Latest Trade Rumors, Journalists Have No Logic

Jagr going to the desert?

Felix the Cat leaves Monarchy?

Jim Matheson of the Edmonton Journal gets goofy!From Spector’s Trade Rumors:


WAYMORESPORTS.COM: reported on the possibility the money-losing Washington Capitals may attempt to dump Jaromir Jagr’s contract in the off-season. While noting Jagr’s hefty salary makes him difficult to move, it was suggested the Phoenix Coyotes may have interest. The reasons given were the new arena being built for the hockey club, which should generate increased revenue in the near future, Jagr belonging to the same agency as Coyotes part-owner Wayne Gretzky, and the ‘Yotes GM being Jagr’s former agent, Michael Barnett.

Me: I mean seriously….do these people sit and drink cheap coffee to think about this? HELLLO!!!! Thye Coyotes took action in March in a salary dump by trading Tony Amonte, and the Coyotes are projected to lose $60M this season in financials. Yes, a new building is projected to be up and running in maybe December, but how will that really pay off Jagr’s salary? Don’t think so….and forget about Garnett…I mean, what does that really mean?


EDMONTON JOURNAL: In mid-April, Jim Matheson reported the Los Angeles Kings plan to shop for an upgrade in goal during the off-season. Regarding Felix Potvin, the club’s starting goaltender the past two seasons, GM Dave Taylor said if he did re-sign “the Cat”, it would be only to a one-year contract. Matheson suggests NY Rangers goalie Mike Richter could sign with the Kings this summer if he makes a full recovery from post-concussion symptoms. Potvin’s agent, Jay Fee, may try to offer his client to the Boston Bruins.

Me: Ok, now….Jim is a journalist and has been for many years. He rights for a well read newspaper. He should know hockey inside out. The Potvin part is interesting and I would not mind to see the Oilers cut Salo loose and make a pitch at Felix, just an idea. Then he totally makes a goof out of himself by ridiculously stating that the LA Kings may sign New York Rangers goaltender Mike Richter. And the answer to that Jim is………..


That cannot happen Jim, and if you, and others, ask why….well, Mike Richter IS A NEW YORK RANGER WHO SIGNED A TWO YEAR DEAL!!!!! So, unless the Rangers buy out Mike’s contract, then Kings can then sign him (why didn’t they try last year?).

Nice idea Jim, but you’re a professional journalist and you must know the facts before making up such rumors.