Langfeld with Red Wings?

NHLPA is reporting that the Detriot Red Wings have signed right-wing Josh Langfeld.

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  1. hejduk4life says:

    who the heck is Josh Langfeld

  2. dcz28 says:

    He use to play for Ottawa (mostly in the minors)…not a bad player with some size but is more of a depth guy and might end up in Grand Rapids unless he turns it up a notch during camp.

  3. captainjoefish says:

    this guy is useless….like really useless

  4. hejduk4life says:

    he is becuz he is on the red wings nough said

  5. mikefisher01 says:

    josh langfeld is ur mom

  6. wizard36 says:

    my thoughts exactly

  7. dcz28 says:

    Funny Wings went 4-0 against the Avs last season…enough said.

  8. tacitus says:

    here is his profile

    Drafted 66th overall in 1997. Safe to say this guy isnt a full time NHLer. Hes 6’3 215Ibs

    I would rather have seen the wings keep that MacLean guy that lead the AHL in scoring last year instead of signing this guy and Kolanos

  9. EmptyNetter says:

    Langfeld started last season with the Sharks and scored 2 goals in the only game they played against Boston. Mike O’Connell later picked him up off waivers and he never scored again. He’s a smooth skater and he can hit but he really lacks a scoring touch. He’ll be a decent 4th line player but nothing more.

  10. zambito says:

    whos john langfeld, never heard of him!

  11. Preft says:

    remmember what samuelson did before come to detroit? no its normal he was a scratch player… and he perform well in d├ętroit like so much player,And this guy is a depth player

  12. mikefisher01 says:

    its josh langfel u idiot …..ur trying to act funny ?

    welll ur not

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