Injury Riddled Rangers

Essentially for the first time all season, injuries have caught up to them, and have hurt them. In tuesday’s matchup versus the Islanders, many key components were missing in action.Rookie sensation goalie Henrik Lundqvist missed his 5th straight game with a hip flexor, and has yet to hit the ice. Backup Weekes, has been playing well, proving the veteran talent he really has.

Defensman Darius Kasparaitus missed his 10th of the last 11 games, due to a sore groin. His leadership and on ice energy has been missed in recent games, when the Rangers need a spark. Tom Poti missed his 2nd consecutive game, due to an upper body injury. Marek Malik missed tuesdays matchup vs. the Islanders, due to a sore shoulder.

Marty Rucinsky(broken finger) is also still out, but has been practicing hard. Steve Rucchin who is out with a fractured foot, missed another game. But has said, if it was a playoff game, he could play.

A lot of younger players are getting into the lineup, staying in the re-building process. Yet still fighting for 1st in the atlantic division.

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  1. gg_idiot says:

    Word from Sather is that Weekes is out for the playoffs and that Lundqvist won’t be back untill atleast 2 weeks into the playoffs.

    Jagr has a sprained ankle and is likely out for the first round

    Straka has bruised ribs and will miss 2 weeks

    Poti is also recovering from post concussion effects and won’t be back untill atleast round 3 of the playoffs.

    Things are looking bad in New York

  2. Aetherial says:

    It sounds an awful lot to me like there will be some “miraculous” recoveries come play off time.

    I would not be at all surprised if these were phantom injuries … and some key players are just getting a rest.

  3. flyersfan10897 says:

    Quit your whining. The Flyers have either been in first or in contention for first missing around 400 man games for the entire season. Primeau, Forsberg, Johnsson, Pitkanen, Desjardins, Gagne, Therien, Stevenson, Kapanen, Radivojevic, and Esche have all missed 10 or more games. Those players, minus Esche, have missed 308 games.

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    well kaspar and rucchin can play if it was a playoff game, malik and poti might be coming back tonight

  5. SabresFan220 says:

    Well as long as whoever takes the #3 seed knocks out New Jersey at #6 I don’t care which team gets it. Personally, I think it doesn’t matter which team between the Rangers and Flyers plays the Devils, it will be a tough series. If either team knocks out the Devils things will be a little easier for my Sabres.

    Don’t get me wrong, whichever team the Sabres play it won’t be an easy series win for them. I don’t see a sweep in either direction for a Buffalo vs Philly or Buffalo vs Rangers series, but I do think the Sabres could win either one. The Devils bug me as a #6 seed, if the Sabres had to play them it would be harder than playing Philly or the Rangers. Never underestimate Brodeur in the playoffs, that’s why I’m worried.

  6. wheresthesoda says:

    dont be suprised if the devils play the sabres in the first round. philly and new jersey play each other twice more, and the devils are only 2 points behind philly.

    I’m a rangers fan, and i dont care who we play in the first round, we’re in the playoffs, took 9 years but we’re back.

  7. killerchris says:

    According to TSN, Marc Staal, the Rangers 2005 first round pick. will join the team in the next few days once immigration papers are dealt with.

    Marc is a stay at home d-man who was named best defenseman in the past world junior tournament after almost cracking the lineup in training camp.

  8. wingerxxx says:

    Where did you get this stuff from?? Poti might be returning for tonight’s game (Malik as well), forget round 3 of the playoffs.

    There hasn’t been anything out there at all regarding injuries to Jagr and Straka. Don’t you think that tsn and espn would be all over Jagr missing the first round of the playoffs? Weekes too, for that matter, as that would mean that Al Montoya would be the man in the pipes.

  9. wingerxxx says:

    Things could be tons worse. The team has stayed pretty much out of the injury boat all year, thankfully. The only truly major injury was to Prucha, and he is back.

    Poti and Malik might be back tonight, and if not tonight, then soon. Rucchin should sit out until the playoffs begin, we’re going to need him healthy for the stretch. Hopefully Kasparaitis can come back on Tuesday. We have missed him on the blueline. David Liffiton was sent back to Hartford yesterday, so that could be a sign that at least one of the three defensemen is coming back into the lineup.

    For Rangers fans screaming for Weekes to be traded this year, this is exactly why Sather was very smart to hang onto him. Renney has been leaning hard on Lundqvist this year, and considering that this is his first full NHL season (not to mention the Olympics), he was bound to have some kind of injury issue. You do not go into the last stretch of the season with an unproven Al Montoya as your goaltender.

  10. ranger_fan says:

    he was just being an asshole

  11. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    I love all this Rangers whining. They have no idea.

  12. Aetherial says:

    Philly has really had bad injuries this year.

    Maybe it is karma for all the Flyers fans here laughing their ass off when the Leafs signed Lindros and Allison 🙂

  13. NiittymakiForVezina says:

    Yea, but they’re still within 3 points of their division title.

