Is Gonchar Worth It?

Is Gonchar worth it? It depends what the asking price is really. With a trade like this, the GM (JFJ) will have to ask himself two things. Do we really want to give up our future for a player that’s already reached his peak? And, Will we resign Gonchar in the off season?…This answer is a no and a yes. It would be unfortunate to have to give up a top level prospect like Carlo Coliacavo, but that might evidently be the price for a top level pro like Sergei Gonchar. Gonchar is a RFA at the end of this season, and most likely the second the Leafs get him, they will be negotiating contract extensions. Carlo on the other hand, will most likely develop into a good player and it might come back to haunt Toronto. Coliacavo does have a nagging shoulder however I believe, and this might be turn into a worse problem in the future and he can be like Vince Carter and be our every few months. Or, he could not develop at all and the trade would be worth it.

The trade is all about chance in this case and it will all be decided in the roll of dice. What alternatives do the Leafs have? Possibly pressure the Cap’s into accepting a lesser prospect/ pick combination. Gonchar is definitely worth the draft picks, and in the next few weeks we will all find out what young gun from St. Johns will be sent with his bags packed out to Portland.

Ferguson has other options however. The end of the line is not Gonchar. I believe the Leafs do need a offensive defense man. And Off. Defense man would fill the gap which the Leafs might want to fill up front on their 3rd and 4th lines. Lines consisting of Tie Domi and Tom Fitzgerald. The offensive touch of Gonchar could really reinforce what those players lack, especially Domi who is on the ice more as an overpaid mascot than anything. *Cough*Donald Brashear*Cough* The Leafs, to back up their blue line, have this:

Pronger is subject to trade rumors. Its obvious that he would like to be in Toronto should he get the go. A GREAT defender. Should the Leafs go with a defensive player, however, they should try to get a player up front as well to compliment this. The East does not have many good goaltenders (minus Lalime IF he is on his game…big IF) but like Ottawa’s motto, it’s never bad to have too much offense.

Who should Toronto give?: At most Kaberle. At least, draft/prospect combo.

Who else should the Leafs look at? Keith Carney of course. Brandon Witt. All guys that are self explanatory.

My two cents:

Who else should the Leafs look at? OLEG TVERDOVSKY!

He was never re-signed this year and is out in Russia. God, some team should just pick this guy up. Great offensive defense man, getting 32 in 2002, and 50+ seasons in 2000 and 2001. The Devils are fine on the blue line and didn’t need him, but this All Star player (circa 1997) could definitely fill the gap that is the Toronto defense. He was utter crap last year, but I think it’s worth taking a chance on him. No way he could be worse than say Pilar, Berg, or Berehowsky. I say it’d be worth the time to look into this guy and at least see if he could do the job. He’d be cheap and the Leafs would be able to keep their prospects. I say IF he is doing good over in Russia, then sing him on a bonus basis. It’d be win win, and if he did bad, then send him back. Clean as that. You might be thinking this would be a retarded retarded move, but I think it might just work.

But hey, you always got Gonchar, Pronger, Carney, and a bunch of other guys to pick from. The Leafs need to make a move, and efficient and reliable one and hopefully ferguson makes the right one. Gonchar could be a great thing, but so could Coliacavo. Pronger could be good, but he could end up in St. Louis next year again. All of these moves have backsides to them, unlike the Bondra, Zhamnov, and Boughner trades. Hopefully the right move is made.

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  1. markjohnston says:

    doesn’t martin brodeur still play in the east? or did he get traded to detroit?

    I didn’t know pronger wanted to play in toronto – last I heard he wanted to stayin st. louis and there was about a 0.0000004% he would be traded this year.

  2. Rampage_Winger says:

    Is he worth it?

    Short answer: No with a “but”

    Long answer: Yes with a “however”

  3. Wills says:

    If the Leafs signed Tverdovsky they would have to put him on waivers before he could play for them. Gonchar is way overrated right now because of the Toronto media. Does anyone ever watch him play? He is average in his own end of the ice, which is where the Leafs have to improve. Yeah he has good numbers, but he only has 7 goals, and only 3 even strength goals. He has a lot of assist, but he played with Jagr, Lang and Bondra most of the time that got him all those points. Gonchar is a good defensemen but I think he is overrated right now, and whoever gets him in the end will end up overpaying for him. The Caps must be loving the Toronto media because they have really made Gonchar’s stock rise, and the Toronto media is now putting the pressure on JFJ to make the deal. The fact that he is a rental player because no one can say for sure where he will sign next year, should be making his stock go down, but so far it is still way up there.

  4. wingerxx says:

    The bottom line is that the only area that Gonchar would seriously upgrade Toronto, is in their power play department. And there is nothing wrong with Toronto’s power play. Toronto would be better off hanging onto their young players than going after this guy.

