If you are making $10 million a season, dont talk.

Good evening everybody, tonight we are going to have ourselves an interview with the stud of the Blues Blueline, Mr. Chris Pronger. He will be replying to some recent issues that have come about lately. Mr.Pronger, please take a seat…Interview guy: So Chris, can I call you Chris? You may have heard some comments lately from a former colleague of yours, Corey Hirsch about players going over to Europe, and taking their jobs. What do you have to say about that?

Mr.Pronger: “NHL players should be able to go over to Europe, its the same as when Europeans come over to play in the NHL and they take jobs away from Canadians and Americans.”

Interview guy: Uh huh, I see… Ok, now people have been raising the issue that the union is only representing the top 20% of the league. Many bottom players seem to be in favor of a cap if it means they can collect a pay cheque. What do you have to say about this?

Mr.Pronger: “If there’s a cap, I’d probably have to take a pay cut, but I’m not going from $10 million to $5 million, I’ll tell you that right now. But the guy who’s making a million bucks, he’d probably be lucky to be making 400 grand.”

Interview guy: Well thank you very much, it is very obvious where your heart lies on this issue.

I dont know where this guy is coming from, or if hes really trying to get people to hate the players more. I will not play for $5 million? What a joke. He can go ahead into retirement, I wouldn’t lose a wink of sleep over it. He obviously didnt think through what he said about the players going to Europe. Players are literally taking their jobs, unlike when Euros come over here, they are playing where they belong, the NHL is for the best players in the world, If you were drafted, or signed, you belong there and you didnt take anyones job. But in the case of players going to Europe, yes they were signed, but they are bumping some other guy off the team, that may still be under contract, and was there before them, while they collect pennies, compared to the guy they bumped who needs those pennies to survive. And its not pennies by any means. These players have this false view that they deserve not to have to work another day after they retire. They have it rough. I would also like him to explain why he couldnt make $5 million a year. Also, it is complete B.S that $1 million players will be making $400k. Players should not be making $10 million. If the salaries went down to $5 million, then there would be no need to decrease the other salaries. Star players would still be making 5X the other players.

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  1. Aetherial says:

    The OBVIOUS problem with your reasoning is that, at 30,000 a year, I will be giving up a lot of luxuries in life.

    At 5 million a year, Chris Pronger would still be living the VERY high life.

    You sound like one of the A-hole players. Do you really not *get it* that the numbers here make this situation NOTHING LIKE normal life for most people.

  2. Aetherial says:


    The reason the market is that high for those players is because the arbitration system keeps upping the scales… every time one player has a good season, or can compare his mediocre season to a player making a lot more… the arbitration system drags the mediocre player up…

    but it never drags the underperforming player down.

  3. guinsfan4life says:

    Yeah, sounds crazy, right?

    And can you believe that by the year 2014 all students are supposed to read on grade level and be at the proficient level–100% of students in all disctricts.

    So the focus isn’t on the students who are excelling and what we are doing to help them,

    It is on the kids who aren’t succeeding and what we aren’t doing to help them.

  4. aafiv says:

    The game is broken and it is most definately not the fault of the players and you know it. If Gary Bettman and the GM’s could keep their stinkin’ hands off the rules long enough, the game would be fine. Most of the rule changes made in the last six years have ruined hockey.

    No one really believes that *this* company is going out-of-business. Do you *really* think that the owners of these teams can’t afford them? Most NHL owners are billionaires or large corporations who have these teams for status and tax write-offs. Why do you feel so sorry for them?

    In addition, as you also know, many contracts for unproven talent in this league are riddled with performance incentives that do pay players based on what they do. Normally, players do not get contracts of the type Chris Pronger or others have until they’ve proven their consistency. Furthermore, no one holds a gun to ownership’s head forcing to dole out the fantastic amounts of money that they do – they want to spend this money – many times just to show that they can.

    Now, there are many clubs in this league that are in small markets or are owned by tightwads. These teams cannot compete beacuse they are placed in markets that cannot sustain them (Calgary or Nashville) or they are owned by tightwads (Bill Wirtz or Jeremy Jaccobs). Why should other teams who want or can afford to be competitive in the league be held to the lowest common denominator?

    The cap is designed to curb the behavior of out-of-control owners who can’t or don’t want to control themselves. This has nothing to do with the players at all. Why are hockey fans so unable to see that?

