July 14, 2009 News and Rumors Roundup

Report: Chicago Blackhawks fire GM Dale Tallon

Big bucks for NHL Commish Bettman

Oilers’ patience wearing thin
Report: Chicago Blackhawks fire GM Dale Tallon

Chris Kuc | Tribune reporter

The Blackhawks have fired general manager Dale Tallon and Stan Bowman will be named his replacement, according to a report.

Comcast SportsNet reported late Monday that Tallon, who had been GM of the Hawks since June 21, 2005, and had built the Hawks into a Stanley Cup contender, was out and that an official announcement would be made Tuesday.

Tallon put together a team that reached the playoffs for the first time in seven years and advanced to the Western Conference finals during the 2008-09 season.

But he came under fire last week for sending qualifying offers to restricted free agents late, causing them to be delivered after the deadline set by the NHL’s Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The eight players, including Kris Versteeg and Cam Barker, all were signed to contracts, and the NHL Players’ Association withdrew its grievance.

Tallon was in the final year of his contract, and last Wednesday, in his first comments after the filing snafu, he said he had not asked for an extension.


Big bucks for NHL Commish Bettman

Helene Elliott

Bettman The Phoenix Coyotes are bankrupt, but NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman sure isn’t in the poorhouse.

According to an article in today’s SportsBusiness Journal, Bettman got a 27% raise during the 2007-08 season that brought his salary and benefits to $7.1 million for the fiscal year that ended June 30, 2008. The numbers came from league tax filings.

Those figures are a high point for Bettman, whose salary before the lockout was $3.77 million. SportsBusiness Journal said that, according to tax filings, Bettman’s $7.1 million broke down to $4,197,694 in compensation from the NHL and $2,911,550 in compensation and benefits from the NHL’s business arm, NHL Enterprises.


Oilers’ patience wearing thin

Edmonton could go in another direction as early as today if Heatley won’t agree to trade


The door still isn’t closed on a deal to send disgruntled Senators winger Dany Heatley to the Oilers — but it could be slammed shut soon.

Sources indicated yesterday that while Heatley refused to waive his no-movement clause on June 30 and agree to a deal that would have sent him to the Oilers, he has not “officially” rejected Edmonton as a destination.

But an NHL source indicated yesterday the Oilers’ patience is wearing thin to have Heatley agree to a deal and they could give up and move on perhaps as early as today.

At this point, the Oilers appear to be the only viable trade option. With Edmonton out of the picture, returning to Ottawa and an ugly reception from fans could be the Heatley camp’s only option.

Heatley, who in a letter to the Senators on June 4 asked to be traded, could still accept Edmonton if no other deal can be worked out. Rumours are there are at least two other teams which have recently held discussions with Senators GM Bryan Murray, but have only offered bloated contracts and underachieving players in return.

“What I’ve heard is Heatley is keeping the Edmonton door open in case nothing better comes along,” said an NHL source. “I don’t think all the options have been exhausted yet. But the reality is there’s not much interest out there.”

The Oilers were rumoured to be prepared to send forwards Dustin Penner and Andrew Cogliano and defenceman Ladislav Smid to the Senators on the eve of free agency July 1. Oilers president Kevin Lowe and GM Steve Tambellini visited Heatley that night to try and convince him to make the move, but were unsuccessful.


27 Responses to July 14, 2009 News and Rumors Roundup

  1. leafy says:

    No no! Don't fire Tallon!  He had a deal cooking with the Leafs.

  2. muckies says:

    Alfie came out today and said he has called Heatley a few times but Heatley has never called him back or answered his calls. It's one thing to not talk to your coach or manager in the off-seasons, its a total other thing to not talk to a teamate and the Team Captain, and the longest serving Captain in the NHL, not to mention your line mate and buddy.

    That's low on Heatley, he's juts trying to burn bridges to gte out of Ottawa, Hetaley has issues, it's like he wants everybody to hate him, i don't get it, he should just be happy with his situation in life and work to make the Sens a better team, no wonder they cant trade him, he's kinda psycho. 

