It was historic, an honor to be there…..and I'll never do it again!!!

Welcome Oiler fans. Once again(2nd time in 3 weeks)I’m late again. I’ve had finals at school going on, and just not enough time to contribute. But there almost done now, just a few more demo’s left and I’m through with that. On to my boys. It was a good week for them. 2 for 3, and probably the most historic regular season game in NHL history. And if every outdoor game is going to be that cold, I don’t want to do it again! So let’s begin, and let’s try to contribute a little more Oiler fans, and non Oiler fans too. Let me know what you think of the team.It started with a weird game against the Hawks last Tuesday night. I knew they should win the game, and they did by a 5-2 count. Radek Dvorak was far and away the number 1 star of this game, getting 2 goals and an assist in the game. That line of Torres – York – Dvorak has been just awesome for us this past month!

Next up was the Leafs. Someone told me in last week’s report that the Leafs would kill the Oilers again. Not the case as Ty Conklin ONCE AGAIN stood on his head as the Oil came out on top 3-2. 31 saves by what I’m going to call the Oilers number 1 netminder. Hemsky and Bergeron each had a goal and an assist in the win, which made it 5 in a row!(wasn’t the title of last week’s article “I sense a roll”???).

Now onto the big one. I was there(section V row 15)and I was pretty much frozen. The Mega Stars game was a little disappointing, but one thing was proven….Billy Ranford can still play!!! If the guy wanted to, he could make a comeback for a year or two as a backup. I’m serious. I don’t believe that will happen, but if we ditched Tommy(which is what everyone is starting to talk about now)we could use a cheaper backup with expierence. Gives you something to think about. I wish, along with everyone else that Gretzky would have scored. Maybe it’s just me, but I get the impression more and more(and by watching his new DVD)that he never really liked the city(Edmonton). Hopefully that’s not the case. And the big game was good, but was hard to enjoy because I was so cold by then. I was wearing tons of clothes, but it didn’t matter. I just really believe that the Oilers didn’t really BELIEVE that it was a game for 2 points until the midway point of the 3rd period. Tough loss, but a historic night!

On to this week. I will acknowledge that they tied the Jackets tonight, nice comeback! But we’ll get into that more next week. Detroit(at the Joe), then Colorado, and San Jose(both at home). I’m predicting a 1-1-1 record. But….I really believe that the confidence is so high right now, don’t be surprised if they take all 3.

Speaking of the game tomorrow, it was the target game for Adam Oates to be in the lineup. I would content with him waiting until Friday night at home for 2 reasons. If we win(in the Joe), the team will get an even bigger boost comming home, and if we lose, then the team has something to look forward to, and it’s easier to forget about the loss.

What’s your opinion about Conklin? I defintly don’t think he’s played any worse then Tommy that’s for sure. That’s in his bad games. In his good games, he’s like a top flight backstop! You aren’t even hearing a word about Tommy comming back. He’s not THAT injured. I think this could be the best thing for the team and for Tommy. He can come back when he’s ready, and hopefully(I’ve said this before)these 2 start challenging each other for the starting role.

And finally on to little Mikey. I’m hearing the odd rumor that he’ll supposedly be traded by the end of the week, and that Anaheim is the destination. I doubt it honestly. I believe Lowe is going to let him sit until the deadline(around that time). That’s the smart thinking I would assume his stock wouldn’t be higher than that time. But who knows, maybe he’s gone on Friday, but I doubt it.

So that’s it for this week, I’m happy I got it fit into my schedule. Hopefully my practicum is not until January because I need some time off!!! Let me know what you think people. Peace out!

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  1. headpushslap says:

    Good synopsis of this week in copper and blue.

    Dvorak is flying right now. If he can’t score 30 this year I’ll be surprised.

    Torres is great too, he really goes to the net hard and finds pucks as well as any one on the team.

    Is it just me or does it look like Smyth has been nursing an injury for the past couple of weeks? He might be, but to admit it might affect moving Comrie.

    As far as the ‘Big Outdoor Game’…

    I taped it and watched it later in the evening after returning from the festivities (Section NN-2, row 59…awesome seats). I agree that watching it live looked like the Oil were struggling, but on tape you can see that the only reason MTL won was Jose Theodore (him, and the fact that MTL scored more goals than the Oil). Really, if you see the tape you can tell that the Oilers wanted to win bad. They outshot and outplayed the Habs in all but four short spurts (guess which spurts).

    Conks is solid, and Salo has some serious competition for the number one. If only the Oil could remember how to play D.

    Finally, Eric Brewer has improved his play greatly in the last couple of weeks. He is still making a couple of mistakes a game, but he is playing hard, and vs CLB he was on fire for the third period, and OT.

    Edmonton could have won against the BJ’s, but a tie is okay. Now Beat Detroit.

  2. gr8haluschak says:

    I was waiting for the report, I have to say it was great it kinda sickened me that many people left before the end of the game because there were soooo many diehards that deserved to be there but because a lot of tix went to people who juswanted to be there because it was a big deal some of the best fans were not there. My ONE BEEF for the whole day was the fact that ERIC BREWER cost us the game, I don’t care that Ty’s jock strapwas hanging up on the lights, but what was Eric doing on that play I though in novice hockey you were supose to take the man, and Eric if that man goes around you how about you trip him and take the penalty instead of letting Richard walk in all alone. I loved Jose’s touque though !

