If you had no team, which would you choose?

Let’s have some fun and consider if you were new to the NHL and ice hockey and had to choose a favorite team, which three teams would be your choices, and why?

Imagine you don’t live in North America so location has nothing to do with the selection. Imagine you were European and had a satellite feed of the NHL but had no connections to any of the teams/players.

Personally, I would choose:

1) The Anaheim Ducks. Not only because they just won the Cup, but because as of last year they have so much young talent that will only get better. They also sport two of the three Norris finalists for top defenseman. This team has the potential to be a dynasty.

2) The Pittsburgh Penguins. They have the youngest scoring leader in NHL history with highlight reel goals/passes, a Russian who had to escape his country’s cruel oppression to play in the NHL and will (most likely) be the Calder Trophy winner for top rookie, and a plethora of young talented players that will only get better. Many North American analysts pick this team to be a real Contender for many years. Former Oilers dynasty players Wayne Gretzky and Mark Messier say they see the similarities between their dynasty and this potential dynasty.

3) The Detroit Red Wings. They sport Olympic Gold Medal winning goal-scorer and Future Hall of Famer All-Star defenseman. One of the sickest shootout goal-scorers in recent NHL history who will be a part of this team’s long-term plan. A history of superb drafting (if not downright the best in recent history) and an entertaining dominant regular season despite often hearing the claims that this is the year they will falter. Recently, a long history of success, both in the regular season and playoffs (3 Cups).

Honorable mentions: The Rangers (young talent plus it’s NY), The Canadiens (young talent), The Sharks (solid all-around team), The Kings (will be great in a few years time) and the Blue Jackets (total enigma, but replete with talent that could one day take over).

So, what are your three teams and why?