    Heatley needs a psychiatrsit more than he needs a new coach and sweater. But i'll still cheer him if he comes back   

  3. cam7777 says:

    yea, it's funny how the longer this drags on, the sympathy is kind of shifting back to heatley.  it's like no one in their right mind could be as stupid, as a big of a jerk as he is being.  the guy has some serious issues.  i hope murray can resolve the situation soon.

    there's still big hockey news to happen this summer, and that will open the window for murray to move heatley, or figure something out for his roster.  the sharks promised a shakeup, and many believe a big trade is still coming from them.  tanguay's still on the market.  the kessel and cap situation still has to be dealt with in boston, which potentially means a big trade of either Kessel or Bergeron, or a couple lesser players.  and Chicago has to make a few moves to get under the cap.  lots of time for the heatley thing to take shape stilll…

  4. cam7777 says:

    Guaranteed that Tallon has tried to move the likes of Sharp, Byfuglien and Campbell, and turned up no signficant offers.  It's just like I said, no one is going to give take these guys off their hands AND include a quality return.  It doesn't make sense when you can just poach them for free next off-season. 

    Now the upper management has heard that the best offer for Sharp is Exelby and a 3rd, and no one is touching Campbell with a ten foot pole, and Huet is basically unmoveable, and surprize surpize, Tallon is out as GM.  It's too bad, because he's a smart guy hockey-wise, but clearly did not know how to manage the cap, or keep up to speed with the paper-work.

    Bring him in Burke!  Let him find us scout for us, and find us some Versteeg's loafing around ready to explode into the NHL.  We have nothing but money to spend.  Marcus Naslund working for us overseas, Tallon scouting most of Canada, and Burkie himself scouring the College ranks – we would be set in that department for a long time….

  5. JoelJoel says:

    Other than Hossa I think he's mostly only done good fair deals that have helped his team. He probably wouldn't have given us Sharp or anything that great… maybe Bowman jr will make a horrible trade and we could get something decent back for kabby.

  6. JoelJoel says:

    Unless they pull some crazy 3-way, Boston and Chicago are the last teams that need a 7.5 mil contract.

    Would you give up Kessel or Sharp for Heatly (contracts considered)? No Chance.

  7. JoelJoel says:

    You're right, other than the cap and that qualifying offer debacle, he's been a pretty smart Gm… bring em in!

    I don't really see it happening. I think he may be too valuable as a GM to some team; however, it wouldn't surprise me to see him in an advisory role for MLSE.

    That would be great!

  8. cam7777 says:

    I wasn't implying that those teams would be interested.  I was saying that after some of the other movement that is almost sure to happen is done with, the landscape for trading Heatley will be different. For example, if the Sharks move out Marleau and Cheechoo, they would have the room to use the return on that to get Heatley. 

    Some teams might be looking to nab Kessel for nothing, or next to nothing, or might be waiting to see what they can poach from the likes of Boston and Chicago, and some teams are waiting on Tanguay.  Some teams will be losers in the hunt for those players, and could then turn their attention to heatley. 

    Heatley is obviously a last resort because he's insane, and the asking price for him is even more psychotic.

  9. lafleur10 says:

    with his dad being scotty bowman and being an advisor to him i doubt that!, he'll most likely rape burke!

  10. cam7777 says:

    Ha, don't be such a hater lafleur.  You realize Burke isn't an idiot right?  He's not just going to hand over assets just because it's the Bowman's talking.  Honestly, this happened because all of the trades Tallonw as trying to make were probably seeing the Hawks getting raped, and management realized that this is almost unavoidable now.

    I've said it for a while now, but no one is going to overpay, or even pay market value for Chicago's talent – however good they may be – simply because they don't have to.  Even the Bowman's won't be getting amazing returns for the guys they have.

    Gainey is nearly as respected as Bowman, and previously thought to be just as shrewd, but look at what he gave up for Gomez. 

  11. muckies says:

    I agree, I think at the end of the day, Heatley's value on the trade market is really not worth trading him probably, it would be better for the Sens to keep him and maybe trade him next summer, his value couldnt get worse could it?

    But I think some teams are trying to do some complicated things, like SJ cahnging thier forward group, Edmonton, Columbus trying to improve without giving up the future, T.O. looking a a PP beast up front, Chicago looking to move some salaries.

    The summer is still ealry and some big names are still out there, kaberle, Heater, Kessel, Thronton or Marleau, maybe Sahne Doan I cant see him wanting to stay in Phoneix, there will still be some big moves coming down the pipe before RFA time.

