Illitch talks to Federov

According to The Flint Journal, Mike Illitch has called Federov about re-signing. The article states that the Wings have made four different offers each worth about 8 million a year. The offers were said to be a 1, 2, 3, and 4 year offers

In it, it says that an NHL source said it was a nice friendly conversation. But they really didn’t get into the money part. Illitch wanted federov to know that the team and coaching staff isn’t mad at him and he isn’t mad at him. And that they wanted him to continue to play in Detroit.

Federov was said to be appreciative and polite.

Federov did make a dumb move by not signing one of the 10 million dollar deals the wings made prior to july 1. He should have known there wasn’t going to be a very good market.

Maybe with Illitch talking to Federov he may decide to stay with detroit.

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  1. jon95616 says:

    I hope he signs with someone else…there must be some team that will give him 9 or 10 million. Someone will get desperate.

  2. avs21 says:

    Federov agent all ready said that he will not return to the Wings. The redwings have spent to much money already this year if they don’t move one of their goalies how can they sign Feds. The Wings our going to trade Cujo for a center and Feds is done in Hockeytown reagardless of what some fans might think. For them to sign Feds and still pay most of Cujo salary would make them the Rangers of the west for sure. Before the Dominator, and Hatcher were signed the Wings payroll was 70 million, with the money spent on those two and the extra money given Darren the Wings our in the 85 million mark not much less then the Rangers. So they is no way Feds will come back to a team who already showed their priority was not with him, but Hatcher, and the Dominator. Why would he sacrifice his money now to help a team who didn’t think he was priority when he already has Cups, the only thing left for him is some personal Awards and achievments.

  3. Aetherial says:

    I said all along he would stay in Detroit. I still believe that.

    Nobody else will pay him what he wants. In fact, at this point I am not sure Detroit will pay him what he wants.

    He was an idiot. He should have signed the offer when it was made. Some seriou sbad advice from his agent who should have been able to predict the climate for free agents this year.

  4. MAGNUM says:

    you nailed it, his agent is the problem here. It’s his agent’s job to assess the market and the climate and he severely over-estimated what teams were ready to pay.

    I have to believe that the offers, if any, that Fedorov has received haven’t come close to what Detroit offered during the season, or he would have signed already. And if teams haven’t offered 10-million or more by now they aren’t going to in the future either.

    If Ilitch has offered Sergei 8-million a year and Sergei gets to pick his length of term, he should do so today and be done with it.

  5. avs21 says:

    It’s not about the money Feds is tired of playing second fiddle to Stevie Y he’s admitted it in articals published in Detroit. Feds will not be a Wing next year and I suspect for him togo to a contender for less then the Wings have offered(Karyia case in point). The team has showed no respect or loyalty to Feds by focusing on Hatcher, and The Dominator first. If the Wings would have paid Feds like he deservered it he would have been their top priority. Feds is tired of the Wings and their lack of respect for him. So bank on him leaving and painfully watch him tear you up when playing his new team next year.

  6. DRWings14 says:

    First of all, Anaheim is no longer a contender, not with their management letting their #1 franchise player walk out the door. Secondly, the Wings focused ONLY on FedOrov for an entire season before finally saying, you know what, go test the waters, see what you can get, and then we’ll go from there. That’s not a lack of respect on the Wings’ part, if you ask me. And to top it off, the OWNER personally calls him to say he’s not mad, the organization is not mad, etc. And if you think Fedorov won’t continue to tear the Avs up from wherever he lands, you are out of your mind.

  7. avs21 says:

    Feds was the Wings best player and yes Karyia and Feds our similar in that they both will be on another team next year. By the way the Wings never ever offered him what he wanted which is 11 million for 5 years. Feds may tear up the Avs but it wont be in a Wings jersey so stop trying to justify The Wings lack of loyality to its players Cujo is another case in point. Forseberg on the other hand got what he wanted and is still wearing the Avs #21 because of it thats loyality to a player not go and check to see if you can get more and if not we will see what we can do then. Hull,Hatcher,Stevie Y,the Dominator all reason for Feds Departure like I said no loyality All of the above are not half the player Feds is right now no Disrepecting any of them all our Hall of Famers, and most are past their prime and should have taken pay cuts to give Feds what he wants.

