I should be the GM – Leaf Moves Upcoming

OK…Here goes my little rant on possible moves…

1stly – Kaberle has not been playing like the player of old, many teams covet him…the San Jose connection seems possible. I say look at Washighton!!.. Ovechkin is going to be signed to an offer sheet for crazy money somewhere come the summer…why not beat everyone to the punch! as I’m sure someone will. I mean if you sell off to Washington for OV at least you have a franchise player.

So how about Kaberle and Steen a first rounder in 08 to Washington for Ovechkin and a pick and prospect back. This way Washington gets a bonafide top D man in Kaberle on the cheap and decent player Steen to play with Backstrom for a few years and an extra pick instead of just 3 draft picks as consolation for him taking an offer sheet and risking 3-4 years to see dividends and at that time loose Backstrom as well.

The other deals are much simpler:
Mat Satjan for Jared Stoll straight up…Stoll is in the dog house, Stajan is playing much better these days…but his time in TO is up. Lowe like Matt and Stoll will be great on the PK as a shut down centre and on the draws for TO. Ages are almost the same (Stajan slightly younger).

Now on to Sundin…Sundin will be traded as a rental (like Weight, Tkachuk and Smith last season) this time Mats will return to TO in the off-season to give it another go with the Leafs. He is so in love with TO that he will sacrifice playing elsewhere and coming back as long as it nets nice returns for TO

Suitors will be – Detroit, Vancouver, San Jose and yes, Ottawa…
Detroit return would prob be – Jiri Hudler (RFA in 2 years), D Propect -Jakub Kindl and a 1st rounder in 08.
Vancouver – Matt Cooke (UFA at years end)Prospects- D – Alex Edler and RW – Juraj Simek; 1st rounder and third rounder in 08
San Jose….Marleau and some picks
Ottawa – Vermette (a RFA at years end), Neil and a Prospect maybe Nick Foligno

Of all of these scenerios I think the Ottawa is the best.

In summary here are the changes:
Out – Kaberle, Stajan, Steen (a prospect or 2) and Sundin (just for the remainder of the regular season)

Also trade off Kubina to a contender for a pick and get some youth. Raycroft is off to LA for Tom Preissing (who is underperforming).

In – Ovechkin, Stoll, Vermette, Preissing, Neil and some youth.

The core of the team Tucker, Blake, Toskala and McCabe are all here for a at least 3 more years. Our youth need time, Tulusty, Newbury, Wellwood, Williams, Pohl, Ondrus, Ling, Mitchell all can fight for spots with this line up. Add in the additions and bring back Mats and there is a rebuild without sacrificing the future done in a mere few weeks at the deadline.

Oh , all of you saying the cap will make this a no deal..well we would be moving around $18.5-20 million and taking back approx the same (figuring that we will sign OV to a 10 Million a year deal!)…so that still gives us ROOM!!!