Is Gonchar Worth It?

Is Gonchar worth it? It depends what the asking price is really. With a trade like this, the GM (JFJ) will have to ask himself two things. Do we really want to give up our future for a player that’s already reached his peak? And, Will we resign Gonchar in the off season?…This answer is a no and a yes. It would be unfortunate to have to give up a top level prospect like Carlo Coliacavo, but that might evidently be the price for a top level pro like Sergei Gonchar. Gonchar is a RFA at the end of this season, and most likely the second the Leafs get him, they will be negotiating contract extensions. Carlo on the other hand, will most likely develop into a good player and it might come back to haunt Toronto. Coliacavo does have a nagging shoulder however I believe, and this might be turn into a worse problem in the future and he can be like Vince Carter and be our every few months. Or, he could not develop at all and the trade would be worth it.

The trade is all about chance in this case and it will all be decided in the roll of dice. What alternatives do the Leafs have? Possibly pressure the Cap’s into accepting a lesser prospect/ pick combination. Gonchar is definitely worth the draft picks, and in the next few weeks we will all find out what young gun from St. Johns will be sent with his bags packed out to Portland.

Ferguson has other options however. The end of the line is not Gonchar. I believe the Leafs do need a offensive defense man. And Off. Defense man would fill the gap which the Leafs might want to fill up front on their 3rd and 4th lines. Lines consisting of Tie Domi and Tom Fitzgerald. The offensive touch of Gonchar could really reinforce what those players lack, especially Domi who is on the ice more as an overpaid mascot than anything. *Cough*Donald Brashear*Cough* The Leafs, to back up their blue line, have this:

Pronger is subject to trade rumors. Its obvious that he would like to be in Toronto should he get the go. A GREAT defender. Should the Leafs go with a defensive player, however, they should try to get a player up front as well to compliment this. The East does not have many good goaltenders (minus Lalime IF he is on his game…big IF) but like Ottawa’s motto, it’s never bad to have too much offense.

Who should Toronto give?: At most Kaberle. At least, draft/prospect combo.

Who else should the Leafs look at? Keith Carney of course. Brandon Witt. All guys that are self explanatory.

My two cents:

Who else should the Leafs look at? OLEG TVERDOVSKY!

He was never re-signed this year and is out in Russia. God, some team should just pick this guy up. Great offensive defense man, getting 32 in 2002, and 50+ seasons in 2000 and 2001. The Devils are fine on the blue line and didn’t need him, but this All Star player (circa 1997) could definitely fill the gap that is the Toronto defense. He was utter crap last year, but I think it’s worth taking a chance on him. No way he could be worse than say Pilar, Berg, or Berehowsky. I say it’d be worth the time to look into this guy and at least see if he could do the job. He’d be cheap and the Leafs would be able to keep their prospects. I say IF he is doing good over in Russia, then sing him on a bonus basis. It’d be win win, and if he did bad, then send him back. Clean as that. You might be thinking this would be a retarded retarded move, but I think it might just work.

But hey, you always got Gonchar, Pronger, Carney, and a bunch of other guys to pick from. The Leafs need to make a move, and efficient and reliable one and hopefully ferguson makes the right one. Gonchar could be a great thing, but so could Coliacavo. Pronger could be good, but he could end up in St. Louis next year again. All of these moves have backsides to them, unlike the Bondra, Zhamnov, and Boughner trades. Hopefully the right move is made.