Leafs looks Reimer to injury tonight

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  1. leafy says:

    Now that Reimer is hurt, the media will say it’s a huge blow to the Leafs. But when he’s healthy, Luongo rumors keep flaring up. Ridiculous.

  2. LN91 says:

    OR…Let’s not sell the farm on a goalie. Sign a guy like Ty Conklin to backup Scrivens, a veteran presence.

    Geeze, just because Reimer is hurt…You don’t trade for a Bernier or Backstrom.

    • doorman says:

      Conklin is considered a great team guy and we finally have a team, so I could live with that.

      • mojo19 says:

        Ya or they were talking on the radio today that Dwayne Roloson is working out and looking to make a comeback. He’s a local guy, and this could be a chance for him to come in and take some heat off Scrivens while Reimer is out.

        I’d prefer to give up no assets. I think we should just wait and see with Reimer, and maybe add a veteran presence in goal by way of free agency. Keep our assets if possible.

        Of course if an opportunity comes along where we can get a good veteran like a Backstrom or Smith and the price isn’t too steep, then sure make a trade for him. Even after Reimer comes back, just to add depth in goal for a playoff run.

        I flip flopped by the way. I’m enjoying us play tough hockey way too much. This is a fun team to watch and a coach that I can get behind.

  3. mojo19 says:

    Also, something nords was talking about in the other article. I think we should take a look at Myers. He’s earning $12 mil thanks to his front loaded deal. He could be a fantastic pick up.

    He hasn’t just been struggling this year. He had a major sophomore slump last year, and the Buffalo media has really been on him. Now he’s a healthy scratch regularly. We should see if we can’t lure him out of Buffalo somehow. Maybe catch them off-guard. I have a feeling Pegula will be wiling to do something big with his team performing so poorly and all the money he invested into Ehrhoff, Myers, Leino, etc. This could be an opportunity.

  4. mojo19 says:

    The Leafs have scored the 4th most goals in the league so fat this year, behind only Chicago, Pittsburgh, and Tampa. We’ve also given up the 12th most, so it would be nice to get that number down. We just need to continue what we’ve been doing the last few games and keep playing good, defensive minded, Carlyle hockey.

  5. Gambo says:

    So Carlyle said that Reimer’s injury isn’t too severe and he shouldn’t miss many games. That’s a relief.

  6. doorman says:

    LOVE the Tor. media, lol, like leafy said, Loungo rumors galore until Reimer gets hurt and now it’s reimers out if it is serious they will need help, lol, WOW!!! Anyway ya the Roloson one is an option as well, but hey one thing to consider is like was said how long is Reimer out? No UFA goalie is going to wanna sign to be here for a couple weeks, IMO.

  7. nordiques100 says:

    Though I like Scrivens, I do feel the Leafs still could stand to upgrade. I have zero faith in Rynnas or Owuya.

    Goalie depth is big. The team should always seek to upgrade. It doesn’t have to be Luongo though. There are good rentals.

    Any current UFA though is not an upgrade. They’d be kinda a waste.

  8. realistic_leafs_fan says:

