Leafs interested in Yuskie?

Leafs looking to bring back Yushkevich

Other teams in the hunt for Yushkevich’s services are believed to be the New York Islanders, New York Rangers and Los Angeles Kings.

It should come as no surprise the Toronto Maple Leafs are searching for help on their blue line. But who the Leafs are considering might come as a bit of a shock.

Sportsnet has learned that the Leafs and Florida Panthers general manager Rick Dudley have had discussions over the past few weeks about a trade that would see defenceman Dmitry Yushkevich return to Toronto.

Yushkevich played the majority of seven seasons with the Leafs and was widely considered as one of their top defencemen. His trade to Florida last July ended months of contractual unrest and frustration over a nagging injury. There was also a concern amongst Leafs management that injuries had taken a severe toll on the hard-nosed defenceman.

The soon to be 32 year old, who is earning $2.75 million, will become an unresticted free agent at the end of this season and the Panthers are confident they won’t be able to sign him.

Sources tell Sportsnet that the Panthers had targeted highly-regarded forward Nik Antropov as compensation in a potential deal. However, Toronto is not interested in dealing the youngster. The Leafs would be more interested in dealing the likes of centres Travis Green and Alyn McCauley, or a minor-league prospect.

Courtesy: SportsNet

Added Note: SportNet TV also stated that discussions are underway for both Bure and Yuskie to go to Toronto.

Personally, I like this trade with either McCaulay or Green plus draft picks/prospects to Florida. Hands off Colaiacovo, Antropov or Boyes, otherwise make the trade Quinn.

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  1. TrojanMan says:

    yiou Leafs fans need to wake up and smell the maple nut crunch. get a clue

  2. big_booty says:

    I wonder if anyone has asked Yushkevich himself about this. The last I heard, he was ripping the Leafs organization a new one for their lack of commitment. If memory serves, he said that only the mascot showed more emotion than anyone in the front office, or something to that effect.

    Granted, the Leafs do miss him. Their team defense suffers immensely from his absence. But I highly doubt that he would want to go back to Toronto after his incendiary remarks. He just doesn’t like them anymore.

    Since when does the “highly regarded” label still apply to a stiff like Nikolai Antropov? He’s like bad milk – nobody wants him because he stinks. You could have gotten away with that two years ago, but not in the here and now.

    Green and McCauley for V. Bure and Yushkevich? Horrible deal for Florida. Green is a waste of space and McCauley caught lightning in a bottle last spring.

    If the Leafs want to make a quality deal, then they have to give up quality talent (i.e. Colaiacovo and Boyes). The sooner they learn that, the sooner a deal will happen.

  3. keon says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Yuskevich back in the blue and white…simpley because he is better than the other options…Slegr…

    Val Bure would fit well on a line with Mogilny.

    I think the biggest problem this team has right now isn’t the lack of quality players, rather the lack of qualtiy players playing well.

    Too many turnovers and give-aways, and defensive zone breakdowns are happening. Quinn should let go of his death grip on the GM position. The Leafs should bring in Gainey…he’s a great guy, and would make the Leafs a winner!

  4. leafsrule31 says:

    when yushkevich was in toronto with florida like a week ago he said when hes ufa next summer the first place hed go is toronto. but granted the head office at the leafs did give him the run around and if they did it to anyone else on the leafs theyd be gone and never look back.. but yushkevich still bleeds blue and white.

    antropov has 4 goals and seven points in his first 10 games. he earned a spot on a line with mogilny. but hes still got a horrible knee and i think the leafs should deal him away to the first taker for an 8th round pick while he has any value.. if any. who cares if he turns into the star they thought he would be somewhere else.. its not like the leafs cant say they tried. and hes definitly not highly regarded.

    ive said it since the beginning of the offseason.. the leafs shoulda traded mccauley while he had any value. florida might have bit at him and a pick for svehla then.. instead of yushkie. then we never would have had this problem. but green is a great player for a team like florida. hes one of the few leaf forwards right now that is playing solid defensive hockey and can put up great numbers if hes on one of the top two lines. plays with tons of heart and emotion.. just what florida needs.. i think hed be worth bure.. who has been over rated since day one just because of his last name.. but yushkevich has alot more value then that.

    the leafs will have to give up great young talent to make a deal which is gonna benefit the team.. but they shouldnt waste their top prospects on garbage like val bure..

  5. Robert says:

    actually…they inteviewed yuskie a week ago and he said Leafs would be his first choice to come to in the summer. He said he requested a trade to come back here if the leafs wanted. That aint speculation thats an interview.

