Jagr to Pheonix

Before everyone starts to bash me, let me say off the bat that this is just an idea and there is no truth behind this. I propose that the Caps and Coyotes pull off a deal similar to that of the Kovalev. By that I mean getting rid of “mistakes”.
When the Pens sent Kovalev to Broadway he came along with a bunch of salary dumps. Here’s my pitch.

The Caps really want to get rid of Jagr. He is doesn’t get along with Cassidy, who should be shipped out too, not to metion the rest of the team. They are so desprite that they will eat $20 million of his contract. That means that which ever team takes Jagr will only be paying him $7 million a year. They should trade Jagr for Brian Savage, Chris Gratton and Brian Boucher. This trade makes a lot of sense for both teams.

The Caps dump Jagr which is the number one benefit for them. In additon they get Gratton who will fill the hole left by Konowalchuk. Brian Savage, who is prone to injury but has been known to put up descent numbers from time to time, will help the offense with the loss of Jagr. Finally Boucher would be a good backup for a team that REALLY doesn’t have one.

As for Pheonix, this trade would be beautiful. Gratton (2.2 mil), Savage (3.25 mil) and Boucher (2 mil) collectively make $7.45 million. To get Jagr at $7 million actaully decreases their payroll. They also dump Gratton and Savage who have been major disappointments in the desert. Also, their goaltending problem will be solved leaving Burke and Bierk. Finally they would get one of the best players in the game. Jagr is better then he is playing. WAY better. When Jagr is on his game he is the best player in the league. He would definitely help out their offense which runs dreadfully thin after the front line of Nagy, Langkow, and Doan. Also Jagr will be reunited with Hrdina whom he played with in Pittsburgh.

Alright guys. Let’s hear the comments. Let the bashing begin.

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  1. Lynchmob450 says:

    What a horrible pipe dream. And its sad that you’d even want to have Jagr on the ‘Yotes. The guy will drag that team down. and i don’t think the Great One is that silly to make a deal for a player like Jagr. As for what you’re offering to the Caps to “help” them, NONE of the guys headed to Wash. are helpful. The Caps want to improve. This pipe dream will NOT be helping the Caps (unless they’re looking to solidify the #1 draft pick for 2004??).

  2. Sands says:

    Sorry buddy…. I’m not one to bash…. but… this is just never ever ever going to happen…. First Gratton, and Savage are no rebuilding tools if that is what you say washington is looking to get in return….. Poti, and Carter are very young and very good to rebuild at low prices. So… Why would that help any more then the rangers deal would? Sorry buddy… but thta might be just the worst post i have ever seen on HTR in my life time…. At no time did that help anyone understand the trade better… in fact everyone is now dumber for have hearing that. You are awarded no points… and my god have pity on your soul.

  3. lmoust33 says:

    What a huge pipe dream that his, as Washington would not decrease their payroll by doing as proposed in this article. On the other hand, the players involved in the trade make it a fairly even transaction, perhaps tossing some draft picks around to truly even it out. Do not forget, Phoenix has some financial werewithal, as proved by the signing of Amonte last year. Plus, the revenues of the team can only improve with the advent of the Glendale arena.

  4. Donovan says:

    The less said about this idea the better.

  5. mikster says:

    Same chance of when you spin a coin and it stays standing vertiacally when it stops.

    That means, almost zero chance. Leave the Yotes how they are as they already made a huge error bringing in Tony Amonte.

  6. Donovan says:

    Apparentley Straka has just been dealt to LA. How does WOW have something before us.

  7. Enigma says:

    While we are on the topic of pipe dreams, appearantly there is a little rumour that has the leafs inquiring about the services of Michael Peca…….anyone else heard about this ?

  8. rojoke says:

    Seeing that everyone else has basically shot this idea down, I will probably be the first to say that I can see the logic behind this.

    First of all, if this trade was to happen, it would be a case of addition by subtraction. When you’re dumping salary, and everyone knows that you’re dumping salary, then it’s a seller’s market. You aren’t really in a position to win on the deal. You only hope that you don’t lose too badly.

    Having said that, the key to the deal you propose is probably Boucher. Right now, the Caps have Sebastien Charpentier and Rostislav Stana as back-ups. I think Boucher is an upgrade over each of those guys. Then throw in the possibilty of dealing Olaf Kolzig at the deadline. That would be a deal that you could probably get some younger prospects for your rebuilding phase. Boucher finishes out the season, then goes into camp to fight for the number one spot.

    I have never liked Gratton. He’s supposed to be this great power forward, but he’s never really established himself with the rest of the bunch. If you ask anybody to name the top ten power forwards in the league right now, I don’t think very many would list him. Savage hasn’t been the type of player he was billed to be either. The best you can hope for in getting these guys is that they don’t get hurt, they play solidly, and they have career years.

  9. MAniac29 says:

    It was wise to point out the “seller’s market” aspect, but the deal still does not make sense. How is it clear that Boucher is an upgrade? He has not played at all this season, and he has had more than one oppurtunity to establish himself as a league starter, and he’s failed. Along with Charpentier and Stana, the Caps have Maxim Ouelette who at the time he was traded to the Caps by the Flyers was one of the highest rated goaltending prospects in the world….

    I realize that any team that is going to bite on a Jagr deal will be dumping some salary if they will take his on, but I don’t think the Caps will be looking to take on more salary. If the deal of Jagr is a salary dump (yes they will not be paying him full, but still $20 Million) and it is anything CLOSE to the Pens salary dumps, they will be looking to shed more salary than this. Also, I think in a seller’s market, you look for guys that you can see organizations have maybe given up on, or don’t have room for, but that still has potential….(ie Fata)…None of the mentioned players have any potential, save a little bit in Boucher…..

  10. Lint07 says:

    well, the article was probably pending in the bank here waiting for an admin to post it.. that’s all.

  11. MantaRay says:

    Phoenix is a small market team, acquistion of Jagr increases their payroll to the point where they won’t survive.

    Not an option

  12. Stuv_Dogg says:

    I don’t mind the idea. I mean, I’m not rushing out to get my Jagr ‘Yotes jersey just yet, but I do like the premise of an original thought instead of recycling old Hoglund for Kariya rumors.

    Here’s some thoughts that I had on the article and the comments thus far. Washington would have to eat $20 million on the contract, which is something they may have been willing to do in a Ranger trade, but not necessarily with Phoenix. Second, when you added up the salaries for Gratton, Savage and Boucher, how long are the lengths of those contracts? If they all expire at the end of this year or one or two run into next year, then you’re still assuming $25 over the next couple of years for Jagr when you could have paid a bit more for the above three, but only for one year.

    Is Boucher that much better than whoever the backup is in Washington? Does it matter? For example, is the team going anywhere if they get rid of Jagr so much so that a better backup will help? Probably not.

    In Phoenix, if you get rid of Gratton and Savage, who is gonna step up? Not being familiar with Phoenix, is Bierk ready to be a full time backup to Burke? What if Burke gets hurt/traded before the end of the season? Does Phoenix’ playoff aspirations go out the window?

    Anyways, again, I like your creative thoughts. Maybe there are a couple of questions to be answered before you can say it would be a good trade or not, but ehh, that’s what the rest of my workday is for.


  13. Lynchmob450 says:

    And you’re an IDIOT!!!

  14. rojoke says:

    Depends on who you ask.

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