  8. 10TimeChamps says:

    Avs 21 doesnt know what the hell he’s talking about. Why dont you go to an avalanche forum or something. Or are you too busy getting foresking up the ass.

  9. 10TimeChamps says:

    Foreskin = Forsberg

  10. DRWings14 says:

    Wow. That is so bad for the NHL. For any team to just give a player what he wants is ridiculous. Especially since Sergei’s request has proven to be unreasonable, given the state of the NHL, economically. Giving him what he wanted up front would have inflated his ego even more, and caused player salaries around the league to go up as a result. Sergei Fedorov is proof why the NHL needs a cap. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a brilliant player, I am glad he’s been a Wing as long as he has, and I certainly don’t want to see him play somewhere else, but he is singlehandedly trying to dictate salaries across the league. Why do you think players around the leauge are so pissed that Kariya and Selanne signed for less than they’re worth? Ultimately, big stars’ decisions affect everyone in the NHL.

  11. DRWings14 says:

    And by the way, you do realize Hull took a paycut to play for the Wings, and Stevie’s set to take another one. And you wanna talk about loyalty? How’s Kariya leaving the Ducks for 8 mil less than he’s worth. Good luck with him and his loyalty.

  12. avs21 says:

    Really what a intelligent thought so well spoken and presented. What did it take to come up with that one? At least I have a opinion to comment about were is your thoughts on the subject? Maybe you should go and talk your childish dribble in those yahoo kiddie chat rooms leave this stuff to the people who acutally have a opinion about the subject. GO AVS!!!!!

  13. Freeze says:

    How can you say that signing Fedorov was “not a priority” for the Wings? They offered him a 5 year contract for $50 Million, then 4 years at $40 million. I would say Detroit made Fedorov a huge priority by the looks of those numbers. There has been no NHL team to make an offer even close to Detroit’s offer or Fedorov would be gone by now. Right now, Detroit is STILL the highest bidder.

    Did you subtract $4 million a year in Detroit’s payroll with the departure of Robitaille? Did you subtract $1 million a year in Detroit’s payroll with the departure of Larionov, who might be replaced by minor leaguer Jason Williams or Jiri Hudler for less than half as much money? Dimitri Bykov and his salary are gone as well. That almost covers Hatcher’s salary.

    With Cujo, he only cost Detroit a third round draft choice as a result of Detroit signing him as a UFA. If Detroit gets a #3 for Cujo, call it an even deal. The problem is that teams want to trade salaries as much as players. No team in the NHL will pick Cujo up for a #3 draft pick. They will insist on Detroit taking a player from their roster with a high salary because no one can afford to add an $8 million goalie without subtracting a huge salary from their current roster. That’s just the way it is these days.

    If the Wings sign Fedorov for 4 years and $32 million, the payroll will climb, but it costs money to retain quality players, even at a reduced price. That and who ever the Wings end up with in exchange for Cujo will represent the big jump in payroll. $8 million Hasek replaces $8 million Cujo, so that’s a push. The Wings get rid of a former UFA in favor of a player they traded for. Yzerman will likely sign for the same or less $$.

    It’s going to be a high payroll, but not as high as you think and not as high as the Rangers.

