Leaf Fan Plans to Protest

According to The Fan590, and Sports Reporter Ken Campbell, Leaf fan Joey Hatfield is planning a protest outside of the ACC, on the west side of York Street on Bremner Blvd. The protest will take place Wednesday, 4pm.Joey Hatfield compares the Maple Leafs to the worthless brother-in-law who keeps borrowing money and never pays it back. And she’s mad as hell and she’s not going to take it anymore. The reasons for the protest are the fact that the Leafs havnt been doing enough to sign free agents, although they have signed Bryan Marchment earlier today, and with the extra 4mil the Leafs are gonna get when Svehla is let go, they might be signing more. It is also because they Leafs continue to rise the ticket prices, and the biggest reason of all, the Leafs havnt won the Stanley Cup in 36 years.

“It’s almost like they want to shut the whole thing down for the next year because of the lockout,” said Hatfield, who will make the five-hour drive to Toronto with a car full of friends. “I think people are sick and tired of waiting for them to do something. There are guys who want to play in Toronto and are willing to take pay cuts and sign one-year contracts and they still won’t sign them.”

The protest all came about the Maple Leafs website actually. Joey and a few other Leaf fans were on the Leafs interactive section of the site, and started to complain about the Leafs. Thats where the protest came about. A message concerning the protest was posted on the site yesterday and Hatfield said she has posted it on a number of other Yahoo! group sites and had received more than 100 responses back the first day.

If the Leafs make a major trade or make a blockbuster signing, well they would look like fools protesting the Leafs. If that happens, then… “Then we’ll turn it into a party,” she said.

This is one commited Leaf fan too, first of all shes from Cleveland, CLEVELAND. Yes the hockey hotbed of Cleveland. She has to take a 5 hour drive just to get to Toronto. She owns lots of Leaf merchandise. From Jerseys, to flags, even her mousepad is a Leaf mouspad. The protest is going to be a peaceful protest. People are going to come with the Leaf Jerseys and with signs. Joey doesnt know how many people will show up, but she doesnt care. Even if there is only 50 people there, it will be a success. She also is eager to meet with the other Leaf fans she met on the Leafs interactive section of the site, and the people that emailed her.

Anyone on HTR planning to go? Do you think this might force the Leafs to make a big trade, or make a big signing?

Go Leafs Go

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  1. Tradedude says:

    we dont need feds, we need DEFENSE!!!

  2. TC_4 says:

    My f’n gawd!!! Is this the most ridiculous thing ANYONE HAS EVER HEARD??? You know people, there is more to life then just hockey. Apparently, not for this woman. If it was that easy to just go out and sign these guys, they would do it, trust me. You can’t be the Rangers, they’ve proved it doesn’t work. Does she want her beloved Leafs to start missing the playoffs every year. They could use Federov, but the more sensible signing would be Nieuwendyk. They could have used Hatcher, and they could use Leetch, but Yushkevich wouldn’t be too bad, espically if they convinced Shvela to comeback. McCabe, Kaberle, Shvela, Yushkevich, Marchment, Berg, and Jackman sounds pretty DECENT(at least)to me.

  3. CrazyAssLeafer says:

    Canadians suck, booing the American National Anthem shows how classless they really are.

    Fuck you. Americans booed the Canadian National Anthem, then they started to chant, “USA! USA!” Shows how arrogant you asswipes are.

  4. CrazyAssLeafer says:

    Shut the fuck up fag. I hope Bin Laden bombs your ass again.

  5. Rotty says:

    excuse me ?, you little 12 yr. old bitch!

    watchin’ you little American bitches is like watchin’ Jim Hensons Muppets, you’re all puppets…Bush has his hand up everyone of your asses!

    shouldn’t you be watchin’ CNN to find out which country your going to hate next?

  6. titans says:

    Well that certainly crossed the line between good intentioned humor and head in your ass stupidity…Not so big a line for Leaf fans!

