Joseph's Not Going Anywhere…*UPDATE*

TSN and The Toronto Sun are reporting that Curtis Joseph went under the knife Tuesday to repair a broken ankle. Apparently the injury was discovered during an MRI, that could have possibly been ordered by the Boston Bruins. Cujo will be back in about SIX weeks.

This really throws a wrench into the plans of the Red Wings for many reasons. First the obvious, no team is going to want to trade for an injured goalie. Secondly, with these types of injuries, you can never be sure how long it will take for the player (especially a goaltender, who is constantly making lateral movements on his feet) to get back to 100%. So any team that wants to trade for Joseph is more likely to wait for a couple months after the envisioned return date, until he has gotten rid of the rust built up after all those months off. By January, with the Red Wings in what we can all imagine to be a very tight run for the West with the vastly improved Colorado Avalanche, among others, how many starts are they going to be willing to give to what will then be their THIRD string goaltender to get him back into game shape? Lastly, even if Joseph returns and is back to his old-self, you would have to take into account that Boston is probably not going to wait that long to shore up their goaltending. This leaves an even smaller pool of interested teams for Joseph’s services, and it leaves the Wings with the most expensive backup goaltender in history.

The only scenario I can see is the Wings eating Cujo’s $8 million salary this year, and trading him at the deadline to another playoff contender. However, unless they are to violate a cardinal rule of trading (not to a direct competitor), that leaves them with only the Eastern Conference. That is also assuming another team is in such a desperate need for goaltending that they gamble on a veteran goalie, who played mediocre at best in last years playoffs (he can’t take the blame for the sweep however, that was clearly a team effort), who has missed the majority of the season, and barring an injury to the Dominator, has probably only played 20 games at the most. This team would also have to eat Joseph’s salary for the next season as well.

This is terrible news for everyone involved, and I will be anxious to see how it plays out. As a Leafs fan however, one has to smirk a little at the fact that he left the Leafs over their lack of commitment to winning (no argument here), but then almost ends up with the team most notorious for their lack of commitment to anything other than the dollar. The Bruins have not showed much interest in winning since the Ray Bourque days. Let’s see how Hackett and Shields handle the burden this year.

That’s it for now! Let me know what you think guys…

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  1. dawingzrule says:

    It’s not broken as reported it’s only bone chips (spurs) and they were removed. He’ll be out 6-8 weeks tops.

  2. Kashin says:

    Red wings will not get that much in return but no matter what he will have to clear waive3rs by the waiver draft since only 2 goalies are protected and hasek and legace are sure to be taken.

    PS Hacket is on the flyers.

  3. cheeze says: was reporting that the injury to Joseph’s ankle was a gunshot wound. It can be found on the breaking news ticker!!!

  4. jofa says:

    Good article.

    Yeah, I was pretty surprised to hear the news on Joseph this morning. This is really going to put a financial strain on the Red Wings, isn’t it? I mean, they’ll essentially have $16 million in salary wrapped up in two goaltenders, one of which isn’t even going to be able to play for half the season. Plus the salary of Legace, which is probably in the $1-2 million range (have no idea what it is…).

    Not that Detroit is a small market team or anything, but I have to think they had budgeted for 2003-04 with the understanding that they would only have one $8 million goaltender, so I imagine they are now set to lose some serious cash as a result this year…

    Anyway, bad news for all involved, especially the red wings.

  5. minihatcher says:

    How do you know this?

  6. shady313 says:

    Great Article, I agree with you that Boston will probably fill in their goaltending problem before Joseph’s is fully recovered, if it’s true that he will be out until January. This is a major bummer for the Wings, If they try to add anyone to their roster, I think they will have to waive Cujo, but then again, who is going to pick up an $8 Million injured player!

  7. dawingzrule says:

    I can’t say

  8. minihatcher says:

    Ok – THANK GOD!!!

    We can put these rumors to rest… Straight from the source…

    DETROIT — Detroit Red Wings goaltender Curtis Joseph underwent successful posterior impingement surgery on his ankle yesterday at the Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland, OH.

    The procedure removed a bone chip in the back of Joseph’s ankle. Joseph is expected to return to skating in approximately six weeks

  9. dawingzrule says:

    just kiddin it say on the wings site he had surgery and will be out up to 8 weeks max go and check it out.

  10. dawingzrule says:

    I already said that!!!

  11. wingsfan13 says:

    Hackets on the flyers buddy. And since he’ll be out for a while I think the Wings will put him on the waivers now. I don’t think its a broken ankle.

  12. bruinfan37 says:

    What a kick in the pants for a Bruins fan. We basically have the guy in our hands, and this happens. But, as someone said up above, he’ll only be out 8 weeks because of bone chips. I believe that. C’mon now people… Cujo needed an MRI to show that he had a broken ankle?

  13. minihatcher says:

    No kiddin… Check the date/time chief…

    It was after I already posted straight from the Red Wings site.. =)

  14. dawingzrule says:

    About the bone chips and how long he’ll be out?

  15. minihatcher says:

    Good point… I still thought we were all in disbelief b/c of what it meant for eveyone – a goalie with a broken ankle = nothing could be worse.

  16. minihatcher says:

    yes.. see for yourself..

    I posted my thread – August 20 @ 09:56:45 EDT

    You posted yours – August 20 @ 10:03:29 EDT

  17. shady313 says:

    IM not trying to contradict you, but it says that the is supposed to be able to skate in six weeks, does it mean he will be ready to play?, There’s not much detail in the Wings Official site, what minihatcher copied and posted is the FULL ARTICLE on the Red Wings official site!

  18. dawingzrule says:

    No Bud 8:21 first post check it out bone chips out 6-8 wekks

  19. dawingzrule says:

    Blah Blah Blah who cares anyway I don’t lets not argue. Wings still rule

  20. minihatcher says:

    Yes that’s true. However, you just stated it…

    Didn’t back it up and that’s why I replied with the source.