  14. avs21 says:

    First off yes your right about giving every player what he wants it should not happen agreed. I just think that Feds is a Allstar with the ability to be better if on a less talented team. Face it the Wings have to much talent not enough time for all to get their fair share. I do know that Hull went there for less but just recieved a pay increase and two more years, and is being paid 4 or 5 million a year please no way in hell do I give a player that much at his age, Stevie Y should be paid even less then Hull given the sitution over there. So yes it’s wrong that those players be given first consideration over locking a ALLSTAR like Feds to a deal of his liking or at least in the same ballpark. Would you actually call what the Ducks did to Karyia Loyality? They asked him to take a paycut and then let him hit UFA thats not what you do to your Captain please if I was Karyia I would have done the same thing. I don’t think anybody would put up with that. The Ducks played their cards and Karyia had the ace in the hole(Selanne)with the better hand. Hockey players are no diffrent then all the other sport Allstars and Feds is a Allstar. So those our my reasons for my thoughts on the whole subject.GO AVS!!! Please feel free to comment with your thoughts.

  15. 10TimeChamps says:

    I got your yahoo kiddy room right here fags21.

    Hey. Maybe with all that loot foreskin is making he can go get some of that removed.

  16. 10TimeChamps says:

    Its going to be an interesting season this year. Maybe colorado should change their names to the divers. Since they have the top 3 divers in Foreskin, Salami, and Kariya

  17. avs21 says:

    What know nothing about hockey and thats all you can come up with? Divers I think not. Not one of them were called for that last year that I can remeber only one that said anything was Chelios old ass, and he’s just mad that he can’t hang with those boys anymore. See next year and we will see whose better next year. Not one hockey thought from you yet what can’t think of one. People like you should not be allowed to get access to this site.

  18. DRWings14 says:

    There is no reason Fedorov should play better or worse on any other team. Since he is an allstar, he should be playing to his full potential on the Red Wings. He has the LUXURY of playing with an elite group of future hall of famers and he should be taking advantage of that. Do you think Forsberg would be a better player for a lesser team? No (and bear with me because I’m about to compliment a player I despise) because he shows up for every shift, even on a star-studded team. Who’s to say Fedorov would play to his potential every shift on a new team?

  19. DRWings14 says:

    Oh, and 10timeChamps, you are not doing Wings fans any justice. Come correct with your arguments and use some logic.

  20. 10TimeChamps says:

    My bad

  21. 10TimeChamps says:

    You need to check your spelling and grammar. I couldnt understand your post. Please Proofread and resubmit so that I can read it.


  22. avs21 says:

    Their isn’t any and I know that, but can you honestly say that Feds isn’t worth 11 million a year. Please he’s been tops in scoring for the most part not saying #1 but tops and maybe with a little more ice time even beter I believe. Sakic stepped aside last year after his return and did not command the starting Center spot back like most including myself thought he would have. Thats what those old timers need to do for Feds. On any other team Feds would be starting Center for sure. most starters get 21+min a game feds is getting 17. if you give him another 5 min a game lord knows what he could do with it. Shit Stevie Y should love that he dosen’t have to play the top D on the other team so much then and might be able to save those knees for the playoffs were he will shine because of his veteran leadership.

  23. 10TimeChamps says:

    Kariya’s dive cost US the gold medal.

  24. avs21 says:

    10timechamps is nothing more then a school kid home on summer vaction. I’m not judging Wings fan by his statments so don’t you worry about that. Logic ?10timechamps whats that your thinking. It’s were you come up with a basis for your thoughts. please stay off this site it’s for us true Hockey fans.

  25. Avs21IsGay says:

    I give Federov a 50/50 chance of comming back. If not the wings will get some more offense elsewhere. I’m just glad the he didnt sign with Colorado. But you never know. Theres still a chance Colorado will pick him up. Lets hope not.

  26. Avs21IsGay says:

    I’m a true hockey fan. Everyone on this site has logic except for you. The only thing that comes out of your mouth is crap. I just made a comment about foreskin and your getting bent out of shape. I think you are way to obsessed with him. Sorry if it pissed you off so bad. I thought it was funny.

  27. avs21 says:

    Why not tell me your basis for the statment. An adult would tell their reason for a statment, what your doing is acting on emotions like a child would do. That 50/50 statement dosen’t count anybody can come to that realization. See all your doing is proving my point over and over again that your no more then 14-16.

