Illitch talks to Federov

According to The Flint Journal, Mike Illitch has called Federov about re-signing. The article states that the Wings have made four different offers each worth about 8 million a year. The offers were said to be a 1, 2, 3, and 4 year offers

In it, it says that an NHL source said it was a nice friendly conversation. But they really didn’t get into the money part. Illitch wanted federov to know that the team and coaching staff isn’t mad at him and he isn’t mad at him. And that they wanted him to continue to play in Detroit.

Federov was said to be appreciative and polite.

Federov did make a dumb move by not signing one of the 10 million dollar deals the wings made prior to july 1. He should have known there wasn’t going to be a very good market.

Maybe with Illitch talking to Federov he may decide to stay with detroit.

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  1. brianxpl says:

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  4. mldw13 says:

    Fan, yes. Of the Wings, no. I am a fan of the NHL in general and regretfully, a fan of the yes my dear beloved Blackhawks. Yes Blackhawk fans do exist. Ah the glory days, the Norris brawls, Chelios, Suter manning the blue line, Roenick and Larmer up front, Belfour in goal, Grimson taking on Probert, the days of my youth, when the Hawks actually had a chance.

    However, I found your comments to be way off base, and even after I realized you were not joking, laughable.

    Putting words in your mouth? I just wanted to see how your AVS stacked up to the Wings, if loyalty is of value to you as a fan, surely you are willing to examine the AVS under the same light.

    Were I find fault in your arguement is that while the Wings and the AVS have both won titles in the last few years, I feel obliged to admit that the Wings have done so in a more admirable manner.

    Colorado? They won the first title in their first year. Why, becasue fans in Quebec, loyal fans, had watched a team continually lose but in the process recieve high draft picks to make them a team to be feared. The whole foundation of the AVS is based on an organizations disloyalty to a generation of hockey fans from their origional city.

    You comment about the players mentioned being cast offs? Well how about some more. Peppy Lemiuex. Helped the AVS WIN A CUP. How did they thank him? Drury. Blood and Guts player. Awesome. Big fan. Playoff hero. Wasn’t he a Calder winner? Yelle. Exiled after years of service. Ricci? You don’t think that any of these players would not have wanted to stay on the AVS to win more titles?

    Wings not being loyal to Federov? OK, are the AVS being loyal to DeVries? Wasn’t he a playoff hero two years ago?

    Federov deserves more credit? What does he need a plaque on the wall? The owner hand delivered a 50 Mil offer. You say Feds wants his and will leave the Wings if he doesn’t get it. I know this won’t happen, and I do love to watch Fed play, but I hope Feds signs a three year deal for 15 Mil with Tampa. I would laugh my Anna Kornakova balls off listening to Federov, the lone all star represenative from his last place team, complain that he keeps getting carded at bars because no one recognizes him and no one cares that he wraps his half mil ferarri around a tree. Federov does not realize how good hes got it. Put him on a weaker team and all of a sudden Federov is being asked to be the leader that he is not. On the Wings his idiosycrcies (sp?) are hidden behind the leadership of warriors like Yzerman, Shanahan, Larionov and in my opinon (for what it is worth) the ultimate warrior, Chelios. (Well, maybe ten years ago, count your blessing for being able to watch Forsberg, Sakic and one of my favorite player, Foote, every night.)

    Just thinking about your comment about Anahiam not being loyal to Kariya makes me cringe. Lets see. Duck fans who over the last five years have pined their hopes for Anahiam success on this superstar that their jacked up ticked prices help to pay his 10 Million a year salary, and Kariya rewards them by jumping ship the first chance he can get. My question to you is, if loyalty is important to you, how do feel about Kariya? Shouldn’t he have turned around and told Anahiam look, you can sign both me and Sellane for three million less than you were just paying me last year and I’m going to do my best to bring the first cup to Anahaim. This is my thanks to you loyal fans that have made me richer than any of you can dream of. Kariya loyal? You tell me.

