Leafs await call to action

Mark Zwolinski sports reporter

It seems the Maple Leafs’ roster changes almost every time they hit the ice, and the makeover may not be over yet.

Twenty Leafs returned to practice on Wednesday, their first workout since the NHL went on Olympic hiatus 10 days ago.

It gave the team its first glimpse at Jamie Lundmark, picked up on waivers from Calgary Feb. 13.

“It’s my first day here so I don’t know a lot about what’s going on here, but I’ve been on teams that have moved 10 guys at the trade deadline,” Lundmark said.

The Leafs’ roster is frozen until the Olympics end Sunday. The NHL trade deadline arrives Wednesday and it’s likely Lundmark won’t be the last new face added to the roster.

Toronto has two pending unrestricted free agents – Alex Ponikarovsky and Lee Stempniak – who could be attractive at the deadline for playoff teams looking to add depth.

Leafs GM Brian Burke has said he would consider almost any deal if it improves his club or comes with a desirable draft pick.


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  1. dumbassdoorman says:

    There are going to be a few busy equipment mags….lol. Hopefully we can add a few nice pieces to our never ending puzzle. Still trying to to get mmy hopes up too, too high…lol. I think Kaberle opens a lot of potential doors though. Although it may just be ground work for a team not on his expected to be submitted list, for a summer trade. Here is hoping for the best.

  2. Kramer says:

    I went to a psychic yesterday and asked if any big trades are gonna happen in hockey. She said a major event is about to happen very soon. Believe it. This psychic is real; she's a gypsy with ancestors from central Europe. Not a fake psychic like those economists or weather people.

  3. cam7777 says:

    Kaberle is apparently willing to go to the Rangers.  This absolutely terrifies me.  Sather has some sort of magic power.  He's going to get Burke to take Drury somehow, and we'll be in the same position as the Habs (except not as bad, becuz Drury is only signed for 2 more years, not 4).  Stay away from Sather!

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    Where did this come from? i know burke doesn't like less then 10 teams on a list.

  5. albertateams says:

    Just wondering what people were thinking about Rene Bourque's new contract. 6 years 3.3 per. Personally the term scares me a little as he has had injury problems, but the 3.3 m cap hit is fine. He's a solid second line forward and a real good PK guy.

  6. leafmeister says:


    To NYR: Kaberle, Grabovski,
    To TOR: Chris Drury, Callahan, Del Zotto, Dereck Stepan, Ryan Bourque, 2010 1st

    The trade makes sense for both sides. The Leafs assume the terrible Chris Drury deal, but get Callahan, Del Zotto, Stepan, Bourque and a 1st.

    Bury Jeff Finger

    Next year:


    Komisarek-Del Zotto


    If the Leafs were to take Drury, that would be one of a very few deals I would accept.

  7. mojo19 says:

    $3.3 is a solid cap number for a quality forward. 6 years is a long term, but that's not too bad, how old is he right now 27? So those will be prime years.

  8. reinjosh says:

    Drury is an incredibly overpaid third line center. He will never be a first liner. If he can't rack up points with Gaborik then he wont with Kessel.

    But he is showing that he is a very good checking line center.

    I like Callahan and Stepan.

  9. reinjosh says:

    He has talent no doubt. He has talent to be a good second line power forward and now that the Flames have more scoring, his job should be easier. Hes had injury problems but it would be bad to lose him.

    3.3 is a good cap hit, especially for quality scoring, tough play and good PK play. 6 years is a little long for a secondary guy but who knows, maybe he hasn't shown his full talent yet.

  10. cam7777 says:

    Bourque is a good player, and I like him, but boy oh boy, do the Flames look more and more like the pre-lockout Leafs everyday or what?  A six year deal for Bourque, hmm, isn't that what we gave Tucker?

    Iginla = Sundin
    Bourque = Tucker
    Bouwmeester = Kaberle
    White = McCabe
    Kipper = Cujo/Belfour

  11. leafmeister says:

    Well maybe Bozak could take that role then. Taking Drury would be for no other reason than to steal all of those assets from New York. Callahan, Stepan, Del Zotto, and whoever the 1st rounder ends up being would be the enticement.

  12. JoelJoel says:

    Yeah man, they will need some good conference standings at the conclusion of this, and the next few season outings; otherwise I think they (read: Sutter) will face some serious criticism.

    G'luck Flamers, ya might just need it…

    Also, Kipper isn't looking better every year. It may be difficult to say the opposite is true, but it also may be the case. Better start drafting some young players that sport a #1 on their backs…

  13. JoelJoel says:

    A little long? I think 4 would have been a little long. 3 for Bourque would even concern me a bit. Let's face it, will he likely become a first line player? I don't think so. Will he likely stay the same and plug away on the second line? Possibly. Could he get worse in 1-3-5 years? I don't think anyone would say that is out of the question.

