Jason Blake Not Happy In T.O.?


This much can be said: The frustration level between Jason Blake and the Maple Leafs is at full peak. At this stage, no one is quite sure what to make of the other and neither side is happy….When asked about his problems Blake was quoted as saying, “Where do I start?”.

I’m not going to sit here and blow off steam because if I did, we would be here for an hour,” the Maple Leafs winger said yesterday. “It has nothing to do with my (health). I feel 100 times better than I did last year.

Blake expected more from the Leafs, approaching the quarter pole of the National Hockey League season. And in turn, the Leafs expected more from him. Now each looks at the other hoping today will be better than yesterday, tomorrow better than the day before.

The $20-million solution was to find a speedy winger to play with Mats Sundin, at least for the short term. But the solution would make sense if Sundin was more of a prototypical centre. The traditional centre is more playmaker than goal scorer. Sundin historically has created more offence for himself.

“It’s frustrating,” Blake said, about being a goal-scorer and having just two at this time. “You have to get the puck … You have to get the puck in certain situations … Shots on goal don’t mean anything. You want to get good shots.

“I’m the type of guy who uses my speed and needs the puck on my stick more times than not.”

When asked how it was the Islanders had so much success last year, where Blake scored 40 goals on a vastly improved New York Islanders team. Blake showed how much trouble he is having adjusting to life as a Leaf.

“Ted Nolan’s the best. No. 2 coach in the NHL(reffering to Sens coach John Paddock as #1), we played like the Senators, that way. We weren’t as talented, we weren’t as big, we weren’t as strong but we moved the puck. We tried to hit the open guy. No. 3, we had Brendan Witt, one of the most underrated defenceman in the league.”


“We had the best goalie. The best upcoming goaltender in the league. (Rick) DiPietro will win the Vezina in the next three years.”

Experts Look: Hmm, one can surely see possible subliminal-attacks towards to Leafs coaching and a calling out towards the teams defense and goaltending. One thing is for sure, Jason Blake is for now wearing blue and white and seemingly very “blue” about it. It’s early in his first season. There is time to make use of Blake properly and to find a way to make this work for both him and the Maple Leafs….

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  1. habsrock99 says:

    Did you not read where I clearly stated "These rankings had no real thought put into them"

    If you want to go by stats from this year, I guess Brodeur, Kipper and Luongo are middle of the pack goalies, if not, bottom tier goalies who really shouldn't be in the NHL. And Huet and Leclaire are the NHL's elite along with Lundqvist. Oh wait, Lundqvist has a bad record, so I guess by your standards, he should be in the AHL. 

    How many good years do Gerber and Leclaire have? 1 among both goalies, and it was Gerber back in Carolina. Ward's putting up solid numbers and is proving that winning the Cup wasn't a fluke on his part. I'm a Habs fan and I've watched Huet for 3 seasons now, and he's just about as bad as Ed Belfour was at playing the puck, that's why he's usually ranked so low on most people's goalie rankings. Raycroft's had some solid NHL seasons, including a Calder Trophy and a 37 win season. Toskala's good and as much as I hate to say it, is beginning to show why Toronto signed him, though those games aren't coming consistently.

  2. habskovalev27 says:

    bah…Carey Price is coming…

  3. leafy says:

    Just my personal bias, but I think Satan is washed up.  His best years are definitely behind him, and we need to get quality young prospects/draft picks, not more washed up veterans…we have plenty of those.  Hunter is a different story though.

    I hear that Matvichuk can still play.  On the other hand, why would Jersey get rid of him if he was still good?  Lamarello has won a few cups and is not an idiot.

    I wouldn't trade Stajan unless it was a knock your socks off deal.  The last thing we need to do is trade away our quality young players.

    I doubt any GM would want Pohl unless it was a minor deal.

  4. leafy says:

    Prediction for tonight: Leafs vs. Sabres

    Not this time, I've learned my lesson.  No more predictions.

    I'll just say that if the Leafs lose tonight, look out!  It could be a steep downhill ride.  After Maurice blowing his top in the previous game, and then going out and losing again, it could be disastrous.

    Remember that JFJ is running this team with a gun to his head.  If the Leafs don't make the playoffs, he's toast.  So he just might sack Maurice ahead of time as a self preservation move.

  5. jimbob says:

    This is going to be a long season for the leafs.  They can't really move anyone because of the cap.
    I don't blame JFJ on signing this guy, he was supposed to be a guy who can play defense and score goals.  So far, he's done little of both. Yeah, sundin is no playmaker or defensive forward, but he's doing better than blake, and everyone else on the leafs team.

    Another leafs trade suggestion, lol.
    Trade blake to Dallas for Norstrom?  Trade mccabe to Columbus for picks and prospects.
    Problems solved!

