Leafs Interested in Dafoe?

TSN had reported that there is some interest being expressd towards Byron Dafoe by John Fergusson Jr. This was seen last night around 11 o’clock on the TSN ticker.
It doesn’t say how much interest or what would be headed the other way.

I don’t think that this would be a smart move for Toronto. Bring in another potentially number 1 goalie wouldn’t be good for Ed belfours confidence. This would cause Belfour to play worse and worse. Although Byron Dafoe does have potetial to be a very solid goalie.

Also, Toronto is still the number one contender in the race for Sergie Gonchar, this would be a great fit in Toronto, hes a solid D-man and can also fill an Offensive roll that has been left open by Kaberle and McCabe as of late.

Some source are saything that the leafs as well as Philidelphia Flyers are interested in aquiring Petr Nedved from New york. This is only a rumor, there is no proof behind this

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  1. distance7 says:

    How bad is Dafoe’s back injury…from…falling on ice..

  2. mojo19 says:

    I’ve said all along the leafs should get a better back-up. Depending on what we have to give up, I would trade for Dafoe, and it won’t hurt Belfour’s confidence like you mentioned. Eddie knows it would be a trade for insurance incase his back goes during the playoffs. Belfour would probably like a trade to upgrade a back-up.

  3. desertdog says:

    who aren’t the Leafs interested in?

  4. OilersRush says:

    How can Dafoe hurt Eddie’s confidence?Belfour been in the NHL for years now, he knows what he can and cannot do, and with his back acting up a better backup may be needed.

    But typical of Toronto to get a backup who has a bad back and is on ir for insurance of its starter who has a bad back.

  5. greatlife15 says:

    it wuoldn’t hurt Belfour because he’s a rugged, experienced goalie. He’s not new and his feelings won’t get hurt. And anyways, he knows he can outplay Dafoe anyday.

  6. Cortland says:

    You are quite right about your statement. I was watching the Phili/Detroit game and Melrose said he had heard there was a lot of interest from the leafs in Chris Pronger. He admitted that this was only a rumor but I don’t see the leafs trading until they see how the blues are doing. If the blues continue to loose, it will be interesting to see who the leafs go after.

  7. Tradedude says:

    oh my goodness..Dafoe? Why not just ask Healy to come out of retirement? I’m not suggestign that but dafoe is a bad idea. But.. He will not hurt Eddie’s confidence, if anything it will make him play better because he would know that a backup could steal some of his games.

    As for Nedved.. I like him for his speed and scoring ability, but he won’t fit in with the leafs.

    Add two more players to the leafs “interested” in list. psh

  8. Stuv_Dogg says:

    Uhhhh, were you expecting to find something apart from hockey trade rumors on this site, aptly named http://www.hockeytraderumors.com? I mean, sure, there might be more Leaf rumors than anything else, but we can’t help it if we’re the center of the hockey universe.

    If you’re sick of all this hockey trade talk, might I suggest http://www.marthastewart.com? How about http://www.recipefinder.com? No hockey talk on there.

  9. Aetherial says:

    Hurt Eddie’s confidence?

    That is ridiculous. The Leafs are looking for a backup because the last couple weeks proved to them that they are totally F’d without Belfour.

    He easily has the number 1 goalie position locked up and he is a veteran. He knows how valuable he is to the team.

  10. Aetherial says:

    Until the Leafs *do* anything… of course they are interested in multiple players.

    It is no secret that they would like at least 1 defenseman, perhaps another forward and a solid backup goalie.

    Why would it be remarkable that they are *interested* in a bunch of players.

    Do you think Colorado or New Jersey or Dallas are not interested in a whole ton of players…. forget just the ones that have been mentioned… I bet those GM’s are also making calls all over the league.

    But Noooooooo, because it is the Leafs; people feel the urge to make stupid-ass comments.

    It would be pretty f*cking stupid to think that they would be interested in only one player at the positions they are trying to fill.

