Joseph's Not Going Anywhere…*UPDATE*

TSN and The Toronto Sun are reporting that Curtis Joseph went under the knife Tuesday to repair a broken ankle. Apparently the injury was discovered during an MRI, that could have possibly been ordered by the Boston Bruins. Cujo will be back in about SIX weeks.

This really throws a wrench into the plans of the Red Wings for many reasons. First the obvious, no team is going to want to trade for an injured goalie. Secondly, with these types of injuries, you can never be sure how long it will take for the player (especially a goaltender, who is constantly making lateral movements on his feet) to get back to 100%. So any team that wants to trade for Joseph is more likely to wait for a couple months after the envisioned return date, until he has gotten rid of the rust built up after all those months off. By January, with the Red Wings in what we can all imagine to be a very tight run for the West with the vastly improved Colorado Avalanche, among others, how many starts are they going to be willing to give to what will then be their THIRD string goaltender to get him back into game shape? Lastly, even if Joseph returns and is back to his old-self, you would have to take into account that Boston is probably not going to wait that long to shore up their goaltending. This leaves an even smaller pool of interested teams for Joseph’s services, and it leaves the Wings with the most expensive backup goaltender in history.

The only scenario I can see is the Wings eating Cujo’s $8 million salary this year, and trading him at the deadline to another playoff contender. However, unless they are to violate a cardinal rule of trading (not to a direct competitor), that leaves them with only the Eastern Conference. That is also assuming another team is in such a desperate need for goaltending that they gamble on a veteran goalie, who played mediocre at best in last years playoffs (he can’t take the blame for the sweep however, that was clearly a team effort), who has missed the majority of the season, and barring an injury to the Dominator, has probably only played 20 games at the most. This team would also have to eat Joseph’s salary for the next season as well.

This is terrible news for everyone involved, and I will be anxious to see how it plays out. As a Leafs fan however, one has to smirk a little at the fact that he left the Leafs over their lack of commitment to winning (no argument here), but then almost ends up with the team most notorious for their lack of commitment to anything other than the dollar. The Bruins have not showed much interest in winning since the Ray Bourque days. Let’s see how Hackett and Shields handle the burden this year.

That’s it for now! Let me know what you think guys…