    Two games in a row that I really liked Phaneufs play. He is more physical, joining the rush and keeping his shot down. Two goals in two games and both were below waist height. On the overall he is playing very solid.
    Team toughness and good goaltending have been the major difference this year.
    Ever since Burkes first year, we got smaller and faster. I hated it and I know I kept harping on the fact that we need to get bigger and tougher over just getting more talent, but it was because having that presence allows your talented players to play without fear and succeeed. Carlysle is telling his skilled guys ” I will make sure you don’t get the crap kicked out of you” by playing a bigger, tougher line-up.
    Kadri has been playing very well. I believe a large part of that is because he is playing on the third line and not the first. We would be best to leave him there and let him develop.
    Reimers injury is hopefully minor. I really don’t want to trade for a veteran. I’m not sure it sends the right message to Reimer. He’s the best young goalie we’ve had since Potvin. I would rather give Scrivins and an un-signed vet the chance which would also show Reimer it’s still his net.
    JVR…just what we needed. A big, speedy winger that goes to the net. Speaking of going to the net, Kulimen is a tough guy to see around, ask Bryzgalov.LOL
    Is this the most talented group of players we have seen in the last 4 years? I don’t think so. It may be the most rounded TEAM we’ve had though. 4 balanced lines(and Lupul will only add to that), good goaltending and a D that is playing solid.
    Not trying to get ahead of myself, but it really shows how bad Wilson was and he probably did cost Burke his job. I have been saying for two years, that even though I was mostly a Burke supporter, it’s tough to support him as long as he keeps Wilson.
    Burke…you should hsve listened to your fan base and got rid of Wilson much sooner, You might still have a job.

    • nordiques100 says:

      McLaren and Orr would not be with the team had Wilson still been coach.

      McClement wouldn’t been added and the PK would be even worse because Wilson was a big fan of Steckel.

      Fraser and Kostka would be minor leaguers and likely Reilly would be with the team, and possibly be ruined like Schenn was.

      Kadri and Frattin likely too would be with the Marlies and Connolly would be the 3rd line centre.

      While they were mostly Burke acquisitions, his decisions on what players he uses and were with the team would be quite different. I believe Nonis and Carlyle brought a stronger understanding that the team needed to be more Canadian, hence the Canadians getting the “A”. The team needed to be more Ontario, and they have 4 regulars from Ontario.

      Holzer after his bad game against Carolina would be buried back with the Marlies too.

      While Burke could still have a job if he fired Wilson earlier, however, it has been better with him gone as he made himself be the face of the team, not Kessel, Dion, the footsoliders, Reimer, etc. The players now are the focus. The logo on the front is most important, not the coach, not the GM.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        It is better to have the TEAM as the focus over the coach and GM, I agree Nords.
        Burkes first year was to bring in players like we have now though. Wilson wouldn’t play them though and Burke acquired players his coach wanted. That is the GM’s job as well…listen to the coach for what is lacking to get to the next level.
        I have said the two things that bothered me the most about Burke “Team USA” as I call it, and keeping Wilson.
        This is still mostly the team Burke built on the ice. He deserves some credit IMO. Not all, but some.
        I don’t disagree with you on what you say would’ve probably happened except about Kadri.
        Kadri’s work ethic was lacking some and his attention to detail was not ready for the NHL. Keeping him in the Marlies and sending him the message that “unless you learn to play both ends hard, you’re not coming back up” has improved Kadri’s game. I think he’s the type of guy you need to hit in the head with a sledgehammer before he “gets it”, but when it does sink in, it will stay.
        I want to see what Nonis does over a season and off-season before I make up my mind that he is WAY better.

        • nordiques100 says:

          Kadri wouldn’t be playing centre as a Leaf. that would have been an issue.

          Putting him there was a great move by Eakins followed by Carlyle.

          And speaking of team USA, the strong finish by the Americans in 2010, losing to Crosby, I think bought Wilson a lot more time. Though you’d think one thing has nothing to do with the other, I think the success there with Burke, gave Wilson a second chance. It was something they could go back on and say, well he had recent success.

          Its why BB kept saying, its his fault he didnt give wilson a good team….like what he had in the Olympics.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            Ultimately BB is the boss, so by no means due I give him a pass. True, kadri is best at centre but he did need an “adjustment” and seems to have learned by his prolonged demotion.
            I still think he is a better player for it.

            • reinjosh says:


              • realistic_leafs_fan says:

                Hey man, glad to see you’re back.
                I meant an “adjustment” to his lack of desire to playing at both ends. I saw him play a couple of times live with the Marlies, he didn’t play hard defensively.