    Also, what if Antropov or Stajan (shudder) goes to Washington in a deal for Gonchar? It is reasonable to think they might try to fill that hole by going after a Nedved as he could likely be had cheap in terms of what you give up.

  11. Lint07 says:

    JFJ called my mom and offered her a 3rd rounder in exchange of my services for the playoffs.

    My mom refused and said:

    ”What the hell do you want me to do with a 3rd round pick??”

  12. coderaspberry says:

    I heard this too, and I personally think it’s stupid, for a few reasons.

    I don’t think TO needs to waste resources on a new backup – not because I think Kidd and Tellqvist are the answer, as they are obviously not, but rather because if Eddie does go down for an extended period, the Leafs have shown that they just don’t play the same way or with the same confidence when someone else is in net. Perhaps in a year or so they’ll be comfortable with Tellqvist if he becomes the regular backup.

    In any case, bringing in a new guy, unless he was some sort of stud goalie, wouldn’t help matters, in my opinion. Confidence would still go down the second Eddie went out, and they’d make the mistakes this team is prone to making when back on their heels. I guess I’m just saying this team isn’t going anywhere with Dafoe that it couldn’t with Kidd or Tellqvist, IMO.

    That brings me to my real reason for not really making ANY dumb trades that rob the future of the team, namely: The Leafs are NOT going to win this year. There’s simply too much talent on other teams. They may turn it up come playoff time, Belfour may stand on his head, and they may (though I don’t think) make it all the way to the conference finals; However, Philly and Ottawa (and possibly TB) have more offensive talent, and may just simply overwhelm them. And that’s just the East.

    Given the likelihood that I’m correct about this, would it really be so bad if JFJ made a couple of smart deals, sent a couple veterans who can’t hit the net to teams wanting some depth in exchange for picks, and generally trimmed salary? I know it won’t happen, but I wish it would. Instead, they’ll mortgage the future for now, which will turn out kinda like last year with Owen Nolan. Goody.

    I know there’s a ton of pressure to do a deal in Toronto, but JFJ’s gotta have some notion that there’s probably nothing he can do to improve his team enough to the point they’re good enough to win it all. The team is good, just not quite good enough. So, be patient. Improve that draft record like you said. Cultivate those youngsters and BUILD a team, like they used to in the old days, and may have to again soon. I’m sick of the grisled veteran, albeit full-of-heart-and-grit teams that have been “close-but-not-quite” for the past few years.

  13. jacosta says:

    I think the idea of getting a Nedved would be to potentially replace Nik Antropov. Nedved can play both centre and left wing and therefore if needed could be put on the wing with Sundin and Roberts. Allowing Niewendyk to play with Poni and Alex.

    I don’t mind Nedved, I think he has been rotting on a team like New York where he not being a real leader type was lost in a room full of too many supposed leaders. He did not know who to follow. On a team like the leafs he may know exactly what his role is and therefore may be pretty good.

    One more for you just to spark some interest.

    What if the leafs go hard for Sergie Gonchar yet only get him so that they can flip him to St Louis for Pronger??

    Just wait. St Louis is currently out of a playoff spot. Gonchar and Pronger are both in similar contract situations. If you had to resign someone Gonchar even with Arbitration would be cheaper then Pronger. Getting Gonchar in St. Louis could actually get them into a playoff spot since their biggest concern in this recent funk has been scoring goals.

    This trade would allow St Louis to say, we couldn’t resign pronger yet we haven’t truly given up on this season. Because they would still get a number 1 or 2 defenseman back in the deal.

    If this were the case, would you give up Antro Coli and a first round pick to get Gonchar to then switch him for Pronger???

  14. nhl_trade_007 says:

    this is a great move for the leafs. HURT EDDIES CONFIDENCE?? if anything it will help him.he knows that he can play better now and take a scattered risk to save a goal at least then he knows he doesn’t have to let down the team and Put kidd into the net…… UR A REALL JERK>>>LEARN SOMETHING BOUT HOCKEY B4 YOU GO FLAPPING UR GUMS!!!

