Keenan Trying to Re-Create the Leafs?

Late last night I decided to tune into sportsnet to see if the leafs had acquired Eric Lindros. As you should probably all know by now, the Toronto radio stations have been all over the “Lindros to Toronto” rumours for the past couple of days or so. The FAN 590 even went as far as stating that the two sides had already reached an agreement, and were simply just ironing out the last few details.

Sure enough however, Lindros had yet to accept JFJ’s offer, which is what I had expected…After all, from the FAN 590’s point of view, the Leafs have already acquired Lindros approximately 35 times in the last three years (Oddly enough that probably isn’t an exaggeration). While watching sportsnet however I did learn of something that I personally found rather interesting. Nick Kyprios confirmed something that Bill Watters, his colleague from sportsnet and host of “Leafs Lunch” on MOJO 640 had mentioned earlier that day, which was that Mike Keenan had a meeting with Alexander Mogilny in L.A in an attempt to lure Mogilny over to the Panthers.

I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Mogilny went to Florida, seeing as how it is quite clear that Mogilny will not be returning to the Leafs this season, as they are still bitter over paying him such a great deal of cash over the lockout. According to (, Mogilny’s agent J.P Barry has yet to receive and likely won’t see any interest from the Leafs camp. According to Barry, “(They) have not heard anything from the Maple Leafs regarding Alex.”

Florida would probably be an attractive location for Mogilny, as they still have the money left to pay him what he wants, and is currently the new home of two former leafs in Joe Nieuwendyk and Gary Roberts. Which brings me to my next point, With Roberts and Nieuwendyk already on Keenan’s squad, and now with the possibility of Mogilny joining as well…it appears that the Panthers may be lead by three ex-leafs who (other than Sundin and Belfour), were the core of the leafs the last couple of seasons.

Keenan and his Panthers appear to be taking a page from Pat Quinn on how to build a playoff contender by targeting veteran talents (let’s not forget the addition of Gelinas as well). Although many of you readers may be quick to point out that this strategy hasn’t worked for the Leafs thus far, there is one thing that the Panthers have working for them this season. The Panthers have something that the Leafs obviously have not had the past few seasons, which is talented youth for the veterans to lead.

With the combination of these high-profile veterans, mixed in with the talented crop of young players that the Panthers have the benefit of possessing, the Keenan/Quinn strategy just might be successful this year.