  14. gg_idiot says:

    My roomate is roommates with JFJ and they have a plan similar to yours, they just have to wait for the season to end cause they already have the contracts signed. The Leafs will look like this 100% guarenteed.

    Naslund – Sundin – Alfredsson

    Tucker – Wellwood – Oneill

    Salo – Coliacovo – Tucker

    Domi – Ondrus – Briere

    Kaberle – McCabe

    Kubina – Suglobov

    Richardson – Harrison



    Naslund – 3.9 million

    Alfredsson – 4.5 million

    Salo – 4.5 million

    Briere – 3.2 million

    McCabe – 6.5 million

    Kaberle – 3.5 million

    Suglobov – .5 million

    The total payroll of the team would come out to about 22 million dollars so still plenty of cap room to sign some big name free agents and then trade them for picks and draft kessel, toews, and johnson. We will most likely sign Sakic and trade him for 2 first rounds and a young prospect like Malkin. Pittsburg will probably package Malkin and Malone together with those 2 picks to get Sakic. This works out well cause Sakic said that next season is his last season and he wanted to play with Crosby before he retired because they were friends from back on Boston College. Pittsburg gets the number 1 franchise center/player that they have been dying for since the early 1990s and they also get a really good deal cause Sakic and Crosby have such good chemistry already i could easily see this pittsburg team taking a cup next season. Their lines are gonna be like this after the offseason

    Sakic – Crosby – Recchi

    Leclair – Arnott – Malone

    Frolov – Tucker – Malkin

    Carter – Hecht – Drury

    Jovonoski – Gonchar

    Kostopulous – King

    Ironwill – Picard



    the total payroll will end up aroun 25 million and then that leaves lots of room for us to sign a big name free agent like blake to maybe take some of the load off of picard and king’s backs. we could also probably pull a trade with the LA kings to get sopel to help out in the scoring department we are gonna get him for a pick. LA gets a good high end pick and will draft toews a player that they desperatly need cause with the retirement of robitaille they are severly lacking in the leadership department. LA’s lines will look a little something like this next year.

    Demitra – Frolov – Toews

    Roenick – Parrish – Tambellini

    Lemaire – Kifton – Johnston

    Stevenson – Downy – Pushor

    Vishnovsky – Johnsson

    Satan – Tucker

    Mckee – Talinder



    All of these predictions aren’t predictions they is facts i know very well JFJ he is roommates with my roommate. I know Mario Lemeiux from the bar and I know Dave Taylor from school I went to a few of his parties and they were pretty good parties. All of these people have guarenteed me these rosters next season and I am willing to bet on it.

  15. higgs15 says:

    you’re hilarious

  16. WelcomeBackHockey says:

    I’ll take that bet

  17. laserman says:

    Hence his name GG Idiot…

  18. gg_idiot says:

    clever, haven’t seen that one before

  19. nyrhockey094 says:

    Your a moron…. idiot

  20. gojiclan says:

    is there any proof that JFJ does in fact even have a roommate? its not like he dan’t afford a house or an appartment on his own, cant he?

  21. gg_idiot says:

    your a douche bag…idiot

  22. laserman says:

    Its been very painful watching Weekes the last two games. Grant it he has moments of brilliance, but he has been brutal tonight. I would finish the game with Montoya just to see what he has…

  23. nyrhockey094 says:

    I dunno how what Weekes contract is but get rid of him after the season ASAP.

  24. nyrhockey094 says:

    they is facts? Your more of a moron then I thought. Sure thing that they will be like that next season. Your more hilarious then any moronic leaf fan if you think you can get Naslund for 3.9 million. LMFAO sign Sackic and trade him for two first rounders? And they are friends from Boston College? WTF Crosby is 18, how old is SACKIC. NO WAY can they already have good chemistry when Sackic is double Crosbys age. And you moron, they traded Tambellinni to the Islanders in the Parrish trade.

  25. almelo95 says:

    All you do is clutter up this board more than it already is. Go back under your rock.

  26. laserman says:

    I couldn’t agree more…

  27. gg_idiot says:

    yeah, thats right nyrhockey you dont know shit

  28. nyrhockey094 says:

    he was talking to you moron, at least i know what team players are on maybe you should watch hockey once in a while rather then claiming to know jfj personally.

  29. nyrhockey094 says:

    he was talking to you moron, at least i know what team players are on maybe you should watch hockey once in a while rather then claiming to know jfj personally.

  30. nyrhockey094 says:

    Btw HOW IS IT that FROLOV can be on two teams and your predictions still be 100% accurate? Give up you waste of life.

  31. gg_idiot says:

    there is 5 frolovs currently in the NHL

    why dont you figure out how to count you big muffin

  32. Pock_53 says:

    the devils could still win their division, and w/ the way the rangers and philly have been playing i wouldn’t be surprised either shame for the rangers though, injuries at the worst possible time forsberg returns tonight for philly

    it doesn’t matter who the devils play in the first round so long as it isnt one of the top two seeds, they advance

  33. nyrhockey094 says:

    O bull shit you know which Frolov you were talking about. Do us all a favor, take a knife, and walk right into it.

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