  15. Aetherial says:

    ONly two arguements…

    The leafs have as many leader types, at least, as the Rangers do so I don’t uinderstand your Nedved rationale.

    Second, I would be REALLY surprised if St. Louis let’s Pronger go. He is a franchise defenseman, not exactly common in the NHL.

    St. Louis is also not in financial trouble so Pronger’s status probably does not bother them.

    To get Pronger, yes I would give up Antropov Colaiacovo and the 1st rounder.

  16. Mailman says:

    byron dafoe would NOT be an improvement from trevor kidd. dafoe is a *****ing joke, lol. im praying we dont pick up this one-season-wonder shmuck

  17. Doppelganger says:

    From an Atlanta Thrashers fan’s persepective, I am hoping that they trade Dafoe. Not only is he the highest paid player on the team but he hardly ever plays. When he does play, he has had maybe 2 or 3 solid games. If the Thrashers can get rid of Dafoe, maybe they will recall Kari Lehtonen to play a few games at the end of the season. Frederic Cassivi is currently backing up Nurminen and he is good for one outstanding game a year but after that they should send him down and bring up the man all of us thrasher fans want to see.

  18. Doppelganger says:

    From an Atlanta Thrashers fan’s persepective, I am hoping that they trade Dafoe. Not only is he the highest paid player on the team but he hardly ever plays. When he does play, he has had maybe 2 or 3 solid games. If the Thrashers can get rid of Dafoe, maybe they will recall Kari Lehtonen to play a few games at the end of the season. Frederic Cassivi is currently backing up Nurminen and he is good for one outstanding game a year but after that they should send him down and bring up the man all of us thrasher fans want to see.

  19. Doppelganger says:

    From an Atlanta Thrashers fan’s persepective, I am hoping that they trade Dafoe. Not only is he the highest paid player on the team but he hardly ever plays. When he does play, he has had maybe 2 or 3 solid games. If the Thrashers can get rid of Dafoe, maybe they will recall Kari Lehtonen to play a few games at the end of the season. Frederic Cassivi is currently backing up Nurminen and he is good for one outstanding game a year but after that they should send him down and bring up the man all of us thrasher fans want to see.

  20. Doppelganger says:

    From an Atlanta Thrashers fan’s persepective, I am hoping that they trade Dafoe. Not only is he the highest paid player on the team but he hardly ever plays. When he does play, he has had maybe 2 or 3 solid games. If the Thrashers can get rid of Dafoe, maybe they will recall Kari Lehtonen to play a few games at the end of the season. Frederic Cassivi is currently backing up Nurminen and he is good for one outstanding game a year but after that they should send him down and bring up the man all of us thrasher fans want to see. Also, I have heard rumors that teams are interested in McEachern. I hope they do not trade him he is one of the only guys on the team who plays hard every night and is consistent. One guy who needs to go is Stefan, he was getting better but he has regressed this season. Stefan for Daigle, a trade of first pick failures.

  21. Donovan says:

    Woah, its like a double doppleganger

  22. jacosta says:

    Id Dafoe is healthy then all he would take to get would be a low draft pick since he is in the final year of his contract. Hell he makes 4 million therefore the leafs could even trade Kidd to them for Dafoe. Kidd is half the salary and could do exactly what Dafoe is doing in Atlanta, which is play back up.

    Is Kidd done after this season also??

  23. EmptyNetter says:

    Would you please calm down? King just expressed an opinion — there’s no reason for you to feel threatened by it. Until he asks, “Do you think that Ed Belfour sometimes dresses in ladies’ undergarments?”, you might just want to just answer the question and leave the insults behind.

    HTR is full of too many ignorant people (myself included) for you to go around throwing stones 😛

  24. EmptyNetter says:

    A good rule of thumb for active NHL goalies is, “If the Bruins had him you don’t want him”. See Hackett, Shields, Dafoe. It’s still too early to judge John Grahame. I hated how he’d ALWAYS hold onto the puck to force a faceoff — after the whistle he’d just stand there flipping it into the air until the ref came and took it from him. All night long — save, whislte, flip flip flip, faceoff. . .