  6. mojo19 says:

    He'll for sure be nominated within the next three years. Dipietro is absolutely amazing. 1.Brodeur 2.Luongo 3.Turco 4.Dipietro

  7. mojo19 says:

    Well you're already wrong by saying never, since he's already more than a middle of the road goalie. His games last year where the Islanders had no business winning, he stole so many of them, making over 40 stops on a lot of nights.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Blakes comments were that within the next three years, Dipietro will have won a Vezina trophy, not that he's going to win three consecutive. lol.

    And Blake's putting up almost a point per game,but his goals are just so low.

  9. leafy says:

    Leafs 3, Sabres 0

    Leafs played a smart defensive game tonight.  Everyone knows I'm not high on Raycroft, but I give credit where it's due…he was excellent tonight.  Rock solid as can be.  As Leaf fans, this is all we ask, don't give up any friggin soft goals.  You don't necessarily have to be like Cujo or Eddie, but cut down on those softies and Leaf fans may like you.  Let's see if he can establish some consistency in his game.

    It looked like the Leafs got some confidence as the game went on.  Buffalo looked like the Leafs on many nights – out of synch and not able to generate any sustained offense, working mostly from the perimeter.

    Here's something really annoying: Again, we saw the Leaf defenders beaten from the outside by speedy Buffalo forwards, e.g., Kubina and Gill.  You can't have opponents blowing by you one-on-one.  Something's wrong with the lateral movement of some of Toronto's blueliners.  This needs to be addressed somehow like better concentration, anticipation, etc.

    Offensively, it still looks like the Leafs are playing without a system.  It's a minor miracle that we're among the top team in goals for.

  10. my_sphincter says:

    Did I say anything about Luongo and brodeur?

    Gerber has 3 good years including this year. He started shakey last year, but the team was playing poorly and he picked it up in the end. Leclair has been playing for a crappy team and has been quite good over the last 2 years and has really been brilliant this year. Ward played great in the playoffs, but has been average since.  I never mentioned Lundqvist, so I am unsure where that came from.  Belfour in his hayday was one of the best goalies in the league and Huet was an all star last year before he was injured and is putting up great numbers this year.  Raycroft had one good season and then couldn't make it as lowly Boston't 3rd string goalie.  He has sucked since (37 wins were in spite of his play not because of it… He was ranked in the bottom 3rd of the league in S% and GAA last year).  Toskala has been terrible this year and has never played as a #1 goalie in the league, so where did his ranking come from?

    So, once again, you are on crack!!!

  11. prayin-for-the-wce says:

    nice try, Bieksa is gone for a minimum of 2 months, more likely 4 months.
    How do you like the trade now?

  12. habsrock99 says:

    I'm on crack eh? Well, maybe YOU should look up your facts their genious, Martin Gerber has had ONE good year, 2005-06. Not THREE like you have so blindly stated.

    I used Luongo and Brodeur as examples because you said that DiPietro isn't good because he ranks/ranked 21st in save percentage. Well, Mr. Know-It-All, Brodeur and Luongo currently rank lower then DiPietro in both Save Percentage and Goals Against Average, and DiPietro plays for a worse team then both. Lundqvist was at one point 2-6 or 2-5, which would obviously rank him lower then DiPietro, according to your standards.

    I clearly stated that the only reason DiPietro is better then Huet is because Huet SUCKS at handling the puck. I never, at any time say that Ed BelFour was a bad goalie, I just said he was horrible at handling the puck. Learn to read.

    Raycroft won 37 games and you know what, he had the same, THE EXACT SAME defence as this year. So you obviously can't blame ALL of Toronto's misfortunes on him.

    And, like I already stated, Toskala is BEGINNING to show signs that he's a #1. If you want to go by previous years stats, Huet has yet to prove he's a #1 as he has yet to play more then 42 games in a season, just like Vesa Toskala has yet to play more then 38 games.

    And, like I have CLEARLY stated TWICE (Third time now), I never gave much thought in the ranking of the goalies. If I WOULD have, the list would probably be much different.

    You keep saying I'm on crack but seeing as I've said these things multiple times, that tells me that you are either illiterate or just plain slow.

  13. leaffaninva says:

    The problem is that they put him on a line with Sundin (no offense to either player)

    Sundin should be paired up with the twin towers (Poni and Antropov) as Sundin's ability to scrap along the boards and cycle with the other two big boys generates far more scoring chances then just having Blake wait for that perfect pass from the corner.

    Now that Wellwood is back – place Blake on a line with him and Tucker or Tlusty.  The speed and the willingness to scrap along boards by those three, not to mention, Wellwood's creativity in passing would be the best for Blake. 

    The one highlight of that 5-1 loss against Ottawa was the 4-4 situation where Blake and Wellwood were sent out as a unit – they looked extremely comfortable and fast.