    Not that I’m saying that the AVS are wrong for their methods. They have won two titles. They even got Ray Bourque his (not that he was loyal to Boston, right?) Colorado, good team. Yes. Loyal to their players, right. Colorado breeds loyalty like a murky swamp breeds mile high virus (oops – I ment the west nile virus.)

    Seriously though, you better hope that revolving door in Colorado keeps on turning. All the “GO AVS” in the world are going to bring that team the cup. Not with a top heavy D and a scrup of a Goalie, who even with the power house AVS and while facing losing teams can barely manage a winning record. It is going to be tough going from the best goalie in the world to the best goalie from Switzerland. There is a reason why these guys are neutral, and you’ll find out why next season.

    I would end by saying “Go Hawks”, but that would be silly, they ain’t going anywhere. I’m looking at a decade of misery. Belfours a Leaf, Amonte and Roenick are Flyers, Chelly is a Wing, Suter went to the Sharks. All these players have left and I wonder who is next, and than I realize there in nobody left that anyone wants. Were’s my love for my loyalty? Wirtz, you stingy bastard. Give Federov some love, sign him for 10 Mil and a promise that you will build him a bigger statue than Jordon’s got. Make him a hawk. (Now I’m wacked)

  5. Gretzky9282 says:

    Honestly, I’m with the guy who said that Fedorov is staying in Detroit. So much for Anaheim signing him, seeing that I think they’re the team that has signed Prospal. I think that Fedorov could come to the Rangers if we do some salary dumping, getting rid of walking injuries such as Bure, Malakhov, Lefebrve, and bums like Karpa, Purinton, plus the factoring of the Lindros/Joseph trade, which is a big rumor. I still think that could happen, because logically, 1 and 1 does make 2 in this case. Joseph has 2 years left on his contract, as Lindros has some years too, I don’t know how many. Blackburn is waiting to be the starter, and I think could use some time in the AHL with the Wolfpack to develop his skills, which he’s going to do this year anyways even if we keep Dunham as our starter. Jussi Markkanen was brought in with some help from Anson Carter, who knew how good of a goaltender he really is. He’ll be the back up. I’d like to see Joseph come to NY, because his style is face a lot of shots, stop a lot of shots. He needs to see a lot of shots to stop a lot. It helps him get into his groove, and get on his game. That’s why he was successful in Toronto, taking them to the Eastern conference finals twice. He saw a lot of shots in the earlier rounds, but once the tight defensive game started being played, and the Leafs can’t play that… he started falling apart due to lack of shots on goal on him. It would be the perfect plan, because in the trading of Mike Dunham, we’d get a quality left winger out of Colorado or Boston, who are 2 teams in need of a quality starting netminder, and are reportedly interested in Dunham. Colorado would offer Alex Tanguay and Martin Skoula for Dunham and Tom Poti. On the other hand, Boston would offer Sergei Samsonov and Nick Boyton for the same Ranger package. Then to replace Lindros, our number one center, we would then proceed to sign Fedorov, at undisclosed terms. I don’t know what the deal would be in terms of length and money. Fedorov might have to take a slight pay cut to come to NY, as compared to Detroit’s first 5 year $10 million dollar deal. We sign Leetch and Mironov, and our RFA’s like Kovy, Carter, and the others. As for our lines… ohhhh shit… they would be insane.










