Keenan Resigns is reporting that Mike Keenan has resigned after one full season as boss of the cats and days before the start of training camp. They havent mention a replacement but say that jaques martin might want to take a duel role of coach-gm. More to follow…

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  1. mikster says:

    Very shocking news. Can’t wait to know what the hell happened.

    Martins could be the Sutter of the East? We shall see.

  2. kamullia says:

    This is wonderful news for Panthers fans, and the only shocking part of it is that it happened now, because the move was inevitable.

    Keenan has always feuded with his young stars and that in large part brought the problems with Luongo. Bowmeester had already had friction with him, and it was widely rumored that Horton was not at ease with Keenan either. Besides that, the only additions that Keenan had done to the Panthers were either over-the-hill declining veterans, or possibly a problematic one in Bertuzzi.

    I am not a Panthers fan, but I am glad for them since I have felt they have been short-handed ever since Keenan was with the club. This was a club with a lot of promise that seemed to all but fizzle after Keenan was aboard. I am sure all the true hockey followers in South Florida are overjoyed by now, even if albeit a bit annoyed by the ownership who are really to blame after firing Dudley and re-hiring Keenan (as GM).

  3. shifterdarkwolf says:

    Keenan may not be the best coach in the world, but this might end up being a ‘right move, wrong time’ kinda thing. The day before training camp, unless Martin himself is going to be coaching and has something already set up, whoever they bring in to fill in for Keenan is going to have 0 time to prepare for training camp. It is hard enough for a team to adapt to a leadership change at a moments notice, it is even harder when that leader is scrambling around trying to get his programs straightened out. This could end up hurting the cats in the end, but lets hope not.

  4. TheDonkey says:

    Apparently Martin will continue to be coach but will add GM duties to his role. I can’t see this hurting the team unless a common attitude of “good riddance” is bad for a hockey club.

  5. RickZombo says:

    I guess the men in charge of the Panthers (Prez and executives) didn’t liked the outcome of the Vancouver/Cats trade.And as we all know,Keenan always was not really good with youngsters,and the matter is that FLA is all about that.











    Not really good…

  6. SoBaZzZz says:

    He wasn’t fired, the guy resigned.

  7. papichulo71 says:

    He’ll just get replaced by Belfour.

  8. Potvinstillsucks says:


  9. sean2006 says:

    Kessler? (Kesler?)

    I think you mean Bryan Allen.

  10. CaptainInsano says:

    I just got off the phone with a reliable source from Florida who claims Pat Quinn is on the shortlist to replace Keenan as either the GM or join Florida’s upper management.

  11. XOXOHTH says:

    I told you not to tell anyone about our conversation…

  12. habsfan73 says:

    umm Keenan wasnt fired, he resigned, it is believed he may have been forced out by management.

  13. iginla012 says:

    he didn’t get fired, he resigned.

  14. kamullia says:

    TSN reported that their sources inside the Panthers have said that although he resigned, he was forced to resign. Which basically means he was fired.

  15. kamullia says:

    Forced to resign. Not fired, but might as well.

  16. vancity4life says:

    hahhahahhahah……no shit to wonder what happened there.

  17. vancity4life says:

    he cant, hes involved as an advisor in dallas.

  18. bammer91 says:

    Hahahahaha…..alex alud was a candadite for the job too

  19. bammer91 says:

    Tsn is has just reported that theres 2 candidates that the flordia ownership are talking to……alex auld and ed belfour

  20. CaptainInsano says:

    Yes, the Stars did approach Quinn about such a position but he has not accepted the offer.

    Quinn is mulling over his options and is awaiting a bigger role than the advisor/assistant role offered by Dallas, and Florida has entered into the mix for his services.

    However, Quinn’s first choice is to coach but he won’t wait around forever if that opportunity does not present itself.

    My sources are telling me that Quinn is 50/50 to either join the Panthers in some capacity or hold out into the season and wait for a head coaching vacancy.

    Quinn and Jacques Martin have a working relationship from Team Canada’s Olympic squads.

  21. mikster says:

    Well, Huselius was a disappointment with the poor negative attitude he showed when Martins gave him a chance each time. I like the guy’s skills as a 2nd liner, but if he ever enters the doghouse then damages the team.

    Krajicek and Allen is a wash.

    Florida is full of youngsters, too many, and they needed veteran help.

    Young core:








    I think Luongo would have left regardless whether or not Keenan was GM. He received all sorts of meda deal offers and rejected all of them.

  22. cecilturtle says:

    How could a sane person trade a franchise goalie for a player like Bertuzzi??? I predicted right after the trade, after predicting for months that no NHL team would be foolish enough to sign Bertuzzi for free let alone give up anything of value in trade for him, that there was absolutly no way Keenan could ever possibly last the season after making one of the worst trades in NHL history.

  23. Swdbuzz says:

    For the love of God, don’t let it be true!!! Argh!!!! I left Toronto for Florida, and am now a Panthers season ticket holder…. I left to escape that “old boys club” crap…. We don’t need to take 4 steps back by hiring someone like him…. We need progressive thinkers here….. Arrrrgh!

  24. vancity4life says:

    no way….the deal that landed luongo and jokinen in florida takes the cake.



    that my friend is the worst trade in nhl history, from an islanders perspective.

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