If you had no team, which would you choose?

Let’s have some fun and consider if you were new to the NHL and ice hockey and had to choose a favorite team, which three teams would be your choices, and why?

Imagine you don’t live in North America so location has nothing to do with the selection. Imagine you were European and had a satellite feed of the NHL but had no connections to any of the teams/players.

Personally, I would choose:

1) The Anaheim Ducks. Not only because they just won the Cup, but because as of last year they have so much young talent that will only get better. They also sport two of the three Norris finalists for top defenseman. This team has the potential to be a dynasty.

2) The Pittsburgh Penguins. They have the youngest scoring leader in NHL history with highlight reel goals/passes, a Russian who had to escape his country’s cruel oppression to play in the NHL and will (most likely) be the Calder Trophy winner for top rookie, and a plethora of young talented players that will only get better. Many North American analysts pick this team to be a real Contender for many years. Former Oilers dynasty players Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier say they see the similarities between their dynasty and this potential dynasty.

3) The Detroit Red Wings. They sport Olympic Gold Medal winning goal-scorer and Future Hall of Famer All-Star defenseman. One of the sickest shootout goal-scorers in recent NHL history who will be a part of this team’s long-term plan. A history of superb drafting (if not downright the best in recent history) and an entertaining dominant regular season despite often hearing the claims that this is the year they will falter. Recently, a long history of success, both in the regular season and playoffs (3 Cups).

Honorable mentions: The Rangers (young talent plus it’s NY), The Canadiens (young talent), The Sharks (solid all-around team), The Kings (will be great in a few years time) and the Blue Jackets (total enigma, but replete with talent that could one day take over).

So, what are your three teams and why?

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  1. tacitus says:

    well if i just chose without reading anything about any teams or players, id prolly choose the closest teams to me which would be


    Now if i read up a lil bit and checked some things out

    3.San Jose

  2. modk09 says:

    depends if youre interested in history or just new to the league. if im new, i pick Crosby and the Pens right out of the gate. after that, new fans tend to look at who else is a star in the league to pick a favorite team, that brings me to the canuks…

    1 Pittsburg
    2 San Jose
    3 Detroit

    SJ and Detroit are just so dynamic and have some big names…

  3. ipwnu says:

    well if i was new and was from europe
    1. pens. because of crosby and everyone know how he's "the next gretzky"
    2. detroit. c'mon who hasnt heard of them.
    3. Caps. cuz of the fact that they have ovechkin and since i'm from europe i've most likely heard of him and his greatness.

  4. JuicemaN says:


  5. JuicemaN says:

    Bru…check your messages.

  6. Glucker says:

    1) Toronto-not just because I am a Leaf's fan, but because they have Sundin, who is very well known in Europe, and is the best European captain in the NHL, Sweden's PM(or is it president?) even told him to bring the stanley cup to Sweden when he wins it!!
    2) Montreal, most Europeans land in Montreal before going anywhere else in Canada, so my family that went over the pond would tell me about these guys(maybe?)
    3) NYR same as #2

  7. Tropbovin says:

    1. Pittsburgh (they are the real deal!)
    2. Anaheim
    3. Detroit (can't help it, hate everything that comes from Detroit.)

  8. FlyersFan20 says:
    1. Anaheim: Great young stars, lots of fights, amazing goaltending.
    2. Flyers: Passion, speed, determination, history, and “In Gagne We Trust” one of the sickest wrist shots in the game.
    3. Washington: Alexander Ovechkin, I try not to miss a caps game when I know they are going to be playing on Comcast. At least once a game I catch my self saying “How’d he do that?”
  9. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    If I'm to count history, and look at every aspect of the team, I'm taking the Leafs. If I ignore uniform, and just think of how a team plays, I'm taking Dallas or Tampa Bay.

  10. mmonex says:

    1- anahein ducks : great team + great prospect2- pittsburgh penguins : sid the kid, malkin, stall and more3- montreal canadiens : bunch of prospect + greatest nhl's team history4- l.a. kings : will be a dynasty in 3 or 4 years (jack johnson, sullivan, bernier, frolov, cammaleri,…5- san jose sharks : solid team, great management, scouting,…and by the way my teams is mtl

  11. Antero says:

    best european captain in the NHL?
    yeah, he players for the Red Wings.
    i'll let you guess who.
    and he will bring the cup to sweden when he wins it again.

    as for sundin.
    well..9th place is definately a good indicator of his leadership.