    Actually, the Leafs SHOULD try to make a deal for Steve Shields. I think he only earns $1M and Florida only gave the Bruins “future considerations” when they traded for him. If Florida’s willing, the Leafs wouldn’t have to give up much and his stats are better than Dafoe’s for the season.

  25. nocuphere says:

    Do you know the leafs won’t win this year. Are you nostradamus’ cousin or something. Can you predict the future? You should think about a career change. Maybe a psychic?

    After watching Anaheim last year, an all the cinderellas in years prior it blows my mind how you can say that. Talent does not win cups. Grit and heart win cups. Last I checked the leafs had more grit and heart then anyone in the league. Your key word might me health. If the leafs “stay healthy” they have as good a shot as anyone.

    As far as not giving up the future, you won’t have to part with much if you go for guys like Leetch instead of Gonchar, if Gonchar wants to come to Toronto as bad as he says he does, he can sign here in two years when he’s UFA eligible.

    Sorry to vent on you man, but it’s horseshit to think that they have no shot at the cup, when they have the offense and goaltending to do just that. aquire one or two reliable defensemen and they have to be considered bonafide contenders.

    All teams have a weakness. Philly no goalie. Burke isn’t winning anyone a cup.

    Ottawa has the Lalime factor. Still hasn’t proven squat to anyone, but power on paper.

    The devils need offense and another stud to replace Stevens, and a draw winning center.

    Boston has one line, and two unproven goalies.

    Colorado again suspect goaltending.

    Detroit has the weapons to win until they run into another Anaheim (could be Calgary this year).

    Compared to the favorites we have just as good a shot as any.

    nuff said!!!

  26. The_Conductor says:

    So far everyone is going to Toronto but yet no one has gome to Toronto… Suprised?

  27. The_Conductor says:


  28. bpanther83 says:

    The leafs can’t afford to wait for drafts to develop. They have gone to long without a cup, the fans would go nuts on them. As far as them not having a shot? They are as good as any team. U can’t question the leafs heart, not after 2 years ago, when everyone was hurt and they battled and made it farther than anyone suspected (and beat a 1 or 2 place ottawa). U want to talk no heart? Lets talk ottawa! They have the power and scoring to do it, but lack of a goalie and heart kills them.

  29. nocuphere says:

    Amen brother.

  30. Tomato_84 says:

    Im not sure how good Dafoe really is. if i remember correctly though…he played pretty good on boston until the playoffs. I agree, the leafs have shown that they NEED Belfour, because our backups arnt that great. If this will improve our backup situation then go ahead…make a deal, but for a minimal cost

  31. coderaspberry says:

    Ha ha. I didn’t say they had no shot, just in my opinion, not a good one. I want to believe they do – I’m a Leafs fan, diehard, believe it or not. I’m just trying to be realistic. There always seems to be a wall they hit, a mistake they make, that just sends the whole thing spiraling down. I agree with some of your points about the other teams, and I don’t think Jersey will do as well now, unless Stevens and Rafalski come back. Boston has about as much chance as Toronto, imo. IF (and that’s a big if) Toronto can acquire TWO (not one, but two) solid d-men, then yeah, their chances improve. I just don’t see it happening, when there’s only so many to go around.

    The cinderella team this year (and yes, I AM making unfounded predictions again 😉 ) is Tampa. I know they’re up there in the standings, but having never really gone anywhere in the playoffs, they still gotta be considered the underdog. With goaltending suspect in the East powers (i.e. Philly and Ottawa) as you said, I could see TB going to the final.

    And no worries about venting on me – that’s what this forum is for, right? Frank discussion. I voiced my opinion and you countered with your own. Only time will prove which of us is right, and if Toronto does pull it out, I will gladly tip my hat to you and join right along in the festivities!

