Is the trade deadline overhyped?

Besides Sean Avery, no one who was traded at the deadline has made much of an impact.

Peter Forsberg has only 2 goals in 16 games with the Pred’s.
Guerin only has 1 assist in 16 games with the Sharks, and it looks like you could put anyone with Thornton right now they’ll get 8 goals in 16 games.

Tkachuk has 14 points in 17 games which is pretty good, but is still not worth what Atlanta gave up.

So why even get these players? Maybe¬†1 out of 10 impact players who are aquired actally play like impact players. Sean Avery is not an impact player, and has been by far the best pickup at the deadline, so why get a star when you could get someone who can help your team just as much and won’t cost you your entire future.