  12. Antero says:

    The Red Wings – if they can resign Hasak again, he is easily the most passionate goaltender in the league. he takses HUGE paycuts just so he can continue to play.  Datsyuk is one of the young stars who still has to peak. Holmstrom is exactly Holmstrom- can't move the guy from the front of the net, and he'll clean up whatever garbage Zetterberg and Datsyuk can't. Nik is the best defenseman in the league- hands down. Schneider is only getting better as he gets older, Chelios is still in great shape and really stepped up in the playoffs to fill in for injuries. great on the PK as well. Ken Holland is the best GM in the league- he has kept his team in or near first place for well over a decade and made an amazing transition with the new CBA.

    The Canucks/ The Wild –
    i like the style of hockey they play, and both are very similar with Minnesota buying more into 'the trap' system. Vancouver has one of the most exciting goaltenders in the league, and the Wild have two of the young superstar goaltenders in the league – Harding and Backstrom. if Gaborik would stay healthy for a full season he would without a doubt be a Hart canidate nominee and probably flirting with the scoring titles. and as for Vancouver, they have the Sedins, two players any team would want and their skills are just peaking as they lead the offensive unit in Vancouver. Both teams have defenses that are enviable and both have pretty reliable special teams. Divisional rivals that i'm sure will be meeting in the playoffs for years to come.

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Chicago- struggling, but promising with a good coaching staff and young core. gotta love an original 6 team

    Hamilton Predators- hey they've got lots of new fans, I'd be one more lol

  14. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    after what happens to euro's in montreal, ALL europeans HATE the habs

  15. suprvilce says:

    i would watch teams play. Teams like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Colorado, maybe Detroit play very good, their game is pure skill. it is wonderful to watch team like that to play. On the other side, NJ play trap hockey, not beutuful hockey and it doesen't really show players skill. So i would chose Colorado, LA Kings (Anze Kopitar is from my country 🙂 and MTL/TOR/DET)

  16. sheam316 says:

    OK if I just watched hockey for 1 year and decided these teams I liked it'd be Washington. Due to Ovechin (because of his joking around and well fun to watch)
    Pittsburgh. Due to Crosby and Malkin and everybody promoting crosby to death.
    Montreal. Because there one of the loudest crowds.

  17. mikster says:

    Go by the popularity of the cities. It’s a no brainer that the Rangers would be one, Toronto or Montreal, and possibly a California team.

  18. zdeno_duchesne says:

    1. Nashville
    2. San Jose
    3. Atlanta

  19. flamingsenator says:


    "the strip poker game has to wait…my grandma caught me lookin at porn…so i got grounded"

    im sorry juice…i HAD to say sumtihng

  20. flamingsenator says:

    winnipeg jets!!!!
    i dont care for 2 or 3 haha

  21. Kraut182 says:

    It all depends on how you choose a team to cheer for.  If you do it by the jump on the bandwagon, pick a team that's going to be good then your picks are pretty good.  And not that there's anything wrong with that, its fun to cheer for a team that wins.

    But when the team that you picked because you thought it was going to be good wins because they are good, its not going to be as gratifying as watching the team that you picked develop into a team that can win.  Also it sets a bad precedent for fandom, what do you do a few years later and they aren't good any more?

    There are a lot of other ways to pick a team that I would think would be more rewarding.  Most Europeans would have a player on team that they could relate to.  Or you could try to pick a team with a storied tradition or a team that may not be great but plays an exciting style (like the Oilers of a few years ago).  Or just complete randomness.

  22. NjDEVSFN says:

    Geez, if I was European my choice would be obvious:

    the New Jersey Devils.
    while they do play the occasional high-scoring and blow out games, they happen to play lots of games that are similar to European football…low scoring/close games.
    the other reason I'd choose them: winning.
    that being said…my European football team hasn't won a trophy in 52 years….
    the only other NHL team that I ever catch myself rooting for is the Edmonton Oilers. I have been a Spring-time Oilers fan since 1997, thanks to an awesome 3rd period 3-goal comeback + OT win against Dallas.
    so there you have it, New Jersey and Edmonton
  23. wingsfan13 says:

    wow i'm really suprised and happy that so many said detroit whether they hate them or not.  i think detroit has one of the strongest nhl connections to Europe there is for some reason.  Lidstrom and Federov were gap closers in the 90's and started a thing with Russia and Sweden as well as what I think the kindle for the flame that is a flood of European players and draft picks.

