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With Ed Belfour still missing, and having been on and off injured all year, it has to be a concern to Leaf fans that the remaining goaltending is Trevor Kidd and Mikael Tellqvist:Kidd – general consensus, which I agree with, is that Kidd is not up to it. He’s got to rank as one of the worse back-ups in the league;

Tellqvist – this guy has impressed on the rare occasion he’s had the chance. But the key word here is rare. How would he handle a long stint in net is open to debate and is now really the time to find out?

The play offs might be a while away and (may) give Belfour time to fully recover but the trade deadline is closing in and the longer Belfour is out the further the Leafs are liable to drop down the Eastern Conference.

As far as I can see they need a reliable back-up who can step up and play night after night if required – so who is out there:

Arturs Irbe – as was discussed on a previous post the little Latvian is back in the NHL and it’s likely that the Canes are looking to trade him. He would seem a gamble as he left the NHL playing pretty badly so who knows how his form is now (we’ll have to see how he goes). However, would he be an improvement over Kidd – undoubtedly. The Leafs may be able to lose Kidd in the trade as well as Storr is possibly even worse.

Olaf Kolzig – again this was mentioned on a previous post as potentially part of a deal with Gonchar and Lang (I reckon this site would crash with the volume of comments were this trade to occur). I can’t see it – this guy is a starter and is not likely to want to sit most nights. Still he may not have the choice if the Caps want to offload him. Seems a long shot to me though.

Manny Fernandez – this could be a goer. A decent goalie who ain’t doing anything wrong. Again I could see Kidd being sent as part of the deal so why not. Again he may not like the job as backup but with the number of injuries to Belfour he should get plenty of games.

Brent Johnson – another former starter who is sitting doing very little. Being honest I’m not a huge fan but that’s just my opinion. Could he be part of a deal to bring in Pronger, I doubt it.

Martin Biron – be quiet you’re just being silly now.

Undoubtedly there are other goalies who can be considered, which I’ve no doubt you guys will do but these were the ones that sprang to mind.

Overall, I can see a deal for Irbe or Fernandez.

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  1. JeffBurnz09 says:

    He wasnt a Maple Leaf back then…..it doesnt matter if you suck, teams just want to have a former Leaf on their team, in hopes that the greatness of Toronto might infect the rest of the team….besides, once you play for, or are rumored to play for Toronto, your seen as being 10 times better than you actually are…Kidd is practically an All Star now…

  2. Mailman says:

    you guys are too hard on Kidd. majority of the goals he let in were powerplay goals, and the defence has been playing like complete ass and giving the opposition tons of chances to score. sure, some are his fault, but others are defensive lapses.

  3. Montrealsdogg says:

    only Tucker? won’t fly in Calgary… throw in maybe a 2nd or 3rd rounder with Tucker

  4. BayStBully says:

    Sorry boys, but those jokes were barely funny the first time. Maybe leaf fans make bad trade rumours, but at least we know when to let a joke die.

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