Kolzing up for grabs?

Howard Eskin of NBC 10 reported Saturday that reliable sources have told him that the Flyers had contacted the Washington Capitals about the availability of goalie Olaf Kolzig. So far there has been no sign as to the Capitals willingness to part with Kolzig, and it is not known what players Bob Clarke offered in return.I wonder about the availability of Kolzig. I would think that the Capitals would hang on to him until later into the season, possibly the trade deadline, if they plan to deal him at all.

I do not know alot about the players behind him. However, I do know that the Capitals ROBBED the Flyers of goalie prospect Maxime Oulluet at the trade deadline last year. Oulluet was a cant-miss prospect coming out of his draft class. While in Philly he was progressing decently, although not living up to the expectations expressed in scouting reports. Namely, he was struggling with long shots. I have not followed his progress in the Washington system.

As for the Flyers goaltending situation, I am not, nor will I ever be, sold on Checmanek. There is something about him that scares me stiff. He may be among the NHLs elite in terms of numbers in past years but the playoffs are a whole different story and he is still not battle tested in my opinion. The stragedy of playing Checmanek 4 games and Esche every 5th game will get the Flyers through the season because their main problem is goal scoring and not goaltending. However, in order for the Flyers to advance in the playoffs and have a shot at the cup, something must be done to the goaltending corps. Im not saying that something will be done, in fact I dont believe Clarke will touch the goaltending, but they will not make it to the Stanley Cup on the shoulders of Checmanek. Simple as that.