Illitch talks to Federov

According to The Flint Journal, Mike Illitch has called Federov about re-signing. The article states that the Wings have made four different offers each worth about 8 million a year. The offers were said to be a 1, 2, 3, and 4 year offers

In it, it says that an NHL source said it was a nice friendly conversation. But they really didn’t get into the money part. Illitch wanted federov to know that the team and coaching staff isn’t mad at him and he isn’t mad at him. And that they wanted him to continue to play in Detroit.

Federov was said to be appreciative and polite.

Federov did make a dumb move by not signing one of the 10 million dollar deals the wings made prior to july 1. He should have known there wasn’t going to be a very good market.

Maybe with Illitch talking to Federov he may decide to stay with detroit.