Leafs after Ribero and Savard, Flyers after Turco, Ottawa wants a d-man

Cox: Marc Savard talk risky business for Leafs

D-man could top Sens’ wish list

Leafs interested in Ribero ?

Flyers after Turco ?

Cox: Marc Savard talk risky business for Leafs

Herein lies the conundrum of being Big Blue.

That’s the kinda catchy term that Brian Burke likes to apply to the Maple Leafs, a reference to the wealth of the NHL’s Toronto franchise that should, in theory, give it power beyond the wildest dreams of many other NHL clubs even in the salary cap era.

In theory, anyway. What it means in general is that the Leafs can consider financial commitments other franchises can’t. Today, what it means is that Burke and his hockey department are seriously examining the possibility of acquiring Boston Bruins centre Marc Savard and his mammoth contract, something franchises like Nashville, Florida, Buffalo and Phoenix would never have to bother spending even a moment considering.

Savard’s a very good player, a point-per-game pivot albeit one with warts, like a history of concussions and a background as a fellow a coach might not always enjoy having on the roster.

His contract is — excuse the expression, commissioner — coyote ugly, a seven-year deal that comes with a salary of $7 million in each of the next two years, with an annual salary cap hit of $4 million (all figures U.S.). The B’s gave him that deal a year ago when they loved him and before he’d been cold-*****ed by Matt Cooke of the Penguins, and before they’d used the second overall pick this past weekend to draft his successor at centre, Tyler Seguin .


D-man could top Sens’ wish list

Matt Cullen and Andy Sutton aren’t closing the door on the Senators.

With the start of unrestricted free agency set for Thursday afternoon, Pat Morris, the agent for both of Ottawa’s trade deadline acquisitions, confirmed he met with Senators GM Bryan Murray in L.A.

While there wasn’t a deal completed on either front, Morris said both sides have expressed an interest in getting contract extensions completed, but the Senators need more time to figure out where they stand monetarily.

Cullen made $2.8 million (all terms US) last season and was picked up from the Hurricanes, while Andy Sutton’s salary was $3.5 million. Both are going to expect raises and the Senators are tight to the cap.

“We had a good meeting and some positive discussions. The Senators need to go back in the next couple of days and see what they can do,” said Morris. “We’ve agreed to talk sometime (this) week.”

Murray, who flew back to Ottawa from Los Angeles Sunday, has a lot of work to do on several fronts:

– Defenceman Anton Volchenkov is likely gone. He will test the free-agent market and is looking for a five-year deal worth around $4.5 million a season.

– If that’s not enough, there’s also Jason Spezza to speak with. Murray decided on the weekend he’s not going to deal the club’s top centre. The two will have a face-to-face meeting to discuss the situation.

There is a belief Murray may get calls on Spezza once his $4-million bonus is paid on July 1. That won’t wash with Murray or owner Eugene Melnyk. They won’t have a repeat of the Dany Heatley fiasco.

– The Senators will have to look at their needs through trades and free agency if Sutton and Cullen leave along with Volchenkov . Edmonton defenceman Sheldon Souray is on the block and Ottawa might have an interest.

If the Oilers are willing to take winger Jonathan Cheechoo as part of a trade, the Senators could justify picking up Souray , who has a cap hit of $5.4 million per season.

Edmonton could then buyout Cheechoo and absorb the cap hit.

If the Senators can’t deal Cheechoo before Wednesday, they’ll buy out the final year on his contract. He finished the year in the minors and isn’t going to be back.


Pierre LeBrun
Leafs interested in Ribero ?

Last tweet before flight. Leafs also believed to be interested in Mike Ribeiro.

Flyers after Turco ?

Traded texts with Turco this morning who confirmed the Flyers’ offer but said he wanted to see what was on the market Thursday… (The Flyers have been granted permission to speak with Turco )


72 Responses to Leafs after Ribero and Savard, Flyers after Turco, Ottawa wants a d-man

  1. Boston_Bruins says:

    Ok but everyone seems to be talking like Savard to Toronto for nothing is a done deal. The fact taht Burke said tha Chiarelli would confirm them not talking leads me to believe that they haven't.