  5. sharmuta44 says:

    Get rid of carlo, Primma Donna. JFJ needs to pull the trigger now. Its been way too long since lord stanley’s been to town. Fuck the future go for it now, we made it through the 80’s what could be worse.

    Ive watched carlo since his junior days, definitely a good offensive d-man, but gets beat up in the corners and pushed around in fron of his net.

    JFJ will have to give up something good to get something good in return.

  6. hockeyhead6868 says:

    Here comes the Leafs fans playing around just like the Rangers thinking they can get every star they want, but when was the last time they one the cup??? Toronto is good on offence, that is not their problem. There big rival is gonna be Ottawa who has a dominant offence so the Leafs getting a little more offensive is not the answer. They need true defense that will win the game. The offence is already there. Gonchar stinks up the ice defensively he as well be a winger. Also “There arent many goaltenders in the East”. What league have you been watching. The east has got the goaltending. Raycroft, Brodeur, Theodore, Dipietro, Esche, Belfour, Lalime, Ghrame/Khabibulin. Just to name a few. Im not aleafs fan but my money is on the Leafs. If they want to make me a couple of bucks they better start getting the solid D the rest will follow.

  7. TC_4 says:

    I just can’t believe that any of you are questioning getting Gonchar. The guy is a stud, a number 1 d-man that you’ve needed ever since Al Iafrate left(probably before then too!). The guy can play 30 minutes a night, IS good in his own end but plays with horrible d partners in Washington(Witt is never healthy), and is high scoring. You would be shocked how much this guy would improve your defense. Does the saying “poor man’s Nik Lidstrom” mean anything??? In other words, plays just like him, just doesn’t do some things quite as well as Nik. Antropov and Coliacovo are never going to amount to anything. Antropov doesn’t have the speed nor the finish and Coliacovo looks awful when I watch him. At best your giving up a second line player and a 4th d-man/decent PP guy. DO IT ALREADY!!! Actually, I don’t have to tell you guys that, I GUARENTEE Ferguson will do it, probably this week.

  8. Aetherial says:

    A few thoughts…

    On one hand, Gonchar is a top 4 D-man and some of the bad numbers on Washington can be explained by a WHOLE TEAM lack of defense maybe?

    He could also really help on the powerplay and special teams are HUGE in the playoffs!

    The sticking point is apparently Colaiacovo. I am not sold on Colaiacovo however I am not sure he won’t be a very good NHL D-man. He seems to have some value around the league.

    Gonchar for Kaberle straight up makes no sense so forget that.

    Antropov does not have a ton of value I would think.

    The Leafs were also apparently offering their 1st rounder for Bondra. Washington wanted the propsect from Ottawa. So, I am guessing they are willing to part with their 1st round draft pick.

    Putting this all together….

    I look for the current price to be two of the following 3 items:


    1st round pick


    The Caps may be asking for all 3; ain’t gonna happen


    The Caps may want Stajan; ain’t gonna happen


    The Leafs may be offering up a different D-man, Hedin, Kondratiev, White, Bell…

    Whether that happens is really dependant on what other teams are offering for Gonchar?

    Who is offering what possibly? Maybe Jersey fans can help me out here as I am not familiar with their young talent so much?

    Remember it has to be youth and good young prospects and picks. The Caps won’t want any more salary of significance.

    Finally, the Leafs also need another forward (maybe) if they lose Antropov? It is fun, although I am not sure so realistic, to consider that the deal may get larger and include Lang? The question is, what more do the Leafs give up? Are the Leafs willing to take on more salary? What are teams like Detroit offering for Lang? Do the Caps get more in split deals?

    If you are the Leafs or the Caps… would you do a deal like Coliacovo, Antropov, Wellwood and a 1st for Lang and Gonchar?

    Me, as a Leaf fan? No… way too much youth to pay to take on the salary of another 33 year old and a possible defensive liability.

    Finally, we know other teams are interested in Gonchar… we should also consider that there are other players out there for the Leafs to go after…

    Keith Carney was VERY solid for Anaheim last year… hmmmm.

    Sure wish we could lure Pronger away 🙂

  9. Mailman says:

    my bad. i was half asleep when i wrote this. must explain the tverdovsky comment.

  10. Mailman says:

    he is a restricted free agent. toronto have his rights. they will resign him.

  11. Mailman says:

    i made legitimate statements and opinions. its not like i said something retarded like “TORONTO SHOULD SIGN MARIO LEMIEUX AND WAYNE GRETZKY! THEY RULLLLES!”

    calm down there buddy :-/

  12. HabsNick says:

    Oleg Tverdovsky would help any team in need of an offensive defensemen, only he’s stuck in Russia till the offseason even if he would want to come back.

    It’s another one of the IIHF rules, can’t sign an european player except in a certain period of the year.

