Islander/Leaf game disgraceful

The Islander & Leaf game on April 23rd, 2002 was one of the most disgraceful games I have ever witnessed.

And it was not because my team sucked like @$$. And it was not even because the penalities were stupid (that happens all the time to every team). It was because the Islanders fans at the game were the most disgusting and down right classless fans I have ever witnessed (right along with the Detroit Pistons fans).

The way they booed during the Canadian national anthem made me sick. Are Americans that ignorant, that self absorbed? Booing during the anthem? Especially after Americans killed Canadian soldiers in a ‘friendly fire’. The utter disregard is really unbelievable.

And it’s really funny considering a good portion of the Islander team is Canadian. I wonder what fan favs Mike Peca, Chris Osgood, and Steven Webb thought about the booing?

I’m really sorry, but I just had to vent…I cannot believe that the Islander fans did that.

No wonder Theo cussed them off…they certainly deserved it.

P.S –> This post is not directed towards all Americans or even all Islander fans…just those jerks at the game.

Jill –> An angry Canadian!