Leafs Interested in Dafoe?

TSN had reported that there is some interest being expressd towards Byron Dafoe by John Fergusson Jr. This was seen last night around 11 o’clock on the TSN ticker.
It doesn’t say how much interest or what would be headed the other way.

I don’t think that this would be a smart move for Toronto. Bring in another potentially number 1 goalie wouldn’t be good for Ed belfours confidence. This would cause Belfour to play worse and worse. Although Byron Dafoe does have potetial to be a very solid goalie.

Also, Toronto is still the number one contender in the race for Sergie Gonchar, this would be a great fit in Toronto, hes a solid D-man and can also fill an Offensive roll that has been left open by Kaberle and McCabe as of late.

Some source are saything that the leafs as well as Philidelphia Flyers are interested in aquiring Petr Nedved from New york. This is only a rumor, there is no proof behind this