  2. nordiques100 says:

    well with CB4 gone, perhaps MLSE will fork over the dough for a ridiculous NHL contract to some Ilya Kovalchuk

  3. LeafsneedSteen says:

    You have to dump a center though, and Ryder has value as he's an expiring contract so he will give flexiblity in the near future.  Savard is clearly the odd man out.

  4. Mapleleaves says:

    I have no idea if he's still availiable but id like Carter..  people say he's overrated and what not but im still kinda a fan and i like the idea of staying young. I have no idea but this is probably the youngest team the leafs have ever had and if we can keep the same player maybe they can meld better compared to when they had pretty much a brand new blue line and couldnt stop anything because nobody knew what anyone was doing (probably slightly the coaches fault but he cant change a player right when he plays a couple games).

    To mean Id hope a team that stays similar for an extended period or time should think togetherish if you know what i mean haha..  Although i guess you could argue that a team together for that long could become predictable too but thats another story.

  5. Mapleleaves says:

    I dont know about the "done deal". It is possible but like Bostin_bruins said there is no reason to argue it and not because his sarcastic remark because theres no telling what GM's actual thoughts are…  reaslly after Bostin_Bruins said aparently theres no truth bl;ah blah blah and then someone responded saying the tampering blah blah blah..  it should have ended with it could go either way.

    Rumors are usually there for a reason, somtimes there genuin and somtimes theyre not..   sometimes they make sense and sometimes they dont.

  6. colin_leafsforever says:

    Nobody has talked about this Ribeiro rumor that came out of left field.
    Ribeiro and Kessel could be very good together.
    Of course Ribeiro is smaller than a Carter type center (which we need) he's crafty as hell, but I never liked his diving suckiness.
    This Briere with Carter for Kaberle Grabbo and whatever else is crazy!
    I really want the Leafs to get Carter, and i bet Burke and Holmgren are having long conversations these days, I have been saying since that same deal was scuttled that that's the deal we need to make, Carter for Kaberle straight up.
    Perhaps (dreaming now) we get Ribeiro too, it's a good looking scenario, Kadri on the wing, and please get Colby Armstrong and pick up a good sixth defenseman.

    Kulimen Carter Kessel
    Stalberg Ribeiro Kadri
    Sjostrom Bozak Armstrong
    Brown Hanson Orr

    Need to get stronger on the wings but I'd be excited for this lineup! Hope these college boys are big contributors this year!

  7. Mapleleaves says:

    Speaking of Xbox   if anyone actually has one and an XBL account id be willing to set of some legue or tournement or whatever..  i havnt done it before but it would be kind of cool…   

  8. colin_leafsforever says:

    I dig it, that's good stuff!

    I think that Hanson and maybe Caputi can fill some holes there, Mitchell is gone, please.
    Sign up Armstrong and give Brown fourth line duty and it looks like a team.
    I don't know if I like Malone that much, but if scores 20-30 we're fine with him.
    Keeping Kaberle seems more and more like a better idea.

  9. albertateams says:

    Except the 27 year old is paid 7million per and doesn't want to play for your team. Plus you can get Savard cheap as he only has 2 teams on his list he wants to be traded to. Your return for spezza should still be pretty good.  

  10. Mapleleaves says:

    no rumors or anything from me just that there was that old rumor with kabs and carter…  i know carter is worth more now but id just like to have him on the team..  burke like grit, but we stil need speed..  our defensmen can retaliat and preemtive strike the other team and hurt them intop leaving our small guys alone.

  11. reinjosh says:

    Savard is the same price for the next two years. Thats half down. And no reports have actually stated Spezza doesn't want to play. Just he would be open to a trade.

  12. reinjosh says:

    my point exactly

  13. reinjosh says:

    trades take time. Phanuef being traded was rumored months before hand.

  14. reinjosh says:

    You gotta look at the bigger picture. Its about cap space next year and the year after that. Having so many centers just isn't going to work.

