Leafs closing in on Czech star

The Leafs are looking at 24-year-old Czech centre Roman Cervenka, who played for the Czech Republic at the Vancouver Olympics, but won’t make a decision until after the world championships.
This season with Slavia Praha of the Czech league he had 30 goals and 43 assists for 73 points.

Červenka has represented the Czech Republic with the national team on multiple occasions. He earned a bronze medal at the 2005 World Junior Championships. He also played at the 2009 IIHF World Championship and was selected to play for the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Cervenka has continued to get better in each of his four seasons in the Czech Elite League and is currently listed as 5″11′ and 187 pounds. Avangard Omsk of the KHL are believed to be in pursuit of Cervenka’s talents as well.

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  1. Magleaves says:

    On hockey DB it says he's 5' 7" and only 127 lbs

    i sure hope your height and weight are right

  2. leafstime says:

    It's summer time now and here's a block buster trade rumour I thought of.

    Kadri, Komisarek, Exelby, Hanson, a third and fifth round pick to Philly for Richards, Gagne and a sixth pick.  Burke you know Holmgren's number. Forget the golf game this weekend and call.

  3. Tavares-Stamkos14 says:

    I like your thinking getting Richards would be awesome but I don't see this trade ever happening. Also I say the leafs hold on Kadri. Cause for all we know he could be better then both Gagne and Richards.

  4. Kramer says:

    How come there's fire works on Victoria Day? She died on this day. Why the need to celebrate with fire works?

  5. cam7777 says:

    Draft Schmaft.  If Burke lands Cervenka, that's three guys who basically amount to 2nd round picks value wise, and the draft hasn't even taken place yet.  Scrivens and Rynnas are quality guys that most teams pursued pretty heavily, and it sounds like there's a lot of confidence that both will be NHL goalies one day. 

    I hope Burke has one more college/euroean free agent find for us blows us all away.  Even better would be if a solid prosepct declined an entry-level team from his drafting club, and elected instead to sign with the Leafs (like Wheeler did for Boston).  C'mon Burke, get r' done.  Marlies will be sick next year with Cervenka in the fold:

    Luca Caputi – Chris DiDomenico – Dale Mitchell
    Phil Paradis – Roman Cervenka – M. Stefanovich
    Ryan Hamilton – Joel Champagne – Greg Scott
    Ben Ondrus – Tyler Ruegsegger – Brayden Irwin

  6. cam7777 says:

    wow, that last paragraph is one of the most mangled I've ever written.  Let me try that again.

    I hope Burke has one more college/eurppean free agent find for us, and it blows everyone away.  Even better would be if a solid prospect declined an entry-level contact from his drafting club and elected to sign with the Leafs instead (like Wheeler did with Boston). 

  7. broc says:

    A team like that is half rookies.. they wouldn't even make the playoffs IMO

  8. cam7777 says:

    They'll have great goaltending though, and a pretty strong AHL defense with Aulie, and probably Finger, Mikus, Gysbers, and maybe another salary dump type NHL'er (ie. Sopel).  A lot of people think DiDomenico and Paradis are nearly NHL ready, so they should be pretty strong AHL'ers.  Caputi, Ondrus, Cervenka, Hamilton, Scott – these guys are all older, or veterans of the AHL.  Even Ruegsegger is 24, and Dale Mitchell is more than ready.  They'll be a strong crew.

  9. mojo19 says:

    sign Cervenka
    Trade Grabovski for Dumont
    Trade Beauchemin for Andy Greene and a 3rd round pick
    sign Ray Whitney
    re-sign RFA's

    Dumont – Bozak – Kessel
    Kadri – Cervenka – Whitney
    Kulemin – Hanson – Sjostrom
    Caputi – Mitchell – Orr

    Kaberle – Komisarek
    Phaneuf – Schenn
    Gunnarsson – Greene


    Extra spots to be fought for at camp. With great looking D, hopefully solid goaltending, and a group of young fwd's with reliable vets JP and Whitney I think this would be a playoff team for sure. Another option to this plan would be to sign a tough/grinding type of guy to play 3rd/4th line, ie Armstrong, Cooke, Boogaard, Maltby, Nichol, Shelley, Malholtra etc. Or go after a skilled grinder like Eric Nystrom.

  10. leafshockey says:

    I've been thinking lately that it might be better to let Kadri play in the minors for another year. I think everybody is freaking out with their expectations with this kid and that with the Kessel trade and the fact he plays in Toronto he has so much more pressure on him than the average seventh pick. I think that if he were allowed to actually get ready for the NHL he'd be better.


  11. mojo19 says:

    Play it by ear. If he comes to camp and dominates then its a no brainer, he stays. If he comes to camp and just kind of fits in, then maybe you let him start the season and make the decision before the 8 (10?) game mark, whenever the decision has to be made. If he comes in and is playing kind of borderline, then send him down.

  12. leafy says:

    Generally I agree. The Leafs have a history of rushing their young players, going back 30-40 years.  It all depends on where Kadri is in his development.

    This is why I was disappointed in Wilson's comment at the end of the season. He said he expects Kadri on the Leafs next season. Not smart. Most coaches make roster decisions based on performance at training camp, not six months prior. This will also put a lot of pressure on the kid. Some kids can handle this pressure, some can't.

  13. leafy says:

    I've always liked Whitney. Dumont would be an upgrade over Grabovski, who's all style but no substance.  Hopefully this Cervenka guy can put up similar numbers for the Leafs.

    I also agree the Leafs need a few more grinders. The Leafs are still too soft up front.

    It would be interesting to see if Aulie is ready to earn a roster spot on the blue line. If he's as good as expected, the Leafs would be in great shape on the blue line for years.

    I also expect the Leafs to challenge for a playoff spot, but you have to be very careful in using words like "for sure".  When teams like Philadelphia make the playoffs by a single point (and on the last play of the regular season), you know the league is competitive!

  14. mojo19 says:

    Wilson says a lot of dumb things. Example, last season he praised the play of Grabovski so much that Burke had no leverage in contract negotiations and Grabo ended up getting overpaid (in my opinion). This year, similar situation, Kulemin is a RFA this summer and Wilson (and Burke) went on and on about how great he played…. this makes no sense to me, and Kulemin's agent is going to get him a very solid contract.

  15. mojo19 says:

    That's true, there is no guarantee but I think the Leafs would be very competitive.

    Everyone wants to bring in a guy like Bobby Ryan, and of course a young star like him would be amazing to add to our core, but if there isn't a deal there to land "that guy" I don't think it would be too difficult for Burke to bring in a couple of solid veteran scorers who you can rely on. I wrote Dumont in because apparently he requested a trade out of Nashville, and I wrote in Whitney because he's a UFA. Also these two guys have been very consistant scorers over the last 5-6 seasons.

  16. leafshockey says:

    Yeah that's what I was thinking too…. If we rush Kadri and he doesn't turn out as good as we/he expected, there will be hell to pay. And I don't think that with the rebuild going on that the Leafs can afford to miss with this guy.

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