft (even though I think it's only the pressure of playing for Toronto that makes him suck, and that he might excel elsewhere), and bring in Cujo.  Maybe trade Tucker to someone out west for whatever you can get….
    Just ideas….

  19. Habs_pm says:

    Just stop….please….just stop, your dilusional.

    A.O. rejected the offer because he will wait for an offer sheet and will force Washington to match it and they will.

    Trading A.O. would be as equivalent as selling the franchise.

    Go play NHL 08….you know what, I don't even think the trades would work in the game! ha!

  20. jpmac says:

    "So how about Kaberle and Steen a first rounder in 08 to Washington for Ovechkin and a pick and prospect back. " 

    The trade you just mentioned is still pretty far fetched, and Washington still wouldn't accept, and is not even close to the one you mentioned in your original post. **above**

  21. jpmac says:

    If they do decide to trade him, they will listen to all offers, not just Toronto's, and I am sure someone will offer them something more than that.  It is a moot point though, because they WILL NOT trade him. 

    You should seriously stop while you have a tiny bit of dignity left

  22. dcz28 says:

    Sundin will be with the Leafs so he won't really be a UFA, Sakic is not going anywhere so forget him, Naslund will likely stay in Vancouver and the rest aside from Hossa are not really big names anymore with their age and production going down. Nagy? Who would be calling this guy on july 1st?

    As for the Ovechkin trades both this one and the Nashville one are complete jokes and fabricated by some homers. Just because that Nashville one was floated out by some dumba$$ doesn't mean every should start putting an equally stupid package thinking it has a chance…hell Leafs fans expect more for Sundin (a rental at the end of his career) than what they would give up in this package for a franchise player who isn't even at his prime yet…really…think about it.

  23. lookche says:

    Kaberle and Steen a first rounder in 08 to Washington for Ovechkin and a pick and prospect back.






    are you an idiot?

  24. turdfergusson says:

      OK Gino, read your second posting.  So let's just say McPhee drinks a bottle of Absynth and trades Ovechkin to Toronto for all these guys and the picks. Who the hell is gonna pass the puck to him?! A bunch of 3rd and fourth rounders? He'll be an UFA when anyone with an ounce of talent can even carry his jock strap.  

        Then we're back at square one ! Aren't we ?!

        We're not crapping on you because you want your team to do well my man. It's the blatant disregard of the obvious that no GM in their right mind is gonna take on a  contract like Kubina's .

  25. BruMagnus says:

    I adamantly disagree that Sundin will "sacrifice playing elsewhere" to help the team. He seems very shady on the idea in interviews. Even though he "claims" to want to help the team, he seems non-commital to actually put those words into ACTION and actually DOING something about it.

    Deeds not words matter.

    I like you're ideas otherwise. Stajan I love. I would keep him over Stoll.

  26. BruMagnus says:

    Detroit has already announced that they wouldn't part with whatever the ridiculous asking price would be for Sundin.
    They would only part with low-end prospects and picks. If anyone's noticed, the Wings almost never have a 1st or 2nd round pick… yet they still draft amazingly!

  27. BruMagnus says:

    I highly doubt Vancouver would trade Sundin as a rental for Edler straight up.

    Back me up Canucks fans, what do you think?

  28. jarcpitre says:

    Not even the regular Leaf fans like myself replyed to this article. Yes you should be the GM.

  29. BruMagnus says:

    To Leafs' fans:

    What happened to Wellwood getting 80+ points, potentially making a run for 100???

  30. BruMagnus says:

    Agreed. I doubt Canucks would even trade him straight up, and certaintly not in that ridiculous package for a mere has been rental.

  31. BruMagnus says:


    This guy SHOULD be the GM… that'd be the answer the Leafs need!

  32. BruMagnus says:

    Quick! Fire JFJ and hire THIS guy!
    That's the answer you need for your problems! This guy would fix them with his 'smart' ideas!

  33. BruMagnus says:

    your last sentence starting with the words "hell Leafs fans" sums up my exact thoughts.

  34. BruMagnus says:

    If the generalization is based on experience, observation and/or truth it's not dumb….

  35. BruMagnus says:

    Do you guys remember back in 2000 when with the 24th overall pick the Leafs selected Brad Boyes? What happened next is typical Leafs:

    San Jose Sharks traded Owen Nolan to the Toronto Maple Leafs for Alyn McCauley, Brad Boyes and a 1st round selection (later traded to Boston – Boston selected Mark Stuart) in 2003.

    This is the kinda of idiotic brainfart moves your organization makes.
    Imagine if you still had McCauley, Boyes and heck M. Stuart instead of the nothing of golf Nolan got you. I mean, OK, he played a few games, then in 7 playoff games got , what, 2 assists? Great job… Don't get me wrong, 19 goals, 48 points in 65 games the next year is quite amazing for Nolan at that age… but you missed the playoffs and then he didn't play for you the following two years.

    So in essence you traded great future talent for a guy that got you two assists in the playoffs and didn't help the team even make the playoffs the next year.

    DON'T TRADE AWAY YOUR YOUTH! It WILL come back to bite you!

  36. BruMagnus says:



  37. jpmac says:

    Or Anropov's second coming, seemed like they all jumped off that bandwago, pointless in 10……where is Antropovisgooditolduso??

  38. MR40 says:

    I would trade ANYBODY + a 1st rounder, and 2nd rounder for Sundin, except Edler. Hell I would trade 3 or 4 propsects +1st and 2nd rounders for Sundin, but I wouldn't trade Edler striaght up for him. He's going to be VERY good, and i've said it many times.

  39. BruMagnus says:

    You'd trade Luongo and either Sedin eh? Nice….

  40. MR40 says:

    Oh my bad. What I was thinking in my head was "ANY PROSPECT", but for whatever reason I wrote "ANYBODY". I would trade most of the players on the roster though, just not Luongo, the Sedins, Kesler and maybe Bieksa, and Mitchell. Maybe Sundin is worth more then some of those guys, but it would be stupid to trade key contributers of your team away for a guy who will walk at the end of the year.

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