Leafs are forced to trade.

The Leaf trade deadline situation has the Leafs against a fence forcing them to make a trade. This is because the Toronto Maple Leafs are one of the largest fan based NHL teams in the league. Not having a monster scoring first line up like the top contenders have the leafs looking very small. The Leafs Need a fix but are in rough shape to make it no matter how desperate they are. If the leafs were to make a move and possibly trade Sundin it would not be enough alone. trading an older player near retirement is not worth a Top player and draft pick, which the leafs would expect and nothing less.
The leafs would be in another slum, as this new player in no way at all a for sure return next season. Thus leaving an even weaker Leaf team. unless a high draft wonder out of that pick is chosen, I highly doubt. So if the Leafs really want to be that contending team they would really need to go crazy this deadline try and land Hossa, Tanguay and high draft picks. The only way to do that is to let go of a few players who the Leafs just don’t want to and can’t without a rough time in the process. Mcabe and Kubina are extremely expensive for their worth. So unless the Leafs want to trade them with draft picks to someone who is equally expensive the trade just wont work. So in conclusion the BEST move to make for the leafs is to trade a lot of players and their captain for top contending players who get the points. Players the Team should consider trading in order for this process are Kubina or Mcabe, Sundin, Steen or Stajan, Blake or Tucker. All the best to the players and coaches they are doing a great job keeping the push in every game despite loses. Also Leaf fans Lets all cross our fingers come deadline Eh.

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  1. Armstrong67 says:

    Hey, good article but aren't you just reiterating what we know already?

    I feel like I am going to die if change doesn't happen soon!  Although I was young, I was around when Sittler, McDonald, Turnbull, etc, were one of the best.  I was around when Gilmour, Clark, Potvin, etc, were one of the best.

    I agree with you a lot more than trading Sundin is required.

    In my mind this simply starts with Sundin.  He is by far the teams best player but I just don't see the passion in him that Gilmour, Clarke, Sittler, and McDonald had. 

    We need a new captain who wants to win a cup.  A vocal captain that will call out his team something like even Alfredsson did with Emery earlier this season.  Like Messier declaring win in 1994 before they actually one. 

    It would be awesome if Sundin re-signs with the Leafs in the summer but not as Captain.  Maybe the assistant!  But remember, we have a dark situation still around, maybe Peddie won't let anything happen.  MLSE still making millions and from a business standpoint, why would you want to change anything if it is not broken?

  2. joyn6160 says:

    Its already quite obvious the Leafs won't make the playoffs. They have 48pts with 30 games remaining. The benchmark for all 8th seed playoff teams is 90-92 points. That means Toronto will have to win atleast 22 games and can only lose 8 more games this season if they hope to reach that 92pt mark. Not to mention pass 6 teams. Oh and not to mention in their next 5 games they play Ottawa, Montreal, and Detroit. Hahaha that means they will only be able to lose 5 games in 25. No Chance. Trades need to start ASAP

  3. omegz says:

    I see what you're getting at, but we've been doing the quick fix for the past few decades it seems, but I wouldn't be surprised if Fletcher did something drastic… well actually I would be surprised.

    Crazy fan support would stay if management decides to rebuild, but it's so true how we need another player to pick up Sundin's role after he's gone.  I doubt trading is the answer, unless we can magically acquire a Getzlaf or Marleau.  I'd like to be able to land Hossa, but the truth of the matter is he wouldn't want to join us, neither would Tanguay.  They don't care what their team gets in return, they just want to go to potential Cup winning teams, and they're in the drivers seat about their futures (Hossa has a NTC I think?)

    Good ideas, but so very bad for the future…

  4. carson1620 says:

    THIS IS ALL SOO DAMN STUPID!!!!!! why would we want to trade sundin… i know we can get draft picks and we can get some fairly decent players for him, BUT SUNDIN IS THE LEAFS!!!!! he's the only good part of our team, and i always said that for Sundin's sake we trade him, but he has gone public, stating he doesn't wanna get traded. So let him finish out in toronto, we can still aqquire some good young talent, we just need toi clear up some cap space by the end of the year! The only way we should deal of Sundin is if we get someone like Nash to take his place, but short of that, it's just not worth it to trade the guy that has been a leaf 99% of his career! all these trade rumors and all you idiots thinkin that Trading Sundin is a good thing, just wait and see what happens, We are stronger with him then without, he's our leader, and if he wants to stay with toronto, we should be happy that a guy that talented wants to stay with us! Spend the next 2 years building talent around Sundin then in 2 years have him retire as teh greatest leaf of all time, and then we'll have a suitable replacement for him, but as of right now that's too big of a gap to bridge, no one will make an even trade for him, so just let him stay!

