Iginla a Flyer Rumor, Not even Close. Senators Looking at..||Other news..

Igginla to Flyers was a false rumor. NO WAY!!! I had no idea….

Muckler looking to make a move, fishing some players on the Island?

Capitals worrying and attempting to make a trade, at any costs?

Gretzky says his Desert Dogs are not worth enough to make a trade.

Isle’s lose D, looking to make a trade soon before the roster freeze?

BoBo awaits a plane ticket to leave Chicago. www.thefourthperiod.com mentions rumors.

“Something’s gotta change
(Dec. 11th) The Ottawa Senators wouldn’t mind adding a physical forward to the lineup. The Sens continue their hunt, with the likes of Radek Bonk, Karel Rachunek and Magnus Arvedsson on the ‘available list.’ According to the Ottawa Sun, it’s believed the Tampa Bay Lightning, New York Rangers and Islanders have all talked to the Senators in hopes of improving their respective bluelines. In recent weeks, there’s also been talks of the Senators packaging up centre Radek Bonk and winger Magnus Arvedson to the Isles for Brad Isbister and Dave Scatchard. And Sens GM John Muckler didn’t dismiss the notion.”

Not trading Iggy
(Dec. 11th) Craig Button usually refuses to acknowledge trade rumors. The Calgary Flames GM believes reacting to hearsay only gives it credibility. However, Button says the story going around these days — that the Flames are pondering a deal which would include star right wing Jarome Iginla — is so preposterous, he must shoot it down. “Zero, zero truth to that,” Button told the Calgary Sun. “I’ll take it one step further. We have zero intention of trading Jarome Iginla.” The rumor, originally from CBS’ SportsLine.com and was reported by a few media sources, had Iginla and Roman Turek headed to Philadelphia for Roman Cechmanek, Simon Gagne, Pavel Brendl and another player, said to be Justin Williams.
In other news, Button had no news to report regarding the search for a new head coach to replace Greg Gilbert. They are said to be speaking with Ted Nolan about a coaching position. “

Big shake up?
(Dec. 11th) According to the Washington Post, Capitals General Manager George McPhee has told executives around the league that he is willing to dramatically shake up his roster, with no player untouchable, sources said. A poor road trip could hasten such developments.”

No deals for Phoenix
(Dec. 11th) There’s a reason the Coyotes haven’t made a trade in an effort to shake their spiraling ways. Nobody wants any of their players, according to Hall of Famer Wayne Gretzky, the team’s part owner and managing partner. “I don’t mean this to be controversial, and I don’t mean it to be a finger-pointing sort of thing,” Gretzky told the Arizona Republic Tuesday in Scottsdale at the conclusion of the NHL owners’ meetings. “But the fact of the matter is there aren’t many guys on our club that teams want, and that’s a fact.” Gretzky said the team has been trying to deal for weeks, but every time general manager Mike Barnett and Cliff Fletcher, the team’s senior executive vice president, make a pitch, they hit a dead end. The Coyotes players drawing the most interest are forwards Shane Doan and Tony Amonte, neither of whom they want to trade. Gretzky said management still intends to do something, although firing coach Bobby Francis is not in the works. Trading veterans for prospects and high draft picks remains an option.”

Looking for D
(Dec. 11th) The Islanders have lost defenseman Roman Hamrlik to a Grade 3 (the most severe) separation of his left shoulder. He is expected to miss four weeks, possibly more. GM Mike Milbury may be forced to find a replacement soon, and the Islanders are said to be interested in Tampa Bay’s Pavel Kubina and Ottawa’s Karel Rachunek. They may also take a look at Chicago holdout Boris Mironov and contact Boston regarding unsigned restricted free-agent defenseman Kyle McLaren. “

Still nothing
(Dec. 11th) Suspended defenseman Boris Mironov could be out for some time. The Hawks refuse to rush a trade. General manager Mike Smith said Tuesday he was no closer to trading Mironov, who has asked to be dealt. “I wouldn’t be surprised if he sat out until after Christmas,” Smith said. Mironov has now forfeited $146,664 in salary for the eight days away from the team.

20 Responses to Iginla a Flyer Rumor, Not even Close. Senators Looking at..||Other news..

  1. pantherboy says:

    The Sens sure are stacked on D right now. Maybe they could work out a trade with the Isle since Hamirlik is out. Or maybe they would be more interested in Mironov?

    The Capitals though sure need to make a shake up. They are not playing up to potential at all. Most likely they would be looking to add to their shaky D core.

  2. krustymedic1 says:

    Sens lost Philips on the weekend for god knows how long. Sore knee from Cole hit. They have Pothier in the minors who should be ready to play so they might move one of the D-men currently in the lineup if they really need to. Other than that, I would suggest nothing till the new year if then.