    Unless you put DiPietro behind a Trapping type of system – he'll never have the numbers to contend for a Vezina

  14. MikeGartner says:

    Not sure how everyone fails to recognize Lundqvist as top 3 in the league.  I would still take Brodeur and Luongo over him, but thats about it. 

  15. MikeGartner says:

    Lundqvist is the real deal.  I would take maybe Brodeur and Luongo over him at this point, and Brodeur is a stretch.  There isnt much better.  Look at the stats. 

  16. mojo19 says:

    Actually yeah, Lunqvist is amazing, same calibre as Turco and Dipietro, even though he's playing better than them right now, I might change my opinion if he keeps it up all year and put Lunqvist at the top. He played like this his rookie year too so its very possible.

  17. mojo19 says:

    Yes, finally. If Raycroft would have played 5 or 6 games like that last year like he was supposed to, we would have made the playoffs. He's gotta do that once every 5 starts as far as I'm concerned. I'm not saying get a shut out, just be the difference in a game.

  18. lukeleim says:

    lundqvist is the best goalie in the league as far as im concerned.

  19. Archion113 says:

    Hahahahaha… oh man i'm so gonna copy and paste that everywhere i can now…

    glad to have you aboard!

  20. goldman says:

    The Isles would never make that trade. We don't need defense right now why would we want McCabe? Hunter will not be traded he is loved by the coaching staff and the players. Oh us fans too. Snow is in charge now not Mad Mike he would never make such a dumb trade! The Isles are playing great right now why would they do anything!

    Where do you guys come up with this crap?

  21. leafy says:

    My thoughts on tonights game: NY Rangers 3, Leafs 2 (SO)

    Actually, I have no thoughts on tonight's game.  I missed it!

    My TV went kaput, so I placed it in the front of the house to get rid of it for free.  I then went to Best Buy and bought a cheap new set.  But then when I got home and hooked it up, no picture again.  It turns out there was nothing wrong with my old TV all along – it's the stupid cable box!!!  I now have to wait until Rogers customer service opens tomorrow.  Wish I could get my old TV back.  Too late, someone picked it up from the front of my house.

  22. leafy says:

    That's exactly it.  It's the inconsistency that drives me crazy.  At least Gord McCrae (Leaf goalie from the '70s) sucked every game, but he was consistent and it was easier to accept.

    It must have been a good game tonight against the Rangers.  Too bad I missed it.  What a shitty day I had.

  23. RealisticLeaf says:

    I am VERY sorry to hear about your TV leafy. But the new one will serve you better in this new age NHL….remember that younger is better…out with the old vets. LOL

  24. RealisticLeaf says:

    Anyone catch the Hot Stove last night?

    Strachan says that JFJ and Maurice are very close to gettin the AXE. YEAH!!!!! Now see it is not only Steve Simmons saying that now.

    It was also mentioned during the game that Sather would like to have Tucker on his team. Harry Neil mentioned that he was chatting with him before the game and Neil asked him about Avery. Sather said that he would like to have both Avery and Tucker on his team.

    Back to the Hot Stove. Strach said that Glenn Healy is apparently a front runner to take the post of GM. Healy did not get the job the first time as he wanted to blow the team up and start over and JFJ wanted to keep the course started by Quinn. The MLSE wanted JFJ as they felt Quinn was onto something. Strach also mentioned that Bowman may want the post as President and GM. The pannel felt that he may want one more challenge before he retires. They all felt that way except for Duhatschek who felt that he does not want to leave Detroit. My slant on this is that Bowman being GM of the Leafs will not go away and where there is smoke….there is fire. Although I like the idea of Healy being GM as he is not affraid to call it like it is as he does on TSN. I have always like the stuff he has done on TSN and feel that it would reflect as GM. At least I can hope.

    Personaly I feel that MLSE thinks it is better to blow it up now. Finish last in the NHL and get some high picks and stock the team up. Get rid of all the bloated contracts and start over. Pour LOTS of money$ into the scouting staff and reap the rewards. Also leaves money to sign some quality free agents. Not the Gill's, Kubina's, or Blake's of the world. Tucker at 3 Million…I still consider that a good signing. It certainly is workable…unlike McCabes contract. We are stuck with McCabe unless the NYI want him.

  25. icebreaker says:

    I couldnt agree more. Mats should play in between the king cans, and Blake belongs with a pure set up man in Welly. Then you create two scoring lines with two different styles of attack

  26. icebreaker says:

    I couldnt agree more. Mats should play in between the king cans, and Blake belongs with a pure set up man in Welly. Then you create two scoring lines with two different styles of attack

  27. JuicemaN says:

    and you should…just remember…I'll always admit defeat if need be and I'll admit when I'm wrong. I'm sure I'll need that "copy and paste" for a future disscussion of ours down the road.

    You were 100% right.

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