  6. Robert says:

    actually…they inteviewed yuskie a week ago and he said Leafs would be his first choice to come to in the summer. He said he requested a trade to come back here if the leafs wanted. That aint speculation thats an interview.

  7. Leaf_Expert says:

    well….hopefully if such a deal would happen the leafs blue-line would look like:




    juss no more Lumme…

  8. platinumx15 says:

    for people that say florida is getting crap in this deal….i for one, believe that any deal can go down for any players by seeing tha jagr and bure deals….and pilar has to be sent down….hes eating crap….defensive zone coverage is not nhl level

  9. BabyLeaf says:

    I’d be really sad to Alyn go…but Green, Reichel, Berg, Lumme, Hoglund….draft picks anything…

  10. Tradedude says:

    ok. somethings wrong here. If yushky is an unrestricted free agent at the end of this season, why trade for him? He has already stated, that if the leafs are interested in him, come next offseason, that he will do whatever it takes to sign with them. Ignore L.A. and islanders, and especially NYR, rangers r interested in every player on the trade block out there. Panthers GM will probably trade yushky come trade deadline time. Whoever picks him up will be pretty damn stupid. Seeing that they would lose a good defense / forward. Cuzz obviously they would have to give up alot inorder to recieve dmitry. they would be stupid because they know that he is an unrestricted free agent in the offseason next year. And like mentioned before. If leafs are interested in him and offer him a contract. He’ll take it. so this whole panthers trade thing is pretty damn messed.

  11. Leaf_Expert says:

    As for the offense, hopefully it would look like this based on rumors and if they came true.





    (reason for why I have Hoglund on here is because he is trash and no team would want him.)

  12. TheBricks says:

    I heard the Leafs wanted to bring Yushkevich back via Free Agency next season…not through a trade this season. I believe i saw this on thefourthperiod.com


  13. leafsrule31 says:

    uhh.. ok.. what exactly did we give up to get that line up? mogilny would play rw.. renberg lw.. domi rw.. corson lw.. holden c… and hoglund would play left wing. really though.. dallas has a stacked lineup.. they have no room for garbage. whatever they ditched turgeon for would go in his place.. and i dont think the draft picks the leafs would be willing to give up would be high enough for turgeon. wed have to give up at least antropov for bure.. and alot more. dudley is big on antropov for some reason.. he was trying to get him when duds was in tampa. i dont know.. i cant see florida wanting anything the leafs would be willing to give up for bure. so neither of them would be in toronto.

    one things for sure.. kidd has to go ive said it since they got him.. hes horrible.. always on his gut. quinns gotta get rid of hoglund.. at least off the first line.. hes gotta put mogilny tucker and sundin back at least on the powerplay.. is there a reason for being conservative on the powerplay?.. put your biggest guns on the first line.. its all or nothing.. instead he keeps sundin with those 2 ass clowns. hes gotta stop playing mogilny with reichel?.. domi?.. antropov?.. mccauley?.. really now.. mogilny and sundin should be on the same line no matter what.. and if he splits em up tucker should be playing with almo.

    quinn needs to realize that when your scoring 3-5 goals a game.. offense is not the problem.. and when your forwards are constantly floating in the high slot.. in the defensive end… our defenceman arent the problem either. can anyone say defensive zone man to man coverage?.. god if i coached that team thats all wed be practicing all practice every practice until the forwards get it in their heads that they need to take a freaaaaking man. enough with the pointless cross ice passes..

    man.. people need to realize pat quinns just as shitty a coach as he is a gm. hmm.. quinn sits down at the beginning of the offseason.. ok.. im gonna lose cujo.. roberts wont be back til february.. ive traded yushkevich. my 2 biggest minor league go to players have walked away on me cuz i buried them on the rock for so freaking long.this team just lost all its heart and character. amonte will sign with us.. but lets back away from the table right before a deal is signed for no reason.. sooo.. we need an impact player.. lets sign .. tom fitzgerald??..

    am i the only person on the face of the earth that thinks pat quinn has to be completely removed from the toronto maple leaf organization?.. someone write an article on it.

  14. Leaf_Expert says:

    I chose not to say who we’d give up to get those players because I wanted to aviod a debate..

    And dallas has ENOUGH garbage them selves that we could take in from them, and plus Turgeon is too expiensive for them to keep.(of course they can afford him but its juss too much for just one player on the Dallas team).


    C’mon Quinn isn’t that bad….(hes juss had alot of good succes and now its time for some of the bad, you gotta take in the good wit da bad).

  15. titans says:

    Does anybody know why they cut Pizza’s into 8 slices?

  16. mikster says:

    Pizza sucks here.

    Pizza-hut Dominos….blah. It’s sad that pizza is basically considered junk food here. It’s actually healthy food in Europe, compared to all the McD’s and other crap.

