It's official: No Playoffs for Bert.

Todd Bertuzzi’s suspension have been made official by the National Hockey League this morning…Bertuzzi will miss the rest of the regular season (12 games + 1 game he already missed) without salary and the entire Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Bertuzzi will also need the approval of Gary Bettman to come back next year.

The Vancouver Canucks organization has been fined for 250 000$ as well.

I personally think this is a fair decision considering the Playoffs are what the players play all season long for. Missing the Playoffs for an NHL player is the worst thing that can happen to him, so his punishment will be more than enough to make him deeply regret his actions (even though he already said that he was ”truly sorry”). This also punishes his team, the Vancouver Canucks that will miss one of their key element in the playoffs and his fans as well that will not be able to see him play in the Playoffs. This is, in my opinion, the best decision the NHL could make in these circumstances…

This is the official statement by Colin Campbell: “Mr. Bertuzzi pursued Mr. Moore on the ice, attempting to engage him in a confrontation,” “When Mr. Moore declined to engage Mr. Bertuzzi, Mr. Bertuzzi responded by delivering a gloved punch from behind to the side of Mr. Moore’s head, rendering him unconscious. Upon falling to the ice, Mr. Moore suffered additional serious injuries.”
“We want to make clear that this type of conduct will not be tolerated in the NHL.”

According to, the suspension will cost Bertuzzi at least $501,926.39 in salary.



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  1. Just-Checking-In says:

    So when Claude Lemieux tries to pile drive Kris Drapers face through the boards it is only a two game suspension. However, when Todd Bertuzzi delievers a sucker punch it is the rest of the season and playoffs.

    So fans and media in Colorado need to jump off the righteous idignation for a moment with talk of lifetime bans and such. Where was all of that tough talk when it was the Avalanche player delievering the possible career ending injury.

    As for the Moore hit on Naslund, yes it may be allowed within the context of the rules, however a shoulder delievered to the head is a dangerous hit and I can’t believe anyone can tell me that Moore didn’t think that he could possibly injure someone with that type of hit. It’s just one more instance of how the players have lost respect for each other.

  2. hendextall says:

    Maybe you should take your own advice and watch the replays a little closer. He did not drive him to the ice, they both hell, and unfortunately Bertuzzi fell on Moore. And I have not seen any attack after the fall from any possible camera angle they had, just a crowd of players jumping on Bertuzzi and Moore.

  3. hendextall says:

    I don’t think this will hurt his chances at all. He should be up on the first line with Thornton in my eyes anyways. Plus he is probably the first player Quenneville signs up for the World Championships.

  4. hendextall says:

    Couldn’t say it any better, everyone that is involved let’s there bias get to them. A lifetime ban? Why don’t you use some common sense. What Bertuzzi did was no worse than any of the other sucker punches before, except the unfortunate fall afterwards, which brings up a matter of precedence. You can’t just forget about precedence and make an example of someone. The average suspension for this type of play has been 11 games. He got more than that, and got exactly what he deserved. I’ll guarantee right now, that Bettman won’t suspend him for anymore games next season.

    And I can’t see what everyone has against Crawford, it’s as if everyone seems to know exactly what he is thinking. Seriously, not to blame Moore or Granato, but the stupidest play in the game next to the Bertuzzi hit was made by Granato. When you are up 7-2 or so, why would you send out a player that has a huge target on his back, it just doesn’t make any sense. You know you are blowing out the other team, it is going to get really rough, I’m sorry if you don’t agree, but Granato should have known better than that.

  5. Kyleton says:

    Actually now I’m guessing weather it was enough. It all depends on if the NHL decides to add more time to his it or not.

    But you cannot bring the suspension hurting the Canucks playoff chances into this, as yes it is punishing them, but they are also at fault for this. Being that they could have done more to not have this happen.

  6. SwiftLEAF says:

    the hit on Naslund was dirty and Moore should have been penalized by the NHL rather than having the players take it into thier own hands.

  7. RangerSteve says:

    Naslund’s a professional hockey player, and he was caught reaching for teh puck. HE HAS NO ONE TO BLAME BUT HIMSELF! Now, what about Bertuzzi’s hit on Barret Jackman last season(maybe this season). Didn’t Bertuzzi hit Jackman with a head on shoulder hit? I believe he did, so if that was the case, then Bertuzzi lost respect for Jackman, and he sent him out for a while.