  32. Adam_0486 says:

    If the leafs got everyone they claimed to be interested in we would have… Sergi Conchar, Chris Pronger, Rob Blake, Jason Allison, Ryan Smith, Eric Brewer, Jeff O’neil, Zigmund Palffy… The list is endless… All leaf fans need to relax and remember 99% of these rumors never end up happening.

  33. coderaspberry says:

    I believe I said the Leafs were “full-of-heart-and-grit” in my last sentence up there. I just don’t see that quite being enough. As good a chance as any? Mmm…I guess that’s up for debate. As good a chance as most? Definitely.

    They’re an upper tier team, no question, but there’s just SOMETHING missing. I can’t quantify it, and that makes me look like I’m ranting – I’m not. I love the Leafs, I really do, I just don’t see this team winning the cup in the state it’s in, so I want the assets to stay until a team can be formed that CAN win.

    As I replied to someone else, if I’m proven wrong and the Leafs do win it all, I’ll gladly say “I was dead wrong”, and promptly join the celebration. And I’ll be cheering for them despite my glum outlook.

  34. nocuphere says:

    Code I see your point about the something missing, and like you I think they should quit concentrating on high profile blueliners and start concentrating on one or two blue collar guys. I have never seen a leafs team this talented in my 29 years on this earth.

    They should press for it this year. The only way to satisfy us both is to a) go for it now, and b) don’t give up too much to go for it now. haha. Doesn’t make much sense I guess.

    Also on the someting missing, don’t you look at the other power houses and also think hey somethings missing?

  35. leafsfan89 says:

    I think Dofoe would be a good fit for Toronto but, i think it would just hurt Belfour’s confidence. Getting Gonchar is the way to go he will help contribute to our offense because McCabe and Kaberle have not but living up to expectations. Besides Gonchar they need to get a stay at home defensman and another forward that gets around a 25 goal season. In order for the leafs to go far in the playoffs these needs will need to be addressed. If the leafs decide they are going to make a run for the cup they need to beat other teams to these players before March 9 comes along and there is noone left.

  36. Kraut182 says:

    Dafoe is not good, no where near good enough to take the Leafs far into the play offs if Eddie’s back starts bothering him again. That any trade where you give up someone for an overpaid goalie pointless. Atlanta should give Toronto something just to take his salary.

    If Eddie can’t play then the Leafs should just use the play offs to get Telqvist some experience and hope for the best.

  37. nocuphere says:

    The blues aren’t in any financial trouble is true, but they were the biggest loser financially in 03, they will be sellers come the 9th if they’re still sitting on the outside looking in at the playoffs. Might not be Pronger, but they will move some salary if they can.

  38. Mailman says:

    i wouldnt mind seeing sheilds on the leafs myself

  39. LondonK says:

    Exactly. The reason that he got unnerved at the end in Dallas was because Turco could do what he could do, stop the puck and play the puck as one of the elite. Turco was younger and was the wave of the future and Eddie knew his time was running out. With Dafoe the only way Dafoe leads the leafs is if Eddie is on the IR.

  40. The_Coach says:

    King is only making the readers aware of a story that has been reported on TSN. So if you want to start throwing around insults, send your comments to TSN, I am sure that they would love to hear from such an authority on hockey as yourself.


  41. The_Coach says:

    While I will admit that there are some Leaf fans on here that make up some wonderful trades, (all benefitting the buds of course) the majority of the posts have actually been rumors that have been reported first by the likes of TSN, Sportsnet, The Sun etc, etc, etc.

    So before everyone jumps down the throats of those that post Leaf rumors you might want to do a couple of things;

    1. Write the original rumour sources, such as TSN. I am sure that those people that actually get paid to talk hockey like Mackenzie and Mcguire would love to hear from the NHL authories that reside here on HTR.

