Leafs linked to Pronger

There is more information Saturday on Chris Pronger and the possibility that he might be traded before the deadline.

According to The Sun’s Bruce Garrioch, there are all sorts of whispers this weekend that Maple Leafs GM Brian Burke might be trying to acquire Pronger from Anaheim.

Garrioch states that Ducks GM Bob Murray might try to move the blue liner if the Ducks fall out of playoff contention.

Garrioch adds that it might make sense to bring in an experienced D like Pronger.

In my view, I disagree with Garrioch. With the Leafs currently re-building, what is the sense in pursuing a 34-year old defenceman? By the time the Leafs are Stanley Cup contenders again, Pronger will likely be on the decline.

Would it not make more sense for the Leafs to pursue 25-year old Jay Bouwmeester in July?

The Leafs would not have to give up anything to sign him as an UFA, plus he’s young enough that he’s likely to still be in his prime when the Leafs are contending again.

As I mentioned yesterday, the Leafs should be stock-piling draft picks right now, not acquiring veterans past their prime.


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  1. cam7777 says:

    you think higgins is a superstar.  you think he could be the key piece in a deal to bring you lecavalier.  half of the things you say are completely dilussional.  i have no problem with habs fans point out anything to me.  but please, just not you lafleur.  you make no sense whatsoever, and you know so little about hockey, it's mind boggling….

  2. cam7777 says:

    well, he wants to play in toronto, so there's a very strong chance he would return to the team on july 1st.  why would we not trade him if it could speed up our rebuild?  that would just be ridiculous.

    there are players on the leafs roster who that strategy would work for though.  ian white, and dominic moore for instance.  both provide intangibles to the team that wouldn't be acknowledged in a trade.  for that reason, it's better to keep them around then try to trade them.

    antropov however, will land a big enough return to make moving him worthwhile.  i really don't see him being involved in a big deal, like the one mentioned here.  he'll probably be moved on his own, for a 1st and a mid-low prospect, or in conjunction with ponikarovsky for a 1st and a higher end prospect.  (ie. bernier and a 1st…though bernier isn't really a prospect, but you get the point)

    im not disagreeing with everyone about antropov.  it is only select few who seem to think he is worth a bag of pucks and no more.  i only disagree with the people who say things that are so obviously wrong that it's absurd.  even you seem to have no idea about the situation with antropov to say that just keeping him might be better, and that comparing him to smyth is nonsense.  look to all the similar players/stats and what they recieved in past years at the deadline, and you'll see that antropov is worth what i (and many other leafs fans on here) say he is.  im not just making this up, and it is hardly non-sense.

    it is just especially frustrating when the same people who claim antropov is worth nothing, and ride leafs fans for proposing trades with him, seem to think that higgins could be used to acquire any superstar in the league if combined with a 1st round pick. 

  3. lafleur10 says:

    i forgot more about hockey than you'll ever know! thank-you very much!i didn't and don't think higgins is a superstar! but i take issue when guys like you say he's no good and won't bring in anything of value! in a trade…but you come on here and praise and praise an overachieving 28 year old above average hockey player and think teams are going to give up major stuff for this guy!higgins will be included in a deal for lecavalier as his name is linked to the deal he might not be the key but he will be part of it!b the key pieces of the deal for vinny would be p.k. subban,the 1st r.d pick and plekanec! if this deal indeed does happen i want to to come on here (and not to be gutless) and hid and eat crow!and admit you were wrong!you do have problems with habs fans coming on here giving you there opinions and telling you that antropov for example won't get you filatov and a 1st r.d pick ! that's dillusional and wishful thinking! he's columbus's #1 prospect( eventhought they have steve mason) filatov's upside projects as a border line superstar they'd trade him no doubt but not for a guy that's 28 yers old and a ufa at season's end! and you don't like when habs fans tell you that you get defensive and start talking that guy up like he s franchise player!what's mind boggling is how thick headed you are cam! antropov is a good player ,an above average player nothing more  he's not in the class skill and talent wise as the other russians i.e kovalev,malkin,kovalchuk,datsyuk. kovalev who is so dam inconsistant it's madding! when he does play and decides to he's dominat! you honestly can't say that about antropov,kovalev when he decides to play can take over and change the game antropov can't!but i also will give you this if he was signed for at least another year you'd get something extraordinary for him but not this year when he's a ufa!