    As for your analysis comparing the Bertuzzi hit compared to Lemieux’s, I couldn’t agree with you more on that topic. That was the first thing which popped into my head once I heard guys such as Terry Frei or Woody Page of Colorado complaining about Bertuzzi.

    The game has changed completely as many have said. There is no doubt that the players are in better shape both physically and mentally in this game. For anyone to put Markus Naslund in the class of Gretzky is kidding themselves. Moore might have tried to make a name for himself, but at the same time, Bertuzzi crossed that line of being a goon. What more do you want? Moore went out and had a fight with Matt Cooke. It should have stopped right there, no more ‘payback’. Then Bertuzzi goes and not only did he crank him in the head and fall on top of him, but he continued to throw punches. I’m a huge Bertuzzi fan livin in Jersey. It makes me sick that he did as a hockey fan and a fan of his.

  8. SwiftLEAF says:

    the hit on Naslund was dirty and Moore should have been penalized by the NHL rather than having the players take it into thier own hands.

    Also, some forget that bertuzzi punched moore and didn’t club him with a baseball bat, though some of the media makes it appear as that. Punches are throwed in almost every hockey game but this was different only because it was from behind. Yeah, it is a broken neck and it could have been a lot worse but it also could have been a lot better if he hit his shoulder or his head. Clearly, luck wasn’t on bert’s side.

  9. RangerSteve says:

    It goes both ways. Moore is a 3/4 line player…in a normal hockey game, that is when a team puts those types of players out; to get more ice time. Crawford should have said to his guys you know what, Cooke went at it with Moore, leave it at that. Instead, Bertuzzi obviously took it into his own hands. You don’t think Bert will be suspended more than this? Just wait….2 words: Dale Hunter. The guy was kicked out for the playoffs and missed over 20 games the following season.

  10. TheDarkhorse says:

    you know what’s funny….no matter what anyone says…Bert is out for the season and playoffs….and that seriously depletes the Canucks. They have no chance of winning any cup, let alone the division. I’ll say this: I’m thrilled he’s out just because now that’s one less team the Avs don’t have to whip in their pursuit of the cup.

  11. comrie44 says:

    It’s a tough but fair suspension for Bertuzzi.

    However, I fear the NHL, in trying to send a message to avoid these cheap shots, may be furthering the vulnerability of their superstars. This evident last night when Matt Johnson decked Markus Naslund behind the net and NOBODY reacted.

    The Johnson incident last night wasn’t THAT big a deal, nevertheless, we can’t have goons tugging on Supermans cape.

    Bertuzzi defenitely crossed the line, but SOMEBODY needs to protect the stars, I don’t pay $100 to see Matt Johnson.

    Naslund and Forsberg maybe eurotrash but for my dollar they’re the few guys I go to NHL games to see. When I paid full price to see a preseason game last year words could not describe my anger when none of the stars on EITHER teams suited up. Talk about a rip off.

  12. gr8haluschak says:

    Shut up, for god sake, HOW THE @#$# WAS IT CHEAP, I am sorry a LEGAL HIT is all of a sudden cheap.

  13. JC21 says:

    Another ignorant “fan”. You care more about bashing Bertuzzi than you care about Moore’s condition. If you had bothered to check your facts, you’d realize that Moore has a fractured neck, which is completely different from a broken neck. He has no spinal damage, and no permanent damage. He was seriously injured, but don’t talk as if he almost died.

    Burke was not wrong in saying that Bertuzzi is a great human being. He has a serious demeanor, but he is generous to the fans, and he volunteers at Canuck Place (with terminally-ill children). On the ice, he is emotional, and even stupid at times, but he does not play to hurt. He’s not like a Tkachuk who constantly cross-checks people in the face. It is the media that is blowing this out of proportion.

    It is a typical American response to try and create a villian for every situation. You can’t comprehend that sometimes mistakes happen. Bertuzzi is responsible for his actions, and he will take his punishment deservingly, but that doesn’t make him a villian. The media is talking as if Bertuzzi tries to hurt other players, and that is simply not true. He made a mistake, and he will pay for it, but he should not be bashed like he is now.

  14. Lynchmob450 says:

    Great points. The suspension is a reaction to the “freakish” injury and the extreme airtime the video footage is getting on ESPN, CNN and all the other US propoganda machine.

    Personally, i don’t understand why Bertuzzi needed to seek revenge? Don’t the Canucks have any tough guys (Brashear would have took care of business)? Crawford should have pulled in the reigns on Bertuzzi. Bertuzzi is a loose cannon who would go to the extreme to make a point. And thats exactly what he did.