    Or so i’m lead to believe, i may be mistaken.

  13. BayStBully says:

    hockeyhead, go to school. You can’t write. That was barely English. Hmmm…I don’t know when the Leafs last “one” the cup.

  14. nhl_trade_007 says:

    dude u say about the good players bondra jagr and lang getting gonchar all the points, well i do recall the leafs haveing nolan mogilny sudin roberts neuindyke antrapov and ponikarskie

  15. Wills says:

    Dude, I didn’t say Jagr, Lang and Bondra get Gonchar all the points, I said they get him a lot of points. My point is that he isn’t scoring anymore, and a lot of his assist came from those big 3 forwards scoring.

  16. Wills says:

    Sorry but they have to get him before they can resign him. Don’t get your hope up.

  17. Wills says:

    Sorry but they have to get him before they can resign him. Don’t get your hope up.

  18. st_coldsob says:

    yes he is worth it give them carlo and antropov….then deal karbele 3rd pick to carolina for oneil…then send tucker to edmonton for jason smith………………or deal antropov pilir and 1st pick for pronger..then deal tucker for jason smith then deal karbele and pick for oneill then deal carlo, pony and 2nd pick for gonchar…

    ist option

    add o’neill–smyth–gonchar

    delete carlo–antorpov–tucker karbele–3rd pick

    2nd option

    add pronger–smyth–oneill–gonchar

    delete carlo–pilir–antropov–tucker–karbele

    1st,2nd,4th picks

    sounds good never happen but i can dream just like i can dream that i will see a stanly cup raised in tor before i die(now or never boys

  19. Motherpucker says:

    Thanks, I needed a good laugh!

  20. rojoke says:

    The NHL won’t sign players from European club teams until their season is over. And then they have to clear waivers first.

  21. jacosta says:

    What we fans have to realise is that the asking price for Gonchar has been set by the media and us. Don’t you see. All deals that occur always seem to be a little short in our eyes. GM’s don;t say anything to anybody.

    They may float these rumours out but only to drive up the price. Like Damien Cox said on the radio this evening. GM’s are like car salesman. They want to tell you all of the positives about a player and that he is worth so much. Yet in reality no one buys a car for what it truly is worth. At least not the smart GM’s.

    The price for Gonchar may be that but that deal will never go down because JFJ is not an idiot. I hope not

  22. bubbakazoo says:

    It’s always about who you’ll get, and how little you’ll give up. Get a life. Washington doesn’t need to trade Gonchar for Colaicovo or Stajan or anyone of “the young guns from St. John’s”. Really it should cost them enough to make them consider it.

  23. st_coldsob says:

    well it gave me one to and i’m a die hard leaf fan now don’t we all sound silly

  24. bubbakazoo says:

    Hold your horses. Washington still has him and who says the Leafs will get him. Geezus, I can’t stand Toronto fans.

  25. bubbakazoo says:

    Fact remains, Toronto sucks moose cock. They have for a long time. The hockey whores of Canada, they are our Rangers. At least they finish high and make it a couple of rounds in, but fuck. I hope Toronto never wins another cup. Fuck Toronto.

  26. bubbakazoo says:

    Why even write crap like this? The Pronger stuff is total bullshit and who the fuck would let the Make Believes stack themselves like that? You are highly overrating Tucker and Kaberle as well.

  27. gman says:

    I don’t think the Leafs need any of those guys, it doesn’t make any sense. The Leafs need some DEFENSEMEN, not guys who think offense first and then try to make it back to their own zone before the other team scores. By the way, you can rule out Carney or Pronger as I don’t think their respective teams will part with them, especially St. Louis as I’m sure they will resign him soon. Also, I don’t believe any player wants to come to Toronto unless he openly says it like Lindros did. Otherwise its just the media making shit up. Toronto fans are so fucking gullable.


  28. rojoke says:

    Carney could be got, but Pronger is very iffy. If Jackman were healthy, then you never know.

  29. x says:

    Oleg Tverdovsky’s stats; in case anyone is interested

    49G 15G 14A 29Pts +6 40PM’s

    Plays for Avangard Omsk

    Maxim Shusinsky, who used to play with the Wild a couple of years ago is the Russian leagues leading scorer.

  30. Mailman says:

    sorry, toronto WOULD have his rights IF

    happy jackass?

  31. Mailman says:

    not bad….i mean, better than berg…

  32. nocuphere says:

    Bottom line is the leafs need D-man. Is it Sergie Gonchar? Who do you give up to get him? All kinds of ifs and buts on eho to move out to bring him in.

    I’m surprised at how often leaf fans are so quick to put Nik Antropov’s name as one guy who should go the other way. Four years we’ve been waiting for this guy to blossom, and when he starts to show what leaf fans have been waiting for everyone wants him out. He’s been the leafs best forward lately, and he compliments that line well. He and Poni look good on the fore-check, and Poni plays his own end of the rink well.

