It's All About The Benjamins

KKFN (AM950 “The Fan”) in Denver is reporting that, in the event of a lockout in 2004, both Joe Sakic and Rob Blake will still receive paychecks in excess of two million dollars apiece.

Apparently, both players have clauses written into their contracts guaranteeing that they will still receive pro-rated signing bonuses and payments of that ilk, even in the event of a work stoppage.

Makes you wonder how many other agents thought that far ahead, eh?

Striaghtforward hockey reporting – how’d I do, coach?


12 Responses to It's All About The Benjamins

  1. aaron says:

    Just goes to show once again that Lacoix has lost his mind. As w/ every other GM. Didn’t any of them have the foresight to look 5 years down the line and see how screwed they were going to be if they kept this sh*t up?

    BTW, defenstrate, check your PMs. I sent you an important one, but I’m not sure if it got to you or not. I need to get in contact w/ you somehow. Do you have AIM or MSN? I’m wesjanson14 on both… for MSN. Same request goes to both Big Booty and Manta Ray as well, I need to get in contact w/ all three of you.

  2. matteo says:

    Greedy bastiges… businessmen…….fargan iceholes…..

    SCTP – my hallergies, you know, to these fans….has returned…..

  3. aaron says:

    I think it got through this time.

  4. Kashin says:

    Lucky them. Rob Blake is still one of the best d-men in the game. Can not move the guy. HES HUGE They won’t be complaining come the lockout.

  5. bender says:

    Good thinking by Sakic and Blake, always need a few extra hundreds for the G string Divas Foundation for heart stroke……………or some stroke (wink wink)!!!

    “NO MA’AM” – See if you remember that one Defy?

  6. defenestrate says:

    No ma’am? You’re gonna have to be more specific…

  7. bender says:

    I’ll give you a clue

    “Four touchdowns in one game, A Polk High Record”

  8. defenestrate says:

    “Did you miss me, Al?”

    “Every time I’ve shot at you, yes…”

  9. bender says:

    “a fat woman walked into the store today………..”

  10. matteo says:

    How about a few back issues of Juggs and a Joe Nuxhall rookie card

  11. cwthrash says:

    “I Care” by cw

    When hooters jiggle around,

    and I find nickels on the ground,

    I Care

    When Heatley’s got the puck,

    and the goalies start to duck,

    I Care

    But when I’ve been watching this game for years,

    and it finally brings me tears,

    I SWEAR!

    No brownie points for this one, I had to do it. I couldn’t let this one go by.

  12. defenestrate says:

    Bender – give this man a nomination form….

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