  12. lafleur10 says:

    cam,haha i'm not being a hater  it's just that nobody ,i mean nobody in the game today has the mind of scotty bowman,even at his age scotty is the only one that can still tell you about every player on everyteam and their strengths and weaknesses without looking them up! i aslo think stan will be like they say:(like father ,like son) he'll prove to be very smart,you are right though if scotty wasn't there then yes i could see it but not with scotty there,but scotty is very respected,like gainey is but yes he gave up a ton for gomez,howeer if scotty was their gomez probaly would've been had for a song(and if it was the best g.m. in league history (sam pollack) we would've got gomez for nothing! buti see what your saying with the hawks their up against the cap and need to dumps salary and give stuff away,but with the wily old bowman there they will come out even or on the better end eventhough it'll look like a salary dump he's done it wherever he 's gone and chicago will not be different. detroit hasn't been the same since scotty left they're still really good but they don't have that element in their franchise anymore than holland can go to for advice or opinions!

  13. pezzz123 says:

    They fired the wrong person.

    Ever since John McDonagh was in as the new owner, the writing was on the wall for Dale Tallon. And when they brought in Scotty as a senior advisor to push his son Stan, it became even clearer that Tallon's days were over as GM.

    It's a strong rumour out there that the Huet and Campbell signings were orders coming directly from the owner. Tallon wasn't so hot about them.

    And as everybody should know, filling the qualifying offers for RFAs are the Assistant GM's job. Who was the assistant GM in Chicago? Rick Dudley. Where is he now? Atlanta. He left the boat a few days before free agency.

    I say it again : they fired the wrong guy.

  14. bodangles87 says:

    If Alfie called me… I would not return his calls

  15. muckies says:

    the long distance to Sweden is killer in the daytime, I'm with you, I'd wait for him to call back so he gets stuck with the long distance rates…

  16. pezzz123 says:

    Tallon has been named Senior advisor to Stan Bowman.

    Could he end up being the new GM in Florida?

  17. mojo19 says:

    Where was Bowman when Tallon dropped the ball by mailing RFA offer sheets and doing other things incorrectly?

  18. reinjosh says:

    I would love for him too join the leafs organization
    you can never have to many good management people
    could be a potent combo, Nonis, Burke, Fletcher and Tallon.
    BUT i just don't see it happening
    some team will snap him up fast
    he will be jobless for no more than a month
    and Eklund came out with this way before TSN did
    again he gets something right
    though i said Tallon was going to be fired within the next year as soon as the Hossa signing was made
    just didnt think it would be this soon

  19. reinjosh says:

    ive never heard that rumor at all
    sounds suspect to me
    but yeah when the team fired the coach, it was only inevitable that Tallon would go soon
    all they needed was a decent reason and with the Hossa signing and the RFA's debacle it was handed too them
    and Tallon should have been on the ball their with the RFA offers regardless of whose responsibility it was. hes the GM, its his job to make sure these things get done.
    he effed up bad with those and the Hossa contract, no surprise he was fired.
    he deserved it after that, but their is no denying he has huge talent.

  20. reinjosh says:

    i wouldn't bet against it happening
    in fact its probably likely
    perfect fit for tallon too
    Florida needs the same type of build that Chicago was given by Tallon
    could be a match made in heaven

  21. reinjosh says:

    though i just read that the owner has been known to be controlling for the cubs
    you could be right

  22. nordiques100 says:

    florida has been like leafs south. too good for top 5, too bad for playoffs. they're in limbo.

    i think the musical GM chairs has set them back.

    but they have solid young players, a deep experienced D and a good goalie.

    no front liner to bring headlines, but could be close to a playoff team. what they need is some stability at the top.

    with the ownership up for grabs, no gm, a 2nd yr coach, no fans, they've just been not in a position to do anything right.

  23. lafleur10 says:

    he was sitting back letting tallon look like a buffoon ,then stepped in and lobbied the hawkas to fir tallon and hire his son stan!

  24. flamefan20 says:

    man isnt anyone else wondering why that chode bettman is making 7 million dollars?

  25. reinjosh says:

    he is completely overpaid
    by like 6 950 000 dollars

  26. pezzz123 says:


    Read this. It helps to understand the firing. Looks like McDonagh wanted his own franchise guy in (Hossa) and slacked Havlat because he was a close friend of Tallon.

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