  3. saksfan says:

    Cannot forget the Colorado/New Jersey rumor, not sure if you knew about it when you posted this.

  4. Sands says:

    I’d like to see Mironov in Ranger Blue. Simon, Mironov for Dvorak, Lefeabe, pick

  5. mikster says:


    ANOTHER overpaid inconsistent player. This guy is a whiner too.

    Look at Joel Bouchard, hungry as hell to make the NHL and played great tonight at both ends of the ice.

  6. Sands says:

    What a come back. Too bad they couldn’t finish off the come back!

  7. nskerr says:

    Even though the Isles could use a defenseman now that Hamrlik is out for at least a month, I find it hard to believe that they would consider trading both Isbister and Scatchard to Ottawa as some reports have mentioned. They both are physical although Isbister is probably more talented. If they could send one for a good d-man, it might happen, but not both.

  8. wayne2 says:

    Maybe Rachunek for Isbister,or Leschychyn+Arvedson+pick for Isbister.

  9. big_booty says:

    Bob McKenzie of TSN said that he heard of an all-Pennsylvania trade rumor: Keith Primeau from the Flyers to the Penguins for Alexei Kovalev.

    Not saying it will happen, but it is intriguing. I’d do it in a heartbeat.

  10. TheShack says:

    I can’t see the Sens/Isles trade going down. Bonk is a no. 1 centre…..who will replace him……Spezza? With the acquisition of Scatchard they’d still have the same number of centremen. Bonk is also worth more than Isbister. Isbister is unproven, Bonk got 70 pts last season. Scatchard is a 3rd liner….Arvedson’s place is probably on the 2nd line. This trade porposal simply doesn’t equate.

  11. Sunnyg says:

    yes, but in the very same article bob mckenzie also clearly stated that he doesn’t think that the trade rumour is true. think about it….why would the penguins make this trade? kovalev has been one of the leading scorers in the NHL over the past 2-3 seasons while primeau has been dogging it…and its not as if primeau’s salary is that cheap either, so the penguins wouldn’t benefit that much financially either! the penguins have very little to gain from this trade.

    i guess i’m a little biased because i’ve never been a fan of keith primeau…he talks a big game but is usually an underproducer. he has played something like 12 seasons and has only scored 30 goals 3 times! to make it worse, he is historically an awful playoff performer…check out his stats…the guy has only 2 goals in his last 33 playoff games over the past 4 years…and meanwhile he’s always mouthing off and wants to be paid big dollars!

  12. MantaRay says:

    the Elias to the Av’s rumor is pure BS.

    No need to even consider this as the trade makes sense to no one.

  13. Tradedude says:

    I knew it! Everyone knew it. It was pretty damn obvious that this trade wouldn’t go through. It’s just sad, that rumors like this would start up.

    I have a trade suggestion for the whole boston mclaren thing. Little off topic, but hey!

    boston gets: Hamrlik, Scatchard

    NYI gets: McLaren, Kultanen, 3rd rounder

    I’m ready for the bashes. I have to be prepared. so i will be and i am.

    Reality Rules!


  14. MantaRay says:


    “The current rumor in today’s New York Post reads: “Devils may deal Elias to Colorado”. This is a typical mythological rumor spread by the NY Post sometimes-bitter Devils beat writer. To my knowledge, none of his reliable sources have ever come through on any trade rumor or roster move.”

    In fact, in today’s Post everyone just discredits the rumor as completely made up

  15. JohnFlan22 says:

    Never. get yourself to a clinic. I humbly pray for you. May god have mercy on your soul.

  16. wayne2 says:

    It does cause Arvedson is a UFA at seasons end.I`m not saying the trade will happen but it makes a certain sense since we need grit in Ottawa.

  17. mikster says:

    Now tell me if that makes you feel good!!! (To be a part of TFP).

  18. mikster says:

    Too little too late.

    The only good thing about this game is that Holmqvist looked good enough to give him a coupdl of games in the future.

    Joel Bouchard was extremely hungry and did everything at both ends of the ice.

    Holik took like 10 shots. His line with Lindros appears to get better and better.

    The offense was definitely there, but the finishes were nowhere. I forgot the last time the Rangers took 50 shots with 30 scoring chances.

  19. mikster says:

    Pens don’t need a whiny coach killer in Primeau. He’d be a good fit with the style he plays for the Pens, along with his little borther too.

    Three other problems with that, actually 4:

    1) Primeau makes more than Kovalev. Unless Clarke is willing to chew up half his salary.

    2) It’s just Primeau for Kovalev. You need more than that. I know… BRENDL!!!

    3) Division rival team….not a chance.

  20. Tradedude says:

    you misspelled God. Forgot the capital. And whatever you were saying, go to your local church, this is a hockey rumor site.

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