  4. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Even though I agree that the trade wouldn't make sense, you are underrating the leafs players quite a bit. But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt since you seem to be another dillusional habs fan who probably thinks that Montreal is the best team in the league even though they are 13 points out of the top spot in the east.

    Bouwmeester really wouldn't fetch much more than Kaberle would. Ok so he is 5 years younger, and has potential. But the guy is 25, it's about time he starts showing his potential. Meanwhile Kaberle has proved himself to be one of the top offensive defenseman in the NHL year after year. Plus Kabby has so much poise, you will never see the guy panic. Bouwmeester really hasn't proved himself yet and there have been many trades where you have to trade more than just potential to get top offensive guys like Kabby.

    Antropov rarely gets injured anymore, he definitely has finally gotten some durability in him. Antropov can probably put up 65 – 70 points in a season (was playing amazing up until the goalless drought, but everyone gets those sometimes.) Only Markov (37 pts.) and Lang (36 pts.) have more points than his 35 and only Lang and Kostitsyn have more goals and they only have 3 more. So if you are dissing Antropov you are pretty much saying the same thing about almost every player in Montreal. And Ponikarovsky is solid, puts up around 20 goals and is capable of 45 – 50 points most seasons

    Here's my idea – Antropov, Poni, Kaberle, 3rd rounder for J-BO, Horton, 2nd, 4th round picks

  5. lafleur10 says:

    i forget to mention that higgins and antropov are both underachievers  so far and will never fully reach their potential because of injuries and pressure of both being  first r.d picks!i think you'll agree on this point.

  6. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    Did you not read what he wrote? He reported on an article from BRUCE GARRIOCH! This wasn't written by one of us Leafs fans. We have been saying that we don't want him.


  7. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    =O Kramer's back!

  8. cam7777 says:

    who ever said that antropov would net filatov and a 1st?  not me.  I suggested once, that Kubina (who i believe is worth a mid-first and a later pick) AND Antropov (who i believe is, on average, worth a mid-1st and a later round pick) could get Filatov, together (that's, in my mind, the equivalent of 4 great-decent picks), if Columbus got desperate enough at the deadline (and only if!).  But you of course, could not even read what was written, and saw the words "antropov" and "trade" and immediately started spewing your garbage.  do you realize that half of what you type is barely readable? 

    never, have i ever said that antropov was a franchise player, in the same league as elite superstars you mentioned.  i've never said he is any of the things you are saying.  the only thing i ever say about him is that he is a big power forward, with lots of skill, who many teams would be willing to part with assets for in the bid for a playoff run.  i've also noted, several times, that the best options for antropov would be to teams who are desperate (ie. columbus, phoenix, and now that things are falling to shit, vancouver).  this means i am not talking about montreal.

    i think you must have as hard of a time reading my comments as I do yours, because you've read things into them that simply don't exist. 

    even about horton.  at no point did i say antropov as a ufa is worth more than horton.  i wasn't even really defending the trade proposal, as i've said, i think trading with florida is a dumbass idea.  i was only defending the way 24 cups spoke about poni and antropov.  he makes poni sound like an ahl'er and claims antropov has no value.  even you recognize that antropov does have value.  poni has 14 goals and 32 some odd points.  these guys are not the value-less turds habs fans make them out to be.  the only players on your team with more points are robert lang and andrei markov.  and even then, we're talking about a 1 and 2 point difference.

    also, lafleur man, you have to realize one of these days, that not every team is the habs!  just because the habs wouldn't give something up in a trade, doesn't mean that another team wouldn't.  you have to realize that other teams struggle just to pay the bills.  look at a team like phoenix.  they MUST make the playoffs, BUT, they cannot pick up contracts that take them past the end of the year, and they cannot take on expensive UFA contracts, even if they do end this year.  That means, that Antropov is basically one of the number one guys on their radar.  Burke knows this.  A team like that will have to pay through the nose for him, even if he isn't worth it.  Do you see what I'm trying to say at all??

