Just, What Is The Best Rivalry Of All Time?

If you wanted to see, any matchup, that would have the most fierce, exciting, 7 game series matchup for Lord Stanley’s Mug, what two teams would you have faceoff for a thrilling matchup?I’ve decided to give my top ten series I’d like to see in the Stanley Cup Finals discluding the fact that an Eastern Conference team always plays a Western Conference team, and a little summary about it.

10 Calgary/Vancouver

Have any of you seen this series right now? The fans on both sides would make my top 5 of loudest fans in the NHL. Plus both teams are playing very well, with each side taking 2 of 4 games. Both teams don’t play a boring trap, but they do play offensive style which is what I like to see, and a hard hitting game with a fight between Jarome Iginla and Mattias Ohlund, and Bertuzzi’s not even there.

I think Vancouver would take it if they had Bertuzzi, and Cloutier in the lineup, but this would definitely get alot of viewers watching this one.

9 Los Angeles/Colorado

After what Los Angeles has been through this year with injuries like Jason Allison, Adam Deadmarsh, and Zigmund Palffy, and Martin Straka out for the year, I’d like to see this team’s skill when it’s fully healthy. Other stars are Anson Carter, Alexander Frolov, Luc Robitaille, and Aaron Miller. Why Colorado you ask? A few years ago the Kings beat the Avalanche in 7 to move on to the next round and it was a great series to watch. None of these teams get lots of penalties so it’s a free flowing game between them.

8 Dallas/Edmonton

Definitely a great matchup when these two teams faceoff, as they have alot of history between these two, but Dallas has seem to squeak past the Oilers every time, in the last 4 matchups. Even though Edmonton aren’t in the post-season this year, I still think they are a great team, and would give trouble to Dallas. I think it would be similar to the Vancouver/Calgary series, beacuse Vancouver are the better team, but Calgary seems to want it more so the series is even.

7 Vancouver/Toronto

All I have to say about this one is it would be an enjoyable Canadian get together. Since I’m a Leaf fan and this is a series that is possible, I’m rooting for this one all the way!

6 Toronto/Ottawa

Voted the best series this year so far, so why not?

Just like Dallas, except Toronto has dominated Ottawa, and not the Oilers. This always turns out to be a hard hitting melee, with bruises galore! Plus there’s always tons of leaf fans in the Corel Centre. The best divisional rivalry in the NHL.

5 Philadelphia/Colorado

Both teams have goalies that are seeming to get better each game, in Esche for Philly and Aebischer for Colorado, and the best leaders in the NHL in Forsberg for Colorado, and Roenick for Philly. I just think you’d see two of the most skillfull teams in hockey take it to the ice in a best of 7 series.

4 Detroit/Colorado

Everyone has there reasons. The both of them seem to be the favourite every year too come out of the West. This one’s always a good one for all the people across North America.

3 New York Rangers/New York Islanders

Just look at it. 2 New York teams, with arenas maybe 20 minutes away, with probably half the fans cheering on the Islanders, and the other half cheering on the Rangers. This series would probably have so much hatred that it wouldn’t end due to injuries.

2 Philadelphia/Ottawa

With the huge brawl a couple months ago, this would be so fun to watch for me, because not only will everyone on each team fight again, but you’d probably see it on the streets too (Not to say that’s good in anyway). lol. With Ottawa not winning it since they were a different team like 70 years ago, and Philadelphia not winning it since the 70’s both teams would have diehard fans that want it so bad, they take on Brashear, and Ray on with one hand!

1 Toronto/Montreal

The first two teams to ever play the game, and the top two teams when it comes to the most Stanley Cups! Two Canadian teams, with the history of a lifetime, and the spirit that noone can feel. Toronto, 37 years without a cup, and well….Montreal just 11. But still this would be the series I’d most want to see in the Stanley Cup Finale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you think would be the top ten rivalries, in the NHL today? If you got them write them down.


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