Is it time to panic yet?

The flyers have now been shut out in 2 consecutive games, and have not scored a regulation goal against the Senators. The flyers are playing mediocre at best and are being out classed by a team that they should be built to beat. What follows are my observations of the series so far.The flyers are being beaten up by Ottowa, a team that is built for speed, not the physical game the flyers are supposed to excell at. Not only that, but the Flyers are not hitting with any ferocity. I have not seen any true bone crunching hits that should be expected from this team.

Second, the Flyers are making Patrick Lalime look like Hasek, their scoring chances are simply not even good chances, as much as the announcers say good things happen when you shoot the puck, the Flyers are shooting and not gaining anything except building Lalime’s confidence. They need to really start getting closer range shots and taking their shots more decisively. Often they settle the pick, wait for a moment then shoot, giving both Lalime and the defense an opporitunity to set and block the shot.

Finally the supposed stars of this team are not showing up at all. In my opininion the only two guys who are actually stepping up are Williams and Primeau, however that is not saying much when neither have recorded a point this series. Recchi and LeClair are the two who have to start playing up to their potential or they stand to be considered expendable for building the team for the next year. You can count on major changes in this team and organization if the Flyers are ousted in the first round again.

As for now, the heat is on for the Flyers, this is the time where they live up to their expectations or fall 3-1 in the series, a deficit they will not recover from.

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