    Keep in mind, that’s Garth Murray, not Rem Murray. It’s about time he gets up to the team, he’s what we need on our wings, a solid, defensive winger who’s got some hands, and loves to compete. Is always on the backcheck, and loves to hit also. Fierce competitor along the boards and in the corners, and has some touch around the net. Lee Falardeau is I think a “Rich Man’s” Version of Bobby Holik. What I mean by that is the opposite of “Poor Man’s” version, a lesser skilled or developed version, obviously. Lee Falardeau I think is Bobby Holik with hands, and some more speed. Depending on how bad we need a quality winger… we could even have Hugh Jessiman in the lineup, this year’s top Ranger pick. I think it’s time to start eliminating guys like Donato and Karpa, and put in some young blood. Garth Murray, Hugh Jessiman, Lee Falardeau, Fedor Tjutin, and Jamie Lundmark should have significant roles on the team soon, Lundmark defenitely, and maybe Tjutin this year. It’s time that the Rangers make a change, and start doing something, the fans are getting tired of paying higher prices year after year on MSG to watch the Rangers, Knicks, and that fucking Disgraceful NY team, the Mets, lose. Bring Back Yanks Baseball to MSG, save us please!

  6. Gretzky9282 says:

    oops, I made a Mistake on the lines

    instead of Poti-Kasparaitis for defensive pairing 2, it should be Boynton-Kasparaitis, if we pull off the trade with Boston, and Skoula-Kasparaitis if we pull off the trade with Colorado

    and Fedorov-Tanguay-Kovalev for the forward line if we pull off the trade with Colorado.

  7. AMPFAN says:

    Loyalty is?1) when a player makes 10 million, you make the playoffs then asked to take paycut thats loyalty.2) A allstar plays on a team like the ducks and gets paid for playing on a team that is not a contender.3) Plays on a team that is happy with the way the team is and trys cost cutting year in and year out.4) Has no desire to do anything more to get to the PRIZE (LORD STANLEY CUP). 5) Dosen’t believe in spending money only jacking up ticket prices. So all you who beleive that the Ducks were loyal to Karyia need to read what loyalty means. I believe that Karyia left with this thought (I play for the Ducks they use to pay me nicely to play this game on a mediocore team, then ask me to take a pay cut after we get to the CUP finals. If I was Karyia I jump ship too your suppose to spend more after getting to the cup not spend less just to stay under your cheap budget. So please stop talking out your ass if they can’t afford to pay the players they should not own a Hockey team. This is for all you Feds bashers, He is not a second line centerman he belongs on the 1 line. People tend to speak with their emotions about these Allstars. Federov is not staying in Detroit he is indeed tired of the Wings and their reasoning for not paying him, they basicly want him to play 2 line Center behind Steve when he should be behind no one and on any other team would be the starter. Please stop with the garbage you all spew(you know who you are)about something you know nothing about. Anybody who says he is wrong is a lier. I bet not one of you would think that if put in Feds postion. Federov is looking to be paid for years of having to play second fiddel to Stevie Y, and for him to stay would take 11 million a year or he is out of there plain and simple. I hope all of you who think this way about Karyia and Federov enjoy watching the Ducks and Wings get tore up by those two all season with their new teams .

  8. MoscowDynamo says:

    Where is it written that Fedorov is the Wings’ 2nd line center? If your going by starting line-up, technically Kris Draper would be the 1st line center. See, your talking about the Wings here, a team that tries to defy ego-based categories. It’s not, “oh, here’s our #3 left winger”.

    That said, clearly in terms of team leadership, fan loyalty, popularity, etc. Yzerman is THE man. Fedorov knows that.

    But, if the Wings are down (or up) by a goal 1:13 left in the 3rd, the one guy you’re ABSOLUTELY going to see on the ice is #91. A lot of people (Wings included) talk about Nick Lidstrom being the one guy they could not do without. Well, I put Sergei right alongside Nick in that category. The Wings need Sergei!

    As for Fedorov leaving the Wings for sure as your crystal ball seems to have shown you, we’re in day #15 of free agency, bud. Where’s the big contract from Anaheim, NY, LA, Chicago, etc? He would’ve been scooped up with 48 hrs. if teams were willing to even come close to the Wings’ offer.

    It seems to me, you are not a Wings fan. Most non-Wings fans on this site have taken your postion. “He’s gone! The Wings aren’t showing him respect!” Underneath it, you sound pretty nervous that the Wings may actually re-sign him. If your in Denver, you better be nervous.