  7. titans says:



  8. amok says:

    This whole topic once again proves that both our fine countries have more than their fair share of idiots in them.

  9. beergirl1013 says:

    well well…you have any idea how weird it is to read all this stuff about yourself. hello, ya it’s me the nutcase. just hard to believe someone like me could cause all this uproar on these boards…anyhow, if i may take a minute, i’d like to explain a couple of things. first of all, i know the media has tagged me the “organizer” but in all honesty it’s not true. the protest was talked about on another message board (by mostly canadians for all you american haters) and no it wasn’t my idea, but i did think it was brilliant. so yes i helped in the planning and the writing and the contacting of the media. i was the one who sent something to the toronto star and to my surprise they emailed me back and asked to speak with me. once i did, i told them hey, i’m not canadian, i’m from cleveland…who’s gonna listen to some chick from cleveland? i told them that i thought they were better off talking with one of the others who actually live in canada. well the reporter told me what his angle was, and how he wanted the leafs fans to see that they weren’t alone in how they felt about management but also to show how many fans outside of canada existed…i told him well if it works it works…guess what…nobody (whether they hate me and think i’m an idiot or completely support the idea) can shut up about it. so i see it did work. i’m not really expecting this protest to do anything but at least it got most of the fans united and gave them a voice to let the MLSE know exactly how they feel. so thanks for all your comments, good and bad. it’s been a fun ride….and as for the comment about the browns…you must be a pittspuke fan.

  10. belfastsniper says:

    you americans tryed to claim canadian slaves a few hundred years ago and got your asses kicked .

    how do explain why such a powerful country such as yours never took over canada back in the 1800s you bitch , assholes like you are war mongers ,every 30 to 50 years you got to try to fu*k with someone new , when your soldiers went to vietnam and lost you fu*ks spit on them and called them baby killers but your the ones who drafted them and made them go ! that sh*t would never happen in canada, know your history before you flap your gums . this site is supposed to be for hockey lovers not politics let people love the team they choose , keep your negative crap for your own team

  11. amok says:

    I hope someone brought Guiness. That’s the only way they’re gonna get any lovin’

  12. Goldenscud says:

    nice one you fuckin prick – I would love to come by and show you my appreciation for that comment…….

  13. titans says:


  14. titans says:

    The doors always open to you junior!

  15. Goldenscud says:

    you accept that comment?

  16. leafs2003champs says:

    wendsday at 4 pm

  17. Goldenscud says:

    what that asshole said about Bin Laden – that was just wrong. That crossed the line – how could someone be so insensitive. God forbid someone on this site lost someone in that attack.

  18. leafs2003champs says:

    You know what if you can do something to make the Leafs spend the Money to put a better team on the ice (Not that we dont have a good one already because we do) then I just have 1 thing to say MORE POWER 2 YOU!!!!!!! IF this protest gets them to sign Fedz or leetch who they are said to be interested in or Newendyke or yuski GOOD FOR YOU If I could be there I would be but I got to wonder what if they actually sign someone before the protest?

  19. calflyers says:

    shut up dork

  20. titans says:

    Theres love all around here!

  21. titans says:

    A Leaf fan living in Clevland…how sad. But of course you live in Cleveland so dispair must be the norm for you.

  22. amok says:

    Sometimes I think there’s not enough brains around here to attract a zombie.

  23. beergirl1013 says:

    if they do, (which i kinda doubt) then get ready to have fun and have a thank you party.

  24. flyersdude123 says:

    Why are you trying to play the role of our mothers???

  25. NemiNA says:

    is there no end to leaf fan stupidity? i mean it is somewhat tolerable to deal with the fans on HTR but to have to know that they are going to protest about the teams decisions is just bullsh*t. i mean philly fans dont like hackett but were not gonna burn him at the stake. those dumbasses are gonna go out there and some die hard leafs fan is gonna do a drive by or something. i hope nothing bad happens.

