Kolzing up for grabs?

Howard Eskin of NBC 10 reported Saturday that reliable sources have told him that the Flyers had contacted the Washington Capitals about the availability of goalie Olaf Kolzig. So far there has been no sign as to the Capitals willingness to part with Kolzig, and it is not known what players Bob Clarke offered in return.I wonder about the availability of Kolzig. I would think that the Capitals would hang on to him until later into the season, possibly the trade deadline, if they plan to deal him at all.

I do not know alot about the players behind him. However, I do know that the Capitals ROBBED the Flyers of goalie prospect Maxime Oulluet at the trade deadline last year. Oulluet was a cant-miss prospect coming out of his draft class. While in Philly he was progressing decently, although not living up to the expectations expressed in scouting reports. Namely, he was struggling with long shots. I have not followed his progress in the Washington system.

As for the Flyers goaltending situation, I am not, nor will I ever be, sold on Checmanek. There is something about him that scares me stiff. He may be among the NHLs elite in terms of numbers in past years but the playoffs are a whole different story and he is still not battle tested in my opinion. The stragedy of playing Checmanek 4 games and Esche every 5th game will get the Flyers through the season because their main problem is goal scoring and not goaltending. However, in order for the Flyers to advance in the playoffs and have a shot at the cup, something must be done to the goaltending corps. Im not saying that something will be done, in fact I dont believe Clarke will touch the goaltending, but they will not make it to the Stanley Cup on the shoulders of Checmanek. Simple as that.

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  1. mikster says:

    Kolzig on the Flyers, now that’s a winner.

  2. MantaRay says:

    This is really too silly to comment on. Are Cap’s really going to trade a franchise goalie and rest the season on Craig Billington? To a conference rival no less?

    Wait till Big Booty gets a hold of this one.

  3. mikster says:

    Good way of bustin his chops eh? This will be a lot of fun.

  4. sniper says:

    not nessicarily, obviously Chechmanek would be part of the deal. Dealing for Kolzig and not including Chechmanek would not happen. so the caps would have a solid, but unproven playoff goalie. depending who else is involved in the deal is what could make this deal happen. Also is it possible that Eskin’s info is slightly off? Perhaps Clarke is inquiring about Bondra’s availibility. Bondra is a proven goal scorer and could perhaps help ignite this team. I could see the flyers at least inquirinig about Bondra but by no means making a block buster deal to bring him in.

  5. Tradedude says:

    what the bloody hell? Caps would be in 31st of the 30 team nhl standings if it wasn’t for KOLZIG (aka. kolzING)

    mcphee man. you got to be kidding me? billington sucks. unless they can trade for legace which highly unlikely, caps are finished. im sorry but this is ridiculous.

  6. Lint07 says:

    According to the Capitals’ president, the team is clearly not living up to the expectations (money speaking) and right now, there are NO UNTOUCHABLES in the Washington organization.

    That is including the likes of Jagr, Bondra, Gonchar, Lang and of course, Kolzig.

    This makes alot of sense to me…

  7. BWbullies says:

    As a Philly fan goal tending is the least of my worries. It doesn’t matter who is in net if the team cannot score goals. If you look at the goal differential, it is very surprising that they had ties and a couple wins. Cechmanek does look very shaky but as I was saying they need to worry about scoring. JR is the only one putting up decent numbers.

  8. titans says:

    Oh well Howard Eskin said it…it must be true. I got news for ya…It’s not gonna happen! The Flyers ain’t bright enough to pull that one off.

  9. MantaRay says:

    If this were a Cechmanek for Kolzig even up:

    I would then make this trade if I were Washington.

    Cechmanek has proven he could handle the playoff pressure and Kolzig, for whatever reason has seen his value peaked. He is not the same goalie that brought the Caps to the finals a few years ago.

    He is too jaded and fragile the last two seasons.

  10. treeman97 says:

    little hint……Estkin is an idiot! I wonder if this is the same source that had Glavin coming to the Phill’s? He should worry more about how he got his “cyber” girlfriend killed and less about a sport he knows nothing about!

  11. tsaler says:

    You have got to be kidding me…

    I swear, you idiots just make life more and more painful every day. You don’t have half a clue about half of the rumors that you post, and then you go on quoting a flaming retard like Howard Eskin as if he’s any better than the usual drooling ass that doesn’t know his elbow from a skyscraper.

    Seriously, Olaf Kolzig being traded by the Capitals? Yea, right, that’s just about as likely as Iginla being traded by the Flames… oh wait, you retards suggested that atrocity too.

    You ought to be ashamed of yourselves.


  12. Lint07 says:

    Never heard of your Kolzing guy. How’s he doin’ this year??

  13. tsaler says:

    Now ESPN is reporting the same trade.

    I swear, if this trade goes down, I really will burn my Flyers jersey in a public ceremony.

    I don’t know whether I should be calling the people on this site idiots or whether I should be spending more time spreading hatred for Bobby Clarke, because he deserves it.