    As for the police joining in…that’s BS! Leave the game alone! If the PIGS need to get involved, then they should also get involved with so many other incidents (they’ll end up spending more time at the rink rather than trying to catch serial killers who use their victims as feed for a pig farm!).

    Lastly, i HATE these LOSERS who come out of the closet now and say “lets ban fighting!!” Give me a BREAK!! This incident happened without any fight occuring. If the league didn’t punish players for seeking justice by fighting, this incident wouldn’t have occured.

    Who cares about bullocks


  15. Lynchmob450 says:

    What the *****???

  16. Lynchmob450 says:

    What the F!U!C!K!??

  17. SwiftLEAF says:

    The hit on Naslund is very debatable.

  18. JeffBurnz09 says:

    It was a legal hit….at Moore and Naslund are about to hit, Naslund reaches forward at the puck, which causes his head to take the hit….There was nothing Moore did wrong, and if Naslund doesnt reach forward no one says a thing about it…

  19. JeffBurnz09 says:

    A) Someone call a doctor if I’m wrong, but doesn’t fracture mean broken? I know there was no spinal cord damage, he’ll be able to walk, etc, but the bottom line is he has a “fracture” that he doesn’t deserve to have….and everyone from the NHL, to the Avs, to the media have clearly said BROKEN neck….don’t try to down play it….

    B) Maybe Bertuzzi is a great person…off the ice…but on the ice he’s at times stupid, and lets his temper get the best of him…I don’t really care if he’s a great guy in the locker room, spends time with kids, whatever, point is he FRACTURED a guy’s neck for no reason…He attacked him from behind…There was no need for it, it wasnt in the heat of battle, it was just a plain out attack….

    C) I’m not American, so you can let that one go…but I find that alot of Canadians seem to look the other way just because he’s a Canadian playing on a Canadian team…If Jeremy Roenick does the same thing to Naslund you’d want him in jail….he deserves to be bashed…Jesus what should we do? Praise him?…There’s a guy laying in a hospital because he was attacked by another player…Its not like he hit him into the boards or something, he jumped him from behind …it was disgusting and it has no place in the deserves a long suspension….

    D) And its not about bashing Bertuzzi…If I wanted to bash him, I’d just say the usual about him and his team being a bunch of chockers….I feel bad for Moore, because he’s a young kid trying to make it in the NHL, he unintentionally injuries Naslund, and then has Vancouver looking for his head for no reason…he fought Cooke, he just wanted to get through the game, and then he has Bertuzzi attack him…He clearly didnt want to fight, so Bertuzzi suckered him with the glove on, drives him to the ice, and you can clearly see him still swinging at him while their down…I do feel bad for him…Bertuzzi I can bash any time, its about Moore now…

  20. finger says:

    I was at the game & the Canucks tough guys did try. Brookbank, & May, as well as Ruutu did. The problem is Moore avoided them all night.

  21. MAniac29 says:

    The ruling is more or less what I expected, I’ll just post my response to the opinion:

    am not even going to read all the replies, as I am just not even up for it. But I will offer my own two cents.

    1) I don’t think there is anyway he will be suspended for a year. I don’t know that this wasn’t the worst act ever, but regardless, I don’t think that will happen. The acts with sticks look worse, but are they really?? I mean the fist of Todd Bertuzzi can sure as shit be a deadly weapon pretty quickly.

    2) We are not consequentialists here, this should not be based on the consequence, but rather, the intent. Your idea is totally idiotic (player being gone as long as the injured player takes to return). Take Eric Lindros. He’s had what 8 concussions now. So you Brooks Orpik steps up next year, and rocks him at the blue line. The puck was not near Lindros, so that is interference, not a clean hit therefore, and thus can be punished. Because of Lindros’ previous health problems, he winds up with permenant brain damage. Orpik thought the pass was going to come to Lindros, as Yags faked a pass to him before cutting into the zone. Orpik’s hit was a clean shoulder hit, but it was a penalty because it was away from the play, and so they suspend him for maybe 1 or 2 games. Now under your criteria, Orpik, the next Scott Stevens has his career ended because of Eric Lindros’ health problems. Do you think that is justice?? Justice is not an eye for an eye necessarily. If that’s what you want, they why not bash Orpik’s head of concrete until he has the equivalent brain damage. There are just so many things like this that make what you are saying totally flawed.