    The only way this makes sense is if players continue to earn (I use the term loosely) more and more in the coming seasons making his 3.3 cap hit seem really cheep. But unless salary inflation starts to hit the double digits per season, that doesn't seem to be the likely case.

  14. reinjosh says:

    He will be a second fixture. Thats why they signed him and he has had that talent for a while and finally started living up to it. I doubt he gets in even 5 years. He will be 34 by the time his contract ends. Thats not bad at all.

    His 3.3 million dollar cap hit isn't overpaying either. He gets paid less than Blake and does more. So at worse its average. I agree 6 years is a little long but any shorter and he would be asking for 4 million or more.

  15. dumbassdoorman says:

    I really don't think we get all four of those assets, with Drury, just saying, although if Kaberle was involved I could see it. He would be a major addition and enticement for Kovie to sign there. It is a trade that i think they could do and not have turn out too, too badly depending on how Stepan and the pick turn out.

  16. dumbassdoorman says:

    I think he would have got more on the open market, and probably same type term if that is what he wanted. malone got it out of Tampa, so i think it is a good signing, even at 6yrs.

  17. reinjosh says:

    Kipper is playing just as good as Miller this year yet gets no recognition for it. He is only 31 and isn't playing as bad as you seem to think. He is still easily a top 5 goaltender in the league. He will be 35 when his contract is up and Irving will be ready to take over.

    But I give it two season after this one before the rebuild gets underway.

    That way the team has a nice core with Bouwmeester and Regehr on defense, Iginla and Bourque on offense, and Kipper in net. 3 all stars and two good secondary players. Thats a nice core to build around. You likely can expect Backlund, Pelech, Giordano, Erixon and maybe Howse or Nemisz to be on the team as well.

  18. reinjosh says:

    Yeah I think thats what he means.

    Its a solid trade. We would be getting a good third line checking center (at best a second line center, but I would be willing to push him there) who has good leadership skills.

    Callahan is a great young player and one who could easily develop into a very good second line power forward. At worst, he stays as an effective second line power forward who can play very well on the penalty kill.

    While I would rather get Kreider, Stepan is an intriguing prospect. He would be more a long term prospect. But if I had a choice, it would definitely be Kreider over Stepan.

    The 1st Rounder would be awesome, as it would somewhat replace giving up a top 5 pick for Kessel. It could even be top 10 if were lucky (its 8th overall right now).

    I am not a fan of Del Zotto but I understand why some might want him. Still I think that the Rangers would rather trade McDonagh or Sanguinetti instead seeing as Del Zotto is NHL ready and they aren't.

  19. reinjosh says:

    At second glance its obvious that Sutter wants him to be part of the future core. The way the team is going, in two season the only players signed are Iggy and Bourque on offense, Regehr and Bouwmeester on defense, and Kipper in net. Thats a pretty decent core and one I bet that Sutter is planning to use for the future of the team (Kipper would be the oldest at 34, Iggy at 33).

    In two years, Backlund, Pelech and Erixon would hopefully be ready, Giordano and White might be resigned and be considered very reliable defenders and all you have your goaltending and defense set with just offense to build around.

  20. dumbassdoorman says:

    the question becomes, if that trade say were made, or one resembling it, is Burke happy with that or is he looking at some he can flip for something else. i agree that i don't see the rangers wanting to trade del Zotto. I would be okay with McDonagh, though.

  21. dumbassdoorman says:

    the question becomes, if that trade say were made, or one resembling it, is Burke happy with that or is he looking at some he can flip for something else. i agree that i don't see the rangers wanting to trade del Zotto. I would be okay with McDonagh, though.

  22. reinjosh says:

    Thats an interesting thought.

    Callahan and Dury would definitely be staying IMO. Drury would obviously be staying. Callahan would fill a penalty killing role and a top 6 forward role.

    Say we get McDonagh. We move him and Hayes plus Caputi and a 2nd (say we get both in the poni trade) for a guy like Neal?

    Dallas could definitely use McDonagh since trading Vishnevsky and Caputi could go to replace Neal now while Hayes could replace him in the future. Im just spitballing here but that would certainly be sick getting two young top 6 forwards, a top center prospect, and a first rounder on trade deadline day. Not very likely but a guy can dream haha.

  23. dumbassdoorman says:

    Ya it would be Awesome…and thats why I love hockey talk, the ideas, the debates…it is always great. Not sure Dallas  wants to get rid of Neal, but I like your thinking. They may also be attractive pieces in a package for a forward like Horton? It would Also not be the end of the world to keep them, the right vetern mix would help those players along nicely. throw in cams idea of roberts to train young players and wow maybe a future!!!!!

  24. reinjosh says:

    Yeah I don't think they would either, except for a package consisting of Kaberle, but with their internal strict budget of only 45 million, he might prove to be too expensive to keep and too easy to replace (with Benn, Glennie etc).

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