  14. ooJUXEoo says:

    This probably won’t materialize, mainly because Mcgillis was also mentioned in this rumor. The defense for the flyers is done being tinkered with. A scorer probably a wing is their next move, maybe a package deal involving Chekmanec.

  15. sniper says:

    that’s going to require a top goalie in exchange then. There’s no way this team is ready to go with Esche backed by Neil Little. The flames deal is very iffy, Iginla would be an incredible move, but I would like them to hang on to Gagne somehow. I would love to see Primeau moved. He really has to go I think. Give Roenick the C. Roenick is definetly the guy that I would look to to lead this team if I was Hitch. He’s a personality and he’s definetly a popular guy who other guys will listen to. Recchi is another guy who seemed to be getting back with it, then promptly up and stopped scoring again. He should be on his way out as well.

  16. Leaf_Expert says:

    Well its not too hard to believe the Caps are willing to part with Kolzig who in the past to years has but up lower than average numbers and has been injured many times through that course…

    But it is hard to belive that Philly is highly interested in him or in other netminder…They said since the playoff that Chechmanek was there main guy and proved that by dealing Boucher…

    I expect the Rangers or Predators to be interested…

  17. UsedandAbused says:

    Dude I am sick of these goalie rumors…. The Flyers last problem is their goalie position. They are fine with Checkmanek. You people don’t have to like him, but he gets the job done!

  18. MantaRay says:

    Cechmanek proved he was a great goalie last season and last season in the playoffs. Accept it Cechmanek is the real deal.

    He has done everything for the Flyers but score.

  19. MantaRay says:

    Cechmanek proved he was a great goalie last season and in the playoffs. Accept it Cechmanek is the real deal.

    He has done everything for the Flyers but score.

  20. Freeze says:

    Career Stats:

    Cechmanek: 69-35-16 2.05 GAA .920 SV% 14 SO’s

    Kolzig: 191-169-49 2.55 GAA .907 SV% 27 SO’s

    Why would the Flyers want Kolzig? Is it because he took the Capitals to the Stanley Cup Finals and was swept by Detroit in 1998? Kolzig is not an upgrade from Cechmanek. Actually, Cechmanek is fine. This is another pointless trade rumor.

  21. big_booty says:

    Thanks to MantaRay for his vote of confidence. Everybody strap yourself in, we are going for one hell of a ride. PLEASE HOLD ON TO THE BAR!

    First off, let me say this about the esteemed Mr. Howard Eskin. He is a pompous, overbearing, egotistical buffoon who believes so blindly that he knows everything about everything in the world of sports. This bastion of misinformation is so widely reviled in the metropolitan Philadelphia area that I am constantly amazed that he hasn’t been beaten by his own appendages into a comatose/vegetative state. The man ought to be shining shoes in Market East Station rather than spew all sorts of lies and half-truths over the Delaware Valley airwaves. Better yet, he ought to be cast down with the sodomites in Graterford Prison for constantly stealing money from whichever radio or TV station he happens to whore himself out to.

    Next up on Big Booty’s Terrible Tour of Sacrilege and Stupidity, the Washington Capitals. Is it just me, or has the franchise been taking backward step after backward step since Ted Leonsis bought it? Granted, they went to a Stanley Cup finals appearance, and promptly had their asses handed to them on a silver platter (or cup, as the case may be) by Detroit. They give up all their youthful talent for Jaromir Jagr, and what has that gotten them? A public tour of a whinery on national television from the All-Star bench. George McPhee conjurs up the spirits of Harry Sinden and Mike O’Connell, and signs Robert Lang to a Martin Lapointe-style contract. What has that gotten them? A fourth-place slot in the Southeast division. Behind the Florida Panthers! Now, they want to send their starting goaltender packing? This shows me that there are more parallels between Leonsis/McPhee and Bush/Cheney than we are led to believe. Someone ought to clue this foursome in to the fact that trickle-down economics, along with trickle-down talent, just doesn’t work.

    Our next stop is all of you tools out there who keep harping on the Adam Oates trade. Shut up, already. God, I am so sick of this. It was a good trade at the time! The Flyers showed a commitment to winning now by bringing in Oates – it was a chance they had to take and I commend them for doing so. And where is Maxime Ouellet? This “can’t-miss” prospect who will deliver unto the Capitals untold silver riches? The kid can’t beat out Sebastien Charpentier, not to mention Craig Billington! He’s stuck in Portland, splitting time with Ratislav Stana (whoever the hell that is), and still giving up fifty-foot wristers. You people may think that the Caps “robbed” the Flyers of a chunk of gold, but all you got was a painted rock.

    As we come around this next turn, you see on your left all the doubters of Roman Cechmanek, another group of people that I am sick to death of. What the hell is wrong with you people? Does this guy show up at your front door every morning, steal your newspaper, and pop a squat on your lawn? I cannot even begin to comprehend why you think you should question his worth to the team. You cannot argue with results, you just can’t. This guy is an elite goalie and gets absolutely no respect around here. His numbers alone are enough to garner the merit he deserves. For you to say that he can’t get it done in the playoffs tells me that you did not watch last year’s playoffs, during which Cechmanek was absolutely outstanding. This guy is doing all he can, and the only support he is getting right now is from the guy who fired to most pucks at his head last spring – Jeremy Roenick. For the last time, the goaltending is not the f**king problem!

