July 26, 2009 – NHL News and Rumors Roundup

Chris Chelios to the Big Apple

Lundquist will play in Sweden

Satan Back to the Isles

Heatley no talk, no action
Chris Chelios to the Big Apple

We can tell you this much about a potential bid to buy the Coyotes that would include a proposal to move a handful of games out of Phoenix to a different city — that city would not be Hamilton, Ontario, no how and no way.

When Jere-Me Roenick is right, he’s right: The Coyotes’ rink should have been built in Scottsdale, not Glendale, and Chris Chelios does want to play in New York, the latter of which Glen Sather has known since July 1.

NHL is awaiting word from the Players’ Association on the league’s proposal to amend the CBA as relates to performance-enhancing drugs. The proposal would mandate playoff and offseason testing, among other adjustments. The PA is taking up the matter with the athletes during its summer meetings.


Lundquist will play in Sweden

Mike Heika/Reporter

As I said in the comments section, I don’t speak Swedish and I kind of push outgoing players to the out box.

Joel Lundqvist has tested NHL free agency and decided he will play next season in Sweden for Frolunda (Ulf Dahlen’s team).

I really liked Joel and I really thought he had great potential, but he just never seemed to find the consistency he needed. Obviously, the NHL apparently felt the same way, as he is not an expensive player and he could not find a taker. He will be very successful in Sweden, and hopefully he’ll be happy there.


Satan Back to the Isles


Heatley no talk, no action


As expected, Dany Heatley remained in hiding Saturday.

The unhappy Senators winger was a no-show at teammate Jason Spezza’s wedding in downtown Ottawa, but sooner or later Heatley is going to have to come out of the B.C. wilderness to explain his trade request.

While some might say Heatley’s decision not to attend Spezza’s marriage to Jennifer Snell was noble so as not to turn it into a media sideshow, a simple explanation about 50 days ago would have been much easier.

Next month, if he leaves his summer home in Kelowna, Heatley won’t be able to avoid the media during the Team Canada orientation camp in Calgary.

Sure, he can remain mum about his situation in Ottawa, saying he’ll only talk about Olympic-related topics, but do you think that will stop the media from peppering him about the Senators?

Of course not.

So out with it, Dany.

His agents, J.P. Barry and Stacey McAlpine, have confirmed that Heatley was disgusted with how he was used once Cory Clouston took over as coach of the Senators in February, but is that really enough to demand a trade out of a place where you are going to make nearly $40 million (all terms US) over the next five years?

So how about it, Dany?

The word in NHL circles is that Heatley fancies himself a leader, who feels he doesn’t get enough credit for what he’s accomplished in Ottawa, but is harshly judged when things aren’t going well for the Senators.

Though his camp denies it, there’s speculation Heatley would like to be a team captain, but knows he has no chance of getting the role with the Senators.


6 Responses to July 26, 2009 – NHL News and Rumors Roundup

  1. bbruins37 says:

    the whole "NHL players going to europe and russia" thing is starting to worry me a little bit. i know it's not too much of a threat yet, but in time i fear that the best talent from across the sea will just stay over there for their careers.

  2. LEAFS_54 says:

    eventually hockey will be a sport like soccer where there will be multiple powerhouse leagues. look at the FA premiership and the italian seria A and the spanish league. they are all individual leagues and every country gets to watch good soccer. the nhl just needs to come to an agreement on transfers between other clubs. and players need to be given the right to always decline a trade if they are leaving the continent they are currently in.

  3. Kramer says:

    Sather wants to give Chelios an 8 year deal.

  4. dewdrop11 says:

    Sather is an ass. This team was finally getting on track a few years back and all of a sudden we're looking at players well into their 40's while some talent that should be staying just walks out the door..WTF?

  5. JoelJoel says:

    I hate to say it, but that's awful selfish…

    Now what I mean by that is that, yes, the NHL is still the premier league in the world, but that seems a little unfair. If I wanted to see hockey at the most elite level I would want it locally and in my own language.

    Not that I think the European leagues are any less entertaining than the NHL (frankly, I've never watched a whole game from any European league) but it is well known that the best players all flock to the NHL. I love having the best of the best in North America, but I can see how frustrating it must be for many people. Imagine if you grew up in Cape Breton N.S. and adored Crobsy; watching him on the local new, going to his games, getting his autograph. Now what if he left for Europe when he was drafted? That would blow.

    I think it's only fair for players to play wherever they want. If better players continue to migrate to leagues like the KHL they will likely generate better revenue and be able to pay more. They are already offering contracts that are larger than NHL counterparts in some cases.

    I say let them play anywhere! If the financial compensation is equal players will have better options on where to realistically play.

    Don Cherry and many others have claimed that this will make the NHL a more North American league with less Euro players (and less French Canadians, if Grapes had his way). I can't deny the fact that this very well may happen, but I don't see it changing things too dramatically.

    Even if many Euro players begin migrating to the KHL I doubt that would diminish the role that they play in the NHL. There will always be niches that certain types of players fill. If anything I think we'll see more Canadian and American players sign in Europe.

    just a though…

  6. paulieplatypus says:

    Your an ass, and you write (and probably talk) like a sissy!  Please give some example(s) of how the team was on track a few years back and then how they went off track?  What players on the team are in their 40's?  What top talent in your opinion do you believe walked away?  Unlike your baseless comments thats not backed up by any facts or logical opinion, Sather has done a great job you fool. 

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