    If you were Chris Pronger and had worked your way to a $10-million salary through hard work and gaining the respect of your locker room, your management, and the fans why wouldn’t you be outraged at the suggestion of a 50% pay cut?

  5. aafiv says:

    Do you get it that this is just another example of the rich trying to stick it to their employees?

    One’s a billionaire, one’s a millionaire.

    This is about the owner’s behavior, not players. When will you see that?

  6. 19Yzerman says:

    its called search web/copy and paste

  7. 19Yzerman says:

    the Blues signed him to that much for several reasons. Norris Trophy and Hart Trophy in the same season ,MacGinnis close to retirement and other Dmen in the league making the same. Yes Lidstrom is at 10 million per year also. Fan interest. Size 8 skates.

    If you think the 10 million per year is to much to pay for Pronger then it will not help you to know that The Blues agreed to pick up Shanny’s remaining 3 seasons salary to get Pronger and had to give up Scott Stevens as compensation to get Shanny which has become quite an expensive journey in the Blues/Pronger saga. Not to mention that Shanny and Stevens have each enjoyed multiple Stanley Cups since. 1997 conf qtr finals Shanny scoring aganist St Louis while being paid by the Blues. Think about all that and it becomes hard to defend owners when they have a track record of that nature.

  8. Rushing says:

    ………there’s a difference here from the point your viewing this from evidently.

    Are you trying to say there there’s nothing different from a company/private business that is growing in sales and earnings, then the NHL? I see a huge difference here. How about you?

    When the NHL owners are “losing” money every year due to these salaries, how can they just sit there and do nothing? A regular company would just go bankrupt would it not? That is if they didn’t do something “immediately” about this. That is just like the NHL is. They would go about it in a different matter perhaps but, when unions are involved, lockouts/strikes are very well involved.

    Now the example you are giving here applies to a company that “I” work for. It has been growing in sales for over 4 years now. Growing very well mind you. Stock growing. Everything. Well, our pay has now been frozen for a while. New job in site? You bet.

    You see, I wasn’t making $5-10 mill a year. I’m beneath that $50 thousand range. I see a difference there. How about you?

  9. Aetherial says:

    I will never see that.

    Owners in all kinds of industries make millions/billions on the backs of their employees. Those employees certainly don’ enjoy an average salary of 1.8 million.

    The owners front all the money and they take all the risk.

    The bottom line, no matter how much you like it or not is that the players are playing a GAME for outrageous salaries and won’t *settle* for an average of 1.3 million a year!!?!?

    It is not like the owners are saying we will not pay you more than 100K.

    As far as the owners causing all of this… well yeah, it is sooooo easy for the players to say “hey we will play under the current agreement”… well DUH, of course they will, their salaries will double, or triple, or quadruple in a few years. When the owners introduce any salary reducing measures, the players will reject it.

  10. CommonSense says:

    Aptly put. I don’t think there are many that will say that either candidate was ideal. But Kerry never stated one his many “plans” for fixing the ills of America. Bush may be an asshole, but he stands up for what he believes in and makes no apologies for it. He is a “take me as I am” kind of guy. I can’t say anything about Kerry because, despite listening to all of the debates, I don’t know anything more than he is a liberal democrat. I don’t know what his “plan” to end the war in Iraq was, because he never said. Either way, I am glad he is the bigger man and accepted defeat, instead of suing and whining and complaining.

    The UN IS a joke, my friend. It is a group of blustery old men who sit around and yell at rogue nations saying “Now don’t do that….I’m serious….stop that…” and so on and so on. But NEVER is there any action. Not to mention the “Peacemaker nations” France and Russia, that scolded the US for going in and removing one of the most evil dictators of modern history, were secretly making billions off the oil-for-food programs thanks to Saddam. So why would they want him removed???

    Argh…I hate politics. All I want is a conservative democrat or a liberal republican. Or a Libertarian candidate with some politcal clout. Is that too much to ask??(In other words, YES – I am pissing in the wind)

  11. defenestrate says:

    “Where’s the gimp?”

    And, with all the biblical quotes flying about, I have to add a little-known one, uttered by Noah’s wife – “Who the hell is going to clean up the bottom of this ark?”

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