    2. Look up at your URL for this site, you might notice that it says, “hockeytraderumors” Holy shit, what can that mean, I wonder if that means if it is a place for people to come and post hockey rumors and talk hockey??????? Hmmmmm, maybe not though, most often it looks like a place for jackasses to come and post crap and attack others points of view.

    By all means attack the ones that suggest that the Leafs will trade Berg and Antropov for Pronger, as a Leaf fan I am embarrassed by some of those posts but at least have the decency to be fair to those that are only trying to bring you the news that is out there.

    For those that agree with what I have just said, I am sure that I will not hear from you. For the jackasses that well, really are just jackasses who probably know nothing about the game of hockey, I am sure that you will have lots to say. Bring it on!!!!!!!

  42. rojoke says:

    The only goaltending moves the Leafs will make is waiving Kidd and keeping Tellqvist.

  43. coderaspberry says:

    For sure, I definitely see something wrong with the rest of the teams, but some of them just seem to have the poise or something to overcome it. Examples:

    1) Detroit – The ONLY real problem I see is that I don’t think Cujo is as good as people think. He’s still plenty good enough, though. I (unfortunately) pick Detroit to win it all.

    2) Colorado – Super talented, but lacking d-depth and no experienced tender. Thing is, the Avs ALWAYS shore up their weaknesses at the deadline.

    3) Philly – All depends on Burke, I think. Other than that, Philly is solid and tough, provided one of JR or Primeau comes back soon.

    4) Ottawa – The same questions as every year – Lalime and toughness. If those two things don’t get in the way, their coming out of the East.

    5) Vancouver – I think this team is better than people think, but the Sedins may disappear again in the playoffs, and Clouts still hasn’t proven much.

    6) Boston – Don’t seem to have the killer instinct, which is why I don’t see them going past the second round, really. Great on paper, though, and a team I wouldn’t want to play.

    7) New Jersey – Not as deep, talented, or annoying to play against as in previous years. Need at least two pieces (Faceoff guy and d-man), or they could exit early.

    8) TB – If they keep rolling, they could even win the East, imo. If they don’t, they don’t have the experience or the desire yet, I don’t think.

    9) SJ – I put them here because I think they have an outside chance, and that teams will still underestimate them, but they don’t have the mentality of a cup team, it’d seem.

    So, as you see, I do see holes in other teams. I just think that the first 4 teams have a better shot than the Leafs, the next 4 have just as good a shot. SJ is a longshot, but I thought they deserved to be there, anyway.

    That all being said, I can say I could wish they’d stand pat and be patient unless there’s a good deal, but I’d be lying if part of me didn’t WANT to see them go for it. Hopefully JFJ can find a way to pull a couple rabbits out of his hat (i.e. Jason Smith, Sean Hill, CHRIS PRONGER…) I agree the team is talented, but I’d like to see a responsible offensive d-man and a workhorse blue collar guy. Bye, Aki Berg, and suddenly you have Pilar/Marchment rotation for the final spot, depending what you need more that night.

    I still think a backup is pointless – we’ll go nowhere if it’s not Eddie back there. That’s one of the places where TO has a distinct advantage over most of the teams on the list.

    So, I’m in JFJ’s corner, as I’m sure you are, and hope he does the SMART thing – whatever that turns up to be.

  44. nocuphere says:

    Well said!!

  45. EmptyNetter says:

    Amen, brudder.

    I was watching the last Bruin-Leafs game, rooting for the Bruins but feeling REALLY bad for the Leafs. Kidd was letting everything get by him. Leafs are a strong team this year and they have weathered injuries to key players, but they really are SUNK without Eddie in goal right now. Kidd looked lost out there. If they’re going with Tellqvist as backup. . . late in the season for him to start earning his wings. They need to trade for a backup or hope for a miracle in the playoffs.

  46. nocuphere says:

    Good call bro.

  47. MaSTiK says:

    nice to see some maturity on here, a sign of things to come?

  48. sensman99 says:

    Dang, Dafoe sucks now. I hope the leafs get him


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