  28. yoda0037 says:

    Illitch should worry about his baseball team ken holland has the wings under control… the evil pizza empire lol

  29. Avs21IsGay says:

    Easy doc. What did I do? All I did was post a message and I got you jumping all over my back. I’m probably old enough to be your dad.

  30. forsbergFan says:

    What about the playoffs. Federov had tons of ice time. I didnt see him putting up any numbers when they went into triple overtime. You would think with 3 extra periods he would have been able to do something. I dont think he deserves the 11 mill. Thats like saying he’s worth as much as forsberg. forsberg put up way better numbers. And by the way. 10timechamps. That post was halarious about foreskin. I was laughing my a** off. You got anymore??

  31. 10TimeChamps says:

    Are you being sarcastic. Dude I was just joking. I cant for the wings to win their 11th stanley cup this year. Foreskin, Nutsakic, and Salami are going to be home Jerkin their Gerkins while the wings Hoist the cup for the 4th time in 8 years!!!!!!!!

  32. avs21 says:

    Yeah before you speak take that foot out of your mouth I can’t understand. Please feds ice time climbed 45 seconds. Feds average ice time was 17 min 45 sec a game in the playoffs. I never said that Feds was as good as Forseberg just that the Wings didn’t set their priority on him and it showed. They were to worried about how to keep Hull, Steve Yzerman under contract. You must be a Wing fan hidding behind your computer name if you thought that was funny.

  33. forsbergFan says:

    Are you kidding me? A wings fan? Not in this lifetime buddy. I’m born and raised in colorado. I’m a avs fan all the way. I also have a sense of humor. If someone sais something funny I laugh. I didnt like the comment, but I did think it was pretty funny. Dont get me wrong. If I was Forsberg, or Sakic I wouldnt like that comment, but i’m not them. So who cares….. Where is your sense of humor. How could you call yourself an avs fan if you dont have a sense of humor….. Do you even live in the great state of Colorado ????

  34. Just-Checking-In says:

    Once again boys and girls another good example of how Marijuana distorts a persons reality.

  35. forsbergFan says:


  36. Just-Checking-In says:

    Two things here, first you are Sergei Fedorov’s agent Pat Brisson or two, you have read to much of his bull shit and actually believe it.

    You are correct that the Wings never offered him the $11 million – 5 year deal that he wanted. Is that disrespect? Of course not, that is just plain common sense.

    When you go out to eat and the gie you the bill, do you go to the manager and say here take an extra $100? Of course not, you pay what the market is, not some fantasy figure.

    The 5 year $10 million a year offer was more than fair and Sergei was stupid to turn it down. He has shown even dumber sense in turning down the 4 year 40 million offer.

    Maybe it was the Av’s lack of respect that made Sakic sign with the Rangers a few years back.

    Next time come up with something that isn’t so outlandish

  37. MAGNUM says:

    Aside from the “Flint Journal” piece hasn’t it been awfully quiet in terms of legitimate Fedorov rumors?

    And let’s be honest, Flint isn’t the hub of news, so if Ilitch has called Fedorov I think it would have been reported in the Detroit News or Free Press.

    There has been a lot of “so and so is presumably interested in Fedorov” but nothing concrete along the lines of “so and so is in discussions with Fedorov and his agent.” Why not? is he not the premier free agent on the market? Why aren’t teams lining up to offer him a contract? If he is worth more than $10-million a year, as we have to assume he and his agent believes he is by his rejection of two offers by Detroit for that amount over 5 and four years, why aren’t we hearing of offers for him in that range. And for that matter why aren’t we hearing about ANY offers for him?

    What are we to conclude from this seeming lack of interest? If teams aren’t offering $10-million or so, what is Fedorov’s true value on the market? What is he going to have to accept as his salary?