    Honestly try and imagine #13 MATS SUNDIN of the redwings… in red and white….TOO WEIRD!!!!….. way too weird

  5. Armstrong67 says:

    You may be right, but one thing remains the same.  Sundin may be the best Leaf player of all time, but not even close as a Captain.  Sundin does not challenge any of his players to do better.  This is his job.  Sundin likes to "lead by example on the ice", be the best player (he does this every night).  He does not make the rest of the team play at a higher level, they don't need to because Sundin does it all. He has had ample opportuniy to motivate the hole team to be productive, but this has not happened since Roberts, Quinn, etc, left the fold.

    If Sundin is kept and retires as Captain of the Leafs,  he will be no better than Sittler, Clark, or Gilmour.  All great players but could not deliver the big goal:  winning a cup.  This is still the goal isn't it?

    It is obvious that people who believe Sundin should remain a Leaf, have never been apart of a sports team trying to win a championship.  You must follow your leader, not expect him to do it all.

    Go Leafs! 

  6. arigold says:

    No real Leaf fan feels good about trading Mats, but sometimes you have to start over.  I honestly believe the organization has never done right by him, and I totally respect the fact that he wants to stay, but unfortunately, sometimes you have to start over.  A player of Mats quality will bring in a huge payday as far as a trade is concerned, providing a good foundation to rebuild the team.  I hate it too, but unless this team goes on an incredible run in the next 3 weeks, we have to prepare to say goodbye to Mats, and hope to get him back next year.

  7. the_word says:

    Mats is the Leafs and right now the Leafs are in pretty bad shape.  I'm tired of watching Mats play excellent with nothing around him.  Perhaps I'm a bit jaded, but I've watch Mats since he became a Leaf.  I've seen it, I've seen what the Leafs can do with him as their franchise player.  This suppose to be about entertainment, time for a new show.  The Leafs miss the playoffs while Sundin plays great is rerun that has reached its saturation point.

  8. Goleafs1992 says:

    I agree with Carson1620

  9. Wilson52 says:

      LOL Carson who cares.  If Gretzky, Bourque, Messier can get traded, so can Sundin.  Sundin has the most trade value, so dealing him would help the Leafs in the future.  Hey I like Sundin but things are not working out.  When things are not working out you have to make change even if its making tough decision.  If Sundin were to be traded he can always come back.  At least when he were to come back, the Leafs have some assets to prepare for the future or to play with him.  What your saying Carson but not moving him that you are happy with the status quo.  The Leafs have to move players with big contracts so they can even have a chance of doing anything. 
      The best things the Leafs can do is tank, get rid of big contracts and rebuild.  I have been saying this before last year.  Its funny that teams like Philly, Nashville, Edmonton, St.Louis are ahead of the Leafs.  The reason they are better because they are addressing their problems unlike the Leafs. 
      I love the Leafs but what they have right now on their team for the most part is a joke.  The Leafs need to bring in some new blood, more Canadian players so this once proud franchise can succeed again.  If you want to debate me on this go ahead.  I will shoot you down before you say anything because the last 3 Stanley Cup teams have had strong Canadian players on their teams.  If you say anything about Detroit or Ottawa I will take you on.

  10. mitchamac says:

    If sundin does waive his no trade clause he will get more in return then forsberg , symth, thackuk did last year when they were rented out……

    Just keep watching and when the time comes all you (well what ever you wanna call your selves) will be eating your words

  11. mapleleaf420 says:

    Alright criticizing responses all expected but the leafs still have to think about this season. Just because they do have their young talent on a rise in seasons to come, doesn't mean we except the poor play for what were paying some of these player. I would personally like to keep Sundin. I am curious of what these teams think he is worth though. All i am trying saying are that the Leafs have to do something this trade deadline. They are expected too.

  12. cstyle81 says:

    We all say trade sundin for some good talent. We all say lets start trading ASAP… But, is that really gonna work right now?? The leafs obviously are not making the playoffs, so who bringing awesome talent to toronto doesn't seem like much of  possibility in my eyes. They can bring 2-3 superstars and still miss the playoffs. So why not wait it out and go hunting in the off season? More players with NTC's will be interested more in the off season than now! Especially when there is a non playoff team involved. I say wait it out, we will get more oportunity in the off season!

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