Interesting Trade Speculation – Oilers/Flyers/Devils

Tim Panaccio of the Philadelphia Inquirer provides some interesting speculation regarding the Edmonton Oilers.

He indicates that the Oilers may be working very hard to pry the negotiating rights to Scott Gomez away from the New Jersey Devils prior to the start of “crazy season,” July 1st. It is then thought that the Oilers may flip the negotiating rights to the Flyers for defenseman Joni Pitkanen who the Flyers may be looking to dump.

HTR believes that that would be a very complicated situation. It would appear to us that the Oilers may be looking to acquire the negotiating right to Gomez in order to sign him to a long term deal. Gomez would be perfect fit in Edmonton with their run and gun style of play and the Oilers excellent fast ice.

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7 Responses to Interesting Trade Speculation – Oilers/Flyers/Devils

  1. FlamesBlow says:

    If kevin lowe would Draft top talent they wouldnt be in this mess, If you get the guy you want at 6 (sam Ganer) take a F ing chance on a top talent player at 15 (cherepanov,Esposito) not a Big sloppy Dman (plante) he could of got at 30 but no insted he trades 30 and 36 to get 21 and darfts a kid perjected for  early 3rd round maybe late 2nd.                

           If i was to write a letter to him it would read like this.

     Dear Kevin lowe and Oiler managment: You Guys are a bunch of Donkeys and thanks for blowing a draft you were sitting pretty in 

        Sincierly: FLAMESBLOW 

        P.S  Your a F ing JOKR BUDDY

  2. snowybuttman says:

    Who the hell is Riley Nash? and we dont have enough stay at home defencemen? they missed out on a guy who was toputed as first last year and just had a bad year and also a guy who all, but the oilers scouting staff, says he is offensively gifted and ready to play this year. Maybe his friend has too much influence. Luv Mact as a player but as a coach he cant teach offense, there are alot of big slow d-men out there but very few really good offensive players. Lowe screwed up and I feel for the players on this team they have had their heart ripped out and then have to watch them draft no help at all, other than their sixth pick which would have been really hard to screw up.

  3. snowybuttman says:

    If that were the case it would be another dumbass trade Gomez for  pitkanen. All I have heard lately about him is how bad he is in the dressing room and how little respect other players have for him I would much rather have gomez someone who is good in the dressing room and players respect. But i guess it shouldnt surprise me the oil seem to be a fricking circus lately because of management and I personally am tired of the dumbass bullshit.  

  4. senators101 says:

    I have to admit, that would be one awesome letter!

  5. ryrad8 says:

    dunno i think Oilers will trade to get both players or will be signing some big offf season players.

  6. peataters says:

    i'm all up for this just as long as we don't have to give up too much

  7. sakupi says:

    Kevin Lowe is now a joke in teh NHL….he sale is best player last year, and now try to change all the NHL. The other GM don't want to make business with him, he's burn. When he say he wants to sign Gomez, he s stupid or what, Gomez will never go to a Canadian team.

    ANyways…the players don't want to go there, the wife of the players too, and the GM find him ridiculous since a wild…Good luck OIlers fans, you look more like our Expos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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