  15. albertateams says:

    Salary but cap hit is far more important. Plus its not spezza for Savard. Its what you can get for Spezza less what it costs for savard which is much less. Spezza wants out read between the lines. Hes just not as classless as Heatley.

  16. mojo19 says:

    i'm gaga for Carter

  17. mojo19 says:

    I dig Derek Boogaard

  18. mojo19 says:

    in '08, leading up to the draft all the talk was that Jokinen, Cammalleri and Tanguay would be dealt, and they all were.

    Nathan Horton has been in and out of rumours for a year and was dealt.

    Keith Ballard was talked about a lot at the deadline, finally got dealt at the draft.

    Generally when it comes to rumours, where there's smoke there's fire. Not that every little blurb you read is true, but when multiple media sources are making similar claims there is usually at least something to it.

  19. TheLeafNation91 says:

    Would rather work on the Raps…

  20. TmLeafan says:

    I agree, I think that Burke has a lot of things going right now with only one of them being Savard.  The chances are he has already tried to pull off a number of deals already with the basis for some other deals in place. People have to realize it isnt even July 1st yet and these things take time.  But I think it is clear that savard is on Burkes radar that cannot be denied.

    I am personally not a huge fan of Savards but if we can get him it would be a solid acquisition because it takes pressure off Bozak.
    I think the real player Burke is after is Carter but Philly will be asking a lot, and rightly so.  A package bullt around Kaberle and Kulemin could get it done I feel and it may have already been offered.
  21. DannyLeafs says:

    The reason that makes the most sense to me to move Savard is so that Chiarelli can save face, and do right by a guy that has been a huge part of the Bruins resurgence. I think Chiarelli realizes that Savard is no longer in the Bruins plans, especially the long term. By trading him for less than Market value to a team of his choosing is like allowing him to hit free agency. If chiarelli plays this too boldly he could really deter other players from signing with the team, hence the need to keep Savard happy. It would look really bad for him if in the last 12 calender months his two best offensive players force their way out and leave very disgruntled no matter what he gets in return, so this could be a political trade as much as it is a trade for cap reasons, assets, roster space, or what have you.

    Obviously keeping Savard wouldn't be that bad. At only 4 million a season he isn't nearly as big a risk as people make it seem. At 4 million he could be a third line center and not be too overpaid. Also, as he is a one dimensional player I don't see him playing if he can't produce offensively, so say he can only put up 60 pts a season for the next couple of years, then starts to dip fast, he would likely just retire as he basically can't contribute if he can't score. If he starts getting more concussions he would likely retire rather than risk long term permanent injury. So all in all, I don't think it's that big a risk for the possible reward.

    I think what Chiarelli is really looking at is building a cup winner while Seguin is still on his ELC. The simplest strategy to build a good team, is to spend to the cap with as little wasted money as possible, and as many players that are playing bigger roles than their salary suggests.

    When you look at Chicago, they won the cup with their 3 best players having a combined cap hit of less than 4.5 million dollars. They may have overspent on guys like Campbell and Huet, but they more than made up for it with those three, and other than that they had a lot of players signed to good contracts. Sharp, Versteeg, Byfuglien, Seabrook, Hjarmlsson, Ladd and Brouwer were all excellent value for what they were being paid.

    With Boston, I think Chiarelli realizes that if Seguin reaches his potential before then, Savards cap hit would be better spent else where. I am not saying Savard wouldn't be worth 4 million to any team, but I think he would be much like Semin in Washington, just a tad redundant to be all that effective considering their cap hit.

    Anyway, I realize that Boston fans hate the idea of trying to "give" one of their best players away, and I am not saying that he is worthless and the team would suffer if he stayed. When I first heard the rumors I thought they made no sense, but I must admit, that as time went on, I see the logic in it as long as it keeps Savard Happy. Moving Savard if it`s completely against his wishes would be idiotic, but if Chiarlli believes this may be his only chance to move him without any bad PR, then he will likely at least have to explore his options.

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