                • nordiques100 says:

                  he scored 3 points and wilson said he sucked. his confidence took a while to repair after that.

                  he benefitted from the extra time with the Marlies but i think he could easily have played instead of say Lombardi.

                  With BB and Wilson in tow, he’d never get any chance whatsoever IMO.

                  He was as good as done. I believe the main culprit was leafs disease considering he was a fan fav and a local product.

  9. doorman says:

    A vetern back up is the definate way to go here, IMO. I think if we saty in a playoff race it would be crucial for Reimer to have someone to lean on for advise. UFA’s like Roloson and Conklin while old, cost nothing and have been through the dance before.

  10. mapleleafsfan says:

    Although not any time soon, I’m excited for Lupuls return. I’d put him with Kadri and Frattin if JVR and Kessel keep clicking. I feel Lupul would do what he does with Kessel and give those two more room. Kadri and Frattin with more room to keep doing what they’ve been doing could be deadly.

  11. LN91 says:

    What would the cost to acquire O’Reilly? He may not be a 1A (hard to tell, still very young) but he could be a 1B that is physical and good defensively.

    Or do you offer sheet him?

    Then it’s goodbye Bozak and MacArthur at the deadline…I’m starting to wonder more about this Grabovski deal.

    • doorman says:

      ya but at what point do you offer sheet him? this year or do you wait until after the draft? As it sits if they keep this play up draft somwhere between 17-23ish. Do you get another prospect in a deep draft then offer sheet? or do you do it now and risk team chemistry?

    • mapleleafsfan says:

      A lot of people on hfboards seems to think it would be Kessel for O’Reilly + prospect.. But then some av fans are saying no way they’d do that even. I personally wouldn’t. For all we know it’s a flash in the pan season, you overpay him and then he’s an average defensive center with a fat contract. I’m also just not interested in players that hold out for this long. It’s clearly all about the money for him, no love for the team that drafted/developed him.

      Aside from Kessel I’m not sure what they would want the other way. I don’t know if Franson has proven enough to package. Maybe something around Gunnarsson as their left D isn’t anything too great. Gunnarsson + Bozak + 2nd? Probably not enough if a lot of their fans think Kessel isn’t enough.

      I also don’t think Grabo will be a problem. He’s not putting up points this year but he’s playing a fairly nice shutdown role and the points will come. He’s definitely overpaid but he plays hard. There would definitely be a market for him if we ever became handcuffed by his contract so I’m not concerned about that.

  12. LN91 says:

    Maybe it depends on where Toronto is sitting at the deadline…If they are somewhere in the 20’s, do they trade Colborne and a 1st for O’Reilly? Will be intriguing to say the least.

    Also, Toronto might play the buyer/seller role…As, if you acquire O’Reilly, Bozak and MacArthur will most likely be going. Could get a couple of 2nds in return that way…So you could have 3 second round picks in the draft. You might be able to trade 2 to get back into the first, so right now it appears that is business.

    Franson has been great, does Gunnarsson go? Could get another second for him. Especilly with Gardiner coming back next season (I think he will spend this season developing in the AHL, don’t want to rush him) and most likely Reilly down the line. Not to mention Blacker, Finn, Percy, Grattenberg, etc.

    Oh well, here’s a possible lineup (essentially you have 2 second-lines, and a 1b, could get scary if they make the playoffs and are still producing):


    • mapleleafsfan says:

      I like the team, not sure a first and Colborne would be enough for Colorado – and it could backfire badly for us.

      If we’re safely in a playoff spot I make the trade but if not I’m hesitant. Without knowing how much we can sign him for and with everyone who doesn’t make the playoffs having a shot to move up it’s pretty risky. What if we end up overpaying him and he’s average – ~10 mill for two second/third line centers is steep. Then knowing our luck we win the lottery/move up. Any of those top few picks + colborne would be a big over-payment. That said if it’s a playoff first Colorado could probably get better value elsewhere and wouldn’t be interested.

