Lack of Important Trophy

Every year the debate rages over who will win the big trophies, The Hart, The Ross, The Veznia, The Norris, but there seems to be one missing that makes the most sense of all. There should be a trophy awarded to the best “Stay-at-home” defenseman.The Norris Trophy, for the best defenseman always seems to go to the guys that also factor in on the offensive side of the game. Sure Gonchar is a good defenseman, but he has a minus 19 rating, and that can’t really be considered the best defenseman when you got guys out there that have over a +30. With the latest trade craze being the big defensive force. Some of the best defenseman in the league will never get the honors that they deserve because they aren’t guys who put up big numbers except in the ice time category and +/-. I mean there is a trophy for forwards who are the best defensive forward (The Frank J. Selke Trophy) why not have the best defensive defense?

So who are your picks?

Picks for the Best Defensive Defenseman Award:

Adam Foote (COL): While Adam doesn’t put up the points like teammate Rob Blake (always in the running for the Norris Trophy) he still manages to make a huge impact on every game. His positional games facotrs in many broken plays and turnovers in the Avalnche’s zone. Add to that the fact that he can deliver hits that shake fillings loose.

Colin White (NJD): This season White has averaged just over 21 minutes per game. He has a plus eleven rating while he also only has 12 points. He has stepped up in the lack of Scott Stevens. His defensive play coupled with Brodeur’s net minding the Devils put up a tough force to be reckoned with.

Chris Chelios (DET): As much as my instincts say not to put a Red Wing on this list it is hard to argue is Chelios being one of the best non-offensive blueliners in the league (I mean he is offensive to everyone who isn’t a fan of Detroit, but that is not the point). Chelios has played a consistent game for a long time. His game this year has help to keep Detroit at or near the top all season despite the many problem that they are having keeping goalies healthy.

There are plenty of other picks, but they could also be in the running for the Norris since they are putting up numbers. Honorable Mentions include: Blake, Chara, Malik, Niedermayer, DeVries, Ohlund and Zubov.