Jagr to Pheonix

Before everyone starts to bash me, let me say off the bat that this is just an idea and there is no truth behind this. I propose that the Caps and Coyotes pull off a deal similar to that of the Kovalev. By that I mean getting rid of “mistakes”.
When the Pens sent Kovalev to Broadway he came along with a bunch of salary dumps. Here’s my pitch.

The Caps really want to get rid of Jagr. He is doesn’t get along with Cassidy, who should be shipped out too, not to metion the rest of the team. They are so desprite that they will eat $20 million of his contract. That means that which ever team takes Jagr will only be paying him $7 million a year. They should trade Jagr for Brian Savage, Chris Gratton and Brian Boucher. This trade makes a lot of sense for both teams.

The Caps dump Jagr which is the number one benefit for them. In additon they get Gratton who will fill the hole left by Konowalchuk. Brian Savage, who is prone to injury but has been known to put up descent numbers from time to time, will help the offense with the loss of Jagr. Finally Boucher would be a good backup for a team that REALLY doesn’t have one.

As for Pheonix, this trade would be beautiful. Gratton (2.2 mil), Savage (3.25 mil) and Boucher (2 mil) collectively make $7.45 million. To get Jagr at $7 million actaully decreases their payroll. They also dump Gratton and Savage who have been major disappointments in the desert. Also, their goaltending problem will be solved leaving Burke and Bierk. Finally they would get one of the best players in the game. Jagr is better then he is playing. WAY better. When Jagr is on his game he is the best player in the league. He would definitely help out their offense which runs dreadfully thin after the front line of Nagy, Langkow, and Doan. Also Jagr will be reunited with Hrdina whom he played with in Pittsburgh.

Alright guys. Let’s hear the comments. Let the bashing begin.