      I also wouldn’t be surprised at all if Gunnar can return a first come deadline time. Paul Gaustad did last year and a lot of teams are struggling on D. Obviously it would be a late first but still. If we moved our first for O’Reilly, got a first for Gunnar and then used the returns from Bozak/Macarthur to move up it could be a fairly low risk move overall.

      • doorman says:

        I am more then happy to keep Gunner actually. He is a good soilder and plays a very steady underrated game, IMO

        • realistic_leafs_fan says:

          We can’t just trade everyone.LOL
          We have players to build around and some with good contracts. We shouldn’t move them unless we are improving the team and filling a gap that is missing.

        • mapleleafsfan says:

          I’m with you. He’s a very solid guy. Just if Franson and Kostka keep it up and Gardiner comes back we do have a lot of defencemen. Gunnar could definitely garner the best return of any of the expendable ones. That said if we’re in the hunt defensive depth definitely isn’t a bad thing.

          • realistic_leafs_fan says:

            I’m not against trading anybody.Its the first for Gunnar that I’m not a fan…we may be getting a player that doesn’t work out. If I move gunnar, it would be for an immediate hole to be filled or in a package to land a big fish.
            I have always felt the main group of players were better than our record but Wilson was the problem. I hope I’m right.

  13. Franson is the one guy I wanted the Rangers to try and trade for, especially when the rumors really started about the leafs trading him. I think his shot is really underrated. Rangers need a guy who can just rip them from the point. With our continuous struggle on the power play, year after year, I think Franson would’ve been a perfect fit. He obviously wouldn’t be our top 3 or 4, but he’d a perfect escape to get Bickel off the ice.

  14. leafy says:

    Carolina is a big test on Thursday. Don’t pay attention to the standings, the Canes are one of the better teams in the East. If the Leafs beat Carolina too, that would be HUGE!!

    Big, strong and fast. That’s what wins games and that’s what the Leafs are this year.

    Sure would be nice to hoodwink some GM and get a first line center. Maybe trade again with Paul Holmgren. Haha

    • doorman says:

      Lol ya hood winking would be great Giroux is struggling lol!!! Seriously though you are right the canes are better then the standings show. How they respond to this injury says a lot. If scrivens gets lit up well I think you can just smell the media frenzy

  15. LN91 says:

    Why is everyone saying we threw away Keith Aulie? Last time I checked, Carter Ashton is a very good prospect as well.

    He has been great defensively for the Marlies…Granted his offence is not NHL calibre there yet, but last time I checked…It took power forwards like JVR, Kulemin, Pacioretty, etc. until around 23-24 years of age to produce numbers…

    • LN91 says:

      Also, Keith Aulie has 2 points for TB and is not the most mobile of D-men. GEEZE.

      Also, we cannot keep every defencemen we have so you must pick 1 to be traded away…As of right now, I would say Liles or Gunnar.

      • realistic_leafs_fan says:

        I don’t think anyone looks at Aulie as an Offensive defenceman, so the points are a little irrelevant. He would be a good 5-6 guy with size and strength. Unlike Ashton, Aulie IS playing in the NHL. Ashton has 15 NHL games with no points and a -10 if we’re going to throw out numbers. I see another possible third liner. Like we need another one of those. As you say about D-men, the same goes for forwards though, we can’t keep every third line prospect either. Big strong defencemen who can play are harder to find then a two-way third liner I think you would agree. That’s why we don’t like the trade. It didn’t solve a need for Toronto.
        Liles I would trade. Gunnar the return would have to be worth it, otherwise keep him.IMO

    • nordiques100 says:

      We didn’t throw him away. And I don’t think anyone really bashed Ashton. I think the unique skill set Aulie brings being 6’6 and mobile for that size on D is pretty hard to find.

      Ashton projects more like a 3rd/4th line grinder. Those who want to do that job are hard to find too, but a big stopper on D, with that size and reach, pretty unique.

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