  24. JuicemaN says:

    HAHAHA!  Fair enough…it definely was funny.

    It was actually just me telling him I put Toronto 3 times on purpose to see if anybody would lose it on me.

  25. JuicemaN says:

    Ummmmm, being on a better team doesn't make Lidstrom a better captain.  Any half-minded NHL fan knows Sundin is the best European captain in the NHL. Lidstrom is a f*cking awesome defenseman, hands down top 10 of all time, but he's not a better captain….what has he done to make you so sure about that? Just becaus eyou don't like toronto doesn't make Lidstrom a better captain than Sundin.

  26. JuicemaN says:

    That's a bit of a strong statement.

    I think we all know that's not the case, and europeans don't get mis-treated in Montreal any more than any other non-french canadian players do.  It's a culture in Montreal to have more french canadian players and it's always been that way…I'm not putting them down even 1%, it's just the way the organization has always gone.

    But they don't stray away from good non-french players; if it will make the team better they will sign them/trade for them.

    ALL Europeans don't HATE Montreal…Sergei Samsonov does and he's about 1 out of 1,000,000,000 Europeans…I don't think that's ALL.

  27. Penssuck says:

    First i'd probally say Pittsburgh, but than i'd watch a game and realize they have the worst announcers in the world.  Between ass grabbing crosby and giving back rubs to Malkin, they manage to bash a little bit of every team that doesn't have crosby.

    Then i'd quickly hate the Pens, and try to burn down the city.

  28. smokz13 says:

    1) The Pittsburgh Penguins. They have an amazing collection of young talant. The chamce for everyone to watch these players grow is going to be fun for everyone, even the teams that will lose to them.

    2) The Anaheim Ducks. Again, an amazing collection of young talant and two great d-men. They have a solid foundation for years to come from the players on the ice and in the pipeline and have great men behind the bench and in the office.

    3) The Vancouver Canucks. You should always chear for your home team otherwise if no one does then you wont have a home team. Plus they have  Luongo.

  29. FrankTheTank3388 says:

    Washington Capitals – Ovechkin is the most exciting player to watch in the league today, hands down. Nobody else does as much as he does as well.

    Nashville Predators – They have some really good talent there along with young talent which will keep them solid in the future. On top of that, they also have cool jerseys. =D

    Buffalo Sabres – They're the top offensive team in the league, need I say more?

    If you care about history, all of the Original Six teams.

  30. habs_punk says:

    And just because you like Toronto doesn't make Sundin better than Lidstrom. I personally have no opinion on this matter. If I had to choose, I would give the edge to Lidstrom, but I really could care less. I dislike both TO and Detroit, so there's no bias in this decision.

    If you can prove that Sundin is the better leader than Lidstrom then you've got something, but I don't think it's possible to prove one way or the other until (if) one of them wins the Cup.

  31. habs_punk says:

    Well, ya you would, cuz you're a Leafs fan. Outside of Toronto, everyone knows that Montreal's got the better history.

  32. islesfan4lyfe says:

    1. Habs- the yankees of hockey

    2. Red Wings- great fan base, always sold out and always on NBC
    3. Ducks- have a bright future that should last a while
  33. mikster says:

    Dude, the only thing that Euoros know about NJ is that it’s the state near NYC and has good cheap outlets to buy 😉

  34. DandoEagle says:

    i don't have a favourite nhl team sicne the winnterpeg jets went to phoneix ten years ago, nope nope nope.

    but i do like to jump on bandwagons and always liked roberto luongo so i say the canuckleheads, mostly because they have alot of hot yuoung players playin there that will set the league on fire in a few years.

    the penguins are great because of fluery and malkin, stall and recchi.

    so i guess i will list these teams below as the ones I like

    -Dallas Star – murty turco is the bestest goalie in the nhl next to luongo

    -vancouver canuckleads – roberto luongo is the bestest goalie since ron tugntt

    -columbus bluejackets – david vyborny is the bestest euro player in the league and they have a good solid team lead by Kevin Nash.

  35. Antero says:

    is this a serious thread?

    although Kevin Nash was great, i believe it is Rick Nash that leads the Blue Jackets.
    Vyborny is far from the 'bestest' european player. maybe top twenty in the league.

    Ron Tugnutt is no where near a great goaltender, and comparing Luongo to him is a complete joke.
    Turco is a mediocre goaltender, nonetheless reliable. Marty or Kippur would be ahead of Turco.

