Leafs looking at McLaren, Hatcher

The Toronto Star has reported that the Leafs are looking to acquire a big-name physical defenceman. Both Kyle McLaren from Boston and Derian Hatcher from Dallas have been tired into this rumour.

Leafs GM Pat Quinn has said that he does have extra funds to make transactions throughout the year, and fans have been told to expect a noticeable trade at some point this season.

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  1. TheDevil says:

    I don’t see Dallas trading Hatcher, unless the Leafs throw a guy like Kaberle in the mix.

    Hatcher is too important when it comes to handle the powerful Western forwards in the playoffs (i.e. Tkachuk, Forsberg, Shanahan, Bertuzzi), and Dallas is trying to improve, not get worse. Plus, Turco needs d-help as he still maturing.

  2. Aetherial says:

    Ugh, I don’t want either in a Leafs uniform!

  3. MyCaptain11 says:

    as slow as hatcher is and as injury-prone as mclaren is, they are both big bodies who have the ability to clear space in the slot area…who else can consistently do that on the leafs besides mccabe?

    getting either one of these proven guys would be an upgrade in my opinion. just the question is who do they give up in return?

  4. big_booty says:

    Hatcher won’t be dealt, he is too valuable to the Stars right now. Dallas needs him playing in front of Turco, and they sure as hell won’t take any of the garbage (Lumme, Eriksson, Reichel, Hoglund, Berg, etc.) that the Leafs would attempt to offer up in return. Four or five pieces of shit are still shit, that just can’t be changed unless you happen to believe in transubstantiation or alchemy or any crap like that.

    As for McLaren, let them haggle over him. Quinn will likely screw it up, then blame O’Connell for asking too much or changing his mind. Sound familiar? The Leafs can have McLaren. He’ll likely only play maybe 30 games or so, after his holdout, trade (if it even happens), and subsequent injuries.

  5. Leaf_Expert says:

    All I can say is….

    Rather have one of them then Lumme and Berg……..

  6. mightylik says:

    Being a Stars homer, I have to say…. please take Hatcher. He has no speed, he can’t handle the puck, he has no offensive capability whatsoever, and he doesn’t even fight anymore. What’s the point of being big and dumb if you won’t fight. Toronto has Belfour and I will give them Hatcher for a bag of pucks. Go Stars… F the Red Wings!!!!

  7. Tradedude says:

    why trade for these guys, everyone knows mcclaren is injury-proned for well…. im exagerrating, for life, lol, and hatcher, u heard what that stars fan said, and i agree with him, y is he captain anyway? id put modano or dahlen, young, someone other than hatcher, he gets what? 4 million for being slow, not fighting, being little wussy.

    leafs should put there defense lines like this

    kaberle / mccabe

    svehla / pilar

    jackman / colaiacovo

    solid ‘D’

    get rid of lumme berg, eriksson, belak, etc.

    lumme doesnt know what position he plays.

    Berg still doesnt know what sport he’s playing?

    Eriksson cant skate worth shit

    belak cant even ty his skates up (example: the game that he filled in for mccabe, half way through got injured, lmao)

    so i through these guys, colaiacovo is confident from training camp, and jackman, someone good in front of the net, and can realy HIT!

  8. rrudd says:

    you are insane.

    hatcher doesn’t fight because he’s too valuable on the ice.

    no, he’s not fast. neither is richard matvichuk. but go ask people like peter forsberg and jeremy roenick if they relish the thought of playing against those guys.

  9. morrow10 says:

    I wouldn’t mind losing Hatcher at all. Modano deserves the ‘C’ so give it to him. We got Boucher and Robidas in the offseason, and they fit into our new gameplan well. Hatcher is not the type of defenseman that will thrive in Dallas’ new system.

    He IS a strong D-man who can really battle against other tough guys. He is valuable to the team in ways that do not involve offense.

    I wouldn’t mind getting rid of him, the question is who would we get in return?

  10. MossRocks says:

    “…have been tired into this rumour.” That was a freudian slip if I have ever seen one. That is exactly what McLaren rumours are – tired.

  11. MossRocks says:

    I think Hatcher could be dealt. He has taken a fair amount of abuse the last couple of years from Hitch***** (some benchings, etc) and they were largely deserved because the guy is damn slow. You are right about the crap, but Toronto actually has some reasonable prospects like Boyes, Colaiacovo, Steen and then either Centomo or Tellqvist should pan out as a good back-up. If Dallas got a couple of solid prospects they could help out their future and then prepare a package to get a proven D-man for a playoff run later on. I think they could afford to lose him (having Boucher helps) and they could get good return on a declining player at the same time.

  12. DJMerlin says:

    I dunno about you guys when you say that Hatcher shouldnt be captain. Do any of you know what goes on in the dressing room? do you know what he says to get his team pumped up? I dont think so. Leadership is not how well a player can fight, its what the player does to motivate the his team. Stop bashing players pointlessly.

    And as for Mclaren. He’s just had it bad on the injury front. Who’s to say that if the leafs acquire him, that he will suffer an injury.

    I think that if the leafs were to obtain both Hatcher and Mclaren, that their defence would improve immensely

  13. Rushing says:

    Sorry rrudd, but I have to agree with mightylik here. Hatcher has just sucked for about the past 3-4 years and he sure isn’t off to any good start this year now is he? He is perhaps the slowest dang player in the NHL. If that puck “EVER” gets by him he is deader than a door knob. He literally/physically has no speed what so ever. I believe it was last season that he did not score a goal until we began 2002. Here we are through 7 games and he still has no assist nor goal. He has only 2 penalty minutes. Last year he had 4 goals and 4 in the “combined” two prior years. I’m sorry but a defenseman should be able to score more than that. I was pointing all of this out to my younger brother about a year ago and he stood up for the guy. Near the end of last year he agreed with me. When Lehtinen has more Penalty minutes than one of your “supposed” good defensemen? What’s wrong with that picture?

    I say trade his butt in a heart beat! Now of courst I’ve been saying that for about 2-3 years now too. He can’t score, he can’t skate, he can’t hook any more, and the “ONLY” thing he can do is hit. What use is he?!?!?!?!?!?! Jagr made him look like a little girly on the ice just the other day. He skated right by him with the puck like he was a stick stuck in the ground. Luckily Tugnett blocked the shot.

  14. nixter says:

    Mclaren is young and is learning how to absorb hits and not get injured as he stated to me in our last conversation. He says he anticipates to play between 70-80 games next season.

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