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1. Here’s just a few more things from the Draft:

2. Columbus looking to trade their 4th overall pick

3. NHL roundup, pre-draft

4. Pierre LeBrun from twitter- Buffalo interested in Kaberle

Here’s just a few more things from the Draft:

— Dale Tallon says he’s going to work on hiring an assistant GM, a director of player personnel and assistant coach for the Panthers after the draft.

He says he has been looking around for Florida’s second assistant, but will know who is out there after contracts expire and such on June 30.

I then asked if that meant Mike Kitchen was officially out. Tallon said no. But it sure sounds like it.

Also, don’t expect former GM Randy Sexton to be offered the assistant GM gig.

— Tallon says don’t expect the Panthers to get one of the top two picks. Well, if he couldn’t get the No. 2 out of Boston in a Nathan Horton deal, I don’t know what he has left to give them to get it now.

Edmonton is not trading the No. 1 pick, especially to a Panthers team with little to offer. The Panthers could make a deal with the Oilers for the 15. The Penguins could also have a deal working for that selection.

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Columbus looking to trade their 4th overall pick

Here’s the Columbus-centric scuttlebutt as of 2 p.m. in Los Angeles:

— The Blue Jackets are trying to move down in the draft order, but so far there hasn’t been much action. That will change, if not before the draft begins then certainly after the No. 3 pick is taken by Florida on Friday night. Clearly there’s a player who will be available in the 7-8-9 range that the Blue Jackets like as much as the defenseman they could grab at No. 4. So why not trade down, add a player or a draft pick, and get the guy you want? That’s called maximizing a commodity, and — as you should know by now — that is GM Scott Howson’s passion in life.

— Believe the internal debate with the Blue Jackets right now is what they need most, a defenseman or a forward/center. If they slide down, they’d likely likely be taking a foward. But it’s too early to take one of the second-tier forwards (not Hall or Seguin) at No. 4. Or is it?

— Edmonton’s taking left winger Taylor Hall at No.1.

— Sources are telling the Sun-Sentinel that Florida plans on drafting defenseman Erik Gudbranson with the No. 3 pick.

— I’ve covered 10 NHL entry draft. Gudbranson is the most impressive prospect I’ve ever dealt with.

— The top prospects took batting practice with the Anaheim Angels on Wednesday and will attend the Eclipse premiere tonight. “We’re walking on the red carpet,” defenseman Cam Fowler said. “I mean, we’re the C- and D-list celebrities, but it’s pretty cool for a Michigan boy.” Fowler is from Farmington HIlls, Mich.

NHL roundup, pre-draft

Best rumors to keep an eye on:
Datertake: In no particular order, based on talks with NHL people at the Awards show. Keep in mind these are just water-cooler discussions, most of which probably won’t happen, but going around nonetheless: Jose Theodore to the Islanders or back to Montreal. … Paul Kariya to Edmonton or Los Angeles. … Some have whispered the Avs might have an interest in Lee Stempniak. I’d say I don’t think it will happen, but wouldn’t be completely shocked. … Paul Martin to the Rangers or Islanders. … Marty Turco to Philly. … Tim Thomas to Philly. … Evgeni Nabokov to Philly.

Get the hint on those last three? Yes, Philly is likely to get a new goalie.

Pierre LeBrun from twitter

I believe Buffalo and LA to be among the many teams with some interest in Kaberle…

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    Paul Martin would be sweet in Long Island. I like that rumour. How much do you figure he'll go for? I think 4-6 years, and around $4.5 mil per season.

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