Leaf Fan Plans to Protest

According to The Fan590, and Sports Reporter Ken Campbell, Leaf fan Joey Hatfield is planning a protest outside of the ACC, on the west side of York Street on Bremner Blvd. The protest will take place Wednesday, 4pm.Joey Hatfield compares the Maple Leafs to the worthless brother-in-law who keeps borrowing money and never pays it back. And she’s mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore. The reasons for the protest are the fact that the Leafs havnt been doing enough to sign free agents, although they have signed Bryan Marchment earlier today, and with the extra 4mil the Leafs are gonna get when Svehla is let go, they might be signing more. It is also because they Leafs continue to rise the ticket prices, and the biggest reason of all, the Leafs havnt won the Stanley Cup in 36 years.

“It’s almost like they want to shut the whole thing down for the next year because of the lockout,” said Hatfield, who will make the five-hour drive to Toronto with a car full of friends. “I think people are sick and tired of waiting for them to do something. There are guys who want to play in Toronto and are willing to take pay cuts and sign one-year contracts and they still won’t sign them.”

The protest all came about the Maple Leafs website actually. Joey and a few other Leaf fans were on the Leafs interactive section of the site, and started to complain about the Leafs. Thats where the protest came about. A message concerning the protest was posted on the site yesterday and Hatfield said she has posted it on a number of other Yahoo! group sites and had received more than 100 responses back the first day.

If the Leafs make a major trade or make a blockbuster signing, well they would look like fools protesting the Leafs. If that happens, then… “Then we’ll turn it into a party,” she said.

This is one commited Leaf fan too, first of all shes from Cleveland, CLEVELAND. Yes the hockey hotbed of Cleveland. She has to take a 5 hour drive just to get to Toronto. She owns lots of Leaf merchandise. From Jerseys, to flags, even her mousepad is a Leaf mouspad. The protest is going to be a peaceful protest. People are going to come with the Leaf Jerseys and with signs. Joey doesnt know how many people will show up, but she doesnt care. Even if there is only 50 people there, it will be a success. She also is eager to meet with the other Leaf fans she met on the Leafs interactive section of the site, and the people that emailed her.

Anyone on HTR planning to go? Do you think this might force the Leafs to make a big trade, or make a big signing?

Go Leafs Go