    Penguins are great because of Fluery, Malkin, and Staal, however i think you might be forgetting someone..

    and the canucks hardly have hot young players. i think the only two that are going to set the league on fire could be Kesler and Hansen. Bourdon and Edler will be solid as well.

    and i'm not sure if you've drank the bong water or you're like seven years old.
    as a canucks fan, its cringeworthy to see 'canuckleheads'

    although i did laugh start to finish at your post.
    so good work.

  36. Superman4452 says:

    1)Pittsburgh. Watching Crosby is just unreal
    2)Anahiem. They are exciting to watch, they won the cup, they have a bunch of good young guys.
    3)Calgary. The celebrations after a goal shake the camera, the fire shooting out of everything, and the best ambassador in the game, Iginla.

  37. Superman4452 says:

    Turco? I have him eighth actually. Luongo, Brodeur, Kipper, Giguere, Hasek, Miller, Lundqvist, than Turco.
    and since ron tugnutt? have u forgotten brodeur, hasek, Patrick Freaking Roy???

    david vyborny? best european in the league? what? and its rick nash. kevin nash was a WWF wrestler

    and name one hot young player that will set the league on fire from vancouver. name one.

  38. BruMagnus says:

    what about Ovechkin or Malkin? Russia's top 2 most famous players?

  39. BruMagnus says:

    I agree. Personally I say Lidstrom, for many reasons.
    Though didn't Sundin captain Sweden to a Gold medal? Either way, it was Nick that got the Gold Medal winning goal. And he made the Conference Finals in his first year as Captain.

  40. BruMagnus says:

    Viz-a-viz number 3, if you watched Pens games, you'd be saying that more often about Sid or Malkin.

    As for Flyers as your 2nd choice… I highly doubt someone from Europe who knows little about the NHL would choose the WORST PLACE TEAM as their favorite team… I understand why you picked them, but you could say the same thing about the Canadiens, Leafs, Bruins?, Rangers, etc.

  41. BruMagnus says:

    I totally agree about the Kings. They were one of my honorable mentions for the exact same reasons you said.

  42. BruMagnus says:

    I'm sorry, but did you say you LIKED the way the Wild and Canucks play???

    I think there was near unanimous universal consensus that the Stars vs Canucks series was the worst (as in most boring) of the playoffs, and the Wild were just as boring as the Canucks/Stars.

    I do agree about Gaborik though.

  43. BruMagnus says:

    I agree and hence why I wrote IMAGINE (if you are capable of that) that location makes no difference. Otherwise it'll be a totally biased poll, because NY would be almost everyone's 1st pick. Even I had to succumb to acknowledging "It's NY!" in my honorable mentions.

    So what would they be if it was not by popularity of cities? I wonder if you'll respond to this post.

  44. BruMagnus says:

    I'm intrigued.

    Your reasons?

  45. BruMagnus says:

    So… the Ducks or Penguins then?

  46. BruMagnus says:

    I won't lie. I was struggling on my 3rd choice, but then as soon as I came across Detroit, I was like "Eureka!" Of course it's Detroit. They are fracking brilliant organization, sport the best defensemen since Bobby Orr, have a winning record, and have some sick players including a disgusting shootout pimp master.

    I've always respected Detroit. Granted if I was a West coast team, it may be harder.

  47. BruMagnus says:

    ah, but if you were clever, you'd listen to the radio feed and Hall of Famer Mike Lange.

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  53. Scratch my back with a hacksaw!
  54. Well shave my face with a rusty razor!
  55. Great balls of fire!
  56. He was hit so hard his kids will be born dizzy
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  • BruMagnus says:

    What would be number 4 then, or 3 if you had to replace Vancouver?

    I wrote, "Imagine you don't live in North America so location has nothing to do with the selection."  So that I could try to avoid the home team argument or the NY/Toronto/Vancouver/Montreal is the best city on Earth argument.

  • BruMagnus says:

    I just want to say I'm impressed how this post hasn't turned into a mock fest or harassment at my picks. Thank you.

    I'm also very glad to see many people acknowledging the Penguins, and also the Wings.

  • BruMagnus says:

    Both the Preds and the Sabres are bound to lose two of their top players. They'll both still be playoff teams, but nowhere near as successful as this year.

    As for AO, I'd like to see you prove (with youtube links) that Ovechkin did more and had more exciting plays than Crosby did this year. I totally agree Ovechkin had the more flashy rookie season, but this year was all Sidney.

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