  9. MoscowDynamo says:

    Well, I’d go a little higher, but yeah, Sergei’s contract couldn’t have expired at a worse time (for him, that is). 2 or 3 years ago he’d be grinning over an 11 or 12 million 5 or 6 year deal. See Holik.

  10. DRWings14 says:

    Sergei’s agent has re-opened the door along with the Red Wings. If Anaheim is signing Prospal, Fedorov really won’t have a choice. What’s he going to do, play for NY? Where’s he gonna drive his Ferarris there? Times Square? Ha! I think Sergei may see that he is the missing link on this team. With the addition of Derian Hatcher, Fedorov could truly thrive. I mean, breakout passes from ANOTHER star defenseman, c’mon! And please note how the Wings haven’t dealth Cujo yet. According to the Free Press, Kenny Holland is waiting to see what Sergei does first. If he returns, they can go after a winger and we won’t have to settle for Lindros, what a headache!

  11. DRWings14 says:

    Oh, and for everyone who thinks Sergei’s worried about playing “second fiddle” to Stevie, what difference does that make? Stevie’s done this year anyway! It will be a sad day in Hockeytown when he walks off the ice for the last time.

  12. AMPFAN says:

    So again I say now not only second to Stevie but also Draper now. Please when the game starts and ends Federov should be out there period. They used Federov for years and now it’s time to pay the piper. As for your comment on Denver please with the talent they just signed scoring ain’t going to be a problem there. Federov will take less to be a starter elsewhere kiss Federov good bye Hockey town they had a chance,but let it slip away.

  13. DRWings14 says:

    Sorry, that was the News, not Free Press

  14. 10TimeChamps says:

    Where do you get this bogus info. Feds avg icetime in the playoffs was 22:06.

    You are such a moron. If you dont know the facts you shouldnt post it

  15. AMPFAN says:

    I did say average and your the dumb ass you have not posted one thing about hockey just about other peoples stuff. So please go back under the rock you crawled out from under and shut your pie hole all ready. If we need anymore shit news on the post we’ll squeez your head buddy.

  16. 10TimeChamps says:

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  17. 10TimeChamps says:

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  18. AMPFAN says:

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  19. 10TimeChamps says:

    Dude. The world really doesnt care. Everyone disagreed with you and thats why you had to change your screen name and hide behind a different name. Now your doing the same thing. You are a no good worthless peice of shit. The only person I cuss is you asshole. Because you are fucking retarded. You deserved to get cussed. If your so smart send me a link that sais his ice time was 17 minutes in the playoffs jackoff.

  20. STONECOLD says:

    What are you talking about? Please start talking hockey or leave the site. Frankly I tired of both of you. This is a hockey post not the jerry springer show you both need to act your ages and stop with the childish games already. 10timechamps you really need to stop with the cussing they will throw you out on you but because of it. If you can’t say something positive about hockey way come in here and start with the child like actions.

  21. 10TimeChamps says:

    My bad chief. I just got sick of that dude, and I can dish it out too. If they kick me out its no biggie. I’ll just get a new account. If you want to start talking hockey lets do it. But if that stroke starts shit with me again i’m ganna cuss him.

  22. STONECOLD says:

    I say by the end of the month Federov will be just a memroy to all you Wing fans out there. Federov is not going to swallow his ego and except less then 10 million. Their(The Redwings) last offer as of today was 4 years 32 million thats 8 million a year. Federov will look like a fool to accept that after the origanal one was for 5 years 50 million. So please all you Redwing fans just realize he’s gone move on. Besides after the lockout he’ll get what he deserves on the open market.

  23. DRWings14 says:

    Unfortunately for him, he probably won’t get what he deserves on the market after the lockout because there’s a good chance they’ll implement a salary cap, and teams won’t be able to afford one player for as much as he wants.

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