Kovalev Anyone?

Alexei Kovalev wants out of Montreal, he has stated he wants out. The Leafs have an over-payed defenseman by the name of Pavel Kubina. The only way to get rid of an over-payed player is to get another over-payed player. Kovalev can play when motivated. I think a change of scenery to Toronto would do wonders for him, and playing with a real first-line center in Mats Sundin, I think it would be awesome. So here is the proposed trade:

To Toronto:
Alexei Kovalev (4.5 Million Dollars)

To Montreal:
Pavel Kubina (5 Million Dollars)

Montreal struggled with defense this year and Toronto couldn’t find a right combination with Mats Sundin. This is a good trade for both teams and I think it would do wonders! What do you guys think?