  9. cam7777 says:

    i don't know about higgins.  i'll be honest, i just don't like him.  i don't think much of him.  it doesn't help that he is mentioned in every habs trade proposal.  if gainey is that anxious to get rid of him, you'd think you'd have the sense to realize that your beloved GM knows best.  he wouldn't be getting rid of him on route to a Cup if he saw strong potential there.

    i don't think Antropov is an underachiever; although he has underachieved at times.  I know that doesn't make a lot of sense, but let me explain.  Yes, he was a 1st round pick, but he was never meant to be an offensive dynamo.  He was meant to be a 2nd line right winger.  If he played for Detroit, he would fill much the same roll that Franzen fills.  He would score goals quietly, and no one would really notice him.  This is what he was meant for.  Adding grit, size, and scoring ability.  He wasn't meant to be a consistent offensive FORCE capable of dominating other team's top lines.  He's a two way forward, and the problem isn't so much that he underachieves as that people don't really understand what he is supposed to achieve.

    I don't know what Higgins development track was supposed to look like, but his play tells me he was supposed to be sort of a joffrey lupul like center/winger, alternating between top and 2nd line duties.  injuries have certainly hindered him though.

    i think the injury thing can be put aside for antropov.  he's been good all this year, and although he missed 15 games last season, 3 of them were suspesnsions, and the rest came when the team was far out of the playoffs.  i'm pretty sure at that point fletcher was saying "no, no! it's fine!  stay home, rest!  let us get closer to Stamkos"  I say this because he and Sundin did come back for one game in the middle of their injuries, but after a live or die loss, they both took the rest of the season off.  convenient, no?

  10. mojo19 says:

    Smyth used to be a better player. If this were 2 years ago or more lafleur10, you would be right. But guess what? It's not.

  11. mojo19 says:

    lol yes leafy you are old. Come on msn after tommorow's leaf-wild game for some hockey talk ok?

  12. lafleur10 says:

    all excellent points! nice job cam,i am like you in the respect that i don't see much in antropov ,and don't like him!i think thought that you and i finally come to an agreement finally! hahaha. it took a long time for you AND I BUT I THINK WE BOTH MADE VALID ARGUEMENTS AND BOTH GOT OUR POINTS ACROSS,I HAVE NOTHING AGAINST YOU CAM,I DON'T KNOW YOU PERSONALLY  and as i leafs fans i think your actually stubburn but not that bad? your opinions what do you think?

  13. lafleur10 says:

    not in this lifetime! antropov 65-70 points in a season! lmao! when in what year? he's a career 50point player! bouwmeester,wouldn't fetch more than kaberle i'll give you that !1. because he's a ufa at seasons end and teams are probably thinking that paying what florida wants is risky because if they don't sign him then you are seriously hurting your future.(i.e pittsburgh with hossa) they gave up too much and they are paying for it now.
    2. kabaerle can produce consistantly is signed for more than this season and is a top 10 d-man in the league!

  14. LEAFSLEAFSLEAFS1967 says:

    He hasn't put it up yet but he is capable of it. Antropov through the first quarter was on pace for over 70 points until the entire team went down in flames. It would be really hard for most players to put up a 70 point season when the rest of your team is playing lousy, unless you are a Mats Sundin who has done that for the last decade with Toronto, or other elite players. Antropov is a great player but he's not elite, not a 90 point guy but 65 – 70 in the next year or two seems like it's possible.

    At least you aren't as ignorant as that last guy to say that Bouwmeester is worth more than Kaberle right now.

  15. barahir says:

    That's my line, shithead.  And what the ***** do you know, other than how to get your momma off with your tounge?

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