Leafs' Allison being used as bait?

Rogers Sportsnet has reported that Leafs Centre/Winger Jason Allison has been openly complaining about his lack of ice time. This has lead to him starting as a winger as of last game against the Capitals. Allison was complaining about 14-15 minutes per game, and his first game as a winger saw him play only 12 minutes. Sportsnet suggests that with Kyle Wellwood staying with the club and the team having a possible 5-6 centres, Allison could be used as trade bait for a good defenceman. It’s no secret that the Leafs want a better defenceman, and with recent news of Janne Niinimmaa having trouble on the Island and even Tom Poti having trouble in New York, if the Leafs can free up some salary, you could see Niinimmaa, Poti or even Witt in Toronto. Keep your eyes on this situation as it heats up.

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  1. habs79 says:

    A team has to carry at least 20 active players. I believe that is why they could only do that with one of them. You might also be right about limited moves. Maybe there is a rule in the new CBA that prevents that. I just found out today that there is actually a rule against player bonuses except for rookies, players 35 years old or older, and players that had extended injuries (i.e. Allison). I wouldn’t be surprised if there are other new rules dealing with that.

  2. 92-93 says:

    he was sent down to save money – he’ll be back with the team on Friday in buffalo. however, it looks like quinn would rather go to Belak and sit one of Kronvall or Coliacovo (i don’t know why either).

  3. habs79 says:

    This comming from the guy that bashes the plus/minus stat almost everytime I use it?

  4. thatleafsguy says:

    3-2 Pens, Crosby winner in the shoout out, WHAT?

  5. quick_stick says:

    No worries…it’s not as if Edm really has anything of value to trade for him anyways…I think the Leafs would try and do the classy thing, and send him to a playoff bound team.

  6. quick_stick says:

    not true…tools have their uses. But don’t make fun…he/she obviously hasn’t a clue about hockey. If he/she lived in butt crack kentucky, they’d probably think their minor hockey team could take any team in the NHL.

  7. quick_stick says:

    Are you nuts? First of all, Khabi isn’t as good a goalie as Belfour… One cup does not make you great… Secondly, his salary is OUTRAGEOUS for the goalie that he is… really, he was probably the most retarded signing of the off season. The only thing the Leafs would get, is a slightly younger player, but by no means in his prime. Khabi will likely be bought out if his play doesn’t improve and be playing in Europe, or the IHL.

  8. quick_stick says:

    Alison has 14 points in 16 games (with limited ice time), which would be good enough for 3rd on a team like, the habs for instance 4th on the Leafs). 😉

    If you’ve watched the games (I’m not being a smart ass, but I assume you probably see a lot more of the habs), you’d probably know that Allison isn’t playing poorly, it’s more of a matter of the Leafs putting him out there to see if any teams Need a good play making centre. They are in NO rush to get rid of him.

  9. thatleafsguy says:

    Eklund is reporting a possible rumored deal with the NY Islanders, Jason Allison straight up for Janne Niinimaa. I think its far to early to send Allison packing I think this guy has way more to give. The very thought of trading him for Niinimaa dumbfounds me with Colaiacovo rotting in the AHL. I think the Leafs need a scoring threat off the wing more than a puck moving soft defenseman.

    Plus I think that the Leafs could get way more than just Niinimaa for Allison. If the Isles throw in Parrish or Hunter then I make the deal, other than that, I would sit on Allison until atleast the middle of February. Hes gonna get better, no doubt in my mind.

  10. dcz28 says:

    No way the Islanders would give the Leafs Hunter or Parrish with Niinimaa for Allison…no way in hell…they already have a bunch of players up the middle as it is

  11. habs79 says:

    First what does that have to do with plus/minus?

    Second, what was the shock? The fact that the Pens won or that Crosby scored in a shootout? You the Penguins had won 4 of their last 7 comming into last nights game. As for Crosby scoring in a shootwell, well I doubt that shocked anyone except apparently you.

    The leagues worst offensive team got 9 goals in two games against the Leafs. Oh wait that isn’t a shock either.

  12. elite89 says:

    LOL sorry to bust your bubble, but the reason the leafs won the “right” to sign Allison is because they are the only team desperate enough to take a chance on him. He my pick for the slowest player in the NHL and also my pick as most entertaining shootout player. Not because he is skilled, but because i love watching him skate to the blue line, coast from there to the net and then try to make a move. I find great entertainment and humour in that!

    Oh yea by the way, the gamble i mentioned earlier … it didnt work! But thats ok, the gamble on Czerkowski has ayed off, right? … !!!!!!LOL!!!!!!

  13. mojo19 says:

    About trading Berg/Czerkawski for draft picks. Czerkawski someone would possibly take cuz he is a good skater and has a good shot, just hasn’t been room for him in TO.

    But Berg, although I think he is kind of underrated, he does throw big hits now and then, and is capable of playing okay hockey in his own end at times. But makes $1 mil a season when you could get a guy at league minimum to play like him. So he would clear waivers most likely and has no trade value not even for draft picks, unless its a very late round.

  14. mojo19 says:

    they’ll never throw in hunter, we’d have to add something else to that deal. But i think you underrate Niniimaa, hes a good player.

  15. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Yeah man, really. I’ve never disliked them either, but this guy’s inferiority complex is so great that I’d love to see the Oilers tank just to see this goof spiral out of control.

  16. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    I believe it’ll be Allison/Belak/Berg for Hogan/Jimmy Hart/Brian Knobbs

  17. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Yeah, that $500K they spent on Czerkawski has REALLY bankrupted them…how’s Brian Leetch’s leg, by the way?

  18. mojo19 says:

    i like those lines a lot. heres mine:





    D is fine

    And sometimes inject Belak as a winger to pick fights and throw hits, but dont give him a regular shift, double shift guys in his place and throw him out there for a few minutes a game.

  19. mojo19 says:

    and my bruins lines: (NE best division in hockey)

    Samsonov – Thornton – Murray

    Axelson – Bergeron – Zhamnov (either ber or zam at centre)

    Boyes – Green – Isbister

    McEachran – Scatch – Fitz

    Leetch – Boynton

    Slegr – Gill

    Moran – Alberts



    scratch: Orr, Leahy,Dahlman

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