Jason Allison – A Caniac?

“When healthy, Jason Allison is among the most dominant players in the NHL. The Carolina Hurricanes are hoping the free agent can regain that form despite sitting out since January 2003, and regain it in Carolina.” Raleigh News and Observer 7.29.04


Assuming Allison stays healthy:

I’m confused at this point what Carolina is doing with its centers. Here’s my understanding.

1) Rod BrindAmor- Fine. I understand this one. 5 years left on an inflated contract. Not going anywhere but is the best faceoff man in the league.

2) Eric Staal. Doesn’t work on the wing. We’ve tried it. Fine.

3) Just picked up Matt Cullen? He’s too good for the minors so he has to go here because…

4) the rest of the team may stuggle but Kevin Adams is the best 4th line center in the NHL (is Chris Draper 4th line? it’d be close).

Moved Vasicek to LW and he had a career year- Yea!. Moved M.Murry to LW and he worked out fine there as well (although I’d trade him just to get rid of him and make room on the roster for prospects).

If we resign Zigomanis he’ll stay in the minors. Staal wouldn’t have any growth in Lowell (AHL affiliate), and K.Adams is too good for the minors as well.

So what do we do if Allison Comes?

The only thing I can think of, and this is a BIG stretch:

Move Rod to LW (where he started in St. Louis)

Make Allison center, and keep ONeill at RW.

Or move Rod to L2 and ruin all the chemistry it took 3/4 of last season for the team to get.

But then you have to kick Brendl back down to the AHL and he needs to break into the NHL full time otherwise he’ll deteriorate from non-use.

And then there’s LW’s in the minors Bayda, Kurka, Defauw, Surma, all in the minors and waiting for their chance to go full time on the forth line, not to mention Andrew Ladd.

It would be a mess!!!