    There were a few comments above regarding Keith Carney, or a Jason Smith. Guys like this should be on the top of JFJ’s list. These guys could be had without giving up anything from your current roster, and they address the need for D-men that can clear the net.

    Gonchar is Gonchar, he’s arguably the best offensive D-man in the league. Can the leafs risk letting someone else in the conference get him? This would be the best argument for picking him up. If you can him along with Witt, you have to do it.

    Tverdovsky is home for a reason. Noone wants him. Leave him home.

  33. sharmuta44 says:

    As you can see from above comments I agree 100%, carlo is overrated

  34. sharmuta44 says:

    your right carlo is overrated.

    Trade the whole farm if you have to for Pronger.

    How about eric brewer future jovanoski type d-man that would be nice but lowe is dickhead to trade with.

    Its been to long for a cup fuck the future and do it now

    The leafs future is screwd anyways the core of their team is around 33 years old, if the leafs win who cares if their is hockey at all in the next few years

  35. sharmuta44 says:

    Every team dreams of having aplayer like tucker he is all heart and gives 110% on every night. Bottom Line that guy is sometimes stupid or even called a side show but at 5’10” and 175 pds i doubt you will find any one who is much of a warrior

  36. sharmuta44 says:

    If you dont like leaf trade rumors dont read them, this is a free country and everyone is entitled to their opinion. Sure some leaf fans are retarded, but you can’t argue the loyalty of them. through thick and thin the Acc is jam packed, that being said might be the downfall of the leafs;.

    Keep cheering for your team which is probably some American team , you trader

  37. gman says:

    I never said I didn’t like Leaf rumors, I just said Leaf fans are fucking gullable. Its fine to have rumors but when some reporter says someone wants to come to Toronto then Leaf fans automatically think that is the truth. I may cheer for an American team but at least that team has some prospects for the future.

  38. sharmuta44 says:

    which team is thatplease don’t tell me the circus in philly or the joke in ny

  39. devfanman4 says:

    From what I read at various websites and heard on TV, the Capitals are trying to get the Devils to give up Zach Parise for Gonchar. Lou obviously said no to that and I think he’s offering David Hale, but things are so secretive in the Devils’ organization, no one knows anything. Lou always makes unexpected moves and I think the Gonchar deal is just a coverup for something else.

  40. nocuphere says:

    Although I agree with your position on every player apparently expressing interest in playing in Toronto your comments on the leafs having no future is just off. . Do you live in a fucking cave or something. The leafs have some solid prospects at every position. I’ll list a dozen but it doesn’t seem to matter because hey its the leafs right?

    They have some solid goaltending prospect in Telvqvist, and Sebatian Centomo.

    They have good D prospects with Ian White, Brendon Bell, Coliaicovo, Jay Harrison, Doherty, Chartier, Kondratsiev, Hedin, D’amour. Not to mention McCabe, Kaberle, and Berg are still young guys.

    Up front they seem to have solidity on the wings and at center with Wellwood, Stajan, Ponivkarosky, Antropov, Immonen, Steen, Jeremy Williams, and Nathan Barrett (not Perrott).

    Now I know these are not prospects on your team so I guess I have to expect some negative feedback from you, but do your homework before you say they have no future or no system in place, and stop listening to other leaf haters, or reports from the so-called experts out there.

  41. Scott24 says:

    Lindros isn’t the only player who said that they want to go to Toronto.If you have ever been on you would see that Gonchar said that he wants to come to Toronto. Dumbass.

  42. gman says:

    you know why i love this site, its because i can come on here and piss you idiots off by only saying a few words.

  43. LondonK says:

    People bring up Gonchar’s -22 but then look what happens. Kolzig plays a little better and his +/- is improving rapidly. Kolzig played bad at the start of the year, Gonchar has no support, and the team in front of him sucks. Perfect scenario for a bad +/-. And +/- is a stupid stat anyway.

  44. malooga says:

    Great. Just what the Leafs would need – another scoring DF who can’t play DF. The Queefs have no problem scoring goals, but their defense has sucked for years now. Kinda like the Rangers, except they win.

    Here’s to the drought continuing! 37 years and counting!

    God I hate the Leafs!

  45. bubbakazoo says:

    I actually mourn the loss of Tucker, in reference to the trade with Tampa(Tucker, Richer and Wilkie for Poulin, Ulanov and Vukota). He was a great junior with Kelowna or Kamloops, i’m drunk right now and can’t remember, and his coach was Hitchcock. Iginla and Chris Murray were teammates of his. He won three Memorial Cups in four years and was MVP of the last one. He was captain the last two years as well. I loved him as a Hab, but he became an annoying pest with Toronto.

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