  26. leafs2003champs says:

    and 1 more thing how does a person from clevland get into the Leafs? not that there is anything wrong with that but I though the US was mostly a football country

  27. NemiNA says:


  28. NemiNA says:

    why dont you people show some loyalty to your team. every team has a time when they suck but they get better. you leaf fans need to mature. not all of you. just the ones that have iq’s below the number 67 (which is about most of them on this site)

  29. beergirl1013 says:

    well actually Cleveland loves any sport, even though our teams suck most of the time. we just have no NHL team. (just the farm team for the sharks) and as an unwritten law here, we refuse to back any team in PA, New York, Detroit, Chicago and Baltimore…(ya i know here comes all the Cleveland wisecracks) but i have some friends in Toronto and they turned me on to the Leafs and i’ve been an fan ever since.

  30. leafs2003champs says:

    “why dont you people show some Loyalty to your team” Ummmmm gosh golly gee I dont know maybe because WE DO IT has been 36 years sense the Last time Toronto won the cup WE HAVE STOOD BY THEM ALL THAT TIME INCLUDING THE BALLARD DAYS I have heard stories of how bad we was but I have trouble beleiveing that MAGEMENT ALTHOUGH THEY HAVE PUT TOGETHER A GOOD OFENSIVE TEAM DOES NOT SPEND ENOUGH MONEY ON DFENCE thus leaf fans are mad and have HAD ENOUGH atleast your team has probly won the cup or been to the finals.

  31. titans says:

    Damn skippy!!

  32. Tradedude says:

    We are showing loyalty to our team. We wouldn’t have all these leaf fans upset if quinn didn’t sit on his ass in VANCOUVER expecting players WHO WANT TO PLAY FOR US to walk away. I mean, if quinn actually did something, and LISTENED to the players who want to come to our team, this is what our team would look similar to.

    Antropov – Sundin – Mogilny

    Roberts – Nieuwendyk – Nolan

    Tucker – Green – Domi

    Fitzgerald – Stajan – Healey

    McCabe – Kaberle

    Marchment – de Vries

    Colaiacovo – Berg



    Not bad huh. We should not let healey go, he’s young and can score. Stajan will, im guessing be superb in training camp. de Vries, im not sure if he wants to come play for us, but if we actually got off our asses and contacted his agent, and get him, we could probably have our dream defense, A young 2-way player that can HIT. Nieuwendyk, although is age is rising, if we sign him to a 1 year deal he will fit in beautifully with good friend Roberts and powerforward nolan.

    If only quinn had the brains. Who here thinks we should hire craig button? I dunno, just a thought.

  33. Tradedude says:

    and colaiacovo. but they couldnt possibly afford Nieuwendyk, Svehla, AND yushkevich.


  34. Goldenscud says:

    You shouldn’t refuse the Philly teams – Cleveland and Philly have a lot in common.

  35. amok says:

    Why are you trying to play the role of an eight year old kid?

    I don’t see how talking about zombies is the role if a mother. Maybe your mom did that. Might explain something about you.

  36. leafscooper4 says:

    Quinn has made it clear to the media and the fans that Marchment will be the leafs first and last signing.

  37. NemiNA says:

    ya know i was gonna right something intellegent in this comment but i lost my train of thought reading your comment. so your team hasnt won a cup in 36 yerars thats cause theres 29 ohter tteams that want it just as bad. if your gm is going to sit on his ass that means you have to deal with it. stay loyal to your damn team and dont go out and protest

  38. beergirl1013 says:

    what if the team is for it?

  39. beergirl1013 says:

    honestly, about the PA thing was directed more towards pittsburg…you know how that whole rivalry browns/steelers thing goes.

  40. Tradedude says:

    LOL id love to see that. Belfour protesting “HELP ME, HELP ME!”

    that would be grand lol

  41. beergirl1013 says:

    lol…don’t get me wrong i’m not stupid enough to think they’ll show up. i just said that because i know some of the players have been pretty outspoken of their disappointment also.

  42. G_Money says:

    i want in on this too!

  43. NemiNA says:

    your stupid

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