  38. avs21 says:

    How can you say he’s not worth 11 million? The Wings our paying 8 million to Stevie Y a year. IF I’m Feds I tell the Wings no deal it’s the Wings who will be hurting in the long run. Feds is worth 11 million and with more ice time would be even better period. So go spew that garbage some where else buddy nobody cares to hear it. By the way I beleive Feds is about 8 years younger then Stevie Y, so with those figuares he’s really not being unreasonable considering the money they so freely throw around.

  39. mldw13 says:

    Alright, as a long time watcher of this site this post brought me off the bench and forced me to register. As a long time watcher of hockey back to when the redwings were the deadwings of the Norris division I have watched them, much to my chagrin, become one of the most respected organizations in all of pro sports, not just the NHL.

    Watching the Wings and the AVS over the last decade, it is hard for me to fathom how you can not only make the charge that the Wings are being unfair, yet are not loyal to their players. Watching Ken Daneyko retire, you might have noticed that he is being included in a list of players that have played the most games with one organization. Two of those players, Steve Yzerman & Alex Devechio (sp?) are Wings.

    More over, in looking at the AVS GM’s approch to the game, he is almost mercenary in how he treats his players, unless they fall under the select privlidged few, they are nothing more than pawns and stop gaps.

    Where are Fluery, Kasperitis or Marchment? How “Loyal” will Lecoiux be to Kariya next year when he wants 10 Mil instead of 1? Or Sellane when he wants a long term deal for 7 Mil a year?

    Moreover, lets look at the present. How many AVS players have been on the team for the last 7 years? Foote, Forsberg and Sakic. Three, and thats if you do not count Forsbergs year off. The Wings? Yzerman (He will return), Shanahan, Maltby, Dandenault, Draper, McCarty, Lidstrom and Holmstrom. Eight. If Federov, and it is his choice, decides to return: Nine.

    Feds being better on a less talented team? You must only be concerned about stats and not about winning. Sounds more like an Xbox player than a hockey fan.

    You suggest that Yzerman should be paid less than 4 Million? You mean that they should low ball the longest tenured captian in NHL history? Thats rewarding loyalty? Are you implying that Federov is more loyal than Yzerman? Right! The AVS more than the Wings? I don’t follow you. The Wings offered Federov 10 Mil a year. More than Sakic, more than Blake, more than Yzerman, more than any other player on the team except for Lidstrom, the winner of the Norris the last three years. Federov walked away.

    Kariya made tens of millions of dollars and you do not even question his loyalty to an organization that has made him a millionare fifty times over? How loyal is Kariya? Not very. How loyal is the AVS organization to their players under your standard? Ask Keane? Not at all, I imagine they have one of the highest turnovers in the league.

    Truely though, if you are really an AVS fan I would be more worried about what’s between your pipes, sorry, your teams pipes, than what is going on with Federov. Try again.

  40. MoscowDynamo says:

    OK, I’ve heard about enough out of avs21. If the Wings signed Sergei for 11 or 12 million, what would your posts look like? Probably something like, “They overpaid him! He takes shifts off! He’s not as good as Forsberg!” So what’s your point anyway? Respect? Holland and Ilitch have and continue to show Sergei respect. They’re also showing Yzerman respect by not giving Sergei way more than him.

    (And no, Fedorov is not 8 years younger that Yzerman, try 6). Freely throwing money around? That’s exactly what they’re avoiding right now. And don’t come off like the Avs are the Minnesota Wild or something. Last I checked your payroll had some names like Blake, Sakic, Forsberg, Selanne, Kariya, etc. So don’t even play that game, bud.

    At least the Wings didn’t have to rape a small market Canadian city with a team on the verge of a championship, and transplant it to have a successful hockey team!

    Go watch the Broncos!!!!! You don’t deserve a hockey team!!!


  41. MoscowDynamo says:

    Amen! Couldn’t have said it better myself.