  3. Gforce says:

    So have you defrosted yet?? haha…my balls would have froze ,am glad it wasn’t me.. I wish it was on American t.v. but we know how that is:DISAPPOINTING.I do agree on Bill Ranford can still play i watch him do a charity for the worcester Fire fighters..he still had it..he would make a great back up until he got in shape(game condition)’s sad them game chases away player like that:most of the early 90’s up to 94 goalies..only ones left..Potvin,Belfour Broduer,Tugnut,Osgood (Mid 90’s?)??? others?? how ‘s the gretzky Video??

  4. TC_4 says:

    I agree 100% that Brewer is starting to play better. Now they have to beat Detroit in my mind, because your thinking before you go on the road, Columbus and Detroit should be a win and a tie.

  5. TC_4 says:

    Yeah, Brew did look brutal on that play. You know what gets me pissed about the whole thing is that so many people go to the game and just get so pissed they can’t even remember the first period of the Mega Stars game! What a waste.

  6. TC_4 says:

    The Gretzky DVD is great. Keifer Sutherland does a pretty good job, and JD interviews him for the entire thing. They show a lot from the 81 playoffs, 87 Canada Cup, and 2002 Olympics. It’s sad, they make such a huge deal about the 93 Kings. Yes they had a nice run, but after what the Oiler teams did, how can you even mention it???

  7. FC3S_20b says:

    Looks like Conks is going to be the starting goalie, i can’t see Salo get any games since

    1. its his last contract year

    2. i’d rather give Conks more experience

    3. Even if Salo is playing better, i think its time to move on, save some money and keep our lineup

    Too bad, Salo was a great tender for the Oilers.

    I couldn’t get tickets to the big game, but i did watch it on t.v. Man the replays of Ranford were crazy, doesn’t seem like he lost a step. The game looked a little slow though, and everyone seemed uncertain at the beginning.

    I’m dieing to see how Oates will do but the Oil are doing well and stoll deserves some ice time

    i don’t care about Comrie anymore, i’d rather have him stay but…….

    Great Article, keep em comin

  8. Showerhead says:

    Like you, T_C, and every other Oiler fan out there, I’ve been trying to put together an idea in my mind as to a) what Comrie is worth in a trade and b) when the best time to trade him would be. Lately it occured to me that maybe waiting until the trade deadline won’t increase his value.. maybe his value declines as time goes by. The first and more obvious reason is that the longer he goes without playing at the NHL level, the longer (maybe a minimal time, an extra week or so) it takes Mike Comrie to get back into game shape and possibly a couple of games so that he can start producing. One of the main reasons a team makes a deal for a guy like Comrie at the deadline is to improve their stretch run and add some scoring punch/grit/whatever his attributes are these days.. What I mean by all of this is that it is much more of a gamble that he will regain top form if you trade for him at the deadline than if you trade for him now. This would mean worse offers to Kevin Lowe, who as we all know seems to be waiting for just the right trade. I’m not sure if Lowe would rather (if it comes to the deadline) take some desperation offer for Comrie to bolster Edmonton’s own playoff drive or just make him sit some more… What do you think? Also, would we technically (in some miracle of good faith on both sides) resign him AFTER the deadline, should nothing go through? Keep up the good articles!

  9. TC_4 says:

    Well, I hope he doesn’t trade him for a quick fix that’s for sure! I doubt we would re-sign him. The only case that would happen is if he appologized to everyone involved, K-Lowe, Mac T, the players, and the fans. Mike has a lot of growing up to do, and unless it happens within the next 4 months, he will never be an Oiler again.

  10. Showerhead says:

    Yeah the resigning was just an unlikely add-on.. but what do you think of the chance that his value is higher with more of the season left?

  11. TC_4 says:

    Well there is 2 ways of looking at it. One way is that his stock will diminish as time goes on because he’s not playing. I don’t believe this one because he’s not injured, he’s just not playing. The other way is that his value will increase as time goes on because teams will have holes to fill.

  12. Primis says:

    And finally on to little Mikey. I’m hearing the odd rumor that he’ll supposedly be traded by the end of the week, and that Anaheim is the destination. I doubt it honestly. I believe Lowe is going to let him sit until the deadline(around that time). That’s the smart thinking I would assume his stock wouldn’t be higher than that time. But who knows, maybe he’s gone on Friday, but I doubt it.

    Anaheim? That doesn’t make a ton of sense, considering he’d be yet another natural Center, which they seem to have a million of already. Remember the fuss when they signed both Prospal AND Fedorov?…

    — Primis.

  13. TC_4 says:

    So you agree with me?

  14. bender says:

    hey TC,

    How ya doing?

    I got a funny story for ya about the Heritage Game.

    Only one of my buddies managed to score a ticket for the ultimate game, and he was pretty pumped to go. So what does the crazy fool do in -25 (canadian eh) weather. He gets super ass drunk, throws up all over the place, and ends up home for the First Period of the actual Oilers/Habs game. LOL. He actually got booted.

    I was working that night, and had to watch the game nice and warm in the comforts of my HOTEL room. And it was a super great day.

    First MICHIGAN beat ohio state, then Gretz dons on the blades one last time. It was an awesome game, and it should be done again.

    As Gretz said, this will be his one and only game, and I believe him, my Dad says he’s suffering from Arthritis pretty good, and if there’s a grain of truth to this, Even the Gretz haters gotta respect him for playing in those conditions.

    On a side note, How about Gretz’s daughter, WOW!!! Great voice, and the view wasn’t too bad.

    In a few years, she’s gonna be the biggest trophy in Canada. Even bigger than Lord Stanley himself. LOL.

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