It's official: No Playoffs for Bert.

Todd Bertuzzi’s suspension have been made official by the National Hockey League this morning…Bertuzzi will miss the rest of the regular season (12 games + 1 game he already missed) without salary and the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Bertuzzi will also need the approval of Gary Bettman to come back next year.

The Vancouver Canucks organization has been fined for 250 000$ as well.

I personally think this is a fair decision considering the Playoffs are what the players play all season long for. Missing the Playoffs for an NHL player is the worst thing that can happen to him, so his punishment will be more than enough to make him deeply regret his actions (even though he already said that he was ”truly sorry”). This also punishes his team, the Vancouver Canucks that will miss one of their key element in the playoffs and his fans as well that will not be able to see him play in the Playoffs. This is, in my opinion, the best decision the NHL could make in these circumstances…

This is the official statement by Colin Campbell: “Mr. Bertuzzi pursued Mr. Moore on the ice, attempting to engage him in a confrontation,” “When Mr. Moore declined to engage Mr. Bertuzzi, Mr. Bertuzzi responded by delivering a gloved punch from behind to the side of Mr. Moore’s head, rendering him unconscious. Upon falling to the ice, Mr. Moore suffered additional serious injuries.”
“We want to make clear that this type of conduct will not be tolerated in the NHL.”

According to, the suspension will cost Bertuzzi at least $501,926.39 in salary.