    The only thing I would add is: this guy talks big about team loyalty, but how can he even grasp the concept of loyalty being a fan of a transplant team? I’ll bet the Avalanche orginization leaves town when things get bad in a few years. No history there! Just the Nordiques in sheep’s clothing.

  42. Freeze says:

    The most Fedorov is worth is $8 million/yr. for 4 years.

  43. avs21 says:

    Thats fine that you believe you know all, but lets face it all those players you mentioned all were rented playerws who didn’t fit the system, shit all of them are cast offs anyway. As for Stevie Y, because he’s been their captain for his whole time he deserves the money, sounds more like a fan talking if you ask me. So please don’t put words in my mouth never did I state that the Avs are more loyal then the Wings only that Feds deserves more credit then he gets from that team. Face it every team makes desicions on who to keep every year, Feds this year wants his and will leave the Wings if he dosen’t get it. GO AVS!!!!!

  44. avs21 says:

    What trurth hurt. You heard enough like your the Wizard of Oz and going to make every thing better. 1)Please That team wouldn’t know respect if it bit them in the ass. Feds is doing what anybody including you would do in that spot.2) The Avs payroll is 20 million less then Detroit, and still able to compete against them. Detroit is finale getting their up coming and I’m happy to see it. I hope Feds puts it to them and leaves.

  45. brianxpl says:

    Holy shit.

    MoscowDynamo I couldnt agree with you more. I’m getting fed up with avs21. On a different post he was digging himself a hole. He tried saying that in 97 Osgood was a rookie. Then he tried saying he was drafted in 93 when it was really 91. Then he tried saying osgood was never the starter. And that he took over for Vernon after we won the cup because of an injury. I tried telling the dumbass that we traded Vernon, but he didnt want to listen and claimed I was wrong. I could go on and on. Lie after lie. If you want to laugh it was under the Offensive and Defensive Teams post. Anyway take what he sais with a grain of salt. The kid obviosly doesnt know what hes talking about and has no clue.

  46. avs21 says:

    You would agree with him buddy. You are full of crap please don’t poison us with your childish dribbble please we beg you. Just realize that your wrong and have know idea what your saying.

  47. brianxpl says:

    Holy shit here we go again. You cant be that fucking stupid. LOOK. NO ONE AGREES WITH YOU. YOU ARE ALONE. You kept telling me that people back you up. Well where the fuck are they you fucking stupid ass. You remind me of this kid I went to college with. He thought he was so fucking smart. Had the answer for everything. Well he was really just a dumb ass and had no clue we were all laughing at him. He used to tell me that he was smarter. Well now I have a degree and a job while hes still twiddling his thumbs in colleg. Your just like that kid. You think you are right but open your fucking eyes you blind piece of shit. No one agrees with you. Has it ever occured to you that you may be wrong. Well keep on beleiving what you beleive. Everyone knows that your fucking retarded and wrong. At first I thought it was funny but i’m getting sick and tired of your shit. At least I can admit when i’m wrong. Maybe you should try.

  48. AMPFAN says:

    What is your problem the last few days all you have done was say how wrong everybody is, but not one thought of your own has been typed in to your computer why. People have been laughing at both of you for days you both need to get a life. Nobody who has a degree would speak like you have on this site sorry I think your both are full of shit. Why not state something other then your opinon about Avs21 on this site. If not you both can leave.

  49. brianxpl says:

    Whatever. Where the fuck did you come from… You are a worthless peice of shit. You are the lowest form of life. Your not even a human fucking being so why dont you go fuck yourself.

  50. AMPFAN says:

    You have a degree? I doubt it , please stop showing how childish you are there is no need for the cussing, I was just stating the facts. If your so smart why not type like it and not like your in grammer school pal. This site is for hockey topics not your name calling back and forth with one another. Why is it that not one of your post brianxpl is about hockey please explain. We all know you can cuss, but can you come up with a logical thought with out a cuss word in it. That is truly the mystery of this site.

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