Leafs Need To Re-Build!!!!

For the past 40 years us Leafs fans have not been able to witness a Stanley Cup parade down young street, we have had terrible ownership in the form of Harold Ballard, and some controversies. When MLSE took over their goal was one thing, and that was to make money! It was not to put a contender on the ice, it was to make to ONLY make the playoffs!

The Leafs have two very desirable assets who will be UFA’s this year in the form of Mats Sundin and Darcy Tucker. Darcy Tucker is at his highest value right now and unless we don’t do something with him now, JFJ will probably give him a 5-year/30 million dollar contract! Do you want that? He has to go, and he has to go this year!

Mats Sundin wants to win a Stanley Cup with Toronto, but every game his chance of doing that slowly dissolves. Unless we get a stud, young forward on our team we have no chance of winning. You can get a player like that and more for Sundin!

Both of these players are UFA’s and this may be the Leafs last chance at re-building! So I have thought of some possible trades for these two players. The Leafs should also try to dump McCabe on the Islanders, here are the trades:


To Anaheim:
Mats Sundin

To Toronto:
Bobby Ryan
1st round pick

Anaheim want to go deep in the playoffs and Sundin can help them. Bobby Ryan is the stud player they need to build their team from the ground up, the draft pick helps to.



To Calgary Flames:
Darcy Tucker
Jay Harrison

To Toronto:
Dustin Boyd
Richie Regehr
1st round draft pick

Good trade for Calgary, Tucker is their type of player, they aren’t losing any roster players for him so it won’t affect their playoffs run. Dustin Boyd and Robyn Regehr great players for a re-building team! The draft pick helps to!


To Edmonton:
Darcy Tucker
Jay Harrison

To Toronto:
Raffi Torres
Danny Syvret
1st or 2nd round draft pick

Edmonton is once again getting their type of player, Tucker would go great in their system, help them make the playoffs. Toronto gets a young winger, a stud defenseman, and a high draft pick!

Tucker is an emotional player so he will probably request a trade to the West, so he wouldn’t have to face the Leafs for that year. Here is the Leafs line-up after both trades:


To Islanders:
Bryan McCabe
Nik Antropov

To Toronto:
Sean Bergenheim
Ryan O’Marra
1st round draft pick

The Islanders wanted McCabe in the off-season but he re-signed with the Leafs before July 1st. This would benefit both teams.

Assuming the projected standings are correct here are how the draft picks would turn out:

New York Islanders Pick: 10th Overall
Anaheim Ducks: 28th pick Overall
Toronto Maple Leafs: 11th pick Overall
Edmonton Oilers: 13th Overall
Calgary Flames: 15th pick Overall
(if the Leafs trade Tucker to Edmonton they get Edmonton pick, if to Calgary they get Calgary pick.)

That is alot of first round picks, lets get to work

With the 10th overall pick the Leafs draft: Brandon Sutter
With the 11th overall pick the Leafs draft: Logan Couture
With the 13th overall pick the Leafs draft: David Skokan
With the 15th overall pick the Leafs draft: Jacob Voracek
With the 28th overall pick the Leafs draft: Maxime Tanguay

(The Leafs do not get both the 13th and 15th overall picks, it matters who Tucker goes to).

Lets look at the Leafs line-up a couple of years down the road:

If Leafs trade Tucker to Oilers:

Ryan__Steen__Torres/Boyd (depends if Tucker goes to Oilers or Flames)
Extras: Newbury, Ondrus

Coliacovo__Syvret/Regher (depends if Tucker goes to Oilers or Flames)
Extras: Woznewski, Bell, Kronwall


That is a much better Leafs line-up with lots of prospects down the Marlies and is more focused on the future or present, please not all of those trades are speculation, not rumors.