Kovalchuk SIGNS…in RUSSIA! **UPDATE***

Eklund is reporting that Kovalchuk informed the Atlanta Thrashers today that he had signed with a Russian team and that there was NO OUT clause. That means he cant play in in the NHL this year.

If this news gets confirmed then thats a huge hit to the Thrashers and the league as a whole losing your most exciting young player.

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I have to counter Eklund’s reports because he is absolutely wrong. On the contrary, Ilya Kovalchuk had an interview with Sports Express on September 6th where he stated the following:

How long are you going to play in Khimik?

Kovalchuk: I can’t really say. If some time I receive a phone call from my agent saying that some team in the NHL is offering me an adequate contract, then I’d go.

What do you mean “adequate contract”?

I. Kovalchuk: I wouldn’t like to name any numbers.

Unless something is new in Kovalchuk’s contract with Khimik, if there was an No Out clause then Kovlachuk would not be awaiting on his agent to inform him of any offers from the NHL.

Again, it may be something new, but Kovalchuk signed with Khimik last week. I will follow this story to see if there are any updates on this report.

Pavel Dastyuk may re-think about staying in Russia as there are complications with agreements between Dynamo and Avangrad due to the new rules of the Professional Hockey League. Datsyuk may re-sign with Detroit this weekend or early next week.