    To Bertuzzi’s intent. There was indispuable intent to injure in my mind. First of all, if you want to beat a guy up, for retribution, you drop the gloves and go man to man. Bertuzzi at this point in the game wanted to hurt Moore. This is also evident by the fact that he jumped on him and continued to try to throw punches, he didn’t want to just send a message with one hit, he wanted to pound this guy. I don’t doubt that Bert is sorry, but at that point, something just snapped in him, and he tried to hurt Steve Moore. In my mind, the way in which he did this was equal to any act by a stick other than literally trying to kill a guy with a stick. The only thing I can see more dispicable would be using your skate.

    3) Without a doubt this is being blown up because of the extent of Moore’s injury, BUT I don’t care how tough you are, I don’t think anyone endures what Bertuzzi did without at the very least a badly cut up face and a concussion. The broken neck may have been a freak part of this incident that happend because Moore fell in just the right way that would cause such an injury, but this was a violent play, with violent intentions.

    I think Bertuzzi should be out for the remainder of this season and playoffs. I don’t think a one year suspension is too much, but I don’t think it will happen. I think those people who want a year, should be satisified if it extends through this season.

    I have a general question for everyone. Why is it that every NHL fight is not assault. It seems to me that if each violent act is not assault as it would be in the street by virtue of a licensing sort of terms similar to why boxing is not assault, then, if this was the case, no legal action could ever be invovled. However, I don’t see how this could be the case, and because of this, I ask why every vengeful slash or good old fight is not investigated?

    best wishes to Moore…

  22. JC21 says:

    1) Technically, Moore has “C3 and C4 transverse process spinal fractures”. I wasn’t down playing it, he simply has fractures that did not result in spinal cord or nerve damage. That’s a fact. He will skate in 4 to 6 weeks. If anything, it is the media that is dramaticizing it, by bluntly calling it a “broken neck” (which sounds a lot more severe). It doesn’t help when Lacroix comes out, and his first words about the Moore incident are “I’m not a doctor, but it’s a broken neck.” Moore’s medical condition (found at the Avs website) is clearly not as bad as it has been made out to be.

    2) and 3) I apologize for calling you an American. But there is simply no need for Bertuzzi to be trashed the way he has been (not necessarily by you). He does not have a history of hurting people, and what he did was clearly a mistake, which he will pay for. There’s no need to constantly focus on Bertuzzi, yet that’s what the media has done.

    4) It’s true that Moore did not deserve what he got, but he still had to be held accountable for injuring a team captain. And I don’t think it count’s when Moore picks a fight with the Canuck’s worst fighter. Bertuzzi did not plan to hit him; he wanted to fight him, but when Moore refused, Bertuzzi lost it. That does not excuse Bertuzzi by any means, but it clarifies that Bertuzzi was not out just to attack Moore. Moore is recovering, and unless the Avalanche management stops him, he should make a full recovery.

  23. cgolding says:

    he fought cooke in the first… i’m not buying the argument that he has to fight the entire team.

    and in response to the above comments. it has everything to do with the fact that he was so injured, and unfortunately that is the way our society, and quite frankly this game is governed top to bottom. by results. the high stick penalty alone shows how stupid this is. if we could judge everything by intent, i would be all for that, and quite frankly based on intent alone i think he deserves what he got.

    speaking of high sticks, did anyone see the 4 min penalty brashear got last night when the dallas guy nailed his teammate with his stick? one of the worst calls i’ve ever seen. they need to get these horrible not-even-AHL-level refs out of the game. and that means going to 1 ref, regardless of the missed calls, cuz some of these guys are just miserable.

    nevermind the bullox,


  24. nelsog says:

    That you Captain Obvious, but we’re not talking about the laws of the land but the precedents in hockey. This suspension will not stop anything for reasons I said before. If you punish Bertuzzi this way you should punish every play that is dangerous. Maybe not to the same extent as when the player gets hurt but it should be done. A five game automatic suspension for going after a guy with the stick and it doesn’t connect would be a good example.

    You forget that the guy who drives drunk and doesn’t hurt someone is still prosecuted and faces consequences.

    nevermind the bullshit,


  25. The_Eagle says:

    Bertuzzi’s punishment is ample. Plus, for all the hockey fans out there, if you’re a fan of any team out there, I bet a lot of you would like to have his toughness and leadership on your team (I know I would). Yes he did ***** up royally but the main thing is Steve Moore is on the road to recovery (which is the main thing). Cheers people and have a better one.

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