    Please wait until the car comes to a complete and total stop. Exit to your right, and have a wonderful day. Here endeth the ride – and the lesson.

  22. titans says:

    I’m sure that was riveting, but I have a short attention span and thats a whole lota reading there, so I’ll just say bravo!

  23. gprodent says:

    Dude..I love reading HTR every morning when I get up and your response piece had me laughing my ass off!!! Very well written though, and to the point!

  24. MantaRay says:

    As usual, very well written entertaining and factual.

    Another fine lesson for the unenlightened and even the novice hockey fans.

    My compliements BB.

  25. treeman97 says:

    Outstanding show!…….couldn’t have said it better myself.

  26. hatterson says:

    You know I am not really suprised to see Bobby Clarke’s name mentioned with a stupid trade. Need I mention the deal for Oates (top-3 picks and a great goalie prospect for a guy who played 14 games and got a whoping 10 points.) Somehow I wouldn’t put it past Clarke to trade offence for Kolzig and then fire the coach because the team either can’t score or gets knocked out of the playoffs early. Isn’t this what has happened the last few years. Go Bobby Clarke (I can’t even type that without laughing)

  27. SeiferMike says:

    Concerning prospects – If you had any idea about Maxime Ouellet you would know he is not trying to “beat out” Sebastein Charpentier. He is already far superior to him but Washington wants him in Portland to play an entire year as a starting goalie on a pro level. His first AHL season(last year) he split even time with Neil Little. Washington has a log jam of goalies right now and it’s been said in the Washington post that Craig Billington contract is to be bought out when Kolzig comes back in order to give Charpentier full backup duties so Maxime can start in Portland. If you hadn’t noticed the only time Portland can get a win is when Ouellet is in net. The bull about Ouellet not living up to expectations in Philly is completely wrong, his ability was quickly downplayed AFTER the trade was made. Everyone said “Antero Niittymaki is a better prospects than Ouellet.” How is Antero doing in the AHL you ask? A 2.85GAA and a 88.8Sv%…”A winner is you!” Was anyone in Philly complaining about Ouellet before the trade? Don’t think so. He is considered a top 3 by some or top 5 by many, goaltending prospect in the NHL. He has 5 wins 3 losses, a shutout and a 2.47/92.6 save % this year. Please before you talk about a prospect know something about them. The only goaltending prospects considered to be better than him at the moment would be

    Kari Lehtonen – Has lost 5 or 6 games in a row in the Finnish League and isn’t looking so invincible now.

    Rick DiPietro – His numbers are near identical to Ouellets in the AHL but he is only facing an average of about 22 shots a game while Ouellet plays for a piss poor defensive team and faces over 30 a game.

    Ryan Miller – His numbers are a lower than Ouellet+DiPietro but close enough…he also only faces mid 20’s in shots per game.

  28. big_booty says:

    First of all, don’t question what I do and don’t know. Tell me, how many times have you actually seen Maxime Ouellet play?

    I used to watch Ouellet play plenty when he was here with the Phantoms, and I complained plenty. AHL scouts easily found out how to beat Ouellet – either let one fly from the blueline or beyond, or fake low to make him drop then shoot high. That’s what Ouellet does – that is what I have seen him do first hand. He lets in too many long, weak shots and goes down way too early.

    As for comparing him with Antero Niittymaki, well, you’re shooting yourself in the foot with that arguement. While both goalies were stellar with their junior teams, they stumbled in their first full AHL season. They need time to adjust to the speed of the pro game.

    Niittymaki’s record this year (his first in the AHL): 13 GP, 5-8-0-0, 2.85 GAA

    Ouellet’s 2000-01 record (his first in the AHL): 34 GP, 11-22-1, 2.78 GAA.

    Wow. I see alot of similarity there, don’t you? And I’m not going to say that Niittymaki is better than Ouellet, because it’s only his rookie season with the Phantoms. But he does have at least three full seasons to develop and grow as a player while Cechmanek and Esche hold down the fort. I am, however, watching them.

    And yes, Ouellet is splitting time in Portland. The team has played 25 games, and he’s only been in 8. While he does have half of their wins (5 of 10), he is not THE guy for that team yet. That tells me that yes, he is fighting for playing time.

    As for Billington, I’ll believe that when I see it.

    Here endeth the lesson.

  29. Lint07 says:

    I’m not gonna argue on your hockey knowledge ’cause you know alot about what you talk about. But it didn’t look like a lesson to me…

    That was just arrogant.

  30. big_booty says:

    I wasn’t trying to be arrogant – I apologize if that’s the way I sounded.

    But when someone tells me in a roundabout way that I don’t know what I’m talking about, well, I feel compelled to defend the honor of my intelligence. I take exception to being called a liar.

    Sometimes, it’s not easy being me.

  31. Lint07 says:

    haha. Good one. I’ll take your word for it.

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