Leafs' Allison being used as bait?

Rogers Sportsnet has reported that Leafs Centre/Winger Jason Allison has been openly complaining about his lack of ice time. This has lead to him starting as a winger as of last game against the Capitals. Allison was complaining about 14-15 minutes per game, and his first game as a winger saw him play only 12 minutes. Sportsnet suggests that with Kyle Wellwood staying with the club and the team having a possible 5-6 centres, Allison could be used as trade bait for a good defenceman. It’s no secret that the Leafs want a better defenceman, and with recent news of Janne Niinimmaa having trouble on the Island and even Tom Poti having trouble in New York, if the Leafs can free up some salary, you could see Niinimmaa, Poti or even Witt in Toronto. Keep your eyes on this situation as it heats up.