Is this a two-team website?

As I write this, it’s 10 hours until Game 7 of the Cup-deciding game. Yet there’s scarcely a mention of it to be found here. As was pointed out to me once, this is, after all, “”. But I think some people take this appelation WAY too literally.

One would have to be a deaf, dumb, and blind kid (who sure plays a mean pinball) not to notice the incredible profusion of Rangers and Leafs “articles” these days. To be sure, these would be followed, in descending order of prevalence, by Flyers and Wings articles.

But here’s a news flash for you – with the exception of the Wings, none of these teams has won a Cup since Dr. Ruth was actually having sex, instead of just talking about it!

And, most of these “articles” are simply verbatim repitions of someone else’s story. So simple, even an child (or an “ex-spurt”) could do it.

And I know it’s not my imagination that they keep getting closer to “Art Bell” territory every day. Next week, we’ll have the spirit of Gump Worsley inhabiting the body of some Adirondack Nighthawks goalie, who will then take the Rangers to “The Promised Land” (and I don’t mean Monica Belluci, either).

Here’s the question – do articles about someone’s “aunt’s brother’s mother’s cousin’s mailman” saying that “Derek Sanderson and Brad Park will be returning to give the Rangers some much-needed grit” get published because:

A.) Homerism on Mikster’s part (sorry, mon frere – gotta call ’em like I see ’em).

B.) The appalling and inexplicable abundance of fans of these teams.

C.) Nobody else is taking the time and trouble to write anything interesting.

Go ahead and tee off – I strapped the Kevlar on before I even started typing. But, for Pete’s sake (who is Pete, and why do we care about his sake?), BE CREATIVE…….

SCTP – “The bee in your bonnet, the burr in your saddle, the fly in the buttermilk”……..