  21. minihatcher says:

    Agreed… Just a minor set back… =)

  22. minihatcher says:

    Ok… Last article everyone…

    Should put alot of questions to rest…

  23. Freeze says:

    If Cujo’s out 6-8 weeks, he could be ready for the start of the season. However, I think with the waiver draft you can only protect 2 goalies, which for the Wings would be Hasek and Legace. Can Holland trade Joseph in his current condition and get much of anything in return before the waiver draft? I doubt it. I don’t think Holland could get that much for a healthy Cujo – not at $8 million a year – nevermind an injured Cujo. A conditional draft pick might be about it. It’s time for the Wings to sign Nieuwendyke and hope for the best. In the meantime, Boston is stuck with fat and satisfied Martin LaPointe.

  24. big_booty says:

    There is no rule against trading an injured player, it could still happen.

    It just means that the return that the Wings are seeking, while pretty low already, will be even lower if they deal him while damaged.

  25. Freeze says:

    The Avs might pick up Cujo. He’ll be OK by the start of the season and the Avs need a starting goalie. They can handle $8 million after Kariya accepted $1.2 million – there’s lots of money left over. Cujo fits with Colorado.

  26. beefer says:

    I heard he was surfing off the coast of Australia and was bitten by a great white! Lost his leg from the knee down. I saw it on Discovery channel’s Shark Week.

  27. fatsat says:

    Of course he’s going somewhere. Don’t you thnk Cujo would have had the surgey long ago if he know he had a problem?

    Boston or NY probably already accepted a trade with Cujo pending a complete medical.

    That is how the bone spurs were found.

    Cujo will not be a Detroit Red Wing come the start of the season. Any bets?

  28. 89AlexanderMogilny89 says:

    Oh,I thought that was the Crocodile Hunter.

  29. bugreaper says:

    Dude, good thinking. I never thought of that, why would he be going for an MRI on his ankle in the middle of the summer? If it was bothering him wouldn’t he have gotten it taken care of right after the season end so as not to miss training camp? As a Wings fan I fell better about this already.

  30. KaPluie says:

    Ohh! And here I was thinking there was a rule against trading injured players. I’m glad you cleared that up for me ;o)

  31. mikster says:

    Sure, now i’d tarde for him for a 3rd and if the Wings eat up $3M of his contract if i were the Bruins.

    Rangers will probably be out of the bidding. Although getting Cujo for even cheaper and trading Dunham for a very valuable and beneficial return may be good for the Rangers, but i doubt it. Boston doesn’t pay up much and it’s hard to see a BOS-NYR big trade.

  32. Enigma says:

    Curtis will be put on waivers, and the new york islanders will pick him up lol…….you never know.

  33. beefer says:

    Thats an easy mistake to make.

  34. MantaRay says:

    Through no fault of their own, the Rangers are forced to make the right move.

    Cujo injury saves Sather from further humiliation.

  35. Freeze says:

    Why would the Wings pay $3 million for a 3rd round pick?

  36. Freeze says:

    OK, six weeks from yesterday for sake of argument is September 30. Here’s the NHL waiver-related schedule:

    September 30, 2003 — Trade deadline at 2 p.m. ET — in effect through completion of NHL Waiver Draft

    October 1, 2003 — Protected and available lists for NHL Waiver Draft released to media at 4 p.m. ET

    October 2, 2003 — Deadline for unsigned juniors claimed in fourth or subsequent rounds of the Entry Draft to be returned to their junior clubs

    October 3, 2003 — NHL Waiver Draft

    I’d guess the teams interested in CuJo are probably going to take this thing late into September before pulling the trigger, hoping to make the WIngs sweat some more and lower the asking price.

  37. bignorth says:

    hmmm….if nobody goes through with a trade for joseph….then wouldn’t ken holland just waive him like he said he’d thought about? and oh yeah, said that the surgery was only for minor reasons, so there’s no point in blowing this out of proportion that detroit is up shit’s crick, and they’re screwed or whatever. i also saw somebody post a comment that colorado was gonna be much better this year, and that they were going to go far, but who is colorado gonna go with when their first and second lines are tired?, cuz if you look at their lineup they have; forsberg, tanguay, hejduk, sakic, selanne, and kariya, and that’s about it…nobody else. at least not compared to the four lines that detroit can throw out every night

  38. Enigma says:

    amongst those players, you can spread them around different lines, they don’t have to be on the same ones.

  39. Enigma says:

    good question…..that money would best be spent elsewhere.

  40. bignorth says:

    if you spread them out on different lines they’re not going to do stuff on their own because the avalanche don’t have anybody but those six players, not to mention they only have three good, proven defensemen, and two “let’s give them a try” goalies. av’s are overrated

  41. mikster says:

    Save some humiliation yourself.

    Your source that said he would be traded two weeks after the Ducks signed Feds is completely wrong and you have been contradicting yourself.

    Rangers won’t trade a center without getting a center in return. They won’t dump salary to get Cujo. So…they can’t trade Dunham, to then get Cujo who is more expensive.

    And, you said the Rangers have no money left, which means they can’t afford a 3 year $8M per season contract.

  42. MantaRay says:

    Spinster: I love how you make stuff up all the time,

    I never put a time table on the Cujo trade. Time was in Sathers favor. All I know is before the injury Sather “guarenteed” he would get Cujo prior to camp.

    Lindros WAS the trade bait, get over it.

    Your just bitter because my sources were dead on as usual.

    Dunham isn’t a name goalie and Sather for some reason loves Cujo. Cujo and Lindros was a financial wash considering the incentives in the Lindros contract.

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