    AHH!!! Italian food is all distorted here and totally not italian!!! Best example: Spaghetti and meatballs…..NOT ITALIAN!!!

  17. saksfan says:

    Sometimes they cut it into more, sometimes less.

  18. leafsrule31 says:

    dallas doesnt have as much garbage as people would like to think. they use pretty much every player on their roster at one time or another.. and any of those players would be useful to many nhl teams.. including themselves. making them not garbage.

    turgeon would be a good fit in toronto.. but i really dont see it happening.. we have soooo much garbage.. and dallas isnt gonna take any of it. you cant send players like reichel hoglund green corson fitzgerald mccauley lumme berg and renberg to st johns either. well you probley could but quinn wont. none of these guys are doin a thing for toronto either except taking up space.. they need to unload garbage for picks and prospects. then start making trades to help the teams line up from there. as far as scoring goes you cant have mogilny and sundin giving goals to everyone on the team.. which is what theyve been doing this year. no ones pulling their own weight except tucker.. so you cant just fit turgeon in. and his best days are behind him anyways

    quinns crap. i used to think winning an olympic gold medal meant that he was the best coach around or something but my dog could have coached that team to a gold. come on how could they have lost. his strategies are crap now.. and his line combinations are even worse. instead of using players to compliment sundin and mogliny.. hes using sundin and mogilny to compliment every player on the team. the first 5 games of the season the team was scoring 3 to 5 goals a game.. and still losing. so what does quinn think is the problem? offense? riiiiight.. he took tucker off and things were subpar.. still not good enough so he splits sundin and mogilny up.. now were putting in 1 to 2 goals a game. mogilny got a hat trick?.. a fluke off the defencemans stick.. a goal given to him by kaberle.. and a goof by khabibulin gave mogilny the hat trick.. and that was the only high scoring game since he split em up.

    the leafs have been sooo incredibly outplayed in the defensive end its not funny. why?.. well 2 defenceman cant pick up everyone on the ice. the forwards are not doing their defensive parts.. and instead are just floating around in the high slot. did you not see the st louis game tonight?.. every single goal was either a man who should have been covered.. but wasnt.. or a trevor kidd gaff. another wise decision by quinn. sure thats gonna happen in a game.. thats hockey. but every time the pucks in the leaf end?.. im to tired to find the scoring chances st louis had tonight but it was freaken rediculous. and anyone who watches a leaf game can see it. except pat quinn. belfour cant bail em out every time.. he bails em out enough in a game and still gets blasted by the media for it. ed belfour committed suicide when he came to toronto… just like curtis joseph.

    .. quinn blows. get him out of toronto.

  19. Flyers_01 says:

    I guess Colorado was pretty stupid then to trade for Rob Blake when they acquired him via trade also?

  20. Tradedude says:

    i agree. quinn only plays the players he thinks should be the best. Not the players that are the best. C’mon now. like reichel and lumme. shit. they each get $2,750,000. he plays hoglund on the top line. domi on the 2nd line. Domi should be a 4th line at best. Lumme would be lucky to make the novice houseleague team. and reichel. he has terrible accuracy. he alwasys misses the net. and when quinn puts him out on the P.K. (which aint cool) he always cheery picks. and gets that odd breakaway. he’s a ragged doll. cant skate. hey. u know what. i can say the same about myself. other than the cherry picking shit. u dont see me in the NHL now do u yah. quinn should get a younger roster. get a better life. get a better job. get a better excuse book. he’s used the one he got from wall-mart too often. he uses the same excuse 4 or more times a week. if i were coach. these would be the lines i create.

    antropov / sundin / mogilny

    tucker / corson / renberg

    green / mccauley / domi

    fitzpatrick / gavey / hoglund

    mccabe / kaberle

    jackman / svehla

    pilar / colaiacovo



    scratches: reichel, lumme, eriksson, belak, kidd

  21. Tradedude says:

    you guys cut them in 8 slices. haha. we cut them in 10 slices. tradition rules. domino’s is the best. and pizza pizza. pizza hut used to. its just there commercials that get everyone going. lol.

  22. Leaf_Expert says:

    I will tell you this much for now, A trade will happen in less than 48hours.

    (most likey the Panthers)

  23. Fx says:

    Yuskevich would greatly improve the Leafs defence. Yuskie for Svehla was a horrible trade in my mind.

  24. Fx says:

    That’s what I saw.

  25. hatterson says:

    If you are so sure that Yushky will sign with the leafs then it would make sense for them to trade from him because even though he is a UFA at the end of the season he will sign anyway. Also the leafs need help now not in the offseason.

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